Hoping for perfect presents? Registering the right way is key. Here are quick tips on making gifting a good experience for those doing the giving-and the getting.

Offer options
Register at a few different stores to accommodate guests in different locales and those seeking varying price points. Your best bet? At least one national chain and one local boutique.

Ditch the list
Forget about the registry check-list. Register for what fits into your life. If you know that fine china is only
going to sit in boxes in your basement for the next 50 years, don't feel obligated to ask for it. There are no rules.

Less is more
Fewer options show guests what you really want-and give you a better chance of getting them.

Guilt, be gone!
Love that fabulous-but-pricey silverware? Ask for it! Registries aren't demands; they're wish lists. Guests who look at registries are seeking guidance, so don't feel guilty for offering it. Your family and friends don't want to waste their money any more than you want to re-gift something.

Keep it up
Ask the stores to keep your registries up through the end of the year. They can serve as helpful holiday gift guides for family.