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From the August 2010 edition

A driveway meanders through a plot of land just south of downtown Pickerington. The paved entry is nearly hidden and the homeowners like it that way. It passes over two bridges, past a crisp, white barn and through a field golden in late fall with Indiangrass and other such plants.

Before you arrive at the wooded homesite, you’ll pass by hidden security cameras along the way. The man of the house chuckles about waking up in the middle of the night recently when he was alerted there was a car on the property. It turned out that local police didn’t realize that the homeowner would be awakened by an alarm system well before they turned around to leave.

Welcome to the dream home of David Hague and Tammy Miller, situated on 56 rolling acres. The couple was living in a typical suburban neighborhood in Reynoldsburg when they decided it was time to have more space.

Miller used Google Maps to investigate parcels of land for sale. When they visited one plot—about 10 acres—Hague said it wouldn’t do. He could see through the trees; there just wasn’t enough privacy.

Finally, they bought this Pickerington plot from an aging owner who had refused to split the acreage. They started discussing where they would build their house and eventually came to a spot at the rear of the property deep in thick woods and well hidden from neighbors and the passing highway.

The process began with the help of an architect, but took off as the builder made adjustments with Hague’s input along the way. The homeowners adore their design, featuring a modern home that incorporates wood cut from the property in its flooring and furniture.

To this couple, naturalists as well as environmentalists, saving trees was an important part of building their home. “We agonized over every tree we had to cut,” explains Hague. In the beginning, the house site was shifted two feet to the left to save a large ash tree that sits in the front yard.

Before the home could be built, though, there appeared to be insurmountable challenges. The road to the site needed to be installed, including the two bridges that crossed over a flood plain. Miller and Hague embarked on research that ended with a 50-page bridge impact study to convince local authorities that the project was doable. Miller then Googled “old bridges” to begin learning how they would purchase such constructions and have them delivered to their site. Eventually, small bridge beams were purchased from United Precast of Mount Vernon and bridges were built by Double Z Construction.

The couple had other, more personal, concerns, too. They decided that the ash lumber cut from the woods on the homesite could be used for flooring throughout the structure. Hague became the facilitator for this project, ensuring that freshly cut timber got to a couple of different mills and came back in the form of floorboards to be installed by builder Lem Tschappat of Victory Homes. “Lem’s attention to detail in the building process and forever trying to make sure we were happy were vital to making this project a truly pleasurable experience,” says Hague.

From nearly the moment they purchased the parcel, the couple simultaneously planned their house and began to rehabilitate the one-time farmland where soybeans and corn were grown. Even though neither are trained biologists, they’ve made a hobby out of ridding the land of invasive plants, such as garlic mustard, and of preventing infestations such as the Emerald Ash Borer. “We both shared the longing to take something back to its original state,” says Hague.

As the home was built, though, interior details were just as important. The living room ceiling soars to three floors, past two bedrooms on the second level, where a circular stairway is evident as it goes to a third-floor loft. “We designed the house around the fireplace,” says Hague, pointing out the natural stone structure in the living room area. The couple decided to install only electricity, forgoing the need for gas lines. In case of an outage, a transformer can be hooked up to the tractor in the barn to create power.

The couple—who travel into and around the city for their jobs—love their lodgelike retreat. A neutral color tone is used throughout the home, which features massive windows with views of the woods. Scioto Kitchens created cabinetry from maple for the kitchen area, but most other wood used in the home’s furniture was harvested on site. Black appliances by KitchenAid integrate well.

Furnishings are sparse in this home, and the couple is happy to admit to that fact. They are patient as their furniture makers take months to create custom-designed pieces for nearly every room in the house. Mike and Emily Kincaid of American Artisans Woodworking and Mark Rasche of Rasche Cabinetmakers have created many of the pieces with wood cut from the home’s site.

For example, an elaborate cherry armoire highlights the living room. The adjoining dining area accommodates a table made of maple. (Matching chairs were made by Amish craftsmen.) Nearby is a spacious screen porch and additional French doors lead to a patio.

The homeowners’ master suite is on the second floor, along with a guest room. For this space, a bedroom set was created from local hardwood. The peaceful sea mist color tone selected here enhances the home’s resortlike feel, while allowing the natural background to prevail.

Another custom-created cherry armoire houses elaborate technology that senses the weather and shows views from the property’s four security cameras. In addition to intruder alarms, the homeowners receive alerts for severe weather, which is important since their bridges could be flooded. Thus, they would have enough time to pack a car and head out.

The spacious walk-in closet and a master bath adjoin the bedroom. The bath features an oversized shower, neutral décor and maple cabinets. Coordinating with the light blue-green tone of the master bedroom, the tundra-ocean floor tile is by American Florim. The bathroom’s countertop is CaesarStone’s rosemary. Skylights were added. “We wanted to walk through the house without turning on lights,” explains Miller.

Outside the master suite, a circular stairway winds its way to the third level. Large windows provide awe-inspiring views—especially in winter when wooded shadows and rolling hills are more evident. A creek—dry for most seasons—begins gurgling as the snows fall and waters begins to fill it. The couple uses this area as an office.

The planning of this home’s construction is evident here, as Hague ensured that furnishings could be installed by designing a piece of the loft’s railing that is removable. The couple has ordered custom desks from their furniture makers to eventually fill this space.

The lower level of this home features yet more living space. A cozy family room incorporates a large, walnut entertainment center that accommodates a 52-inch flat-screen television. Through sliding glass doors, a covered patio features stone arches and pillars supporting a towered structure that adds more architectural detail to the rear of the home.

In the front of the house, the couple enjoys pointing to their favorite trees, the covered walkway from the home to the garage, which was positioned to save more trees, and the unique façade of the dwelling. “We do have a sense of angular,” reports Hague. This modern-style house seems perfectly situated on this parcel of land, on a knoll in the midst of deep woods.

Hague reminisces about two years of construction and the thrill of having his father, who drove big equipment as a teen, assist the builder during excavation. To honor his parents and the support they provided throughout this lengthy development process, he and Miller have added a plaque on a huge boulder found near one of the bridges. “I would be a bad son not to recognize their valuable support to our project,” says Hague. “They provided us with much practical and emotional support.”

The couple has named their property Kingfisher Farms, after the Kingfisher birds they’ve spotted on the land. Through the few years they’ve been working and living here, they’ve found arrowheads on the site, seen coyotes and horned owls, and heard screech owls. Additionally, they’ve consulted biologists at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, who have helped identify 178 native plant species and 28 native tree species on the property. And the homeowners ordered a prairie seed mix native to Ohio from a company in Nebraska to create the glowing field through which their lane passes.

Certainly this is a couple that really lives on their entire 56-acre plot. And they are equally pleased with their unique dwelling. “It has more of a vacation home feel,” says Miller. “That’s kind of what we’re going for."

Sherry Beck Paprocki is the editor of Columbus Monthly Homes.

This story appeared in the January 2010 issue of Columbus Monthly Homes.




doc4be17fc062e20602875093-4e5ff21d5792d5.20391048-doc4be17fc062e20602875093-1.jpg A suburban couple's ambitious 56-acre project results in a resortlike abode in Pickerington. " 1 1 " In the woods " " " 7 4756 " t " 18518 " During the design process, the couple focused on the home's natural setting. Floors were created from ash that was cut from the homesite. David Hague oversaw the milling process, taking the wood from its raw state to finished floorboards. The dining room table is made of maple, also cut from trees on the site. At right, the stone fireplace is a dominant feature in the open floor plan. Photo by Todd Yarrington. 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Jerry Revish

News anchor, WBNS-10TV

Age: 60

Describe your style: I like clean lines and good tailoring. Labels don’t matter to me. I’m also an aggressive bargain hunter. If it ain’t on sale, I don’t buy it.

Worst fashion trend today: Probably that shirt-tails-out-under-the-sport-coat thing, especially on older guys.

Biggest fashion faux pas you think people make: Wearing something that clearly doesn’t suit their body type. You know it when you see it.

Any on-camera fashion stories to share: Sometimes when I don’t get it right, my wife, Danielle, who’s also a stylist and image consultant, is not afraid to call me on it after the newscast.

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve ever made: Recently, I wore a lot of green one day. I looked like the Jolly Green Giant. Bad move.

Favorite stores in Columbus: I shop them all, from department stores to boutiques to, occasionally, flea markets.

Must-have fashion item: A good selection of belts, shoes and ties. You can make any dress outfit work if you have them.

Opinions on the Columbus fashion scene: We live in a very casual-dressing society nowadays.

Favorite designers: It’s more about the fit than the designer for me. A lot of my clothes are off-the-rack items by no-name clothing makers.

Most embarrassing item in your closet: I don’t own anything that I wouldn’t wear.

How has your fashion developed over the years: A little more mature and upscale, but only in appearance, not price.

Why is fashion important to you: I just like to look nice. It brings a sense of order to my life. Clothes don’t make the man, they just help.

When do you feel you look your best: Sundays, on my way to church.

doc4af04b6e72872158766268-4e5ff215bf4ed5.45157847-doc4af04b6e72872158766268-1.jpg Meet one of six sartorial splendors featured in Columbus Monthly’s September fall fashion guide. " 1 1 " Sharp dressers: Jerry Revish " " " 7 4751 " t " 18094 " Jerry Revish. Suit by Joseph Abboud. Shirt by Van Heusen. Belt by Bass. Tie by Bachrach. Shoes by Mezlan. (Michael A. Foley/ Rycus Assoc.) " " " " " " " 'm':61 '60':43 've':165 'age':42 'ain':69 'bad':184 'buy':76 'day':176 'fit':250 'get':135 'guy':96 'lot':172,257 'man':335 'one':6A,21B,175 'pas':100,163 'see':120 'six':8A,23B 'tie':215 'way':350 '10tv':41 'also':62,143 'belt':212 'best':346 'bodi':113 'call':153 'coat':91 'ever':166 'fall':17A,32B 'faux':99,162 'feel':342 'flea':201 'good':52,209 'guid':19A,34B 'help':338 'imag':147 'item':207,266,275 'know':116 'life':329 'like':48,179,317 'line':50 'live':234 'look':178,319,344 'made':167 'make':104,218,333 'meet':5A,20B 'move':185 'must':204 'name':270 'news':37 'nice':320 'rack':265 'sale':72 'sens':324 'shoe':213 'shop':191 'suit':111 'tail':86 'type':114 'wbns':40 'wear':105,288 'wife':139 'wore':170 'work':222 'year':296 'anyth':283 'bring':322 'clean':49 'clear':108 'cloth':260,271,330 'doesn':109 'dress':220,240 'giant':183 'green':174,182 'jerri':3A,35 'jolli':181 'label':54 'littl':298 'maker':272 'matur':300 'older':95 'order':326 'peopl':103 'price':308 'right':137 'scene':232 'share':129 'sharp':1A 'shirt':85 'sport':90 'store':187,196 'stori':127 'style':46 'thing':92 'think':102 'today':81 'trend':80 'worst':78,160 'afraid':151 'anchor':38 'appear':306 'camera':125 'casual':239 'church':352 'closet':278 'depart':195 'design':244,253 'especi':93 'featur':11A,26B 'hunter':66 'import':312 'market':202 'matter':57 'no-nam':268 'outfit':221 'recent':168 'revish':4A,36 'select':210 'someth':106 'sunday':347 'tailor':53 'upscal':302 'wouldn':286 'aggress':64 'bargain':65 'biggest':97 'boutiqu':198 'consult':148 'daniell':140 'describ':44 'develop':293 'dresser':2A 'fashion':18A,33B,79,98,126,161,206,231,292,311 'favorit':186,243 'nowaday':242 'opinion':227 'probabl':82 'sartori':9A,24B 'septemb':16A,31B 'societi':241 'sometim':130 'stylist':145 'columbus':13A,28B,189,230 'must-hav':203 'newscast':159 'occasion':200 'splendor':10A,25B 'embarrass':274 'monthlyâ':14A,29B 'on-camera':123 'wbns-10tv':39 'casual-dress':238 'off-the-rack':262 'shirt-tails-out-under-the-sport-coat':84 653 0 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2009/doc4af04b6e72872158766268-4e5ff215bf4ed5.45157847.xml 1 f " 11453 2010-02-03 00:00:00 2010-02-03 00:00:00 2010-02-03 00:00:00 A wealth of medical resources is available in Central Ohio.

Compiled by Jackie Mantey

Doctors Hospital

5100 W. Broad St., 544-1000

Number of beds: 256

Primary services include: General medicine, open-heart surgery, orthopaedic and general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, Level II special care nursery, medical and surgical oncology, neurology, urology, outpatient care, endoscopy services, outpatient rehabilitation, diagnostic and interventional cardiology, radiology and emergency care.

Dublin Methodist Hospital

7500 Hospital Dr., Dublin, 544-8000

Number of beds: 94

Primary services include: Full-service 24-hour emergency department; outpatient and inpatient surgical services; women’s health, including obstetrics, inpatient medical services and intensive care beds with a link to OhioHealth’s eICU, a remote monitoring system that enhances safety for critically ill patients. Designed to promote the healing process by providing a comfortable environment with access to natural light and nature.

Grant Medical Center

111 S. Grant Ave., 566-9000

Number of beds: 640

Primary services include: Cardiac surgery, cancer treatment, peripheral vascular treatment, joint replacement, bloodless surgery, sports medicine, nephrology, minimally invasive surgery, endovascular, spinal surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, neonatal care, rehabilitation, critical care, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, hospice program and wound care. Featuring a Level I trauma center and 24-hour emergency-room advocacy through the Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio.

Mount Carmel East

6001 E. Broad St., 234-6000

Number of beds: 427

Primary services include: Cardiothoracic, endovascular, vascular, thoracic, orthopaedic, general and colorectal surgeries. Cardiology, emergency medicine, endocrinology, family practice, gynecology, infectious disease, internal medicine, maternity, physical medicine, radiology, urology and plastic surgery. Features a heart center; maternity center and Level II special care nursery; a neuroscience unit, and a women’s health center. Maintains the busiest adult emergency department in greater Columbus.

Mount Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital

7333 Smith’s Mill Rd., 775-6600

Number of beds: 42

Primary services include: Specialized outpatient and inpatient medical care related to musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Orthopaedic, spine, arthroscopic, foot and ankle, and hand surgeries. Offers joint replacement, spinal disorder treatments, sports medicine, pain management, headache and migraine treatment, industrial medicine, EMG/EEG, physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Mount Carmel St. Ann’s

500 S. Cleveland Ave., 898-4000

Number of beds: 288

Primary services include: Cardiac diagnostic and interventional services, critical care, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, internal medicine, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, physical medicine and rehab, podiatry, pulmonology, radiology and women’s health. Colorectal, general, orthopaedic, thoracic, vascular and endovascular surgeries. Plans to develop full-service cardiac services on its campus in the next three to five years. Emergent and elective PCI and stent placement was made available in fall 2009, with other services (such as electrophysiology and open heart) available the following years.

Mount Carmel West

793 W. State St., 234-5000

Number of beds: 510

Primary services include: Cardiology, cardiothoracic and colorectal surgery, critical care, emergency medicine, endocrinology, endovascular and vascular surgery, ENT, gastroenterology, general surgery, internal medicine, family practice, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, podiatry, pulmonology, radiology, urology and women’s health. Features Level II trauma center; bariatric center; Minimally Invasive Institute; epilepsy unit; inpatient rehabilitation center, and the Mount Carmel College of Nursing.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

700 Children’s Dr., 722-2000

Number of beds: 352

Primary services include: Wellness, preventive, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative care for infants, children, adolescents and adult patients with congenital disease. Serves as a national referral center for areas of pediatric care such as interventional cardiology for congenital heart conditions, gastroenterology, neonatology, neurology, neurosurgery, hematology and oncology. Operates one of the nation’s largest neonatal networks for sick and premature newborns. Specialty units include newborn and pediatric intensive care, dialysis, hematology/oncology, neurosciences, burn/trauma, orthopaedics, rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient surgery, pulmonary disease, urology, cardiology and infectious diseases. Featuring emergency transport; heart, lung, kidney, heart-lung and blood and marrow transplants; Ohio’s first Level I pediatric trauma center; pediatric hospice; ear nose and throat; audiology; child abuse prevention, identification and treatment; behavioral health; healthy weight and nutrition, and sports medicine.

