Danielle Stuhr creates Studio to Street style: Fashion Flash

Danielle Stuhr creates Studio to Street style: Fashion Flash

Allison Carey

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland

Danielle Stuhr, 34, Rocky River

Program manager, lead instructor at Harness Cycle and Yoga instructor at Bay High School

How do you describe your style?

My style is relaxed but I try to be unique in the styles and colors that I choose. I wear a lot of black and gray, but I love color, too. I look for things that I can wear to work or dress up and wear them out. I don't dress super fancy unless it's a special occasion. I like jeans and leggings. I love shoes, they can make an outfit. I like dresses because they're easy and you can dress them up or down. I'm not high maintenance. As for accessories, I find things I like and I stick with them. I almost always wear the earrings that my husband gave me and I always wear my MantraBand bracelets when I dress up.

Tell us about what you do.

I'm in charge of all of our instructors and I teach several classes a week at Harness Cycle.

Harness Cycle is located at West 29th and Detroit Avenue in Hingetown. We'll be opening a second location downtown on East 6th and Euclid Avenue in the Garfield Building in March. We offer indoor cycling classes the bulk of which last 45 minutes. We also try to inspire and create opportunities to disconnect and engage in yourself and opportunities to learn about yourself.

What are the messages you include in class?

Our mission is to create community through movement. The message is about being OK with where you are and that when you're facing challenges they are there for a reason and that you can overcome them. Climbing a steep hill can be a challenge that you can grind through and overcome and feel great when you get to the top. It resembles life challenges. At the end, we do a reflection song. It provides an opportunity for riders to take in everything that they just created within the class. My role as an instructor is to help guide you to your best self. I'm not going to control what you're doing or yell at you. I'm a cheerleader.

How did you get into this work?

I was a schoolteacher. I taught special education for 11 years. I've been friends with Annie (Anne Hartnett is the owner of Harness Cycle) since before Harness existed. She was teaching at another studio and I started taking classes there. Then we both took teaching positions at a studio in Westlake. About three years ago, Annie decided to open Harness Cycle and I joined the team full-time last summer. I miss the kids but I'm still teaching, just in a different capacity.

How did you discover indoor cycling?

I stumbled upon it. I was a runner, I did a marathon and a half marathon and I was done with running. I like an intense workout and I knew that I would find that in indoor cycling. I really connect with riding to the beat of music. I love music and dance and teaching, it brings all of my passions together. The thing I like best about it is that anyone can do indoor cycling. Everything can be adjusted to fit your needs and abilities and we teach you how to do it.

Your thoughts on workout clothes?

I have so much athletic wear because I love it all. I love to coordinate my looks. It just feels good. Wearing things that fit nice and feel good make you feel confident about what you're doing.

Is athleisure your work attire?

I have workout clothing that I wear to teach in. Sometimes I wear it to the studio and throw a sweater over it when not teaching. If I'm not teaching that day, I like to dress up. When I'm at home I crave loose fitting sweats. I wear a lot of the good hYOUman brand, it's super soft and comfortable. Many of my looks are what I call Studio to Street. I can add a thing or two to leggings and a tank or T-shirt and be ready to go to a meeting.

How important are workout clothes?

I think that you get a better workout if you feel good in your look. People wear what works for them. Wear what makes you feel confident. Workout clothes can range widely in price. You don't have to spend a fortune. Marshalls has great workout clothes. I like the 90 Degrees brand sold there. Pieces cost way less but the styles are similar to Lululemon. The quality might not be the same, but that's OK. I do really like the Lululemon clothes and since I'm in them most days, all day, I do invest in some good pieces.

Do you like to shop?

I'm a big sale shopper. I don't like to buy anything full price. I like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Nordstrom Rack is a good store, as well. I love the Gap because I can shop for myself and my son there. I go where the sales are. I like Anthropologie for that.

What does your wardrobe say about you?

My co-workers at Harness like to make fun of me because I like to match and coordinate everything...everything! My sports bra has to match, even if it doesn't show. I own them in every color. It comes from how my mother raised me.

Do you stick to any rules?

The matching thing, I'm very matchy. I also think that less is more. Sometimes I think people can go overboard. I'm a minimalist. Like with bags, I pick a bag that will go with everything and I won't have to rotate. I have a dressier bag for going out.

How has your style changed?

I think the thing that has changed my style the most is becoming a mom. I think it's because my body changed. I don't like tight things anymore. I don't feel a need for it anymore. Tight isn't comfortable. I want everything to be easy from picking out an outfit to how it feels and moves. I just want easy.

If you could buy a dream fashion item and money is no object, what would you get?

I think I would probably get a Louis Vuitton bag.

Do you recommend any skincare products?

I'm pretty basic with my routine but I'm a huge advocate for dry shampoo. With all the workouts that I do, I can't wash my hair that often. I can put in some dry shampoo and blow dry and my hair is good.

Where do you get your sense of style?

I just listen to my gut. I like to be comfortable. I was more on-trend when I was younger. Now, I just do my own thing. I like what I like.

What's your best fashion advice?

Just keep it simple and easy. Don't buy something that's too small with the hopes of getting into it someday. Don't keep things that don't fit either. Let those things go!

What does style mean to you?

Style is a way for people to express themselves. I think some people choose to wear things that they want to be judged by. I'm not big on judging anyone by what they wear. People tend to judge new people too quickly. Your clothes shouldn't be a big factor.

Do you have any fitness advice for the New Year?

If you're willing to make time to take care of yourself by working out whether it's cycling or going to the gym, I think the best way to encourage yourself is by purchasing a new outfit. It helps you feel good about yourself.

For more information on class schedules and pricing at Harness Cycle, see the website harnesscycle.com or check the Harness Cycle Facebook page.

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