Four Great Holiday Pies, Made in Columbus

Let some of the city’s best crust-crafters bake one for you this season.
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From the Editor: A Star by Any Other Name

Here's what it really means when we give a restaurant a one-star review.
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To Stay in the City with Kids, Parents Band Together to Improve Columbus Schools

City-dwelling parents are refusing to join the exodus of young families to suburban school districts, choosing instead to stay in the homes and neighborhoods they love and create the schools they want for their children.

Man Overboard: Tommy Thompson, a Ship of Gold and the Columbus Investors Still Looking for Treasure

Can Columbus finally wash its hands of treasure hunter Tommy Thompson and the Ship of Gold?

Man Overboard: The Story of the SS Central America

Its treasure, touted as America’s greatest, is the once-lost vessel’s claim to fame, but the tragic story of the SS Central America’s demise is a tale of heroism and a captain’s valiant effort to save his ship.

Investors Ask: Will the Gold Ship Ever Dock?

When Battelle-geek-turned-treasure-hunter Tommy Thompson and his Columbus-America Discovery Group astonished the world by lifting more than two tons of gold from the bottom of the ocean in 1988 and ’89, scores of Columbus high rollers celebrated what they thought was the investment of a lifetime. Estimates of the ultimate take ranged as high as $1 billion.

Treasure Hunt on the High Seas: The Grand Obsession of Tommy Thompson

How a quiet Battelle engineer assembled a who's-who of Columbus investors, found the sunken ship Central America and began to lift from the ocean floor untold millions of dollars' worth of gold. This story written by Herb Cook Jr. was originally published in the December 1989 issue of Columbus Monthly.

Man Overboard: Where the SS Central America Was Found

This illustration of the shipwreck’s location depicts the Central America as it would have appeared intact.
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