Restaurant Review: Basi Italia

It was an instant classic the day it opened. Twelve years later, Basi Italia’s rustic charm keeps us coming back.

Cool Off with Columbus’ New Class of Frozen Treats

As kids, we loved saccharine, syrupy Popsicles with flavors that could only be described as colors. But Columbus’ new wave of fresh fruit ice pops has us giddy as school girls with a new crush.

Little Rant: When Will the Delivery Trend Reach Columbus?

It’s 9:30 on Saturday night. My typically even-tempered husband, now a few old-fashioneds into the evening, is trying to keep his cool on the phone with a customer service rep from a local delivery service. We were promised our Indian takeout would arrive two hours ago. We placed the order three hours ago. Where the heck is our food?

For the Love of Bacon: 4 Pig-Centric Bites

Fashionable ingredients come and go—truffle oil, farro, fried egg on everything—but bacon is here to stay. The proof: a new food truck dedicated to crispy cured pork belly, Bacon The Food Cart. All this talk has us in the mood to praise the pig. Here’s where we celebrate when the craving strikes.

What to Pair with Lineage Brewing’s Beers

From the start, the partners behind Lineage Brewing aimed to offer a hyper-seasonal, never-stagnant beer menu—which is exactly what you’ll find at their airy Clintonville taproom. Brewery operations manager Mike Byrne shares his top three brews to drink this month, plus the perfect food pairing for each.

What to Try at Delaware’s 12 West (Hint: Tacos)

Before a December fire shuttered 12 West, the Delaware eatery was a polished neighborhood joint serving better-than-average Southwest-meets-Midwest fare. The forced furlough gave the restaurant an opportunity few newbies get—dedicated time to evaluate, tweak and perfect dishes.