Editors' Picks: Best of Columbus 2014

Best of Columbus 2014: Treats by Delivery

For those times when you need dessert to come to you, Columbus treat-makers are answering with delivery service.

Best of Columbus 2014: Shop Animals

Cat: Hausfrau Haven’s Mr. Sox

Best of Columbus 2014: Bloody Marys

For the nonconformist: 101 Beer Kitchen’s Bloody Maria

Best of Columbus: Burger Trend

Columbus’ burger trend keeps expanding our definition of condiments.

Best of Columbus 2014: Game Meat Trend

Exotic meat is officially a trend here, with wild boar, bison and even kangaroo showing up on menus. We found two great elk sandwiches and put them to an antlers-to-antlers test.

Best of Columbus 2014: Instagrammers

We talked with six of the city’s best Instagrammers—who have between 700 and 44,000 followers—about why they love the app and where they find inspiration.

Best of Columbus: Hip Baby Duds

We keep finding baby clothing and accessories designed to amuse Mom and Dad as much as clothe a bambino.

Best of Columbus 2014: Playing Games

Are you a pinball wizard or a Scrabble word nerd? Either way, Columbus is home to an entertaining place for you.

Best of Columbus: Collaborations

Columbus businesses love to get together and make things. Here are some of our recent favorites:

Best of Columbus 2014: Great Places for Swimming

Cool off in a swimming pool that’s beckoning to someone just like you.

Best of Columbus 2014: Bubbly Beverages

Fizz isn’t just for a fountain drink anymore. Bartenders and even a craft soda maker are keeping noses tickling in Columbus.