Mayoral Candidates Andrew Ginther and Zach Scott, in Their Own Words

The race to become Columbus’ new mayor is down to two candidates, city council president Andrew Ginther and Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott. We interviewed the candidates one on one, seeking their unfiltered answers to questions about their visions for the job and their views on major issues facing the city.
From the Editor

From the Editor: Falling for October

This is going to be a great month. Sweaters, jackets and tights come out of hiding. My office mates are sipping their pumpkin-flavored lattes. Central Ohio weather hits that fleeting moment between hot and freezing cold, when it’s just cool enough to rosy up the cheeks, but warm enough to play another round of touch football on a Saturday afternoon (provided no one else is playing tackle football, that is). This issue of Columbus Monthly also tells me it’ll be a great month to be in this city, trying to pick and choose what to do. Because, believe me, it can’t all be done.
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Columbus After Dark

Daytime is too predictable, ruled by schedules and routine. But at night, anything can happen. When the sun goes down, so do inhibitions: What’s plain in the day can become glamorous, exciting, frightening or nonsensical. We wanted a window to that other world, Columbus after dark.

Columbus After Dark: Where to Go for Late-Night Eats

It’s tough to find post-10 p.m. fare that’s not greasy or delivered through a drive-thru window.

Columbus After Dark: Drag is What You Make It

Three members of the West family—Virginia, Nina and Candi P Anties—reminisce about how drag and LGBT nightlife in Columbus have evolved since they started performing more than 15 years ago.

Small Talk: Letters and Chatter about Columbus Monthly, October 2015 Edition

We want to hear from you. Email letters to the editor to letters@columbusmonthly.com. A letter must include writer's name, address and daytime phone number. Letters will be edited for length and clarity. All letters sent to Columbus Monthly are considered for publication.

5 Spooky Historical Tours in Columbus

Tour a haunted prison, old neighborhoods by lantern & more.

Cardale Jones and the Fame Game

What happens when a 22-year-old quarterback steps from the shadows of backup territory to lead his team to a national championship? He wins the adulation of rabid Buckeye Nation fans, of course. He might also be tempted to veer off a course to maturity and humility set years ago by a mentor, a mother and, more recently, some of the best coaches in the business. But people close to Cardale Jones are optimistic he’ll handle it all with grace under pressure.
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Downtown's Rebirth

Columbus Monthly Downtown Spotlight