Debra Mulbay learned to sew because she had to - now she sews because she loves to.

Too tall to fit into store-bought clothes growing up, Debra Mulbay learned to sew because she had to. Now, the Dublin native sews because she loves to. And women adore the results. Mulbay, 59, makes a line called Tuscada--one-of-a-kind leather clutches, wristlets and handbags with hand-cut leather flowers attached. (She also sells the flowers as pins.) She lets each hide's uniqueness determine how she uses it, dyes much of the leather herself and burns the edges of the flowers to give them a touch of curl. "I love it when I get the leather in," said Mulbay, a former interior designer. "A lot of times, I'll see the hide, and I'll see those beautiful edges, and I'll think, 'This is how I'm going to show this off.' "

The Tuscada clutch shown here is $89, and the flower pins start at $20. Most bags range from $79 to $189. You'll find them at Damsels in this Dress in Worthington and on Etsy at