Top 5: Editors' picks for the best of Columbus in April

Editors' picks for the best of Columbus in April

CCAD + Shadowbox + Pink Floyd = Which One’s Pink?

A collaboration between Shadowbox Live and CCAD culminates in a Pink Floyd-themed production.

World Music Hits Columbus Stages in March

Columbus gets an influx of international sounds this month.

The Top Steak House, Still on Top at 60

In honor of The Top Steak House’s 60th birthday this month, we asked those who know the Eastmoor classic best to take us down memory lane.

Guinness World Records Set in Columbus

The tallest man may be from Turkey and the shortest woman from India, but Columbus and other Ohio locales boast several Guinness World Record holders.

This is the Show for Harry Potter Fans

What began as a publicity stunt outside of a London Borders bookstore for the midnight release of the sixth Harry Potter book is now, for Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, a loving homage of all seven J.K. Rowling books.