Rise Up: The Unstoppable, Unknowable Willie Phoenix

Musician Willie Phoenix seems to have an infinite supply of creative energy that, over the decades, has been poured into bands, recordings, riveting performances and a brush with big-time fame that ended with disappointment. These days, he’s playing dive bars for audiences that measure by the dozen, though he’s ever the entertainer, ever the rock star. Could a new album and fresh energy send him soaring skyward again?
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From the Editor: Aloha, Kahiki

Restaurants come and go, but only a beloved few remain in the collective consciousness of a city long after they close. In Columbus, the Kahiki Supper Club is king among them.
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The New Jazz Age: Etiquette for Jazz Performances

We chatted with local jazz musicians Kimberlee Goodman and Lou Fischer to get tips on how to be an active audience member.

Q&A With the Authors of “Kahiki Supper Club: A Polynesian Paradise in Columbus”

In their newest collaboration, David Meyers and Elise Meyers Walker have teamed up with Kahiki enthusiasts Jeff Chenault and Doug Motz to bring another institution back to life.

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Gifts for Guys Who Love Gadgets

We all seem to have one in our lives—the man who can’t get his hands on the latest tech gadget soon enough. You can’t keep up with his hobby, so this holiday season, appeal to the side of him that loves science and good design.

How Columbus Became America’s Test Market

Columbus has long been—to a degree of notoriety—a haven for test marketing products. But all the derision about us being the perfect demographic snapshot of middle America isn’t what’s still driving companies to try their new burgers and coffee drinks on us first. Test marketing has become a lot more sophisticated over the decades—and so has Columbus’ population.

The New Jazz Age: Founding Fathers of Columbus Jazz

Even as a youngster, Columbus native Rahsaan Roland Kirk didn’t do things the predictable way.

The New Jazz Age: Fall for Jazz at Any Age

The right jazz for kids, teenagers, young adults and adults
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Downtown's Rebirth

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