Regency Hospital Company of Columbus

1430 S. High St., 456-0300

Number of beds: 43

Primary services include: Long-term acute care hospital offering intensive critical care to medically complex patients requiring an extended length of stay in an acute care environment; part of a national group of 23 acute care hospitals. Programs offered for the following diagnoses: pulmonary-vent dependency and weaning, respiratory failure, COPD, respiratory infections, pulmonary edema, neurological-CVA, head/spinal injury, cardiovascular-CHF and S/P open heart. A comprehensive wound care program for cellulitis, skin ulcers, debridements, grafts and infected wounds, orthopaedic, osteomyelitis and complex ORIF trauma care. Services include daily physician visits and night coverage, private room accommodations, 24-hour respiratory care and ACLS certified RTs and RNs, nutritional support, pharmacy, lab, radiology, minor bedside procedures, bedside hemo-dialysis and physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Riverside Methodist Hospital

3535 Olentangy River Rd., 566-5000

Number of beds: 1,059

Primary services include: Heart, vascular, interventional radiology, neuroscience, cancer, women’s health, orthopaedics, high-risk obstetrics and gynecology, bariatrics, urology, behavioral health, diabetes, critical care and hospice. Featuring a Level II trauma center, Level III perinatal center, sleep center and 24-hour emergency-room advocacy through the Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio. Home to the Center for Medical Education & Innovation, a state-of-the-art education and training facility where healthcare professionals utilize advanced simulation techniques. Site of the McConnell Heart Hospital, which specializes in comprehensive heart care services, including diagnostics, surgery and rehabilitation.

Select Specialty Hospitals of Columbus

1087 Dennison Ave., 458-9045

793 W. State St., Fifth Floor, 234-0984

Number of beds: 186

Primary services include: Specialized acute care with core programs to treat pulmonary, renal and bariatric conditions and medically complex patients. Wound care, infectious disease intervention, neurological/trauma medical care and rehabilitation. Services include daily physician visits, transitional care unit, ICU, private rooms, state-of-the-art telemetry, ventilator weaning, 24-hour respiratory care, dialysis, nutritional support, pharmacy, bariatric suites, on-site laboratory, minor procedure capability and physical, occupational and speech therapy. Imaging services include MRI, CT and PET scans, fluoroscopy and picture archiving (PACS). Multidisciplinary team approach for patient care.


Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center—Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute

300 W. 10th Ave., 293-5066

Number of beds: 181

Primary services include: Cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Basic research laboratories and support facilities; outpatient facilities; a clinical laboratory; private chemotherapy stations, and state-of-the-art radiation therapy. OSUCCC-James physicians and scientists focus on basic, clinical and applied research to lessen the burden of cancer and is one of only five institutions nationally approved to conduct both phase I and phase II clinical trials. One of only 40 comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute; the only free-standing cancer hospital in the Midwest.

Richard M. Ross

Heart Hospital

452 W. 10th Ave., 293-5123

Number of beds: 150

Primary services include: Treats every type of cardiac care, including the latest catheterization techniques; has Central Ohio’s only adult heart transplantation program. Provides current diagnosis and treatment, including advanced cardiac imaging, minimally invasive robotic procedures, pacemaker implantation, surgical bypass, mechanical heart pumps and transplants.

University Hospital

410 W. 10th Ave., 293-8000

Number of beds: 956

Primary services include: Diabetes management, diagnostics and imaging, digestive diseases, general and minimally invasive surgery, inpatient rehabilitation, neurology and neurosurgery, respiratory disorders, transplantation, urology and women’s health. Featuring a high-risk OB/GYN department, a Level I trauma center and a Level III neonatal ICU. Named a Joint Commission Certified Primary Stroke Center. Nationally ranked rehabilitation program. A Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery. The only adult burn center in Central Ohio.

University Hospital East

1492 E. Broad St., 257-3000

Number of beds: 404

Primary services include: Orthopaedic treatment and surgery, sleep medicine, wound care, family medicine, emergency medicine, oncology, radiology, MRI, mammography, urology, endoscopy, occupational medicine and rehabilitation. Featuring inpatient and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, an outpatient cancer clinic and cardiac rehabilitation services.


Amethyst Inc.

527 S. High St., 242-1284

Specialties: Treatment services for long-term alcohol and drug addiction and relapse prevention; housing for homeless women and children, with counseling for physical, emotional and sexual abuse; GED and job skills preparation, and individual and group counseling.

The Buckeye Ranch

697 E. Broad St., 384-7700

2865 W. Broad St., 384-8000

5665 Hoover Rd., Grove City, 875-2371

Specialties: Inpatient and outpatient mental healthcare for children, adolescents and families.

Columbus Area Inc.

899 E. Broad St., 251-6561

1515 E. Broad St., 252-0711

Specialties: Inpatient and outpatient treatment and services for mental health issues and alcohol and drug dependency.

Columbus Public Health

240 Parsons Ave., 645-7417

Specialties: Prevention, intervention and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

CompDrug Inc.

547 E. 11th Ave., 224-4506

Specialties: Drug and alcohol abuse prevention services, early intervention and treatment.

Concord Counseling Services

774 Park Meadow Rd., Westerville, 882-9338

Specialties: Mental health services for all ages including marriage and family counseling; individual counseling; anger management groups; various support groups; school- and community-based prevention programs; assessments and linkage for elderly adults with primary physicians, and support for adults with severe mental illness.

Directions for Youth & Families

1414 E. Broad St., 251-0103; 1066 N. High St., 299-5541; 1515 Indianola Ave., 294-2661;

657 S. Ohio Ave., 258-8043

Specialties: Counseling and clinical services for drug and alcohol abuse and behavioral problems; prevention and education services; family-enhancement programs; 24-hour crisis support services available for current clients only.

Dublin Counseling Center

299 Cramer Creek Ct., Dublin, 889-5722

Specialties: Outpatient mental health treatment for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families; drug and alcohol treatments; monthly driver intervention program for DUI offenders; various support groups; case management services for children and families; specialized trauma treatment services.


1791 Alum Creek Dr., 445-8131

Specialties: Inpatient and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, mental health and dual diagnoses, with special emphasis on adolescents.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Behavioral Health Services

700 Children’s Dr.; 899 E. Broad St.; 6435 E. Broad St.; 3955 Brown Park Dr., Hilliard; 275 W. Schrock Rd., Westerville; 433 Cleveland Ave., Westerville; 338 Granville St., Gahanna; 5675 Venture Dr., Dublin; 5700 Perimeter Dr., Dublin; 75 S. Terrace Ave., Newark


Specialties: Counseling, guidance and support for children with behavioral health problems and their families.

Neighborhood House

1000 Atcheson St., 252-4941

Specialties: Individual, group and family outpatient counseling for alcohol and drug abuse.

Netcare Access

741 E. Broad St.; 199 S. Central Ave.


Specialties: 24-hour mental health and substance abuse assessments and referrals and crisis interventions for all ages.

North Central Mental

Health Services

6435 E. Broad St., 856-9610; 3035 W. Broad St., 351-3450; 35 W. Fourth Ave., 421-3183; 338 Granville St., Gahanna, 475-7090; 1301 N. High St., 299-6600; 40 Spruce St., 227-6865

24-hour suicide prevention hotline: 221-5445

Specialties: Outpatient and residential counseling for mental health issues for all ages.

North Community Counseling Centers

3025 W. Broad St.; 4897 Karl Rd.; 1495 Morse Rd.; 6565 Worthington-Galena Rd.


Specialties: Outpatient counseling for drug and alcohol-related problems; individual, marriage, group and family counseling.

Northwest Counseling Services

1560 Fishinger Rd., 457-7876

Specialties: Counseling services for all ages; alcohol and drug prevention, assessment and treatment services; psychiatric evaluation and psychological testing.

OSU Harding Hospital

1670 Upham Dr., 293-9600

Specialties: Counseling and comprehensive inpatient and outpatient mental health and behavioral healthcare services for children, adolescents, adults and older adults, treating such areas as anxiety and panic attacks, depression, post-traumatic disorders, family and marital conflict, personality disorders, schizophrenia and sexual abuse.

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry

880 Greenlawn Ave., 449-9664

Specialties: Residential and outpatient programs for children and adolescents with a variety of needs and senior behavioral healthcare.

Project Linden

1410 Cleveland Ave., Ste. 2, 221-9384

Specialties: Outpatient counseling, referrals and drug abuse prevention services.

Rosemont Center

2440 Dawnlight Ave., 471-2626, (800) 753-0424

Specialties: 24-hour emergency crisis counseling and intervention, outpatient treatment and assessment for young people and their families. Residential crisis-care placements for males and females.

Shepherd Hill Health Care

200 Messimer Dr., Newark, (740) 348-4870,

(800) 223-6410

Specialties: Individual, group and family inpatient and outpatient counseling for alcohol and drug abuse.

Southeast Inc.

16 W. Long St., 225-0990

Specialties: Mental health and recovery services for adults with severe and persistent mental illness; psychiatric and psychotherapy services; services for homeless persons; chemical dependency and addiction outpatient services, and Apothecare Pharmacy.

St. Vincent Family Centers

1490 E. Main St.; 1939 Stratford Way


Specialties: Pediatric behavioral healthcare; serving children with serious emotional and behavioral issues and their families.

Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare

2200 W. Broad St., 752-0333

Specialties: Inpatient care for adults, most of whom are referred from local community mental health centers. Services include acute psychiatric care and continued care.


Columbus Eye

Surgery Center

5965 E. Broad St., Ste. 460, 751-4080

Specialties: Surgery for cataracts, eyelid and muscle, glaucoma, retina; cornea transplant; brow lift surgery and diabetic eye treatment.

Dublin Surgical Center

5005 Parkcenter Ave., Dublin, 932-9548

Specialties: Podiatry, urology, gastroenterology, gynecology, pain management and neurosurgery; orthopaedic, general and plastic surgery.

East Columbus

Surgery Center

50 McNaughten Rd., Ste. 102, 864-6171

Specialties: Ophthalmology; pain management and podiatry.

The Eye Center

262 Neil Ave., 827-6600

Specialties: Eye exams and eyewear selections; general ophthalmology; ambulatory surgery; vitrectomy; laser, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, cataract, cosmetic eyelid, corneal transplant, therapeutic eye and facial surgeries.

Green Street Surgery Center

120 Green St., 225-9321

Specialties: General surgery, plastic surgery, colorectal surgery, orthopaedic surgery, urology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology and gynecology.


Surgery Center

4845 Knightsbridge Blvd., 273-0400

Specialties: Gastroenterology, gynecology, pain management, podiatry and urology; general and plastic surgery.

Ohio Orthopedic

Surgery Institute

4605 Sawmill Rd., Ste. 101, 827-8777

Specialties: Orthopaedic; foot, ankle, spine and pain management surgery; joint replacement.

Ohio State’s Eye

and Ear Institute

915 Olentangy River Rd., 293-5123

Specialties: Outpatient surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology/ ENT, plastic surgery, Center for Women’s Health and the OSU Hand Center.

Ohio Surgery Center

930 Bethel Rd., 451-0500

Specialties: Ear, nose, throat, hand, plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

OhioHealth Eastside

Surgery Center

4850 E. Main St., 575-6310

Specialties: Colorectal, orthopedics, plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, podiatry, urology and general surgery.

OhioHealth Riverside Outpatient Surgery Center

2240 Northbank Dr., 442-6515

Specialties: Orthopaedics, hand orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynecology, cosmetic and plastic surgery, urology, ophthalmology and general surgery.

Taylor Station

Surgical Center

275 Taylor Station Rd., 751-4466

Specialties: Ear, nose and throat; ophthalmology; orthopaedics; OB/GYN; gastroenterology; colon and rectal, general and plastic surgery.

Westerville Medical Campus

300 Polaris Pkwy., 533-3000

Specialties: Physical, occupational, aquatic and lymphedema therapies; women’s pelvic floor, mammography, ultrasound, bone density, CT, MRI, occupational medicine, exec physicals, injury care, laboratory services, pulmonary vascular lab and wound care.


The following places provide medical care on a drop-in basis for non-life-threatening conditions.

America’s Urgent Care

24 Hidden Ravines Dr., Lewis Center,

(740) 549-2700

10 am to 8 pm Mon-Fri, 9 am-6 pm Sat-Sun

1797 Hill Rd. N., Pickerington, 833-6002

8 am to 10 pm daily

6955 Hospital Dr., Dublin, 923-0300

9 am to 9 pm daily

4661 Sawmill Rd., Upper Arlington, 583-1133

6610 N. Hamilton Rd., New Albany, 476-1112

8 am to 8 pm daily

2030 Stringtown Rd., Grove City, 883-0160

9 am to 8 pm daily

Big Run Urgent Care

4300 Clime Rd., Ste. 110, 308-9066

10 am to 7:30 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 5:30 pm Sat-Sun

Central Ohio Urgent Care

5801 Tamarack Blvd., 436-6009

1 to 9 pm Mon-Fri

Dublin Health Center

Urgent Care

6955 Hospital Dr., Dublin, 566-3761

9 am to 9 pm daily

East Broad Adult Urgent Care

6435 E. Broad St., 355-8150

10 am to 7:30 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 5:30 pm Sat-Sun

Medsave Clinic

5261 Gender Rd., Canal Winchester, 862-1300

11 am to 7 pm Mon-Thu, 10 am to 6 pm Fri-Sat,

10 am to 4 pm Sun

Mount Carmel Urgent Care

3000 Meadow Pond Ct., Ste. 200, Grove City,


5677 Scioto Darby Rd., Ste. 200, Hilliard,


10 am to 7:30 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 5:30 pm Sat-Sun

Nationwide Children’s

Close to Home Centers with Urgent Care

555 S. 18th St., 722-4329

8 am to 11 pm daily

6435 E. Broad St., 355-8100

433 N. Cleveland Ave., Westerville, 355-8300

5675 Venture Dr., Dublin, 355-8400

338 Granville St., Gahanna, 475-7090

7901 Diley Rd., Canal Winchester (opening

spring 2010)

3 to 10 pm Mon-Fri, noon to 8 pm Sat-Sun

New Albany Urgent Care

153 W. Main St., New Albany, 939-9110

10 am to 7 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am-5 pm Sat-Sun

Polaris Urgent Care

1120 Polaris Pkwy., Ste. 100, 847-1120

9 am to 9 pm daily

Premium Medical Care

5175 E. Main St., 575-1200

9 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 4 pm Sat

909 Morse Rd., 261-8188

9 am to 7 pm Mon, 9 am to 6 pm Tue-Fri,

10 am to 4 pm Sat, noon to 3 pm Sun

85 Phillipi Rd., 278-2300

9 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 4 pm Sat

Reynoldsburg Urgent Care

1649 Brice Rd., Ste. B, 864-9380

8:30 am to 8:30 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am to 5 pm Sat-Sun

Scioto Urgent Care

6350 Frantz Rd., Ste. H, 789-9464

10 am to 8 pm Mon-Sat, noon-6 pm Sun

U.S. HealthWorks

4849 E. Main St., 863-5188

4821 Roberts Rd., 850-1476

8 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri

Urgent Care Plus

1430 S. High St., 542-0940

9 am to 8 pm Mon-Fri, 11 am to 6:15 pm Sat-Sun

Victorian Village Health Center Urgent Care

1132 Hunter Ave., 544-0900

9 am to 7 pm Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm Sat-Sun

Wedgewood Urgent Care

10330 Sawmill Pkwy., Ste. 300, 923-9200

9 am to 9 pm Mon-Fri, 9 am to 6 pm Sat-Sun

Westar Urgent Care

444 N. Cleveland Ave., 839-1118

9 am to 9 pm Mon-Fri, 9 am to 6 pm Sat-Sun

This story was published in the Columbus Medical Guide section of the December 2009 issue of Columbus Monthly.

