Mr. Speaker: An Exit Interview with State Rep. William Batchelder

We chatted with 71-year-old William Batchelder, of quirky humor and tall stature and outsize personality, about the legislature, Democrats, John Kasich’s political future and his own legacy.
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Photo by Jeff Hinckley
Nov. 16, 1989, dedication ceremony

Timeline: The Wexner Center for the Arts @25

We sifted through nearly all of the arts events that have taken place at the Wex since 1989 and can confidently say this timeline offers just a hint.

Web Extra: Sherri Geldin on the Wexner Center’s Past, Present and Future

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See the Future of Columbus in LEGOs

Each year, the Columbus Museum of Art asks the community to create an exhibition. Inspired by “The LEGO Movie,” the theme for this year’s LEGO Design Challenge is “Imagine a new Columbus.”
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