We had a chance to chat with one of the desginers of the new jewelry line.

Mother and daughter design team Phillips Frankel is debuting a new line at Saks Fifth Avenue Polaris this Thursday, Sept. 27. The Phillips House collection (which includes necklaces, earrings and bracelets ranging from $800 to $6,500) was introduced this summer at four Saks locations, with the line still coming to six more around the country. We had the chance to chat over the phone with Danielle Frankel, who co-designs the line with her mother Lisa. Frankel gave us the details on her favorite jewelry pieces and what it's like working with her mom. –Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley

Tell me a little bit about the jewelry you'll find in the Phillips House collection.

In the new collection, we have the core collection, which we also call the Affair Collection-rose gold, white gold and yellow gold all with white diamonds. There are a few signature elements that are really highlighted, like the hammered edges. Everything in this collection has rounded, pavé sections. It's soft and very wearable. It's designed to be worn to all the different affairs you may attend, to transcend from day to night. In addition to the core collection, we also have a lot of collections where we like to be creative, innovative. The Lenox Collection is named after a county in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, where I took my first jewelry-making class. That's where this collection got its inspiration. The center stone has an asymmetrical border that is highlighted by pavé work. We also feature the orange sapphires with the pink opal. It's subtle but feminine, and easy to wear with any skin tone or hair color.

What's it like working with your mom as a mother/daughter team?

It's great. Of course, we're mother and daughter still so we have our moments. But what's so unique about our family is that we're all extremely vocal. We don't hold back anything. We can be battling about a design and go to dinner later and watch a movie. We're the best of friends, which makes us a great team. We come to the table with very different views. She has a much more classic eye than I do. She gets inspiration from classical design and hardware. She would drag me to the antique shows so I could see it. As much as I appreciate it, it's not where I get my inspiration. My inspiration has a more fashion-focused approached. I've always been obsessed with reading magazines and studying the history of a designer. I love to see where that inspiration falls into place in their current collections. I try not to focus on accessories designers, but almost on clothing designers. I like the casual cool of Alexander Wang to the sexy prints of Peter Pilotto, all the way up to Carolina Herrera. I always fall in love with Celine. I think because my mom and I come to the table with such different viewpoints, it's not a struggle. We really try to make a beautiful blend of that. That's what has helped us be as successful as we are. And being in two different age groups, I think it definitely helps. We really feel there is something for everybody.

What's the one piece of jewelry a woman should have in her collection this fall?

I would have to say the Love Always bracelet. There are so many different varieties of the bracelet. There's a really skinny one which is really sweet and cool. There are some that get wider toward the top or narrower to the top. It should be a staple in everyone's jewelry wardrobe. It's very recognizable as Phillips House. It's significant enough, and it is very durable and very wearable, but it doesn't necessarily scream too much. If you were going to an important event, you could mix it with some diamond bangles. If you want to wear it during the day, you could wear the one bracelet and be a little more subdued.