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'sat':2659,2747,2809,2835,2881,2950,2977,3017,3042,3066,3093,3112,3162,3189,3215,3240 'ste':2079,2275,2329,2427,2727,2850,2860,2985,3073,3101,3197 'sun':2660,2748,2810,2841,2882,2951,2978,3047,3094,3116,3163,3190,3216,3241 'thu':2827 'tue':3035 'u.s':3117 'way':2210 '1000':1820 '1066':1626 '1087':962 '10th':1095,1202,1261 '1120':2982 '1132':3170 '11th':1545 '1301':1897 '1410':2076 '1414':1620 '1430':702,3141 '1490':2204 '1492':1347 '1495':1939 '1515':1498,1632 '1560':1969 '1649':3070 '1670':1997 '1791':1724 '1797':2661 '18th':2895 '1939':2208 '2009':462,3255 '2010':2937 '2030':2707 '2200':2233 '2240':2523 '2440':2095 '2865':1464 '3000':2846 '3025':1932 '3035':1879 '3535':845 '3955':1770 '4300':2724 '4605':2424 '4661':2686 '4821':3125 '4845':2402 '4849':3119 '4850':2498 '4897':1936 '5005':2301 '5100':33 '5175':2998 '5261':2813 '5665':1470 '5675':1788,2918 '5677':2856 '5700':1792 '5801':2753 '5965':2271 '6001':242 '6350':3098 '6435':1766,1873,2787,2905 '6565':1942 '6610':2693 '6955':2674,2770 '7333':320 '7500':89 '7901':2930 'abus':683,1444,1554,1653,1837,1858,2045,2090,2159 'acut':719,738,748,984,2258 'alum':1725 'ankl':352,2435 'area':595,1490,2025 'base':1596 'basi':2626 'blvd':2404,2755 'bone':2594 'brow':2291 'burn':1339 'care':64,73,85,126,206,209,216,294,340,402,499,577,598,635,720,725,739,749,785,802,817,883,950,985,1001,1007,1016,1032,1070,1220,1369,2125,2134,2242,2260,2263,2603,2611,2613,2620,2636,2723,2752,2769,2786,2845,2892,2955,2981,2997,3069,3097,3139,3169,3193,3219 'case':1712 'citi':1474,2711,2853 'copd':765 'core':987 'drop':2624 'drug':1390,1426,1519,1537,1551,1650,1698,1737,1836,1954,1983,2089,2158 'dual':1744 'east':241,1346,2322,2782 'educ':920,928,1659 'eicu':134 'emot':1441,2222 'exam':2351 'exec':2600 'fall':461 'five':448,1158 'foot':350,2434 'free':1188 'full':105,436 'guid':3A,3250 'hand':354,2474,2489,2531 'hard':1995 'heal':150 'hemo':834 'high':704,872,1302,1412,1628,1899,3143 'hill':2132,2662 'home':914,2888 'hour':108,225,815,900,1030,1666,1853,1909,2106 'hous':1431,1819 'imag':1052,1243,1278 'issu':1515,1924,2225,3256 'jame':1084,1136 'karl':1937 'lewi':2641 'life':2630 'lift':2292 'link':130 'long':717,1422,2164 'lung':657,661 'made':458 'main':2206,2500,2958,3000,3121 'male':2128 'mill':323 'mors':1940,3019 'name':1317 'need':2069 'neil':2344 'next':445 'noon':2945,3043,3113 'nose':678,2487,2558 'nurs':552 'ohio':16A,26B,238,667,913,1071,1076,1228,1343,1639,2046,2420,2443,2476,2750 'open':51,470,780,2935 'oper':614 'orif':800 'pain':364,2313,2336,2411,2438 'park':1565,1772 'part':741 'pkwi':2577,2984,3196 'plan':432 'plus':3140 'pond':2848 'post':2033 'pump':1254 'rank':1326 'risk':873,1303 'room':228,812,903,1020 'ross':1197 'scan':1059 'serv':588,2218 'sick':624 'site':939,1041 'skin':789 'stay':735 'suit':1038 'team':1066 'term':718,1423 'test':1993 'twin':2229 'type':1217 'unit':298,542,629,1017 'util':935 'vent':759 'wean':762,1028 'well':571 'west':478 'year':449,475 '-0103':1625 '-0160':2713 '-0300':707,2679 '-0333':2238 '-0400':2406 '-0424':2102 '-0500':2483 '-0648':2864 '-0711':1503 '-0731':2212 '-0900':3174 '-0940':3146 '-0984':974 '-0990':2167 '-1000':38 '-1112':2700 '-1118':3225 '-1120':2988 '-1133':2692 '-1200':3003 '-1284':1415 '-1300':2819 '-1476':3129 '-2000':562 '-2273':1849 '-2300':3052 '-2371':1476 '-2626':2099 '-2661':1636 '-2700':2645 '-3000':1352,2579 '-3183':1890 '-3196':1948 '-3450':1884 '-3761':2775 '-4000':387 '-4080':2278 '-4329':2898 '-4466':2554 '-4506':1548 '-4870':2141 '-4941':1824 '-5000':484,850 '-5066':1098 '-5123':1205,2455 '-5188':3124 '-5445':1914 '-5541':1631 '-5722':1684 '-6000':247 '-6002':2667 '-6009':2757 '-6171':2332 '-6310':2503 '-6410':2144 '-6515':2527 '-6561':1497 '-6600':326,1902,2347 '-6865':1907 '-7090':1896,2929 '-7130':2855 '-7417':1528 '-7700':1463 '-7876':1973 '-8000':94,1264,1469 '-8043':1642 '-8080':1802 '-8100':2910 '-8131':1729 '-8150':2792 '-8188':3022 '-8300':2917 '-8400':2923 '-8777':2430 '-9000':172 '-9045':966 '-9066':2730 '-9110':2963 '-9200':3200 '-9321':2383 '-9338':1570 '-9380':3076 '-9384':2082 '-9464':3104 '-9548':2306 '-9600':2001 '-9610':1878 '-9664':2054 '10330':3194 'adult':308,583,1231,1338,1604,1611,1694,2019,2022,2176,2244,2784 'anger':1586 'appli':1145 'aquat':2584 'avail':13A,23B,459,472,1670 'basic':1112,1142 'blood':663 'brice':3071 'broad':35,244,1349,1460,1466,1494,1500,1622,1764,1768,1842,1875,1881,1934,2235,2273,2783,2789,2907 'brown':1771 'canal':2816,2933 'child':682 'clime':2725 'close':2886 'colon':2565 'coupl':1695 'creek':1680,1726 'crisi':1667,1863,2108,2124 'daili':805,1012,2673,2685,2706,2719,2781,2904,2994 'darbi':2858 'diley':2931 'earli':1557 'edema':769 'elder':1603 'elect':452 'emerg':84,109,227,266,309,450,500,654,902,1372,2107 'evalu':1990 'everi':1216 'excel':1332 'facil':931,1117,1119 'femal':2130 'fifth':971 'first':669 'floor':972,2591 'focus':1140 'graft':792 'grant':164,169 'green':2375,2380 'group':745,1453,1588,1591,1711,1828,1962,2148 'grove':1473,2710,2852 'heart':52,286,471,605,656,660,781,861,943,949,1198,1232,1253 'innov':921 'invas':197,539,1245,1284 'jacki':29 'joint':189,357,1319,2441 'laser':2360 'level':61,219,291,532,670,888,892,1307,1313 'light':161 'local':2251 'manag':365,1275,1587,1713,2314,2337,2412,2439 'marit':2038 'medic':2A,10A,20B,66,122,165,339,727,919,997,1006,1074,2573,2619,2996,3249 'minim':196,538,1244,1283 'minor':829,1043 'month':1702,3259 'mount':239,314,377,476,548,2842 'muscl':2286 'natur':160,163 'neuro':2363 'night':809 'north':1868,1928 'occup':838,1048,1380,2583,2598 'offer':356,722,752 'older':2021 'panic':2029 'peopl':2118 'phase':1165,1168 'place':2617 'ranch':1457 'ravin':2639 'refer':2249 'rehab':416 'relat':341,1958 'remot':136 'renal':992 'river':847,2452 'robot':1246 'sever':1613,2178 'simul':937 'skill':1448 'sleep':896,1366 'smith':321 'solov':1090 'spine':348,2436 'sport':193,362,695 'stand':1189 'state':481,924,969,1022,1072,1077,1128,2444 'stent':455 'stori':3243 'three':446 'train':930 'treat':990,1215,2023 'trial':1171 'ulcer':790 'upham':1998 'upper':2689 'visit':807,1014 'women':116,301,421,528,867,1296,1434,2468,2588 'wound':215,784,795,1000,1368,2610 'young':2117 'youth':1618 'access':158,1839 'addict':1393,1402,1427,1540,1740,2194 'advanc':936,1241 'albani':317,2698,2953,2961 'approv':1161 'archiv':1063 'arthur':1082 'assess':1599,1859,1985,2115 'attack':2030 'bedsid':830,832 'bethel':2480 'buckey':1456 'burden':1150 'bypass':1251 'campus':442,2574 'cancer':184,866,1080,1085,1107,1152,1177,1183,1190,1396 'capabl':1045 'carmel':240,315,378,477,549,2843 'cellul':788 'center':166,222,287,289,304,535,537,545,593,674,891,895,897,917,1075,1081,1178,1310,1324,1330,1340,1677,1931,2094,2203,2255,2266,2270,2300,2325,2342,2378,2401,2466,2475,2478,2497,2522,2548,2614,2642,2767,2889,3167 'chemic':2191 'client':1673 'clinic':1121,1143,1170,1397,1647,2812 'colleg':550 'compil':27 'condit':606,995,2632 'cornea':2289 'cosmet':2366,2536 'cramer':1679 'critic':143,208,401,498,724,882 'debrid':791 'decemb':3254 'depart':110,310,1305 'depend':760,1520,2192 'design':146,1179 'detect':1109 'diabet':881,1274,2295 'digest':1279 'direct':1616 'diseas':273,406,587,647,652,1003,1280 'disord':346,360,1292,2035,2041 'doctor':31 'driver':1703 'dublin':86,92,1675,1682,1791,1795,2298,2304,2677,2765,2773,2921 'enhanc':140,1663 'extend':732 'eyelid':2284,2367 'facial':2373 'failur':764 'famili':269,513,1370,1488,1582,1619,1662,1697,1718,1817,1830,1964,2036,2121,2150,2202,2228 'featur':217,284,531,653,886,1299,1384 'follow':474,755,2616 'fourth':1887 'frantz':3099 'galena':1945 'gender':2814 'health':118,303,423,530,689,869,880,1298,1406,1514,1523,1574,1689,1742,1756,1813,1855,1871,1923,2011,2133,2171,2254,2470,2766,3166 'hidden':2638 'hoover':1471 'hospic':212,676,885 'hospit':32,88,90,319,556,698,721,750,844,944,959,1086,1191,1199,1258,1345,1754,1996,2047,2675,2771 'hotlin':1912 'hunter':3171 'includ':47,103,119,181,255,334,395,492,570,630,715,804,860,952,982,1011,1054,1106,1214,1221,1240,1273,1361,1579,2257 'infant':579 'infect':767,794 'injuri':774,2602 'inpati':113,121,338,543,642,1286,1385,1479,1506,1732,2007,2151,2241 'intens':125,634,723 'intern':274,407,511 'kidney':658 'latest':1223 'length':733 'lessen':1148 'linden':2075 'linkag':1601 'mantey':30 'marrow':665 'matern':276,288 'meadow':1566,2847 'mechan':1252 'medsav':2811 'mental':1405,1482,1513,1573,1614,1688,1741,1854,1870,1922,2010,2170,2181,2253 'messim':2136 'nation':591,618,744,1160,1182,1325 'neonat':205,621,1315 'netcar':1838 'newark':1800,2138 'number':249,328,389,486,564,709,976,1100 'nutrit':693,824,1034 'ob/gyn':1304,2563 'offend':1708 'on-sit':1039 'osuccc':1135 'parson':1525 'pelvic':2590 'person':2040,2190 'physic':277,373,413,837,1047,1440,2582,2601 'pictur':1062 'polari':2576,2979,2983 'prepar':1449 'privat':811,1019,1123 'promot':148 'provid':153,1235,2618 'public':1522 'radiat':1132 'rectal':2567 'referr':592,1861,2087 'regenc':697 'relaps':1429 'replac':190,358,2442 'requir':730 'retina':2288 'robert':3126 'safeti':141 'sawmil':2425,2687,3195 'school':1592 'scioto':2857,3095 'select':957,2354 'senior':2071 'servic':46,75,102,106,115,123,180,254,333,394,400,437,439,465,491,569,714,803,859,951,981,1010,1053,1105,1213,1272,1360,1401,1407,1419,1511,1556,1563,1575,1648,1660,1669,1714,1722,1757,1872,1968,1977,1988,2015,2092,2174,2186,2187,2196,2256,2605 'sexual':232,907,1443,2044 'speech':840,1050 'spinal':200,359 'spring':2936 'spruce':1904 'street':2376 'stroke':1323 'suicid':1910 'surgic':68,114,318,1250,2299,2547 'system':138 'taylor':2545,2550 'terrac':1798 'thorac':259,427 'throat':680,2488,2560 'trauma':221,534,673,801,890,1309,1720 'urgent':2612,2635,2722,2751,2768,2785,2844,2891,2954,2980,3068,3096,3138,3168,3192,3218 'urolog':71,280,526,648,878,1294,1378,2310,2394,2415,2514,2540 'valley':2230 'ventil':1027 'ventur':1789,2919 'villag':3165 'wealth':8A,18B 'weight':691 'westar':3217 'adolesc':581,1486,1693,1750,2018,2064 'alcohol':1392,1424,1517,1539,1553,1652,1700,1739,1834,1957,1981,2156 'america':2633 'anxieti':2027 'assault':233,908 'bariatr':536,877,994,1037,1334 'busiest':307 'cardiac':182,396,438,1219,1242,1399 'central':15A,25B,237,912,1227,1342,1846,1869,2749 'certifi':820,1321 'comfort':155 'commiss':1320 'compani':699 'complex':728,799,998 'concord':1561 'conduct':1163 'continu':2262 'corneal':2368 'counsel':1438,1454,1562,1583,1585,1645,1676,1805,1832,1920,1930,1952,1965,1967,1976,2004,2086,2109,2154 'coverag':810 'current':1236,1672 'densiti':2595 'depress':2031 'develop':434 'diagnos':756,1745 'dialysi':636,835,1033 'drop-in':2623 'eastsid':2495 '':2333 'emg/eeg':372 'emphasi':1748 'environ':156,740 'eyewear':2353 'fishing':1970 'fri-sat':2833 'gahanna':1787,1894,2927 'general':48,56,261,425,509,1281,2318,2355,2386,2416,2516,2543,2568 'greater':312 'guidanc':1806 'headach':366 'healthi':690 'identif':685 'implant':1249 'infecti':272,405,651,1002 'largest':620 'marriag':1580,1961 'medicin':49,194,267,275,278,363,371,374,408,414,501,512,696,1367,1371,1373,1381,2599 'midwest':1194 'migrain':368 'mon-fri':2651,2737,2762,2799,2871,2942,2969,3009,3058,3084,3135,3152,3180,3206,3231 'mon-sat':3110 'mon-thu':2825 'monitor':137 'network':235,622,910 'newborn':627,631 'nurseri':65,295 'obstetr':58,120,202,874,2510,2533 'oncolog':69,412,518,613,1374 'outpati':72,76,111,336,644,1118,1387,1395,1481,1508,1534,1687,1734,1831,1917,1951,2009,2059,2085,2112,2153,2195,2264,2459,2520 'pacemak':1248 'patient':145,584,729,999,1069 'pediatr':597,633,672,675,2215 'perimet':1793 'perinat':894 'persist':2180 'plastic':282,521,2320,2388,2418,2464,2490,2508,2538,2570 'practic':270,514 'premium':2995 'prevent':572,684,1108,1430,1531,1555,1597,1657,1911,1984,2091 'primari':45,101,179,253,332,393,490,568,713,858,980,1104,1212,1271,1322,1359,1606 'problem':1656,1814,1959 'process':151 'program':213,751,786,988,1234,1328,1598,1664,1705,2060 'project':2074 'publish':3245 'resourc':6A,11A,21B 'respons':234,909 'richard':1088,1195 'sat-sun':2658,2746,2808,2880,2949,2976,3092,3161,3188,3214,3239 'schrock':1777 'section':3251 'serious':2221 'special':63,293,335,946,983,1719,1747 'station':1125,2546,2551 'support':825,1035,1116,1590,1609,1668,1710,1808 'surgeri':53,57,183,192,198,201,264,283,355,431,497,506,510,522,645,954,1285,1335,1365,2265,2269,2281,2293,2321,2324,2358,2374,2377,2387,2389,2391,2393,2400,2419,2422,2440,2460,2465,2477,2493,2496,2509,2517,2521,2539,2544,2571 'therapi':841,1051,1133,2587 'transit':1015 'traumat':2034 'tue-fri':3034 'univers':1073,1078,1257,1344 'varieti':2067 'various':1589,1709 'vincent':2201 'accommod':813 'advocaci':229,904 'amethyst':1408 'approach':1067 'atcheson':1821 'audiolog':681 'behavior':688,879,1655,1755,1812,2013,2072,2216,2224,2231 'cataract':2283,2365 'catheter':1224 'children':554,558,580,1436,1485,1692,1716,1752,1759,1810,2017,2062,2219,2884 'colorect':263,424,496,2390,2506 'columbus':1A,313,701,961,1489,1521,2267,2323,3248,3258 'compdrug':1541 'conflict':2039 'congenit':586,604 'dennison':963 '':1643 'diagnosi':1237 'diagnost':78,397,573,953,1276 'epilepsi':541 'glaucoma':2287,2361 'granvill':1785,1892,2925 'hamilton':2695 'hilliard':1774,2862 'homeless':1433,2189 'individu':1451,1584,1827,1960,2147 'industri':370 'institut':540,1092,1159,1184,2423,2449 'maintain':305 'mcconnel':942 'neurolog':70,345,410,516,609,771,1288 'neurosci':297,638,865 'orthoped':2421,2507 'parkcent':2302 'peripher':186 'pharmaci':826,1036,2199 'phillipi':3049 'podiatri':417,523,2309,2339,2413,2513 'prematur':626 'procedur':831,1044,1247 'radiolog':82,279,419,525,828,864,1375 'recoveri':1403,2173 'research':1091,1113,1146 'riversid':842,2519 'rosemont':2093 'shepherd':2131 'substanc':1857 '':2213 'tamarack':2754 'techniqu':938,1225 'threaten':2631 'vascular':187,258,428,505,862,2607 'winchest':2817,2934 'apothecar':2198 'arlington':2690 'bloodless':191 'cardiolog':81,265,493,602,649 'cleveland':384,1781,2077,2913,3222 'communiti':1595,1929,2252 'dawnlight':2096 'directori':4A 'endoscopi':74,1379 'greenlawn':2051 'gynecolog':60,204,271,876,2312,2398,2410,2512,2535 'healthcar':933,1483,2014,2073,2217,2232 'hematolog':611 'high-risk':871,1301 'indianola':1633 'intervent':80,399,601,863,1004,1532,1558,1704,1864,2111 'long-term':716,1421 'maryhaven':1723 'methodist':87,843 'nationwid':553,1751,2883 '':1915 'nephrolog':195,409,515 'northbank':2524 'northwest':1966 'olentangi':846,2451 'orthopaed':54,210,260,347,426,520,640,796,870,1362,2317,2392,2433,2530,2532,2562 'osteomyel':797 'physician':806,1013,1137,1607 'placement':456,2126 'psychiatr':1989,2183,2259 'psycholog':1992 'pulmonari':646,758,768,991,2606 'rehabilit':77,207,376,544,576,641,956,1009,1287,1327,1383,1400 'residenti':1919,2057,2122 'scientist':1139 'southeast':2160 'specialti':628,958,1417,1478,1505,1530,1550,1572,1644,1686,1731,1804,1826,1851,1916,1950,1975,2003,2056,2084,2104,2146,2169,2214,2240,2280,2308,2334,2349,2385,2408,2432,2485,2505,2529,2556,2581 'stratford':2209 'telemetri':1026 'therapeut':2370 'transport':655 'treatment':185,188,361,369,574,687,1111,1239,1363,1388,1418,1509,1535,1560,1690,1701,1721,1735,1987,2113,2297 'victorian':3164 'wedgewood':3191 'ambulatori':2357 'arthroscop':349 'comprehens':783,948,1079,1176,2006 'crisis-car':2123 'free-stand':1187 'healthwork':3118 'heart-lung':659 'laboratori':1042,1114,1122,2604 'lymphedema':2586 'mcnaughten':2327 'neonatolog':608 'ohiohealth':132,2494,2518 'open-heart':50 'osuccc-jam':1134 'profession':934 'psychiatri':2049 'pulmonolog':418,524 'stringtown':2708 'transplant':666,1233,1256,1293,2290,2369 'ultrasound':2593 'vitrectomi':2359 'westervill':1568,1779,1783,2572,2915 'alcohol-rel':1956 'burn/trauma':639 'fluoroscopi':1060 'full-servic':104,435 'head/spinal':773 'mammographi':1377,2592 'pulmonary-v':757 'reconstruct':2492 'respiratori':763,766,816,1031,1291 'worthington':1944 'cardiothorac':256,494 'chemotherapi':1124 '':1549 'endocrinolog':268,403,502 'endovascular':199,257,430,503 'hemo-dialysi':833 'knightsbridg':2399,2403 'neighborhood':1818 'neurosurgeri':411,517,610,1290,2316 'ophthalmolog':211,519,2335,2356,2364,2395,2461,2541,2561 'pickerington':2665 'post-traumat':2032 'reynoldsburg':3067 '':2103 'community-bas':1594 'family-enhanc':1661 '':1099 '':2407 '':1730 'musculoskelet':343 'otolaryngolog':2462 'psychotherapi':2185 'schizophrenia':2042 'cardiovascular':776 'emergency-room':226,901 '':40,96,174,852,2504,2528,2580 'gastroenterolog':404,508,607,2311,2396,2409,2564 '':1416 '':1477 'electrophysiolog':468 'neurological-cva':770 '':2055 '':2145 'state-of-the-art':923,1021,1127 '':1504 'multidisciplinari':1065 '':1850 'non-life-threaten':2628 'cardiovascular-chf':775 'neuro-ophthalmolog':2362 '':1949 '':2083 'worthington-galena':1943 'hematology/oncology':637 'neurological/trauma':1005 '':2431 '':708 '':2239 '':2168 '':1571 '':1207,1266,1354,2002,2457 '':248,327,388,485,2555 '':2484 '':975 '':2384 '':39 '':2307 '':563,1803 '':1825 '':1529 '':1685 '':2348 '':2279 '':1206 '':95 '':1974 '':173 '':851 '/doctors

