Top 5: Editors’ Picks for the Best of Columbus This Month, August 2015 Edition

From Festival Latino to an Urban Farm Tour, here are five things to do this August.

What To See and Do at the Gay Softball World Series

The Gay Softball World Series returns to Columbus with a week’s worth of not-to-be-missed activities.

At COR&P Gallery, Something to Remember the Artists By

Items sold at the Center for Ongoing Research & Projects go beyond the standard gallery gift shop trinkets.

See Art in Action at Urban Scrawl

Artists start the annual Urban Scrawl festival with blank panels on which they’ll create murals right in front of visitors’ eyes. Don’t miss this chance to see art in action.

You Think You Know Idina Menzel? You Don’t Know Idina Menzel

Think you know all there is to know about Idina Menzel? Think again.

Boys to Men: A Brief History of Boy Bands

One Direction, the latest boy band obsession, performs at Ohio Stadium on Aug. 18 as part of their On The Road Again Tour. Here, a look at their predecessors. ticketmaster.com