A Mini-Mural Hunt

The walking tour of the Short North’s newest public art installation is worthy of your steps, but a scavenger hunt element makes everything more fun.

By Jackie Mantey

There’s something young and idealistic about outdoor art, available for all to see. Fitting, then, that the Short North Alliance’s second collection of mini-murals, called “Viewpoints,” stars work by young artists. The artworks will be on view through the year. The images were transferred to sheets of vinyl and heat-adhered to building exteriors to create the illusion that they are painted on the brick. Here are the stories behind four standouts, as well as hints on where to find them. shortnorth.org

“Domesticating the African Wolf” by Maria DiFranco

"Domesticating the African Wolf" by Maria DeFranco

This northeast-Ohio artist’s work repurposes cultural and mythological visuals through a contemporary lens. “Domesticating the African Wolf” expresses the compromises we make for today’s cultural norms. The 26-year-old artist’s drawing won a Facebook battle of “likes” to earn its coveted spot in this outdoor showcase.

Location clue: Follow the star and head east on the grid.