Editors' Picks: Best of Columbus

Best of Columbus 2015: A Band’s Worth of Niche Music Shops

These specialized music shops keep Cap City musicians sounding great.

Best of Columbus 2015: Sweet #Tweets

Columbus, you tweet up a storm, but we keep these twerps (all due respect) on a list for any moment we need an escape from humdrum days.

Best of Columbus 2015: Where Science and Booze Collide

Broaden your horizons while getting your drink on.

Best of Columbus 2015: Local Beers We Love to Love

We’d put these local beers against anything brewed by the big craft labels.

Best of Columbus 2015: Classes for Aspiring Homesteaders

As awareness of industrialized agriculture’s harmful impact on the environment and our health grows, traditional skills like vegetable gardening, canning and composting become ever more appealing. Fortunately for aspiring homesteaders, Columbus brims with classes to make you more self-sufficient.

Best of Columbus 2015: Candy All I Want

We hunted for sugar-high treasure in some of the city’s best ethnic grocery stores and candy-positive shops.

Best of Columbus 2015: Candidates You Won’t Find on the Mayoral Ballot

All the hullaballoo surrounding this year’s mayoral race got us thinking about some other potential (however unlikely) candidates. Here’s an entirely fabricated rundown of the contenders.

Best of Columbus 2015: Bookstore Lovers’ Bookstores

The joy of an independent bookstore is in the personal recommendation from one ardent book lover to another. We tracked down a few of Columbus’ best booksellers to ask them for a few good reads.

Best of Columbus 2015: Bars at Polar Opposites

These favorites represent the range of Columbus’ bar spectrum—and promise a perfect, if a little wacky, two-stop date night.

Best of Columbus 2015: Art for Beauty and a Cause

Artists with developmental disabilities create, showcase and sell their work at these studio-galleries that fall into the folk and outsider (self-taught) art genres.

Best of Columbus 2015: A Project Runway of One’s Own

Have you ever wished you could take an inch off the hem of an otherwise perfect dress? Or jealously eyeballed your friend’s hand-knitted scarf? Sign up for one of these classes, and you’ll be making your own clothes and accessories in no time.