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At Home with Yvette McGee Brown

After years of work, former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown finally has the home of her dreams.
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The Circles in Dennison Place Offers Best of Suburb and City Living

Residents of The Circles enjoy the best of the ’burbs while living a city life.

What is Home Automation? Tiger Systems Inc. Explains

The concept of the “smart” home—one that responds to your commands on cue, shutting off lights, turning on music—isn’t a new one. But recent tech advancements have made the one-time buzz concept an increasingly common facet of modern life.

How to Decorate for the Holidays

Holiday decorating doesn’t need to be so obvious. This year, go subtle to make your seasonal statement.

3 Tips for Adding Color to Any Room

Unlike major design overhauls—retiling floors, installing new cabinets—a little paint goes a long way toward revamping a space. So go on—add color. But before you embark on your next hue-infusing painting project, mind these tips from local designers.
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Pantone’s 2015 Home-Interiors Color Forecast

Pantone explains its 2015 home-interiors color forecast.

Letter from the Editor: Decorating with Color is Complicated

We spoke with designers, decorators, paint-shop owners, professors and more about the topic in “Color Your World” with the goal of making decorating with color a little less scary.

Renate Fackler Sculpts Bronze Art for Gardens and Beyond

Bronze artist Renate Fackler of Chrysalis Sculpture Studio creates life-size masterpieces for the garden and beyond.

Tips for Successful Perennial Planting

Being practical is a must for gardening success. But never limit your horizons to dull-and-dependable, low-maintenance workhorses when you can grow dazzling-and-dependable, low-maintenance stars.

The Colors We Love to Decorate with (and Why)

Successfully using color in your home can be tricky, but it shouldn’t be scary. Read on to find tips and ideas for using more of it in your home, whether you need a subtle color infusion or want to make a big statement with a bold hue.

Franklin Art Glass Creates Colorful Home Accents with Stained Glass

A far cry from old-world religious pieces, today’s stained glass can take many forms—and Franklin Art Glass is the place to imagine it.

Refresh a Room with a Colorful K.A. Menendian Rug

The beauty of a beautiful rug is it offers immediate color gratification.

With Style and Quality Goods, Roche Bobois Finds Success in Columbus

Isabella Grayfer is inclined to use analogies. When customers ask why they should invest in high-end home furnishings, the stylish, red-bespectacled manager of Roche Bobois says to think of a suit.

Dynamic Duo

A Central Ohio builder and decorator share tips for finding the right contractors for a home project—and tell us why they love working together.

Remodeling Real Talk: 10 Steps to Tackling Your Next Project

10 steps to tackling any remodeling project, no matter the size or scope

It’s Easy Being Green

Within the world of green remodeling, homeowners have an ever-increasing number of options.

Re-Useful Advice

Kate Wannemacher, owner of Wannemacher Interiors, has a goal to showcase each client’s personality.