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Marble Cliff: Living History

Once an elaborate garage for a mansion, a coach house in Marble Cliff has been converted into 3,500 square feet of luxury living.

Whatever happened to SPARC?

Groundbreaking at the automotive-technology park was announced with fanfare in October 2012, and a racing-star partner soon followed. But there’s still no sign of life at old Cooper Stadium.
Arch City

Columbus Metropolitan Library: The Future Arrives

The city’s celebrated library system is investing $120 million in brick-and-mortar libraries when ebook sales are rising. How will they keep us engaged and interested?
Arch City

Clintonville: Canning and Raising Chickens is Cool Again

Urban homesteading is a hot trend. But where does one learn to raise backyard chickens? A little shop in Clintonville paves the way.

Let’s hear it for the home team

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a rough year for me as a sports fan.

The Last Picture Store

I dropped by Cord Camera this afternoon, motivated by nostalgia and maybe a...

Property: A stately mansion in Dublin

There are homes that are so grandiose, so alluring or just so unbelievably big...