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Home: Best of both worlds in New Albany

A couple finds seclusion amid a bustling New Albany community.
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A year-round garden in Bexley

Bexley residents Jim Elliot and John Behal create an eye-catching, four-season landscape.

North Bank penthouse provides the ultimate high view of Columbus

If there are majestic views of the Capital City—and the river that runs through it—then the upper floors at Condominiums at North Bank Park may be among the crown jewels of Downtown housing.

Style Trends: Tile with a twist

An elaborate New Albany mansion offers design pizzazz.

Home: Outdoor living in Tartan Fields

A Tartan Fields couple decides it’s not the size of the lot that matters, it’s how you use it.

Home: Granville modern

Three men with personal histories of preservation collaborate to create a miraculous renovation.
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Letter from the Editor: We like Central Ohio’s vintage cool

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Home: A single mother rediscovers Granville

Gillian Hopson writes about rediscovering her hometown and renovating a house.

Editor’s Picks: Furnishings that fit

While the business of our lives keeps us on the go, furnishings are adapting to the changes underway. Chairs that hug, desks that lift, chandeliers that give us a reason to contemplate the changing light in a room—all reasons to consider updating your living space. Engage with your surroundings and determine what fits your current lifestyle. As shades of autumn fade to the low light of winter, think about a palette that warms your heart and feeds your soul.

Style Trends: Fire & Furry

It’s cozy time in Central Ohio. Plan for the cooler months ahead as local retailers stock their shelves with all the things that get you ready for cold weather. Get nostalgic with a stainless s’mores serving tray from Crate & Barrel. Go rustic with any number of wooden trays, platters and other dishes that are currently on-trend. Add the magic of autumn colors—rusts, reds and golds—with pillows and a few other new accessories. Enhance your home’s glow with flameless candles. Ignite some fun! Crawl under a furry coverlet, gather up some good books, roast some marshmallows and enjoy the crisp autumn air.

Shopping for home in Central Ohio

Tucked away in the neighborhoods and suburbs of Central Ohio, 
new boutiques and antique stores are thriving.

Top 25 real estate transactions in Central Ohio

List of properties from the past year sold in Franklin county and other areas.

Letter from the Editor: We're sharing the best of Central Ohio

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The Steep Learning Curve from Hapless to (Somewhat) Handy

An author writes about the challenges of home repairs while living alone.

Top 25 real estate transactions in Central Ohio

List of properties from the past year sold in Franklin county and other areas.

Sink Design: Make a splash

Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, the design of a sink can make all the difference.