If you're a bride (and even if you're not), you are probably all too familiar with Pinterest-the inspiration board social site that lets you share all kinds of visual musings from Websites, magazines and friends. This easy and mobile way to share photos has become a great resource for those in the midst of nuptial planning. "There used to be no easy way to share pictures," recalls Sabrina Suri, owner of Joie de Vivre events. And when brides did share photos, they were all from magazines (many times the same ones). But now, inspiration can be pulled from any source on the Internet.

Suri invites her clients to join Pinterest (as it is still an invite-only site), and then takes a look at their boards, commenting on ideas she likes or providing constructive criticism about what may work. Suri shares some advice on how to make the most of your wedding planning on Pinterest.

Start with a Color Palette: "The good place to start is not in a wedding section, but in color palettes for the home," advises Suri. Look under décor for paint swatches that appeal to you and narrow down what you like.

Think Small: "The next step is to make a board and start small. Pinterest can be just as exciting as it is overwhelming. If you see something you like, pin it. If you see something you like better, unpin the other picture so it doesn't clutter your folder." Or, if you like something, but don't love it, do exactly that-just like it. That will still file it away in your account so you can find it later if need be (but without adding dozens more pictures to your inspiration board).

Write Comments: "Pinterest forces you to write comments on everything you pin. That's really important because you remember why you liked it," Suri says. "Put a thoughtful note about why you went the ultimate step to pin it, and not just like it."

Show Your Vendors: Suri has clients create one wedding board that they show to each vendor. "In the past everyone would take flowers to the florist, stationary to the stationer," she says. "We are way beyond flowers now. Her dress, his attire, the stationary suite to the table linens to the overall look that she wants-and vendors can see that. They see what the other vendors are providing."

Clean It Up: If you find your board is getting out of control, don't be afraid to clean it up. Create a new master board taking the top three looks you love from each category (bouquets, center pieces, dresses, invitations, etc. Use this as your master board reserved only for the top looks you want for your wedding. "Have separate boards where you can go wild. Start with the palate of the paint, then mini boards, then after some time you should be able to create your master board."

And Be Careful: Remember, anyone can see it. "Right now, there are no privacy controls. Anyone can follow you and anyone can see what you have. It's a freefall open forum," she says. Your pins are available for anyone to steal up-meaning your ideas are ripe for the taking. "You want to be careful. If there is something very unique and top secret, keep it to yourself." Your wedding dress is one of those top secrets. Your harmless pin of that dress you love, could end up being the one your to-be sister-in-law accidentally shows the groom. "That's the one thing girls love to keep secret, so keep that off there," Suri says.

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-Beth Stallings