Photo courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

Ladies, if you want your man looking his best this spring, share these top trends from Saks Fifth Avenue with him. The department store has created three different personas for men's fashion as the weather warms up. One is "The Essentialist," which provides a clean look and muted shades of blue, green and grey. If he's more of a "Soul Man," dress him in bold, almost vacation-like pieces: shirts, shorts and hats. Lastly, don't forget "The Casanova," who wears tailored clothing with fun pops of color. Saks Fifth Avenue gives us their men's must-haves for this season:

-Spring-weight Sartorial:Warm weather is no excuse to leave your suit jacket at home. Keep your look sartorial and sophisticated without sacrificing comfort with seersucker, madras, and linen/cotton blends.

-Global Prints:Use prints in tribal, Aztec, floral or geometric patterns to add dimension to a neutral summer palette. Don't be afraid to mix and match prints.

-Espadrilles:The humble canvas-topped espadrille was born on the Basque coast over a century ago. Since then, it has been the favored footwear of Dukes on holiday, street fighters in Marseilles and mariners in Biarritz. Today, this European coastal staple is quickly becoming a new classic in the American market. Go-to brands include To Boot New York, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo and the Saks Fifth Avenue Men's Collection.

-Color-charged Pants:Trousers and denim in every color of the rainboware a new way to add a jolt of excitement. Whether dressed for the office or a relaxed outdoor brunch, color-charged pants will brighten your look and your mood.

-Straw Fedoras:This versatile piece is one part prohibition-era staple, one part Havana holiday. These can be used to finish off any look, and often include a high-contrast fabric above the brim.

-Heather Weekley