Prioritize. Decide which elements are most meaningful to you and spend accordingly. "Instead of taking a budget and dribbling it away, to me it's more important to have one thing that everybody will remember."
-- Judy Wood, Owner of The Daisy Basket

Need to cut costs? Consider trimming your guest list. "That's your number-one savings. It exponentially saves you money."
-- Kasey Skobel-Conyers, Owner of Bliss Wedding & Event Design


Behold the envelope! It is someone's first impression of your event. Handwrite names and addresses, and consider using a custom monogram stamp or seal.
-- Allison Chapman, Owner of Igloo Letterpress

Think twice about ordering invitations online. Most websites doesn't offer one-on-one attention. By shopping locally, "You're going to have your hand held, and you're going to have that (personal) experience."
-- Joan Schnee, Owner of On Paper

Your invitation is a gift you send to guests-treat it accordingly. "You're spending this money on the invitation to give people that first taste of what the experience of the wedding is going to be."
-- Allison Chapman, Owner of Igloo Letterpress