Review: The Crest on Parsons

A second location of The Crest celebrates Ohio’s bounty, and its craft beers, as the A&R restaurant group expands its empire.

Strip Search: Herb’n Café in Pickerington

Herb’n Cafe serves food that is natural, holistic and decadent.

Tai Tiki offers an umbrella-drink-style getaway in the Short North

Don’t get us wrong, the island-style fare at Tai Tiki Polynesian Bar Grill and Sushi is just fine—savory tuna poke, fried shrimp tossed with sweet chunks of pineapple and the like. But it’s the boozy drinks laced with sweet fresh juices (translation: tiki cocktails) that keep us regulars.

Veggies (and restraint) shine at Brassica

When Kevin and Darren Malhame dreamed up Brassica years ago, they weren’t thinking of modeling their Middle Eastern-Mediterranean-inspired eatery after Chipotle. Their modest goal was to make a standout falafel shop.

After hours with Justin Hemminger

After five years searching for a place to open his dream music venue and restaurant, chef Justin Hemminger’s lawyer played matchmaker by suggesting the former Swiss Chalet Party House at CD102.5, and the Big Room Bar was born.

Road Trip: Small-town Zanesville is big on local flavor

Small-town Ohio can have a curious effect on you. Sometimes you can’t wait to get out; sometimes you can’t wait to get back.

Ethnic Eats: Where to find the city's most authentic Chinese dishes

It happens so often it’s almost a cliche: You walk into a Chinese restaurant and, while looking over the list of standards, notice an intriguing spread of delicious-looking curiosities adorning the Chinese family’s table next to you. Unlike the menu you’re staring at, nothing they ordered has “general” or “cashew” in its name. You’re sure there’s more to be had and you’re not seeing it.

Breakfast: Eggs Benedict, a morning staple chefs love to toy with

When a dish achieves classic status—think pizza or burgers—riffing on the tried and true becomes an easy temptation for chefs. Fold lobster meat into a cheesy sauce and, voila, you’ve got a dressed-up mac and cheese.

Back of House: A day in the life of a county health inspector

At our health department, we’re specialists. So I primarily do food safety, and we have other people who just do water-quality inspections and so on. My team—we have seven inspectors, plus myself—just does food inspection. We have approximately 2,600 licensed facilities.

The Scoop: Openings, closings and restaurant fodder

The Avenue opens today, Bonchon's second location coming soon and more.

The Scoop: Openings, closings and restaurant fodder

Homefare opens in the former L’Antibes space, Sweet Carrot now open and more.