Buzzed: Q&A with brewer Liz Staas of Staas Brewing Co.

“When we started going to the home-brew club meetings, it was me with a bunch of burly, bearded men,” Liz Staas recalls. Since those home-brewing days, Liz and her husband, Donald, have opened Staas Brewing Co., the “Cheers”-like neighborhood bar in downtown Delaware. Although she’s occasionally referred to as “the owner’s wife,” the beers she brews have garnered a following. “The people who live locally, they understand,” Liz adds. “And they’ve started saying, ‘Liz knows more about beer than Donald!’ ”

Short Order: Pricey, Tasty Eats at Bareburger

That the urban lodge-style Bareburger has brought more diners to this section of High Street for organic wild boar and elk burgers is undeniable.

Bloodys and Bennys at The Worthington Inn’s New Brunch

After 30 years, The Worthington Inn’s all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch buffet is out. In its place is a seasonal menu more in tune with the restaurant’s mission.

Middle West’s New Barrel-Rested Vodka

Middle West Spirits’ love affair with all things barreled just got deeper with the release of OYO Barrel-Finished Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka. Bartenders are crafting cocktails with it. Bottles are flying off liquor store shelves. And to think it was all a fluke.

Short Order: Change-up at Smokehouse Brewing Co.

It was a common point of confusion. Even though they shared a first name, Barley’s Ale House No. 1 in the Arena District and Barley’s Smokehouse on the near West Side had not shared an owner for several years. So it only made sense when smokehouse owner Leonard Kolada simplified things in May, renaming the Dublin Road restaurant Smokehouse Brewing Co.

Restaurants on the Move in Grandview Heights

Sometimes moving on can be a good thing, as the latest restaurant shuffle in Grandview has proved. As one eatery expands down the way, its former home is the perfect size for a startup.