10 Best Restaurants of 2016

We all remember certain meals, and certain dishes, throughout our lives. 
This year, it was a chilled corn soup with blackberry “caviar” from Veritas Tavern that captivated our senses. In ranking our 10 Best Restaurants we asked: 
What experiences, as a whole, were most memorable? It’s not only about the food, but the full dining experience: the food, drinks, service and setting. 
We expect this list to change a lot in the next few years, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Columbus is a dining scene on the rise. Stay tuned.

Anatomy of a Dessert: The Guild House's Honey Cake

Cameron Mitchell’s executive pastry chef deconstructs one of her recent creations

Short Order: Scali Ristorante

Frank and Judy Scali’s Reynoldsburg restaurant serves sophisticated Italian-American fare with genuine warmth.

Drink: Three Nocino cocktails to try before winter's end

Like Girl Scout Cookies and Great Lakes Christmas Ale, the release of Watershed Distillery’s Nocino liqueur is an anticipated, once-a-year occurrence.

Recipe: Native's Peppermint Chip Superfood Bowl

Instead of dieting to offset holiday indulgences, why not make this the year you resolve to view clean eating as a lifestyle, not a quick fix? That’s the philosophy shared by Nicole Salvo-Davis and Erin Thacker, co-owners and founders of Native Cold Pressed.