The New Hospitals: Design Science

Columbus’ new hospitals are being built to look good inside and out. There’s science and maybe a little healing power behind the spacious, well-lit rooms and thoughtful design of these buildings, too.
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Remembering Todd Hoffman, 1976-2014

You may never have met Todd Hoffman, but if you follow Columbus Monthly in print, on our website or via Facebook or Twitter, you’ve heard his voice and seen his ambition and hopes for this magazine.
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Short Order: Pricey, Tasty Eats at Bareburger

That the urban lodge-style Bareburger has brought more diners to this section of High Street for organic wild boar and elk burgers is undeniable.

The New Hospitals: Medicine Heads for the ’Burbs

What happens to health care access when more and more people move to the suburbs and take their steady incomes (and premium insurance coverage) with them?

Navigating the New Hospitals

In just the last five years, Central Ohio's major hospital systems have spent $2.7 billion on expansions. So how is all of this investment paying off for you, the patient?

Yes Man

Chances are, at this very moment, Cameron Mitchell is thinking up new ways to send you out of one of his 19 Columbus restaurants with a smile and a full belly. Twenty years ago, Mitchell launched his empire from a construction trailer plastered with the values on which he would base his company: Employees are valued. The product is great. The answer is yes. He doesn’t care that critics ding his concepts as derivative and neither do thousands of diners. Can the restaurant king of Columbus make a raving fan out of you?

Property: A Look Inside the Historic Sells Homestead

Norwich Township’s Old Red House is rooted in history dating back to the earliest settlers of Columbus’ suburbs.

The New Hospitals: House Specialties

By this time next year, Columbus will be home to two neuroscience hospitals that are less than three miles apart as the crow flies. Leaders at local health systems say the specialized hospitals are meeting the changing and growing needs of the region. But medicine is big business, and competition is stiff—so what’s really driving the building boom?
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