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Top 5 for December

Editors’ picks for the best of Columbus this month

The Harmony Project finds a home

The citywide choir moves into more spacious digs.

Dennis Concilla's archaeologist alter-ego

Meet Columbus citizen archaeologist Dennis Concilla, one of the growing number of amateurs helping professional scientists make significant discoveries.

The killjoys of Nationwide Children’s Hospital

If something is useful, trendy or enjoyable, you can count on injury researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to suck the fun out of it.

Zoos: Nora and other Columbus Zoo expats

It’s been nearly two months since our beloved Nora the polar bear left for the Oregon Zoo. Her departure surprised many of us, but it really shouldn’t have. Here are a few Columbus Zoo expats and why they left Central Ohio.
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Chinese Lantern Festival runs through Jan. 2

Get to know the touring celebration of Chinese culture visiting the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

Top 5 for December

Editors’ picks for the best of Columbus this month

Perspective: The limits of body cameras

Inherent biases may prevent the trendy law enforcement tool from spawning a new era of reform and accountability in Columbus.

Top 5 for November

Editors' picks for the best of Columbus this month

We Tried It: Doggy massage

Eric Lyttle gives his pooch, Kasey, some therapeutic pampering.
City Quotient

The story of Mrs. Winnemore’s chairs

In a nice-looking house on Mohawk Street in German Village, there’s a shop called Helen Winnemore’s.

Arter's "Vignettes" Told the Story of Columbus

"Bill was not so much a newspaperman as an artist whose work appeared in the newspaper."