World-famous photographer Annie Leibovitz brings an exclusive exhibition to the Wexner Center for the Arts

It was during a conversation with Annie Leibovitz herself that Wexner Center for the Arts Director Sherri Geldin and the world-famous photographer decided to bring an exclusive exhibition to Columbus. "It occurred to both of us," Geldin says, "that one body of work that had never been shown together at a public institution is the body of work that she calls the 'Master Set.' " Beginning Sept. 22, the Wex's entire gallery and lobby spaces will transform into a showcase of both the "Master Set" and a recent series, "Pilgrimage," highlighting more than 200 of Leibovitz's iconic images, from Richard Nixon leaving the White House to actress Scarlett Johansson modeling. The exhibition, Geldin hopes, will allow Columbus to experience the moments of history, politics, art and fashion that Leibovitz has captured through her lens for the past 40 years. "Her images are familiar to people from every walk of life," Geldin says. "It is a moment to really kind of revel in the ways that art and contemporary life come together in a seamless way."