Robbie Laughlin of E's "Who Wore It Better" is making an appearance in Columbus...

Robbie Laughlin of E's "Who Wore It Better" is making an appearance in Columbus this weekend. The television personality is stopping at Macy's at Polaris Fashion Place on Saturday, Sept. 22, and he'll talk with guests about impending fall fashion. You can catch Laughlin at the store beginning at 2:30 p.m. In the meantime, we had the chance to chat with Laughlin over the phone about trends and his recommendations for fall. –Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley

As the weather gets cooler, what are the best ways to layer up and still look fashionable?

My suggestion is to not go bulky with the layers. Have each piece as fitted as possible so that you can have more fun with the layers.

What three items should every woman have in her closet this fall?

She's got to have the go-to jacket or blazer that can mix well with other items. I also suggest a blouse that's either solid or a print. I love the ones that have ties that you either tie or leave under a blazer; it looks terrific. Every woman needs a great-fitting pant, whether it be denim or another material. Just a slight flare is very flattering and in right now.

What's your favorite must-have accessory?

I am obsessed with bracelets. I think it's really fun for a woman to collect them and wear multiples. It makes any look very unique, and the way the woman puts it together is very different from the rest. Or, a statement-making bag can dress up an outfit. I tell women to spend money on bags and shoes-ones that will stand the test of time.

What's out this season?

The thigh high boot that is flat. I never liked that, period. Steer clear of that boot. It's not flattering on most human beings unless you are six feet tall.

What was your favorite collection from the recent New York Fashion Week, and why?

Jill Stuart knocked it out of the park for 2013 spring and summer. I love Jill, she has always been so nice. She was inspired by 1930s Hollywood glamour. She did a lot of long gowns, and I hope to see a lot of her looks on the red carpet. She did a lot of long skirts, cutouts and muted rose tones. Kate Spade was really, really cute. The designer was inspired by the girls in New York in 1959 and 1960. She did a really great take on that with bright colors and bright suits.