Just Like Mom Used to Make

Rick and Krista Lopez’s La Tavola tries to put the family dinner table back at the center of customers’ lives.
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Tyler Cloyd Held Onto His No-Hitter Last Night

Last Night, the Clippers Beat Louisville 13-0 and Tyler Cloyd Pitched a...

Dublin Dogs

The Dublin Irish Festival's Celtic Canine area offers three days of...

FMMF Pulls R. Kelly From Lineup, Alternative Festival FeMMe Fest Still On

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Throwback Thursday: Columbus Monthly July 1994

Twenty years ago in Columbus Monthly…

Ohio State Fair Bingo

Everyone knows the real draw of the Ohio State Fair, open July 23 to Aug. 3, is the food, so why not make a game of it?

Middle West’s New Barrel-Rested Vodka

Middle West Spirits’ love affair with all things barreled just got deeper with the release of OYO Barrel-Finished Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka. Bartenders are crafting cocktails with it. Bottles are flying off liquor store shelves. And to think it was all a fluke.

Yes Man

Chances are, at this very moment, Cameron Mitchell is thinking up new ways to send you out of one of his 19 Columbus restaurants with a smile and a full belly. Twenty years ago, Mitchell launched his empire from a construction trailer plastered with the values on which he would base his company: Employees are valued. The product is great. The answer is yes. He doesn’t care that critics ding his concepts as derivative and neither do thousands of diners. Can the restaurant king of Columbus make a raving fan out of you?
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