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Downtown Columbus is fast becoming one of the city’s best places to enjoy the outdoors. What once was a dead zone on weekends and evenings has become a spectacle of concerts, kickball games, carousel rides and al fresco dining. There’s seemingly something for everyone—birders, foodies, extreme sports enthusiasts, energetic children.

Two new signature parks—Columbus Commons and the Scioto Mile—are responsible in large part for the transformation. They’ve been hubs of activity since they debuted last year, and the buzz should continue in 2012, the first full summer season for both parks.

Columbus Commons alone has more than 230 events scheduled between May and September, up from 130 last year. The offerings include fitness classes, Shakespeare in the park and Picnic with the Pops, the popular Columbus Symphony summer series that’s moving Downtown in June.

The Scioto Mile, meanwhile, will liven up the urban core with music, art and ethnic eats. A full slate of festivals—including the Columbus Arts Festival, returning to the riverfront after four years in the Discovery District—will keep the string of parks on both sides of the water hopping through the summer. But special events aren’t the only draws. Shaded swings, riverfront dining and a 15,000-square-foot interactive fountain offer plenty of other reasons to check out the city’s new $44 million showpiece.

What follows is a guide to enjoying some warm-weather fun Downtown. Sure, the center city isn’t the first place you think of for outdoor recreation. But with its two new parks—and some venerable green spaces as well—the heart of Columbus is a great summer setting.

Columbus Commons

The Columbus Bicentennial Pavilion is the big new addition to Columbus Commons this year. The $5 million stage—funded through public and private money—was set to debut in late May with four days of festivities, including a petting zoo, a Shadowbox Live performance and a free concert by Doobie Brother Michael McDonald. The pavilion should stay busy throughout the summer with movies, theatrical productions, local musicians and some big-name touring artists.

Amy Taylor, chief operating officer for the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation/Capitol South, says she is working with Ohio State, which books both Nationwide Arena and the Schottenstein Center, to bring in other major performers this year. “Michael McDonald will be the first national act, but not the last one,” says Taylor, whose organization built and operates the park.

On June 15, Picnic with the Pops will kick off its new season at the pavilion—which was built to be a summer home for the Columbus Symphony—with a performance featuring Three Dog Night. Eight more concerts will follow in June and July, featuring the likes of the Temptations, Peabo Bryson and the music of Led Zeppelin, before ending with the traditional Ohio State Marching Band swan song.

Some symphony fans are skeptical of the move to Columbus Commons. At the final concert in the series last year, they booed the symphony board chairman when he talked about the plan to leave the ensemble’s longtime summer home, the expansive Chemical Abstracts Service lawn. Indeed, there will be differences: Parking won’t be free anymore (it’s $5 at the garages below the park or just south of it), and the nine-acre Downtown space offers less room to throw a Frisbee around.

But there are improvements, too. The pavilion features a state-of-the-art sound system, two large LED screens and a 40-by-60-foot stage with plenty of space for symphony and guest musicians. Plus, food and drink options are better. People still can bring their own booze and picnic dinners, but alcohol also will be available on-site. And if you don’t pack your own chow, the park’s two concession stands should offer more plentiful choices than were available at Chemical Abstracts.

Pelotonia also is relocating to Columbus Commons from Chemical Abstracts. The bike-a-thon, which raises funds to support cancer research at OSU, will kick off at the park on Aug. 10. If a long-distance bike ride isn’t for you, however, the park offers other ways to get in shape. Taylor says free fitness classes were among the most popular programs last year. This summer, instructors will lead five Fit Club courses every week: yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, boot camp and general fitness.

More sedentary folks have options, too. Food should be a big draw at the Commons. In addition to the concession stands—a hot dog and hamburger joint and a new pizza and ice cream place (both operated by Burgers, Dogs & Fries)—the park will be a hot spot for food trucks and carts.

A food truck court with multiple vendors will offer lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Thursday during the summer, and the park will host two larger food truck festivals on July 13 and Sept. 28. Food trucks also will be regular features on Thursday evenings during kickball games and the Downtown Live concert series sponsored by the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District. (Both activities moved from the Statehouse grounds last year.)

You also can take in a show at the park. Eight movie nights are planned for the summer months, including The Muppets on June 2. The Actors’ Theatre of Columbus will present two Columbus Commons productions—The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) in August and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in September—while continuing to perform at its longtime home, Schiller Park in German Village.

And film and theater will combine over Labor Day weekend, when The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie is screened on Sept. 1, followed with a live performance of the theatrical version by Shadowbox the next night. “It’s going to be a Rocky Horror weekend in the Commons,” Taylor says.

Scioto Mile

Downtown’s refurbished riverfront is ground zero for summer festivities, with the Columbus Arts Festival rejoining Festival Latino (which takes place Aug. 11-12 in Genoa Park, behind COSI) and the Jazz & Rib Fest (July 20-22 in North Bank Park and McFerson Commons).

After four years in the Discovery District, the Arts Fest returns June 1-3 to a much different place. Trees line a stone-paved walkway along Civic Center Drive that includes park benches, tables designed for chess and card games and a stone colonnade with swings. Meanwhile, Bicentennial Park, at the heart of the Arts Fest, boasts a top-of-the-line performing arts pavilion, a restaurant (Milestone 229) and the Scioto Mile Fountain, the centerpiece of the park. No wonder festival planners expect a boost in attendance at this year’s event, which will spread to both sides of the river and use bridges along Main and Rich streets.

Bicentennial Park isn’t as heavily programmed as Columbus Commons, which bills itself as “Downtown’s playground.” The riverfront park—which reopened last July after an extensive makeover—plans to show a couple of movies in the park (Midnight in Paris June 15 and Charlotte’s Web Aug. 17) and host a concert series dubbed Rhythm on the River, featuring such local and touring artists as the Sean Carney Band with Shaun Booker, the Kentucky Headhunters and BalletMet. But its built-in amenities are the main draws. You don’t need kickball to bring in the masses when you’ve got Downtown’s only riverfront restaurant and a fountain that shoots jets of water 75 feet in the air.

Children are welcome to frolic in the fountain as long as the weather is nice;
it’s open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily (until
11 p.m. Thursday through Saturday). And the park does offer a couple of special fountain-focused events: FountainSide, a children’s program featuring arts and crafts and other activities, occurs 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, and a series of evening “fountain shows” set to music also are in the works, says Karen Wiser of the Columbus Recreation and Parks special events office.

Bicentennial Park, as nice as it is, shouldn’t be your only Scioto Mile stop. A short hike along the Scioto Greenway Trail will take you to the Scioto Audubon Metro Park at the southern end of Scioto Mile. It’s a pleasant stroll, even with the constant hum of highway traffic. And the walk should become even nicer if civic leaders back Mayor Michael Coleman’s plan to remove the Main Street dam, a change that would reduce the width of the Scioto River and create more green space.

The 120-acre park—a partnership involving the city of Columbus, Metro Parks and Audubon Ohio—sits on the Whittier Peninsula next to the Brewery District. Nature lovers can hike along the park’s two and a half miles of trails, observe birds and frogs in wetlands and spend some time in the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. The closest Audubon center to an urban core in the country, the 18,000-square-foot facility includes a library, a 200-seat auditorium, an observation room and a children’s play area. From 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, staffers help visitors explore the park during a free program called Audubon Afternoons.

More active recreation is available, too. If you bring your own equipment, you can climb the park’s 35-foot-tall fiberglass and concrete climbing wall. Other features include a playground, a one-acre play field and a two-acre dog park that boasts separate areas for small and large pooches. “The park is just a great park to come and play in,” says Amy Boyd, director of education and conservation for the nature center.

Other urban oases

Though the Statehouse grounds are better known for public protests than fun and games, the 10 acres in the middle of Downtown can be a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. You can take a cellphone tour of the statues and monuments anytime. And the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, the organization that oversees the Statehouse, plans a handful of public events when the grounds aren’t being used for weddings or political rallies.

The Hard Tackers, an a cappella group, will perform a free concert July 11 at noon featuring sea shanties to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, which played out in part on Lake Erie.

Other musical genres—jazz, bluegrass, rock, choral, even opera—can be heard on the west plaza of the grounds during Summer Fridays at the Statehouse, a free series from noon to 1 p.m. that gives folks a chance to enjoy some music as they eat their lunches on the Statehouse steps. “It’s really designed to bring the Downtown community out of their offices and onto the grounds,” says Gregg Dodd, deputy director of communications for the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board.

More outdoor music, as well as movies, can be enjoyed just north of Downtown at Goodale Park, a quick jaunt across I-670 on the Park Street bridge. The Goodale Park Music Series offers six free concerts on Sunday afternoons in July and August, as well as food carts and free children’s activities. This year’s lineup includes Tony Monaco, the Fabulous Johnson Brothers, the Spikedrivers and Nick Tolford & Company. In addition, the Screen on the Green movie series will show movies on Goodale Park’s softball diamond on July 20, Aug. 17 and Sept. 21 beginning at sundown.

The Topiary Park, located on Town Street behind the Columbus Metropolitan Library, has a music program, too: PBJ & Jazz, concerts for children on June 9, July 14, Aug. 11 and Sept. 8. But with its mature trees, lush landscaping and whimsical topiary garden—a re-creation of Georges Seurat’s famous pointillist painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte—the park doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles. Bliss can be found by sitting on a park bench, cracking open a book and enjoying the peaceful oasis in the middle of Ohio’s largest city.

scioto_events_vert.jpg Downtown Columbus is fast becoming one of the city’s best places to enjoy the outdoors. What once was a dead zone on weekends and evenings has become a spectacle of concerts, kickball games, carousel rides and al fresco dining. 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Arena Grand Club Bar Bistro, 175 W Nationwide Blvd, 469-5000. Americana cuisine; specialties include gourmet pizza, salads, grilled sandwiches and desserts. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $6-$15. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, MC, V.

Au Bon Pain, 20 S Third St, 224-1922. Quick-service restaurant featuring soups, salads, deli sandwiches, baked goods and catering. Meals: $4-$7. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

bd’s Mongolian Barbeque, 295 Marconi Blvd, 586-0077. Create your own meals from a buffet of pasta, meat, seafood and vegetables. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. All-you-can-eat dinners: $8.50-$15. Children’s prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted for parties of 6 or more. AE, DS, MC, V.

Bar Louie, 504 N Park St, 220-0900. American cuisine with Cajun influence; specialties include martinis, Luigi steak sandwich, pear salad and po’ boy sandwich. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $6-$15. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted for large parties. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Barley’s Brewing Company Ale House No. 1, 467 N High St, 228-2537. Fusion of American and world cuisine; specialties include steak, chargrilled wings, pasta, sauerkraut balls and British ales. Liquor; small wine list; single-malt Scotches; bar. Items: $5-$27. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Barrio Tapas & Lounge, 185 N High St, 220-9141. South American and Spanish fusion, featuring small plates such as ceviche, octopus and empañadas. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Tapas: $5-$12. Occasional live entertainment. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

Benevolence Cafe, 41 W Swan St, 221-9330. Quick-service vegetarian and vegan restaurant featuring homemade daily soups, salads, sandwiches and fresh-baked bread. Meals: $7-$9. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast Sat, lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations accepted. Checks, DS, MC, V.

Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza, 191 W Nationwide Blvd, 229-4275. Unique casual dining; specialties include gourmet pizza, pasta, salmon and burgers. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $9-$20. Outdoor dining. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Brothers Bar & Grill, 477 N Park St, 232-9020. Pub fare featuring appetizers, burgers and half price happy hour specials. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Items: $6-$10. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

Buca di Beppo, 343 N Front St, 621-3287. The heart of fresh Italian cooking; specialties include mozzarella caprese, linguine frutti di mare, oven roasted salmon, apple gorgonzola salad and gelato della casa. Liquor; extensive Italian wine list; bar. Meals: $6-$25. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Café Brioso, 14 E Gay St, 228-8366. Coffee roaster and urban eatery specializing in espresso, tea and made-from-scratch soups, salads and sandwiches. Lunches: average $6. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

Café Lola, 12 E Broad St, 754-8804. Fast casual cuisine featuring sandwiches, panini, salads, soups and pizza. Items: $4-$6. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DS, V.

Café Napolitana, 40 N High St, 224-3013. NY-style pizzeria featuring pizza, stromboli, calzones and daily pasta special. Lunches: $6-$7. Open for lunch Mon-Tue till 6 pm, Wed-Sat till 7 pm; closed Sun. DS, MC, V.

Caffe Daniela, 17 S High St, 225-0139. Authentic Italian cuisine; specialties include pasta, pizza, panini and gelato. Dinners $5-$10. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

Callahan’s, 520 Park St, 223-1200. American cuisine featuring gourmet sandwiches, pizza and salads. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $5-$10. Outdoor dining. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Capitol Café by Catering by Design, Broad and High sts (in the Statehouse), 728-9231. American cuisine featuring freshly prepared omelets, salads, sandwiches, burgers and daily specials. Lunches: $3-$8. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. MC, V.

Casa Sazon, 49 N High St, 221-8311. Authentic Polish home cooking; specialties include breakfast, deli sandwiches and Venezuela arepa. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, CB, DC, DS, JCB, MC, V.

The Caucus Room, 50 S Front St (in Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel), 228-4600. Casual, upscale cuisine; specialties include steak, seafood, pasta and salads. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $12-$20. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Chipotle, 401 N Front St, 228-5488. Quick-service restaurant serving fresh, made-to-order gourmet burritos and tacos; specialties include barbacoa, fajita burritos and steak burritos. Domestic and Mexican beer; margaritas. Items: under $7. Children’s portions. Open for lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun except during special events. Checks, AE, MC, V.

Confluence Park Restaurant, 679 W Spring St, 469-0000. American cuisine featuring steak, seafood, chicken and pasta. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Dinners: $19. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Banquet rooms seat up to 400. Live music Sun eve. Open for dinner Wed-Sun; closed Mon-Tue. Reservations suggested. AE, DS, MC, V.

Cotters, 200 W Nationwide Blvd (at Nationwide Arena), 221-9060. Classic American fare with French influences; specialties include flash-fried calamari, fresh seafood, premium steaks, Cotters chopped salad and Caprese salad. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Lunches and dinners: $8-$25. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun except on event days. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Darby’s Café, 75 E State St (at Hyatt on Capitol Square), 228-1234. Outdoor cafe featuring burgers, chicken, seafood, freshly made salads and sandwiches. Liquor, small wine list; bar. Lunches: $6-$10. Outdoor dining. Live music Thu eve. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

Darby’s Sports Bar, 75 E State St (at Hyatt on Capitol Square), 228-1234, ext 6282. Featuring wings, pizza and burgers. Flat-screen TVs. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Entrees: $5-$13. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Deli in the Alley, 72 E Lynn St, 222-0911. Gourmet deli sandwiches; featuring deli-style Cuban, turkey gorgonzola in cranberry heaven, egg salad Florentine, fresh pasta, vegan salads. Items: $4-$7. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. MC, V.

Dirty Frank’s Hot Dogs, 248 S Fourth St, 824-4673. Offering Chicago-style hot dogs with a Columbus twist; other specialties include acclaimed sides like Sriracha slaw and heavy metal-inspired cocktails. Hot dogs and sides: $3. Liquor; beer. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Due Amici, 67 E Gay St, 224-9373. Italian cuisine; specialties include pasta, pizza and traditional Italian dishes. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Entrees: $10-$28. Outdoor and private dining. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. Reservations suggested. AE, DS, MC, V.

El Arepazo Latin Grill, 47 N Pearl St, 228-4830. South American cuisine; specialties include Venezuelan platter, fish burrito, Cuban wrap, patacon (fried plantain topped with shredded beef) and empañadas. Items: $4-$13. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Mon-Sat, dinner Sat; closed Sun. MC, V.

Elevator Brewery and Draught Haus, 161 N High St, 228-0500. World cuisine, featuring 12 microbrewed beers; specialties include the Rock Filet, seafood, pasta and vegetarian dishes. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Dinners: $12-$28. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations suggested. AE, DS, MC, V.

Flatiron Bar and Diner, 129 E Nationwide Blvd, 461-0033. Diner-style fare featuring Southern and Cajun flavors including barbecue, gumbo and house-smoked meats and sausages. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Sandwiches: $7-$10. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, CB, DC, DS, MC, V.

Frog, Bear & Wild Boar Bar, 343 N Front St, 621-9453. American cuisine; specialties include over-stuffed sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads and fresh pizza. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Entrees: average $7-$8. Outdoor dining. Deejays and live entertainment Thu-Sat eve. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun except on event days. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, 401 N Front St, 246-2900. American cuisine influenced by bold international flavors, featuring authentic German lagers. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $9-$22. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. Reservations accepted. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

High Street Grill, 310 S High St (in Westin Columbus), 228-3800. Classic American cuisine; specialties include Monterey Bay calamari, grilled Margherita flatbread, salmon burger, meatloaf and crab cakes. Liquor; extensive wine list; bar. Dinner: $7-$30. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days, dinner Mon-Sat. Reservations suggested. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

Ho-Toy Restaurant, 11 W State St, 224-6848. Thai and Chinese food, also featuring Szechwan and vegetarian cuisine. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $6-$13. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. MC, V.

Indian Oven, 427 E Main St, 220-9390. Authentic Indian cuisine featuring vegetarian and seafood specialties, curry dishes, lunch buffet and daily dinner specials. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Dinners: $13-$24. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

The Inn Between, 30 S Young St, 224-1944. American cuisine; specialties include Rumplemeyer sandwich, burgers, salads, Buffalo chicken sandwich and Middle Eastern cuisine first Mon of month. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $6-$9. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Isabella’s Café Italia, 21 E State St, Ste 110, 220-9050. Specialties include club sandwich, pesto chicken penne, salad bar, wraps and panini. Items: $3-$7. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

J. Gumbo’s, 31 E Gay St, 469-9900. Cajun and Creole cuisine; specialties include jambalaya and drunken chicken. Liquor; wine; beer expected. Items: $5-$7. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining. Live entertainment including local artists monthly. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

Jack’s Restaurant, 52 E Lynn Alley, 224-3655. Quick-service diner specializing in double cheeseburgers and home-cooked meals. Lunches: average $5-$6. Children’s portions. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun.

Japanese Steak House, 479 N High St, 228-3030. Entrees prepared on tabletop grills; specialties include filet mignon, NY strip steak and seafood. Appetizers also available in lounge. Liquor; small wine list; sake; bar. Dinners: $12-$25. Children’s menu for dinner only. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations suggested. AE, DS, MC, V.

Jury Room Pub and Whiskey Bar, 22 E Mound St, 224-7777. Pub fare with daily specials; specialties include cheese steak, burgers, David’s wings, salads and pepperoni chips. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Items: $3-$9. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Checks, AE, MC, V.

Kooma, 37 Vine St, 224-3239. Fusion Japanese cuisine. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, CB, DC, DS, JCB, MC, V.

Latitude 41, 50 N Third St, 233-7541. Modern American cuisine featuring local ingredients; specialties include braised short rib, wild mushroom flatbread and a newly printed menu daily. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Entrees: $14-$38. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast and dinner 7 days, lunch Mon-Sat. AE, DS, MC, V.

Lee’s China Kitchen, 65 E State St, 228-3011. Specialties include pad Thai noodles, wor sui gai, Hunan chicken, General Tso’s chicken and Singapore-style rice noodles. Dinners: $9-$13. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat till 7 pm; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

Little Palace, 240 S Fourth St, 461-8404. Family owned and operated, serving Greek and American cuisine; featuring homemade soups and breads and Greek dishes such as baked cod Athenian and gyros. Greek day Wed. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $5-$9. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Sat, dinner Mon-Fri; closed Sun. Reservations accepted. Checks, DS, MC, V.

M, 2 Miranova Pl, 629-0000. Eclectic American cuisine; specialties include Chilean sea bass, filet mignon, cold-water lobster tail, ahi tuna and veal mignon. Liquor; extensive wine list; bar. Dinners: $9-$35. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Main Bar, 16 W Main St, 228-3129. Pub fare; specialties include half-pound Angus burger, veggie burger, pizza, quarter-pound hot dogs and Italian sausage. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Items: $2-$6. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

The Market Stand Café, 350 N High St (in Hyatt Regency Columbus), 280-3082. Americanized world cuisine; specialties include breakfast buffet with omelet station, grilled Tuscany salad, chicken tortilla soup and grilled sandwiches. Liquor; complete wine list. Entrees: $11-$31. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Martini Modern Italian, 445 N High St, 224-8259. High-energy restaurant with Italian techniques and cosmopolitan atmosphere; specialties include heirloom beet salad, chicken marsala and radiatore diavola. Liquor; extensive Italian wine list; bar. Dinners: $14-$37. Children’s menu. Open for dinner 7 days. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Max & Erma’s on the Boulevard, 55 E Nationwide Blvd, 228-5555. A casual restaurant featuring burgers, steak, pasta and salads. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $7-$19. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Mitchell’s Steakhouse, 45 N Third St, 621-2333. Cosmopolitan steakhouse; specialties include hand selected steaks, chops, Maryland crab cakes and filet mignon Oscar. Liquor; extensive wine list; bar. Dinners: $31-$45. Children’s portions. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Morton’s The Steakhouse, 280 N High St (280 Plaza, Ste 100), 464-4442. Steakhouse specializing in prime aged beef, fresh fish and seafood, vegetables and desserts. Liquor; extensive wine list; bar. Entrees: $40-$50. Open for dinner 7 days. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, JCB, MC, V.

Mozaik Modern Lounge & Tapas, 51 Vine St, 469-1000. Lounge featuring tapas, small plates and handcrafted specialty drinks with fresh ingredients. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Dinners: $7-$14. Deejays Thu-Sat eve. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations accepted for large parties. AE, DS, MC, V.

North Market, 59 Spruce St, 463-9664. Home to a variety of merchants selling fresh and prepared foods. Open for lunch 7 days, dinner Tue-Fri till 7 pm, Sat-Sun till 5 pm; check with individual merchants for exact hours.

    Barry’s New York Style Deli, 221-6601. Specialties include hot corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, Reuben and egg salad. Sandwiches: $6-$9. Checks, AE, MC, V.

    Best of the Wurst, 469-8778. Specialties include panini, gourmet hot dogs, wraps and sandwiches made with Boar’s Head deli meats. Lunches: $3-$7. Children’s portions. AE, DS, MC, V.

    CaJohn's CaBoom Chili Company, 229-4273. Fresh chilis and soups made daily. AE, DS, MC, V.

    El Paraiso, 221-5770. Authentic Mexican recipes made from scratch daily. AE, DS, MC, V.

    Expressly Market Bakery & Bistro, 223-9655. Soups, salads, sandwiches, crepes and baked goods. Lunches: $2-$10. DS, MC, V.

     Firdous Express, 221-4444. Mediterranean cuisine; specialties include Moroccan chicken, roast leg of lamb, hummus, falafel and 32 kinds of baklava. Lunches: $4-$7. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

    The Fish Guys, 228-4903. Sandwiches, seafood salads and soups. Items: $5-$10. AE, DS, MC, V.

    Flavors of India, 228-1955. Northern Indian cuisine; specialties include chicken tikki makhani and vegetarian specials. Lunches: $4-$7. Checks, DS, MC, V.

    Heil’s Family Deli, 461-4778. Homemade salads, hot meals and desserts; specialties include homemade meatloaf sandwich on egg challah and 15 salads daily. Lunches: $2-$4. Children’s portions. Checks.

    Holy Smoke BBQ, 223-0322. Smoked brisket, pulled pork, turkey, ribs and sides. Items: $3-$16. AE, DS, MC, V.

    Lac Viet Market, 221-0777. Fresh and authentic Vietnamese dishes including pho, spring rolls and summer rolls. Items: $2-$5.

    Mozart’s Bakery, 227-0441. Bakery featuring tortes, pastries, cookies and specialty coffees. Items: $2-$27. DS, MC, V.

    Nida’s Sushi, 228-4470. Sushi bar serving sashimi, rice rolls and California rolls. Lunches: $4-$10. AE, MC, V.

    North Market Poultry and Game, 221-7237. Variety of chicken and salads. All meat and dairy items are from responsible local farmers. Items: $5-$10. DS, MC, V.

    Pastaria, 228-2850. Italian cuisine including pasta and chicken with 20 different sauces and a variety of salads. Lunches: $5-$10. Children’s portions. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

    Sarefino’s Pizzeria and Italian Deli, 228-7300. NY-style pizza, strombolis, calzones and 11 signature subs. Items: $5-$11. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

    Taste of Belgium, 224-0986. Variety of salads, crepes, Liège-style waffles and espresso drinks. Items: $4-$7. AE, MC, V.

O’Shaughnessy’s Public House, 401 N Front St, 224-6767. Irish-American pub; specialties include apple smoked pork loin, corned beef hash and fish and chips. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $9-$19. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun, except during Nationwide events. Reservations accepted on nonevent days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Otero’s Food Bar, 50 N High St, 225-0225. Quick-service restaurant featuring 12-foot salad bar, hot dogs, pulled pork, soups and sandwiches. Items: $3-$8. Open Mon-Fri 10:30 am-3 pm; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

The Palette Café, 480 E Broad St (in the Columbus Museum of Art), 221-6801. Daily changing lunch menu featuring soups, hot entrees, sandwiches, salads and handmade desserts. Small wine list; beer. Lunches: $5-$10. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining in Sculpture Garden. Open for lunch Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V.

Phillip’s Original Coney Island, 450 W Broad St, 221-8288. In business for 97 years, a fourth-generation family business. Coney Islands are the specialty along with a variety of soups and sandwiches. Sandwiches: $2-$6. Children’s menu. Open Mon-Sat 10:30 am-6 pm; closed Sun. Reservations accepted for large parties. MC, V.

The Plaza Restaurant and Lounge, 75 E State St (in Hyatt on Capitol Square), 365-4550. Italian/Mediterranean cuisine. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Entrees: $12-$19. Children’s portions. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Ringside Cafe, 19 N Pearl St, 228-7464. Established in 1897. Boxing-themed restaurant with American-style food; specialties include gourmet burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads. Liquor; small wine list; imported beer; bar. Lunches: $3-$12. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Fri till 1 am, open Sat for dinner 6 pm-1 am; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

Rise & Dine, 277 W Nationwide Blvd, 222-3008. Regional American home-style cuisine featuring breakfast and lunch; specialties include French toast crunch, steak and eggs and chicken salad with fresh fruit. Meals: $5-$8. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days, dinner during special events downtown. AE, DS, MC, V.

Saigon Palace Restaurant, 114 N Front St, 464-3325. Vietnamese and contemporary Asian cuisine; specialties include chicken with lemongrass, shrimp pad Thai, vermicelli herbal salad, Oriental shrimp noodle and Vietnamese noodle soup. Dinners: $7-$12. Children’s portions. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations suggested for parties of 3 or more. AE, DS, MC, V.

