An Exacting Man: Columbus Crew Coach Gregg Berhalter

New Crew coach Gregg Berhalter isn’t one to let details escape notice. That kind of discipline—which he applies to the front office as much to the pitch and the locker room—might be just what the Crew needs to escape its slide to mediocrity.
From the Editor
From the editor

Spring Resolutions

Signs of renewal and reawakening have been popping up all over my world lately. How about yours?
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Columbus, Ohio: Single in the City

Describe this year’s class of eligible Columbus singles in five words or less? That’s easy—smart, successful, interesting, good-looking and unattached. But we’re sure the latter won’t be true for too long

Meet the New Columbus Monthly

Have you seen our new format? We’d like to introduce you to some of the new regular features in Columbus Monthly and let you know where we’ve moved some of your longstanding favorites.

She’s So Unusual

Restaurateur Yavonne Sarber, with her baroque, Stevie Nicks aesthetic, has style to spare. Does she have the business substance and the restaurant chops to back up the look? Loyal diners who flock to De-Novo, Manifesto, Chez du Bon and, soon, Oliver’s put their money on it. Meet the woman who’s slapping her ornamented signature on restaurants all over Downtown.

Single in Columbus: Jennifer Kessler

Meet Jennifer Kessler, owner of Ghinda in Columbus

Single in Columbus: Ryan Johansen

Meet Ryan Johansen, a center for the Columbus Blue Jackets

Single in Columbus: Nicole Salvo

Meet 26 year-old Nicole Salv, a Yoga instructor and co-owner of Native Cold Pressed Juices in Columbus
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Downtown's Rebirth

Columbus Monthly Downtown Spotlight