Pho Down! We Tried the Build-It-Yourself Pho Trend

The simple Asian noodle soup known as pho is the next star in the build-it-yourself restaurant craze. We sent writers to two new pho shops to determine how to build the best bowl at each place.

Three Dishes Worth Trying at Best of the Wurst

When was the last time you stopped at hot-dog-centric Best of the Wurst in the North Market? Here, three dishes worth seeking out.

What to Eat at the Walrus, Downtown’s Newest Hotspot

Take a late-night drive down East Main Street, and you’ll see the crowd. It’s not a mirage; it’s the bustling Walrus patio. Save for reliable cocktail haunt Sidebar, East Main was long devoid of foot traffic until this music-centric pub from the folks behind The Tavern Olde Towne opened this spring.

Eight Dishes to Demystify Korean Dining in Columbus

We teamed up with Columbus Food Adventures co-owner Bethia Woolf to create this sliding scale of Korean dishes, from least intimidating to all-out adventurous.

How to Crack the Wine List at Tucci’s

Last year, Tucci's cellar earned a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence—but its breadth overwhelm. Here, Bruce Abbott, wine steward, narrows the options, recommending three of his favorite late-summer bottles.

For the Love of Bacon: 4 Pig-Centric Bites

Fashionable ingredients come and go—truffle oil, farro, fried egg on everything—but bacon is here to stay. The proof: a new food truck dedicated to crispy cured pork belly, Bacon The Food Cart. All this talk has us in the mood to praise the pig. Here’s where we celebrate when the craving strikes.