Outside In: A Profile of Columbus Artist Wallace Peck

While artist Wallace Peck is inspired by everyday objects—faces, buildings, animals—he has himself become an inspiration to the web of people who together ushered him out of a life of pain and distress and into one of happiness and color. Lots of color.
From the Editor

From the Editor: No Labels for Columbus Artist Wallace Peck

We think it’s perfectly apropos that Wallace Peck’s art, like Columbus, is tough to categorize. We can’t wait for you to meet him in this month’s issue.
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Savor the State: Secrets of Crafting Cocktails at Velvet Tango Room

The Velvet Tango Room’s downplayed exterior in an out-of-the-way part of town only adds to the authentic speakeasy vibe; this cocktail mecca pioneered the pre-Prohibition recipe resurgence long before it was a trend.

Savor the State: A Night at the Culinary Vegetable Institute

Stepping foot into the Culinary Vegetable Institute’s beautifully landscaped lodge is like crossing into a world without dividers between farmer, chef and diner.

Savor the State: Jungle Jim's International Market

Unless you have an entire day to spend exploring foods from 70-some countries in 6-acre superstore Jungle Jim’s International Market—believe us, you could—grab a map by the singing ear of corn.

Yes Man: Inside the Mind of Cameron Mitchell

Chances are, at this very moment, Cameron Mitchell is thinking up new ways to send you out of one of his 19 Columbus restaurants with a smile and a full belly. Twenty years ago, Mitchell launched his empire from a construction trailer plastered with the values on which he would base his company: Employees are valued. The product is great. The answer is yes. He doesn’t care that critics ding his concepts as derivative and neither do thousands of diners. Can the restaurant king of Columbus make a raving fan out of you?

Small Talk: Letters and Chatter About Columbus Monthly

We published our story about the Fashion Meets Music Festival just as the festival’s organizers were being put under an intense spotlight for their controversial decision to book R. Kelly as a headliner. Here's how you responded.

Savor the State: Detours and Side Trips

Because even the most fervent foodie needs a break every now and then.
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