Meet the New Columbus Monthly

By Columbus Monthly Staff

Have you received your new issue of Columbus Monthly? You will love the new format - be sure to subscribe here. We’d like to introduce you to some of the new regular features in Columbus Monthly and let you know where we’ve moved some of your longstanding favorites. 


This one’s easy—just follow its direction. In this new section, find stories about the best in arts, culture, sports and, well, fun in the city this month. Get up close and personal with the people and places behind the visual and performing arts, author events, museum exhibitions, shopping, holiday happenings, annual traditions and music that fill weekends (and weeknights, too) in Columbus with agonizing choices. We’ll help you decide what’s worth the ticket price and show you hidden gems along the way. One new feature in this section is Top 5, a list of editors’ picks for the best of the city this month.

Where’s the calendar in my print edition?

We’ve moved this favorite to the back of the magazine (it starts on page 140 in this issue), where it won’t get lost between the front sections and our long features. Each month, hunt around for extra tidbits on select events in the margins of the calendar. You might find a good reason to head out.