Best New Restaurants 2015

This year, we loved $75 chateaubriand for two and $1.50 al pastor tacos. We happily waited in line for spicy fried chicken and slurped ramen noodles to our stomach’s content. Our palates enjoyed the ride at our city’s new eateries. Here are the 10 best newcomers, plus dining trends we hope never fade.

Restaurant Review: Alana’s Food and Wine

More than 15 years after it opened, Alana’s is still surprising and delighting us with a playful menu that celebrates the seasons one day at a time.

Best New Restaurants First Runner-Up: La Tavola

Remember Sunday suppers that were as revered as the church service that inevitably preceded them? La Tavola, any day of the week, is as close as we can get to recapturing those memories without doing any dishes.

Short Order: Hae-Paul’s

For nearly a year, Hae-Paul’s was “that restaurant”—the eatery we frequently strolled by saying, “We need to eat there.” But inevitably it would slip our minds until the next day, when we’d again make promises of tomorrow.

Treat Yourself Guilt-Free at Alchemy Juice Bar

Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe on Parsons Avenue is our new favorite place to eat when we’re feeling weak. Manager and nutritionist Alexis Joseph steers us in the right direction with healthy smoothies, toast and sandwiches that actually taste good.

In Praise of the Toast Trend

I’ll admit to a skeptical reaction when Dan the Baker’s Daniel Riesenberger said he was turning his Grandview bakery storefront into Toast Bar, where he would charge $3-plus for a slice of crisped bread with toppings.