San Francisco Oven, 65 E State St, 220-5600. Quick-service restaurant; specialties include brick oven baked pizza, salads, homemade soups and sandwiches. Moderate wine list. Meals: $6-$9. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Live entertainment Thu in summer. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

The Spaghetti Warehouse, 397 W Broad St, 464-0143. Italian restaurant divided into several rooms (one containing a full-size streetcar in which patrons can be served). Specialties include four-cheese manicotti, lasagna, fettuccine and shrimp marinara. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $7-$17. Children’s menu. Game room. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted for parties of 10 or more. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Spice Gastro Lounge & Club, 491 N Park St, 224-7840. Restaurant and nightclub; specialties include gourmet pizzas, Asian and Buffalo wings, salads and steak frits with cabernet butter. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Items: $5-$28. Outdoor dining. Deejays and live bands Tue-Sat. Open for dinner Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon. AE, DS, MC, V.

Ted’s Montana Grill, 191 W Nationwide Blvd, 227-0013. Classic American comfort food, including chicken, beef or bison sandwiches prepared 20 ways, a variety of steaks and specials. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$32. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails, 73 E Gay St, 221-8300. Serving Ohio comfort food; specialties include blue ribbon pot roast dinner and two-wheel discount all the time. Liquor; moderate wine list; craft beers including Barley’s beer; whiskey list; bar. Lunches/dinners: $8-$14. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner till 2 am 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Town Street Bar & Grill, 175 E Town St, 221-3281. Classic American cuisine; specialties include pasta, Angus burgers, meatloaf, pretzel bread sandwiches and chicken tenders. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$22. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Tyfoon, 106 Vine St, 224-9219. Thai-Asian fusion cuisine; specialties include sushi rolls, sea bass and pad Thai. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Entrees: $5-$18. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Mon-Fri till 2 pm, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations suggested. AE, DS, MC, V.

Urban Spirit Coffee Shop, 893 E Long St, 253-7778. Coffee shop featuring specialty coffee drinks, sandwiches, pastries and hot dogs. Items: $3-$4. Outdoor dining. Live entertainment nightly including poetry Tue, jazz Thu. Art gallery. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Mon-Sat, open Sun 1-5 pm. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Warehouse Café, 243 N Fifth St, 224-3134. Home cooked meals; specialties include kebabs, baked garlic lemon chicken and daily specials. Lunches: $1-$7. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations accepted. Checks, DS, MC, V.

Zuppa Downtown, 180 E Broad St, 225-9220. Casual Italian deli; specialties include breakfast croissant sandwiches, homemade soups, breads, wraps and espresso. Lunches: $4-$7. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. Checks, AE, MC, V.

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'25':487,1000,1933 '27':242,2928 '28':1254,1359,3674 '30':1594,1711,3157,3271 '31':1808,2351,2500 '32':2790,3734 '35':2242 '37':2010,2407 '38':2077 '40':594,2554 '41':308,2043 '45':2473,2501 '47':1282 '49':761 '50':799,2044,2555,3127 '51':2573 '52':1859 '55':2429 '59':2622 '65':2100,3513 '67':1231 '72':1128 '73':3757 '75':1029,1085,3289 '97':3239 'ae':42,84,141,195,253,302,398,442,502,551,589,674,708,789,841,901,955,1021,1077,1120,1225,1274,1379,1434,1502,1553,1612,1703,1758,1801,1852,1954,2006,2035,2092,2142,2258,2308,2365,2418,2465,2516,2563,2616,2687,2718,2735,2750,2798,2815,2889,2949,3005,3031,3054,3119,3165,3221,3323,3388,3444,3506,3563,3634,3694,3747,3810,3860,3911,3967,4051 'au':45 'bd':88 'cb':790,1435,2036 'dc':196,503,791,842,1022,1436,1554,1704,2037,2259,2366,2419,2466,2517,2564,3166,3635,3748 'di':447,467 'ds':85,142,197,254,303,353,399,443,504,552,590,632,675,709,792,843,956,1023,1078,1121,1226,1275,1380,1437,1503,1555,1613,1705,1759,1802,1853,1955,2038,2093,2143,2206,2260,2309,2367,2420,2467,2518,2565,2617,2719,2736,2751,2770,2799,2816,2839,2890,2929,2977,3006,3032,3120,3167,3222,3324,3389,3445,3507,3564,3636,3695,3749,3811,3861,3912,3968,4010 'el':1278,2739 'ho':1617 'mc':43,86,143,198,255,304,354,400,444,505,553,633,676,710,757,794,844,902,957,1024,1079,1122,1174,1227,1276,1323,1381,1438,1504,1556,1614,1656,1706,1760,1803,1854,1956,2007,2040,2094,2144,2207,2261,2310,2368,2421,2468,2519,2567,2618,2688,2720,2737,2752,2771,2800,2817,2840,2891,2930,2950,2978,3007,3033,3055,3121,3168,3223,3282,3325,3390,3446,3508,3565,3637,3696,3750,3812,3862,3913,3969,4011,4052 'ny':601,1915,3018 'pl':2212 'pm':623,629,2139,2649,2655,3160,3274,3383,3902,3964 'po':167 'st':51,150,211,263,311,408,452,512,561,597,640,682,764,802,850,910,1032,1088,1131,1184,1234,1285,1333,1448,1513,1564,1623,1663,1714,1769,1811,1903,1967,2012,2047,2103,2151,2268,2319,2376,2476,2528,2575,2624,3065,3130,3176,3233,3292,3332,3454,3516,3573,3646,3760,3821,3867,3922,3976,4018 '100':2532 '106':3865 '110':1771 '114':3451 '129':1387 '161':1330 '175':10,3818 '180':4015 '185':260 '191':361,3702 '200':960 '220':151,264,1664,1772,3517 '221':312,765,967,2669,2741,2775,2896,2957,3183,3234,3761,3822 '222':1132,3398 '223':683,2758,2876 '224':52,598,1235,1624,1715,1863,1968,2013,2377,3038,3066,3647,3868,3977 '225':641,3131,4019 '227':2916,3706 '228':212,513,808,851,1038,1094,1286,1334,1568,1904,2104,2269,2433,2805,2822,2935,2981,3015,3333 '229':365,2727 '232':409 '233':2048 '240':2148 '243':3973 '246':1514 '248':1181 '253':3923 '277':3394 '280':2324,2525,2529 '295':92 '310':1561 '343':449,1445 '350':2316 '365':3298 '397':3570 '400':938 '401':847,1510,3062 '427':1660 '445':2373 '450':3230 '461':1391,2152,2846 '463':2625 '464':2533,3455,3574 '467':208 '469':14,911,1812,2576,2694 '477':405 '479':1900 '480':3173 '491':3643 '504':147 '520':680 '586':95 '621':453,1449,2477 '629':2213 '679':907 '728':725 '754':562 '824':1185 '893':3919 'age':2539 'ahi':2230 'ale':204,230 'art':3182,3949 'bar':8,31,114,145,174,239,284,382,403,426,484,697,824,925,995,1055,1084,1111,1251,1356,1384,1416,1444,1469,1531,1591,1640,1686,1740,1782,1930,1963,1991,2022,2074,2185,2239,2264,2295,2404,2448,2498,2552,2594,2938,3089,3126,3141,3306,3361,3610,3671,3731,3794,3816,3843,3888 'bay':1576 'bbq':2875 'bon':46 'box':3339 'boy':168 'cod':2174 'day':41,132,189,252,297,397,499,707,838,1018,1119,1224,1267,1499,1546,1604,1700,2087,2179,2307,2362,2415,2464,2513,2560,2642,3118,3320,3438,3625,3746,3809,3857 'dog':1180,1192,1212,2287,2701,3143,3935 'due':1229 'eat':119 'egg':1147,2681,2860,3417 'eve':942,1064,1483,2602 'ext':1096 'fri':79,584,668,752,891,979,1008,1072,1169,1264,1300,1370,1427,1489,1651,1697,1751,1796,1892,1945,2028,2200,2510,2646,3103,3155,3374,3491,3558,3899,4045 'gai':2113 'gay':511,1233,1810,3759 'guy':2804 'hot':1179,1191,1211,2286,2673,2700,2850,3142,3191,3934 'inn':1709 'jcb':793,2039,2566 'lac':2893 'lee':2096 'leg':2784 'lol':556 'max':2423 'mon':78,346,438,547,583,619,667,751,785,890,951,1007,1011,1071,1168,1263,1317,1369,1373,1426,1430,1488,1492,1607,1650,1696,1733,1750,1795,1848,1891,1944,1948,2001,2027,2031,2090,2135,2195,2199,2252,2509,2607,3102,3106,3154,3220,3268,3373,3490,3494,3557,3693,3898,3905,3958,4003,4044 'new':2665 'one':3582 'own':2155 'pad':2108,3468,3882 'pho':2904 'pot':3771 'pub':411,1960,1970,2271,3071 'rib':2060,2883 'san':3510 'sat':82,300,341,347,439,548,587,626,671,755,786,894,1012,1075,1172,1270,1318,1320,1374,1431,1482,1493,1549,1608,1654,1754,1799,1849,1895,1949,2002,2032,2091,2136,2196,2253,2601,2608,2651,3107,3163,3269,3379,3495,3561,3683,3689,3906,3959,4004,4048 'sea':2221,3879 'ste':1770,2531 'sts':721 'sub':3026 'sui':2112 'sun':83,301,349,441,550,588,631,672,756,788,895,941,948,1014,1076,1173,1271,1322,1376,1433,1495,1550,1655,1755,1800,1851,1896,1951,2004,2034,2141,2202,2255,2610,2652,3109,3164,3218,3276,3387,3497,3562,3692,3908,3961,4006,4049 'tea':523 'ted':3698 'thu':1063,1481,2600,3547,3948 'tip':3752 'top':1302,3753 'toy':1618 'tso':2117 'tue':620,952,2645,3217,3682,3688,3946 'tvs':1106 'two':3776 'way':3720 'wed':625,947,2180 'wor':2111 '1897':3337 '6282':1097 '8.50':121 'also':1630,1921 'appl':472,3074 'bake':63,330,2173,2765,3527,3985 'ball':227 'band':3680 'bass':2222,3880 'bear':1441 'beef':1305,2540,2675,3079,3714 'beer':878,1217,1341,1826,3201,3360,3787,3791 'beet':2392 'best':2690 'blue':3769 'blvd':13,94,364,963,1390,2432,3397,3705 'boar':1443,2707 'bold':1520 'brew':202 'buca':446 'busi':3237,3246 'cafe':307,1041,3328 'caff':635 'cake':1586,2489 'casa':478,759 'chip':1986,3084 'chop':986,2486 'club':7,1776,3642 'cold':2226 'cook':460,770,1876,3980 'corn':2674,3078 'crab':1585,2488 'deli':61,774,1124,1135,1139,2668,2710,2845,3014,4023 'dine':71,182,369,387,431,492,540,578,660,702,932,1002,1060,1161,1258,1312,1364,1421,1475,1539,1691,1835,2247,2300,2456,3097,3209,3366,3393,3431,3544,3676,3739,3799,3893,3940,3996 'dish':1246,1351,1675,2170,2902 'elev':1325 'erma':2424 'fare':412,971,1396,1971,2272 'fast':564 'fish':1295,2542,2803,3082 'flat':1104 'food':1629,2637,3125,3346,3711,3766 'foot':3139 'four':3598 'frit':3663 'frog':1440 'full':3586 'game':2956,3617 'good':64,2766 'gyro':2177 'half':417,2276 'hand':2483 'hash':3080 'haus':1329 'head':2709 'heil':2842 'high':210,262,596,639,720,763,1332,1558,1563,1902,2318,2375,2380,2527,3129 'holi':2873 'home':769,1875,2627,3403,3979 'hour':420,2662 'hous':205,1407,1899,3061 'item':240,427,574,880,1154,1308,1786,1828,1992,2296,2812,2886,2910,2926,2968,2974,3027,3051,3149,3672,3936 'jack':1856 'jazz':3947 'juri':1958 'kind':2791 'lamb':2786 'larg':193,2614,3280 'like':1202 'list':30,113,173,234,283,381,425,483,696,823,924,994,1054,1110,1250,1355,1415,1468,1530,1590,1639,1685,1739,1928,1990,2021,2073,2184,2238,2294,2348,2403,2447,2497,2551,2593,3088,3200,3305,3358,3536,3609,3670,3730,3785,3793,3842,3887 'live':289,939,1061,1478,1836,3545,3679,3941 'loin':3077 'long':3921 'lynn':1130,1861 'made':526,860,1047,2705,2733,2746 'main':1662,2263,2267 'malt':237 'mare':468 'meal':67,100,332,485,1877,2851,3424,3537,3981 'meat':106,1409,2711,2965 'menu':180,245,337,390,490,658,744,830,930,1362,1537,1597,1936,2068,2080,2354,2410,2454,3188,3265,3429,3542,3616,3737,3849 'nida':2932 'ohio':3764 'open':35,72,126,183,246,291,338,391,432,493,541,579,615,661,703,745,779,831,886,943,1003,1065,1115,1162,1218,1259,1313,1365,1422,1484,1540,1598,1644,1692,1744,1789,1842,1885,1940,1995,2023,2081,2129,2189,2248,2301,2355,2411,2457,2505,2556,2603,2638,3098,3152,3213,3266,3313,3367,3378,3432,3486,3550,3619,3684,3740,3800,3850,3894,3951,3960,3997,4038 'oper':2157 'oven':469,1659,3512,3526 'pain':47 'park':149,407,681,905,3645 'pear':164 'penn':1780 'pork':2881,3076,3145 'pull':2880,3144 'rice':2124,2941 'rise':3392 'rock':1345 'roll':2906,2909,2942,2945,3878 'room':798,934,1959,3581,3618 'sake':1929 'sauc':2992 'seat':935 'sell':2633 'serv':857,2158,2939,3594,3763 'shop':3918,3926 'side':1201,1214,2885 'size':3587 'slaw':1204 'soup':59,324,529,571,1460,2165,2341,2732,2760,2811,3146,3190,3257,3352,3479,3531,4030 'stuf':1457 'suit':806 'swan':310 'taco':866 'tail':2229 'tapa':258,285,2572,2580 'tast':3035 'thai':1626,2109,3469,3871,3883 'till':621,627,2137,2647,2653,3375,3805,3900 'time':3781 'tort':2920 'town':3814,3820 'tuna':2231 'veal':2233 'viet':2894 'vine':2011,2574,3866 'wild':1442,2061 'wine':29,112,172,233,282,380,424,482,695,822,923,993,1053,1109,1249,1354,1414,1467,1529,1589,1638,1684,1738,1825,1927,1989,2020,2072,2183,2237,2293,2347,2402,2446,2496,2550,2592,3087,3199,3304,3357,3535,3608,3669,3729,3784,3841,3886 'wing':224,1099,1982,3659 'wrap':1298,1783,2702,4032 'year':3240 'york':2666 '-0000':912,2214 '-0013':3707 '-0033':1392 '-0077':96 '-0139':642 '-0143':3575 '-0225':3132 '-0322':2877 '-0441':2917 '-0500':1335 '-0777':2897 '-0900':152 '-0911':1133 '-0986':3039 '-1000':2577 '-1200':684 '-1234':1039,1095 '-1922':53 '-1944':1716 '-1955':2823 '-2333':2478 '-2537':213 '-2850':2982 '-2900':1515 '-3008':3399 '-3011':2105 '-3013':599 '-3030':1905 '-3082':2325 '-3129':2270 '-3134':3978 '-3239':2014 '-3281':3823 '-3287':454 '-3325':3456 '-3655':1864 '-3800':1569 '-4273':2728 '-4275':366 '-4442':2534 '-4444':2776 '-4470':2936 '-4550':3299 '-4600':809 '-4673':1186 '-4778':2847 '-4830':1287 '-4903':2806 '-5000':15 '-5488':852 '-5555':2434 '-5600':3518 '-5770':2742 '-6601':2670 '-6767':3067 '-6801':3184 '-6848':1625 '-7237':2958 '-7300':3016 '-7464':3334 '-7541':2049 '-7777':1969 '-7778':3924 '-7840':3648 '-8259':2378 '-8288':3235 '-8300':3762 '-8311':766 '-8366':514 '-8404':2153 '-8778':2695 '-8804':563 '-9020':410 '-9050':1773 '-9060':968 '-9141':265 '-9219':3869 '-9220':4020 '-9231':726 '-9330':313 '-9373':1236 '-9390':1665 '-9453':1450 '-9655':2759 '-9664':2626 '-9900':1813 'alley':1127,1862 'along':3252 'amici':1230 'angus':2278,3830 'appet':414,1920 'arena':5,966 'arepa':778 'asian':3460,3656,3872 'avail':1922 'barri':2663 'beppo':448 'bison':3716 'brais':2058 'bread':331,2167,3834,4031 'brick':3525 'broad':560,718,3175,3232,3572,4017 'café':507,555,592,713,1028,1764,2315,3172,3972 'cajun':156,1400,1814 'cater':66,715 'chang':3186 'check':352,673,900,1611,2005,2205,2656,2686,2797,2838,2872,3004,3030,4009,4050 'chees':1977,3599 'chili':2725,2730 'china':2098 'close':80,348,440,549,585,630,669,753,787,892,949,1013,1073,1170,1321,1375,1432,1494,1652,1752,1797,1850,1893,1950,2003,2033,2140,2201,2254,2609,3108,3161,3219,3275,3386,3496,3559,3690,3907,4005,4046 'coffe':515,2925,3917,3925,3929 'coney':3228,3247 'cooki':2922 'craft':3786 'creat':97 'creol':1816 'crepe':2763,3043 'cuban':1141,1297 'curri':1674 'daili':323,609,737,1679,1973,2069,2734,2749,2865,3185,3990 'dairi':2967 'darbi':1026,1081 'david':1980 'della':477 'diner':1386,1394,1868 'dirti':1176 'divid':3578 'doubl':1871 'drink':2586,3050,3930 'entre':1112,1252,1470,1906,2075,2349,2553,3192,3307,3889 'event':899,1017,1498,3113,3442 'exact':2661 'fifth':3975 'filet':1346,1913,2223,2491 'first':1732 'flash':978 'frank':1177 'fresh':329,458,730,858,981,1046,1150,1463,2541,2588,2634,2729,2898,3422 'front':451,801,849,1447,1512,3064,3453 'fruit':3423 'grand':6 'greek':2159,2169,2178 'grill':23,404,1281,1560,1578,1910,2336,2343,3701,3817 'guest':805 'gumbo':1404,1806 'happi':419 'heart':456 'heavi':1206 'hotel':807 'hunan':2114 'hyatt':1034,1090,2321,3294 'india':2821 'irish':3069 'kebab':3984 'kooma':2009 'lager':1526 'latin':1280 'lemon':3987 'littl':2146 'lièg':3045 'local':1839,2054,2972 'louie':146 'loung':259,1924,2571,2578,3288,3641 'luigi':161 'lunch':37,76,128,185,248,293,342,393,434,495,533,545,581,612,617,665,739,749,783,834,888,996,1005,1056,1067,1166,1220,1261,1315,1367,1424,1486,1542,1602,1646,1676,1694,1746,1793,1844,1878,1889,1942,1997,2025,2088,2131,2193,2303,2358,2460,2507,2640,2712,2767,2794,2835,2866,2946,2998,3100,3187,3202,3215,3316,3362,3369,3409,3436,3488,3553,3621,3742,3802,3853,3896,3954,3992,4001,4035,4042 'metal':1208 'middl':1729 'moder':111,171,379,694,821,992,1413,1528,1637,1737,2019,3534,3607,3668,3728,3783,3840,3885 'month':1735,1841 'mound':1966 'music':940,1062 'newli':2066 'night':3943 'nonev':3117 'noodl':2110,2125,3475,3478 'north':2620,2952 'offer':1187 'order':862 'oscar':2493 'otero':3123 'palac':2147,3449 'parti':136,194,2615,3281,3501,3629 'pasta':105,225,374,610,648,817,920,1151,1241,1348,2441,2986,3829 'pearl':1284,3331 'pesto':1778 'pizza':21,360,373,573,605,649,690,1100,1242,1464,2282,3020,3528,3655 'plate':273,2582 'plaza':2530,3285 'pound':2277,2285 'price':125,418 'prime':2538 'print':2067 'quick':55,315,854,1866,3134,3520 'recip':2745 'roast':470,2783,3772 'salad':22,60,165,325,474,530,570,692,733,819,987,990,1048,1148,1153,1461,1724,1781,1983,2338,2393,2443,2682,2761,2809,2849,2864,2963,2997,3042,3140,3194,3354,3420,3472,3529,3660 'sazon':760 'sever':3580 'short':2059 'shred':1304 'singl':236 'small':28,232,272,423,1052,1108,1926,1988,2182,2292,2445,2581,3086,3198,3356 'smoke':1408,2874,2878,3075 'south':266,1288 'spice':3639 'sport':1083 'squar':1037,1093,3297 'stand':2314 'state':1031,1087,1622,1768,2102,3291,3515 'steak':162,222,815,873,916,984,1898,1917,1978,2440,2485,3415,3662,3724 'strip':1916 'style':602,1140,1190,1395,2123,2667,3019,3046,3345,3404 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AGE: 24    •    NEIGHBORHOOD: Short North

