Top 5: Editors' picks for the best of Columbus in April

Editors' picks for the best of Columbus in April

CCAD + Shadowbox + Pink Floyd = Which One’s Pink?

A collaboration between Shadowbox Live and CCAD culminates in a Pink Floyd-themed production.

World Music Hits Columbus Stages in March

Columbus gets an influx of international sounds this month.

Swing Into the Ballroom Dancing Craze

If you love ballroom dancing—or want to get into it—you’re in the right city. Over the last 30 years, Columbus has grown into the ballroom-dancing mecca of the Midwest.

We Tried It: Floating

When we first heard about floating, which involves lying in a dark tank of saltwater for an hour, we had a lot questions. So editor Kristen Schmidt tried it for herself and is already planning a second visit.

The Top Steak House, Still on Top at 60

In honor of The Top Steak House’s 60th birthday this month, we asked those who know the Eastmoor classic best to take us down memory lane.