The Crippling Grip of Heroin Addiction

The heroin epidemic is destroying families by the thousands, and no one, it seems, is immune.
From the Editor

From the Editor: A Homecoming

I can’t help but be reminded of a conversation I had with my father in 1995, not long after I was hired to be a staff writer for this magazine. Like any 18-year-old faced with the intimidating prospect of having to pursue a life’s path, I made a declaration that I wanted to pursue a degree in magazine journalism armed with nothing more than the knowledge that I liked to write.
From the Magazine

Resurrecting Green Lawn Abbey

How an architectural gem and the final resting place of Columbus’ movers and shakers became a dilapidated, vandalized eyesore—and how a dedicated group of preservationists is returning Green Lawn Abbey to its original glory.

The New Columbus Museum of Art: An Illustrated Guide

With its abundant natural light, soaring ceilings and contemporary design, CMA's new wing is a physical statement about the museum’s place in the city (and the city’s place in the museum). Step inside for a sneak peek with us, but visit in person to discover for yourself all that lies behind those new doors.

The New Columbus Museum of Art: Navigating the Museum

We’ll guide you to some of the new features of the museum, but we’re not giving away the really good stuff.

Classic Columbus Ghost Stories: The Legend of John Robinson

Robinson bought land in the wild, southern portion of Delaware County in 1825 and set about building a grand, castle-like mansion filled with the finest furniture and draperies imported from Europe, all paid for with pieces of solid gold. He would become known as the pirate of Delaware County.

Classic Columbus Ghost Stories: James Thurber’s Unwelcome Housemate

Though packed with the history of his life, it’s not James Thurber who purportedly haunts the author’s one-time home. Thurber himself believed the house was possessed by a spirit, and he humorously described his experiences in 1933’s “My Life and Hard Times,” in a story in which he changed the home’s address to avoid scaring off future tenants. We spoke with a few Thurber House experts about their spooky experiences in the East Side abode—and got their take on who may be wandering the halls.

Classic Columbus Ghost Stories: How to Spin a Scary Story Like a Pro

The key to storytelling is the delivery. Sure, you need a compelling story to tell in the first place—but your success hinges on how you tell it. We asked two members of Storytellers of Central Ohio, an organization that promotes the art of storytelling, to school us on sharing spooky stories. Here, Cathy Jo Smith, the group’s president, and Frank McGarvey give tips and techniques for scaring the living daylights out of everyone sitting around the campfire.
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