Event planner, IT Martini;

Courtney Banks
BANKS ISN'T SHY about being single. In fact, she says she might even start blogging about it. “I’m always tweeting about my crazy dates and horror stories,” she says, laughing. So, when asked to be a Columbus Monthly single, Banks said yes, because, “I don’t take myself too seriously. It doesn't bother me that I'm single.”


People are used to interacting through a computer and social media. When my parents were dating, it wasn’t odd to walk up and say hello to someone. If you do that now, people think you’re crazy. It’s just harder to meet people.


Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and the Bedroom.


Inglourious Basterds. But Grease has been my favorite movie since I was little.


“Family Guy” or “Bob’s Burgers.”


Everything. I’m on a big Lana Del Rey kick right now. I love oldies like Sam Cooke, and Cold War Kids and Kanye West. Plus I love country. That’s my Virginia roots.


I went to Acapulco. We stayed in a villa and had a staff. I never did laundry, made my bed or made my breakfast. I didn’t make anything. It was awesome.


A shirt my grandfather gave me before he died. I wear a lot of his shirts. It’s like I’m carrying him around with me. He lived to be 95.


I auditioned for the “Glee Project” in Nashville. My audition was really good, but I think I look too much like Santana, though.


I cry a lot.


Someone who is funny, because I am not. Someone who can hold a good conversation and can admit when they are wrong, forgives easily, kind, considerate. And, of course, striking good looks.


I like dinner and a movie. It’s classic. I love the time to talk and the anticipation of a first kiss.


It wasn’t a date. I was visiting a guy I had been seeing on and off. I bought a plane ticket and we were in for a weekend of fun. We were watching a movie and he just says, “I’m not into it.” I’m thinking, “The movie? This is Bridesmaids! What’s not to like?!” Then he says it again and looks at me. This was after a day and a half, so I spent the next two and a half days crying and drinking. I left his house to gamble at the local casino and lost all of my money. Great time.


Loyal, fun, down for anything. And probably that I’m narcissistic because I like to look at myself in the mirror. But I’m only a low-key narcissist. I don’t get my nails done, I don’t own brand names . . . I just like makeup. What’s the problem with that?

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" BANKS ISN'T SHY about being single. In fact, she says she might even start blogging about it. “I’m always tweeting about my crazy dates and horror stories,” she says, laughing. So, when asked to be a Columbus Monthly single, Banks said yes, because, “I don’t take myself too seriously. It doesn't bother me that I'm single.” " 1352 1352 " Courtney Banks " " " 4 4804 " t " 20210 " " Courtney Banks - Columbus Monthly's Single in the City " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard 'm':22A,62A,105,145,245,339,392,499,504,581,595 '24':74 '95':349 'co':83 're':191 'tv':230 'us':626 've':281,353 'age':73 'ask':37A,120 'bed':303 'big':248 'bob':235 'cri':387,543 'day':529,542 'del':250 'die':327 'fun':488,573 'get':605 'guy':233,467 'isn':4A,87 'key':600 'kid':264 'lot':331,389 'low':599 'odd':174 'rey':251 'sam':259 'say':13A,33A,96,116,179,497,518,569 'see':471 'shi':6A,89 'two':538 'use':157 'war':263 'yes':46A,129 'bank':2A,3A,44A,65,86,127 'best':278,566 'blog':18A,101 'book':201 'citi':72,643 'cold':262 'cook':260 'date':28A,111,170,433,457,462 'didn':309 'done':355,608 'erot':202 'even':16A,99 'ever':282,354 'fact':11A,94 'gave':323 'glee':360 'good':368,411,428 'half':532,541 'hold':409 'hous':549 'ipod':242 'join':625 'kany':266 'kick':252 'kind':422 'kiss':455 'know':383 'lana':249 'left':547 'like':258,337,376,435,515,585,617 'live':346 'look':373,393,429,522,587 'lost':557 'love':256,270,444 'made':301,305 'make':311 'mani':381 'meet':198 'movi':215,224,439,493,507 'much':375 'nail':607 'name':614 'next':537 'oldi':257 'plus':268 'root':276 'said':45A,128 'show':231 'sinc':225 'stay':289 'take':51A,134 'talk':448 'time':446,563 'walk':176 'wasn':172,459 'wear':329 'went':285 'west':267 'admit':415 'alway':23A,106 'anyth':312,576 'audit':357,365 'brand':613 'capit':203 'carri':340 'click':634 'cours':426 'crazi':27A,110,192 'doesn':56A,139 'drink':545 'event':78 'first':432,454 'funni':401 'gambl':551 'greas':219 'great':562 'hello':180 'ideal':431 'laugh':34A,117 'littl':228 'local':554 'loyal':572 'media':165 'might':15A,98 'money':561 'month':42A,67,125,629 'never':298 'north':77 'parti':633 'peopl':155,188,199,382 'plane':478 'power':205 'prize':317 'right':253 'scene':152 'shirt':320,334 'short':76 'singl':9A,43A,63A,69,92,126,146,151,632,640 'spent':535 'staff':296 'start':17A,100 'stori':31A,114 'taken':283 'thing':351 'think':189,371,505 'tweet':24A,107 'vacat':279 'villa':292 'visit':465 'watch':491 'worst':456 'would':568 'wrong':419 'annual':631 'around':342 'awesom':315 'bother':58A,141 'bought':476 'burger':237 'casino':555 'comput':162 'dinner':436 'easili':421 'famili':232 'forgiv':420 'friend':567 'harder':196 'horror':30A,113 'inform':638 'makeup':618 'mirror':592 'parent':168 'realli':367 'social':164 'someon':182,398,406 'someth':379 'strike':427 'though':378 'ticket':479 'anticip':451 'attract':207 'basterd':217 'bedroom':213 'classic':442 'convers':412 'countri':271 'everyth':243 'favorit':200,214,223,229 'founder':84 'laundri':300 'low-key':598 'martini':81 'partner':397 'planner':79 'possess':318 'probabl':578 'problem':622 'project':361 'santana':377 'serious':54A,137 'thought':148 'weekend':486 'acapulco':287 'co-found':82 'columbus':41A,66,124,154,628 'consider':423 'courtney':1A,64 'craziest':350 'inglouri':216 'interact':159 'nashvill':363 'virginia':275 'boardroom':210 'breakfast':307 'grandfath':322 'bridesmaid':510 'narcissist':582,601 'neighborhood':75 '':85 2576 3 0 0 " " 0 f " 10480 2009-07-07 00:00:00 2009-07-07 00:00:00 2011-12-21 12:49:53 "

Why waste time on something average when you can have the best? The Best Sunday brunch, the Best stylish stash for your iPod or even the Best vacation for your pet? For the 24th year, Columbus Monthly brings you the Best of Columbus.


Dropped pass

The catch Anthony Gonzalez didn’t make in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame. The Buckeyes were leading 21-13 when Smith passed to Gonzalez, who dropped the ball at the Notre Dame 12-yard line. The Irish’s Tom Zbikowski scooped it up and scored an apparent momentum-turning touchdown. Officials, however, ruled the pass incomplete. “That changed the whole complexion of the game,” said Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis.

Pass with a carom

OSU guard Je’Kel Foster electrified an otherwise boring nonleague basketball game when he bolted upcourt and lobbed a perfectly placed pass off the backboard to a leaping Ron Lewis for a dunk during a 95-53 Buckeye victory against Florida A&M.

Reason for a lucrative contract extension

Jim Tressel became the first Ohio State football coach since Francis Schmidt in the mid 1930s to win four of his first five games against Michigan.

Equal-opportunity golfers

Both the boys’ and the girls’ golf teams from Dublin Jerome High School won Division I state championships in the fall.


Ohio State’s men’s tennis team snapped Illinois’s 86-match Big Ten winning streak, claimed the conference title and captured the Big Ten tournament. It finished 25-1 in the regular season and advanced to the NCAA quarterfinals.

Recruiting tool

Ohio State linebackers A.J. Hawk and Bobby Carpenter, safety Donte Whitner, center Nick Mangold and split end Santonio Holmes became instant millionaires when they all were selected in the first round of April’s NFL Draft. No other school had more first-rounders.

Sign of devotion

According to Nielsen Media Research, a higher percentage of Central Ohioans watched the NFL Draft on ESPN than any other market in the nation.

Show of composure

The Blue Jackets may have finished under .500 again in their fifth season, but no team in the NHL was better in sudden death. The Jackets were 14-4 in games decided in overtime (6-1) or by shootout (8-3), including an 8-0 mark at home.

Go-to guy

Like Davenport, senior center Terence Dials was named the Big Ten’s Player of the Year. Although his stats didn’t sparkle like hers, he was virtually unstoppable close to the basket while leading the Buckeyes to an improbable conference championship.

Player not drafted by the NFL

The pro scouts might not have appreciated Ohio State defensive end Mike Kudla, but Buckeye fans certainly did. He finished second on the team in tackles for loss and tied for the lead in sacks. His most memorable tackle was at Minnesota, when he yanked down Gophers’ running back Laurence Maroney like a shirt off a line on a fourth-and-two with the Buckeyes holding a slim lead. Kudla earned first-team Big Ten honors and even tied an NFL combine record by bench-pressing 225 pounds 45 times. Still, his phone remained silent on draft day, although he later was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers as a free agent.

Completed pass

With OSU trailing 21-19 at Michigan and barely 30 seconds remaining, quarterback Troy Smith broke a tackle and scrambled before finding flanker Anthony Gonzalez with a 26-yard pass that set up Antonio Pittman’s victory-clinching 3-yard touchdown run. “There will be a lot of No. 10 jerseys and a lot of kids on Thanksgiving weekend trying to make those moves in a pile of leaves,” said Ohio State coach Jim Tressel afterward.

Ballet on skates

Trailing by a goal with fewer than two minutes remaining in a Dec. 26 game against Chicago, Blue Jackets right wing Nikolai Zherdev decided to get selfish. Taking the puck from behind his own net, Zherdev shucked and jived his way through the Blackhawks defensemen as if they were pylons, including a slick pass to himself through one defender’s legs, until there was no one left to beat but goalie Nikolai Khabibulin. Zherdev flicked his shot, but Khabibulin managed to get in the way. And just when it looked to be another of those fancy plays that Zherdev frequently almost pulls off, he swiped at the deflection in mid air and slapped it into the net. The Jackets went on to win in overtime.

Fashion statement

While some of the NBA’s biggest stars, such as LeBron James, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant, have taken to wearing black Spandex-type tights under their shorts, Ohio State guard J.J. Sullinger took a different color route. In Ohio State’s midseason game against Florida A&M, Sullinger busted out a pair of white tights that he said he got at a mall a day earlier. He also accessorized his attire with red tights for road games.

Takedown artist

Westerville South High School senior Anthony Ciraky pulled off back-to-back Division I state wrestling championships. What’s more, he was unbeatable this season, finishing 50-0 on his way to the 160-pound crown, which will join last year’s 152-pound first-place state medal.

Show of gratitude

As players gathered around the awards table following the Buckeyes’ basketball victory over Purdue in a regular-season finale that clinched OSU’s first outright Big Ten title in 14 years, J.J. Sullinger headed toward the student pep section, leading a chorus of “O-H, I-Os” and exchanging high-fives. Other players soon noticed and joined him in the celebration.

Rubber arm

Relief pitcher Colter Bean owns the Columbus Clippers record for games pitched. Whether for one inning or three, the big right-hander fools hitters with his peculiar sidearm delivery. Besides, he has the best name on the team.

One man’s opinion: Steve Stivers, Republican state senator

Pistol range

Stivers, an Army National Guard battalion commander who served in Iraq last year, says that while he likes the Powder Room in Powell, he prefers the New Albany Shooting Range. “I have to qualify with my pistol for the military once a year, so I go about four times a year just to make sure I keep my skills up,” says Stivers, who doesn’t own a weapon, but rents a 9 mm pistol. “The New Albany Range is a little nicer laid out, and it’s a little newer,” he says. “It’s a great, clean facility that’s really bright inside so you can see the targets really well.”

