Columbus--the once-unassuming girl next door, is now sexier than she's ever been

Her friends were skeptical.

Columbus? Ohio? Really?

The longtime New Yorker was admittedly nervous, too. She and her husband were moving here for his job. She wasn't sure she'd like it.

She doesn't. She loves it.

And so do her friends--who, enamored with our fine city, visit often.

I've heard this story from so many people. They come here by chance, not necessarily by choice. Then they accidentally fall for Columbus--the once-unassuming girl next door, who's now sexier than she's ever been.

I proudly count myself among them.

This year, the city turns 200. And we wanted this issue to be a celebration of everything it is--vibrant, stylish, artistic, delicious, smart, giving, fun.

You'll meet Pam Farber, the oldest daughter of Wendy's founder Dave Thomas--one of

Columbus' favorite legends. You'll read about milliner Amy Hamilton, whose hats have graced the pages of fashion magazines 'round the world. You'll see frocks by Worthington designer Janet Feheley, who specializes in stunning custom pieces.
Instead of going elsewhere for a travel story, we decided to look at Columbus as if we were coming for a visit. I hope you enjoy viewing it that way, too--and I'll bet you a scoop of

Jeni's you'll find something new to try.

We also decided that the best gift we could give the city is indulging in it. So we share 200 ways to spoil yourself here. And I hope you do.

You'll find a bevy of other stories, too--on fashion (our five favorite runway trends for spring), on home décor (don't miss the mid-century modern ranch in Bexley), and on entertaining (the ever-brilliant Robin Davis offers a brunch menu that's doable but impressive). You'll even find a place to take those prom dresses you're still not sure why you're saving.

We're introducing a new feature this year as well. "The Wow Factor" is our post script--our final little bit of sparkle before you set down the magazine. We hope to show you something--be it a shoe, a piece of furniture or perhaps even a person--that catches our attention, and something we hope will catch yours, too.

Our city, you see, is filled with little bits of wow. We hope this issue reminds you of that.

Kristy Eckert, Editor