To Stay in the City with Kids, Parents Band Together to Improve Columbus Schools

City-dwelling parents are refusing to join the exodus of young families to suburban school districts, choosing instead to stay in the homes and neighborhoods they love and create the schools they want for their children.
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Illustration: Brett Affrunti
Ever wonder why the Catholic Foundation’s building at 257 E. Broad St. has a curved wall? That’s because in a past life, around the 1940s or so, it was an auto dealership. In 1969, this building became the home of the first Wendy’s.

City Quotient: Remember Tommy Henrich’s Steak House?

My favorite restaurant in the ’60s was Tommy Henrich’s Steak House. I believe Tommy was a baseball player. Do you have any history on this?

See the Future of Columbus in LEGOs

Each year, the Columbus Museum of Art asks the community to create an exhibition. Inspired by “The LEGO Movie,” the theme for this year’s LEGO Design Challenge is “Imagine a new Columbus.”

Danny Elfman Talks About Movies, Music and Tim Burton

Composer Danny Elfman takes his music from Tim Burton films to the stage.
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