New York Fashion Week is just as glamorous as you might imagine...

New York Fashion Week is just as glamorous as you might imagine-Hollywood starlets and photo-snapping paparazzi, thumping music and fierce models, sensational sequin shifts and lust-worthy jewels. Of course, it also involves not-quite-as-glitzy parts, too, like feet that ache 'til they're numb (notably, mine) and a sprinkling of expected (obnoxious) pretention. But it's all part of the circus-and the circus is captivating.

This year, we wanted to take you with us.

So our creative director, Will Shilling-who was recently named best photographer in the state at the Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards-joined me to help capture that energy. And we hope you feel like you're part of the journey in "Lights, Camera, Fashion" on page 52.

I've also picked up a few dos and don'ts during my past few trips to the event. Here are the Top 10 Things I've Learned at New York Fashion Week.

1. Unless you are 6 or Sarah Jessica Parker, giant pink tutus are not OK to wear in public. Or anywhere.

2. If you see a model licking her lips-as if that tiny drop of her own saliva will save her-she will pass out within 26 seconds. Two large men in black will swiftly and quietly carry her away. And you, who still has a whole bunch of small-town Midwest in her, will be the only one who seems to notice. You will start to believe you dreamed it up. Until the next show. When it happens again.

3. It should be illegal for a man to own sequin shoes. Unless you pair them with a rainbow polka dot suit, in which case, I'm pretty sure I want to have a drink with you.

4. Apparently, some women can tell the difference between bottled waters. And at least one of them will complain loudly for anyone who will listen that life is unfair because this year's free, endless supply of bottled water in the lobby is Aquafina, not Fiji.

5. You should never tweet photos of the fabulous red patent leather platform heels that lured you into the Stuart Weitzman store between shows. Because for the first time ever, your husband will decide to follow you on Twitter. And he will call to ask exactly how much they are.

6. There is a special place in heaven for cabbies who understand a girl in a hurry.

7. No, Tommy Hilfiger's bodyguard is not standing on anything. He's just that tall.

8. It does not matter how comfortable the heels were when you bought them. Nor does it matter how many different inserts you try. By 8 o'clock, you do not feel anything like that bouncy lady in the Dr. Scholl's commercial. You feel like you want to take your stiletto and throw it at your TV screen.

9. I would be cooler if I had a British accent.

10. I would be much cooler if I wore sunglasses inside. All the time. Especially in February.

Beyond Fashion Week, this issue is packed with stories I hope will excite you. Be inspired by Donna James (seriously-don't miss that one; she's amazing). Be awed by Julie DeVito Butler's beachy-chic New Albany home (holy pristine house, people!). And be delighted by our fall fashion spread featuring local looks modeled by the all-grown-up Maddie Spielman, who is every bit as wonderful as you might hope Chris and Stefanie's daughter to be.


Kristy Eckert, Editor