Go-to girl

Ohio State center Jessica Davenport was named the Big Ten’s Player of the Year for the second year in a row after leading the conference in scoring, rebounding, field goal percentage and blocked shots. Should the 6-5 center—who also is an Academic All-American—win the conference’s top honor again next season, she’ll become the first three-time honoree in Big Ten history.


Melodramatic car wash

Commuters in need of a quick car wash may be a bit confused when confronted with the options at the Broadway Market Sunoco at East North Broadway and

I-71. Automated choices include “Alexander the Great,” “Hercules the Strong” and “Zorba the Greek.” Station owner Dimitrios Mandas wanted to reflect his Greek heritage in marketing a more memorable swab for your Saab. Mandas says he picked Zorba ($6) for a basic wash since he was “rich in mind, but poor monetarily.” As for Alexander, this mighty conqueror and king warranted the deluxe option ($9).

New Tuttle store

When H&M made its Central Ohio debut in the Mall at Tuttle Crossing in October, about 300 shoppers arrived before the store opened to explore the European-based clothier that’s developed a following in other cities for offering trendy fashion at reasonable prices.

Craft store with a cause

Wholly Craft!, 3171 N. High St. in Clintonville, isn’t your typical craft store. It specializes in “urban crafts,” with items sold on consignment that were created by struggling artists. Check out the Emotional Monster magnets (“I Bite,” “I’m Weird” or “I Disobey”), as well as the offbeat T-shirts and stuffed animals. The sale of skirts made from pillowcases benefit a sexual-violence awareness campaign. Owner Olivia Bratich says she intended to give the store a more serious name, but “everybody liked this one. It inspires a laugh.”

Hospital parking deal

It’s stressful enough to visit a hospital without having to worry about parking. So consider using the valet service at OSU, Riverside, Grant and Mount Carmel West hospitals. It’s $5 for a one-time exit ($7 for same-day come-and-go privileges)—which is cheaper than the garage or the lot in some cases.

Gifts for metalheads

Cowtown Art, 668 N. High St. in the Short North, carries a large collection of quirky artworks made from recycled scrap metals that shine like new. Choose a fluffy cat (with extra spikes for fur), a martini-swilling dog perched on a stool, a golfing hound dog. There also are metal wine-bottle caddies twisted into shapes resembling a cowboy, a waiter and an Elvis impersonator.

Scooper deal

While some of the other companies may have better names and slogans, such as Pooper Troopers’s “We do doo,” Happy Lawn Pet Waste Removal has been doing the dirty work for 10 years, and doing it less expensively than most. Serving Franklin and Delaware counties, Happy Lawn tackles the unenviable task each week for as little as $6 per visit if prepaying for a year. Even without the prepayment, it’s still cheaper than the rest at the odd price of $7.27 per week.

Shot at a white Christmas

Don’t let Mother Nature stop you from enjoying a wintry holiday season. Mr. Mulch, 2721 Rt. 161 in Columbus, offers for sale or rent the Backyard Blizzard, a mini version of the powerful snowmakers used at ski resorts. The machine, about the size of a power washer, hooks to a garden hose and rents for $149 for a half day and $249 for 24 hours. (You can buy it for $2,500). One catch: The temperature must be 25 degrees or below.

Eco-friendly gas stations

Fossil fuels aren’t the only option for Central Ohio motorists. The Speedway at 3760 Main St. in Hilliard sells “E85”—a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline—which runs about 20 cents cheaper per gallon than regular unleaded. It’s currently the only station in Central Ohio to offer the alternative fuel, which can be used by “flexible fuel vehicles”—autos that run on either unleaded gasoline or E85. Meanwhile, McWherter Fuel Depot,

2 McWherter Dr. in Delaware, is the first Central Ohio station to sell “B20”—a biodiesel blend of 20 percent soybean oil and 80 percent diesel. Any car or truck with a diesel engine can use it; as of early June, the soybean blend was running nine cents more per gallon than regular diesel.

Place for stir-crazy dogs on a rainy day

Mall-walking isn’t just for the retired set anymore—at least not at Polaris Fashion Place, the only Central Ohio mall to allow pet owners to walk their dogs. The indoor mega-mall welcomes all canines (not just service dogs), as long as owners leash their pets and prevent them from doing their business indoors. So far, most dogs are following the latter rule. “Knock on wood,” says Don Bentz, general manager for Polaris.

Place to get a Dublin newspaper (Dublin, Ireland, that is)

Liberty Books & News, 1649 W. Lane Ave., boasts one of the largest newsstands in the country with about three times more space devoted to periodicals than the leading chain bookstores. Liberty (owned by the family who used to run the Little Professor and Newsworthy shops) also has a Newspapers on Demand kiosk, where customers can request that day’s copy of any of about 350 international newspapers—printed in five minutes—for $4.99 ($6.99 for larger Sunday editions).

Places to get trendy organic fertilizer

As of early June, the only retailers to sell Cockadoodle DOO, the all-organic fertilizer made from chicken waste that’s getting national buzz (Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated), are Dill’s Greenhouse in Groveport and all area Lowe’s locations. It’s a dry, granulated alternative to chemical treatments that’s high in nitrogen and effective for 90 days. The company says it’s safe for kids and pets to play on immediately after applying, and there’s no chemical runoff into water sources.

Clothing store for the hipster with a conscience

Racks of brightly colored shirts, tops, skirts and dresses for the hip set now fill a long-vacant building at the corner of Fifth Avenue and High Street, courtesy of American Apparel. The company touts that it’s sweatshop free, doing everything from cutting and sewing to photography and marketing under one roof in Los Angeles.

Stylish stash for your iPod

If your iPod needs some seriously chichi outfitting, drop by the Chanel boutique at Polaris Fashion Place’s Saks Fifth Avenue. Adorned with the famous French fashion house’s overlapping double “C” logo, Chanel’s gadget cover comes in pink or black quilted calfskin and retails for a cool $350.

One woman’s opinion: Elizabeth Jewell, executive director of the Worthington Arts Council

Pistol range

Stivers, an Army National Guard battalion commander who served in Iraq last year, says that while he likes the Powder Room in Powell, he prefers the New Albany Shooting Range. “I have to qualify with my pistol for the military once a year, so I go about four times a year just to make sure I keep my skills up,” says Stivers, who doesn’t own a weapon, but rents a 9 mm pistol. “The New Albany Range is a little nicer laid out, and it’s a little newer,” he says. “It’s a great, clean facility that’s really bright inside so you can see the targets really well.”

Shopping bag

The one offered by Ruehl No.925 at Easton may make your briefcase feel insecure by comparison. The pricey garments offered by this division of Abercrombie & Fitch will be ensconced in a bag made from heavy waxed paper that could pass for leather and boasts wide, sturdy canvas handles. You don’t toss this in the trash after removing your new $80 shirt.

Pet vacation

After visiting the upscale digs at the Pet Resort at Willow Wood in New Albany, your pooch might not want to come home. Several room sizes are available, but for $30 a night Rover can chill in an 8-by-8-foot suite featuring DirecTV (usually tuned to Animal Planet), a VCR and a kid-size bed. If that’s not enough pampering, a certified canine massage therapist can help calm down your stressed-out setter for an additional charge. Soothing music is played in all areas, and the staff lets dogs outside four to five times a day. Cuddle or play time also is available, as well as homemade dog treats. Cats can be coddled, too, at a rate of $19 for a suite, or $13 for a kitty condo.

Place to shop for that girl from Ipanema

Terra Brazil, 5183 N. High St., just north of Graceland Shopping Center, touts itself as a “Brazilian superstore.” Everything here comes straight from the South American nation—from Dupé flip-flops, bijuterias (costume jewelry) and frozen yuca roots to comic books, candy, coffee and shampoo.


Place to nurture your daughter’s love of aeronautics

The OSU College of Engineering wants grade-school girls to envision the possibility of one day designing a roller coaster, becoming an astronaut or creating the next Kevlar. That’s why it sponsors Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, which is part of an international movement. Nearly 200 girls in grades 3 through 6 took part in February’s daylong event at OSU, creating a Silly Putty-like substance from glue and borax and designing a container to prevent raw eggs from breaking when dropped.

Movie deal

The Drexel’s Summer Kids Movie Fest lets children have an old-fashioned movie experience they won’t find at the multiplex. With movies that engross—not gross out their parents—kids discover genuine family films such as Goonies and make new discoveries of more obscure flicks such as A Little Princess. Before each show, staff members offer chances to win movie memorabilia with kid-friendly trivia contests. It’s a bargain, too, priced at $3 for kids and $4 for adults.

Huck Finn experience

On those scorching summer days, while most people flock to the pools, you can find your own oasis at several of the Metro Parks, splashing in the shallow creeks at Battelle-Darby, Chestnut Ridge, Highbanks and Prairie Oaks. For nature-lovers, creeking along the streams provides an opportunity to spot darters and freshwater mussels. Best of all, the mature trees provide a shady respite. Be sure to wear a pair of old tennis shoes to avoid rocks and certain slippery things. Pack a picnic lunch to complete the picture of what life was like in the days before video games.

Place to build a birdhouse

The best part about Home Depot’s Kids Workshops, according to one 9-year-old boy, is that, “You’re creating something for yourself that doesn’t just take glue to make.” At these free 9 am-to-noon sessions on the first Saturday of each month, kids ages 5 to 12 receive instructions on tool safety as they put together, for instance, a birdhouse. An added bonus: They get to keep the kid-size bright orange aprons similar to those worn by Home Depot employees.

Way for kids to entertain their grandparents

Both grandparents and grandchildren ages 8 to 14 are on equal footing at Columbus Recreation and Parks’ Gram and Gramp Camp hosted at Indian Village off Fishinger Road near the Scioto River. The camp, in its fifth year, takes place Aug. 21-25. Activities include fishing, swimming, archery and hiking, and they are geared toward the participants, meaning that a grandfather is free to hike along Hayden Run Falls, for instance, or take an afternoon nap, while his grandchild is casting a line. Cost is $60 apiece ($72 for nonresidents of Columbus).



Bookstore: Barnes & Noble earned more than three times the votes of runner-up Book Loft, including one from someone impressed with the newest location: “Barnes & Noble OSU: Holy Crap!!!”

Hardware store: Lowe’s outpaced Home Depot.

Shopping complex: Easton gets the most votes by a wide margin. Readers raved: “Continues to reinvent itself,” and, “Feels like a small town in Europe.” Only five voters still felt City Center was their favorite, including one who added a satirical, “No waiting!”

Garden center: Oakland Nursery finished comfortably ahead of Strader’s.

Spa: Charles Penzone bested Kenneth’s, though there were a few who expressed viewpoints similar to a voter who wrote, “LOL. Like I have time to pamper myself!”

Pet store: PetSmart, a runaway winner.

Grocery store: Kroger, over last year’s winner, Giant Eagle, by a mere four votes.

Department store: Nordstrom squeaked by Macy’s.

Home décor store: The Great Indoors managed to hold off its new rival Crate & Barrel.

Music store: Best Buy, though quite a few readers are now downloading their favorites, as reflected by such comments as, “You can still buy music? In a store?”

Shoe store: According to our readers, there’s no beating DSW, referred to by one voter as, “The Mother Ship.”


Public official: Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman had nearly 10 times more votes than anyone else. Even his wife, Frankie, received more votes than Gov. Bob Taft.

OSU athlete/male: A.J. Hawk was more popular than Troy Smith and last year’s winner, Teddy Ginn.

OSU athlete/female: Jessica Davenport was the readers’ favorite for the second year in a row.

Former OSU athlete: Archie Griffin is still the Central Ohio favorite.

Crew player: Lots of new faces are wearing the yellow and black this year, but fans liked Frankie Hejduk the best. It’s still a Buckeyes’ town, though, as evidenced by the number of comments similar to, “We have a soccer team?”

Blue Jackets player: Rick Nash was the easy winner, though last season’s hottest newcomer, superstar Sergei Fedorov, won his share of Columbus fans.

Coach: OSU football’s Jim Tressel—“The sweater-vested man,” as one reader called him—was twice as popular as OSU basketball’s Thad Matta.

TV anchor/male: Channel 4’s Cabot Rea enjoyed a comfortable lead over Channel 10’s Jerry Revish.

TV anchor/female: Channel 10’s Andrea Cambern had more than twice as many votes as her nearest rival, Channel 4’s Colleen Marshall.

Weatherperson: For the 17th year in a row, Channel 4’s Jym Ganahl was the favorite among Columbus Monthly readers, though spelling his name proved challenging. There were more than 30 variations, including three “Gyms.”

Sportscaster: Channel 10’s Dom Tiberi won for the fourth year in a row.

CEO: Les Wexner, by a large margin.


Romantic atmosphere: The Refectory edged Hyde Park by three votes and M by four.

Outdoor dining: Barcelona nudged past Brio.

Breakfast: First Watch was twice as popular as Bob Evans.

Fast casual: Chipotle.

Cheap lunch: Wendy’s.

Steakhouse: Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse unseated Mitchell’s, which held top honors for the past three years.

Chinese: P.F. Chang’s China Bistro edged China Dynasty.

Asian: P.F. Chang’s again.

Sushi: Central Ohioans apparently love their raw fish, based on the large number of votes cast and venues selected. Haiku was tops.

Mexican: No contest. As one El Vaquero voter put it: “You mean there are other Mexican restaurants in Columbus? As if!!”

Seafood: Cameron Mitchell’s Columbus Fish Market and Ocean Club finished first and second. Newcomer McCormick & Schmick’s pulled in its share of votes as a recent arrival, however.

Vegetarian: One reader noted that our winner, Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine, was “vegetarian food turned fine dining.”

Italian: Moretti’s Sawmill edged Bravo, Brio and Figlio.

French: Only a handful of votes separated the winner, Bon Vie, from the Refectory, La Chatelaine and L’Antibes.

Greek: No other restaurant was as dominant in its category as the Happy Greek. Readers raved about the smelts, the calamari and even the strawberry shortcake. “Absolutely the best Greek restaurant I have been to in Ohio,” wrote one.

Indian: Indian Oven for the fourth straight year.

Middle Eastern: Aladdin’s Eatery for the third year in a row.

Diner: Readers couldn’t stop commenting on the meatloaf and the chocolate cake at Cap City Fine Diner & Bar.

Pizza: Some 50 restaurants earned votes. In the end, readers thought a good Donatos was hard to beat.

Desserts: Cheesecake Factory.


Local news website: Voters selected over

TV newscast: In a close race, WBNS 10TV slipped ahead of NBC4 for the first time in two years. Voters like the station’s new format since Dave Kaylor’s retirement. One comment: “Three great anchors in one newscast!”

Talk radio station: Columbus may be a sports town, but when it comes to talk radio, 610 WTVN with Conners, Corby and Rush is more popular with readers than the sports-talk format of runner-up 1460 “The Fan.”

Music radio station: CD101 has been the favorite with Columbus Monthly’s readers since 1993.

Morning radio show: The Morning Zoo at WNCI 97.9. “What’s not to love,” wrote one reader.


Movie theater: The Arena Grand. As one voter put it, “Alcohol during the show, reserved seating—almost like being at home.”

Performing arts organization: CAPA.

Wine bar: Not much competition for the Burgundy Room. “Hands down, the best mellow hang in town,” noted a voter.

Concert venue: Germain Amphitheater was the favorite. “Great for hot summer nights,” wrote one reader. About Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, which finished second, a voter stated: “The relaxed atmosphere of the Newport without the sticky floor.”

Festival: The Columbus Arts Festival, with ComFest a close second.

Coffee shop: The trendy national chain, Starbucks, maintains the upper hand over the local Cup O’ Joe.

Neighborhood pub: Old Bag of Nails Pub.

Arena District bar: Frog Bear & Wild Boar Bar wins handily.

Short North bar: The oldest is still the favorite, the Short North Tavern.

Sports bar: More readers catch the game at a Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar than anywhere else.


Columbus neighborhood: German Village.

Corporation: Nationwide. “They put their money where they live, have been great for the community and have really stepped forward to do the right thing,” writes one voter.

Hotel: Hilton Columbus at Easton.

Place to take out-of-towners: It was no contest—Easton.

Park: In a close vote, Goodale Park was more popular than the Whetstone Park of Roses.

Hiking trail: More voters take a hike at Highbanks Metro Park.

Health club: Life Time Fitness by a slim margin over Sawmill Athletic Club.

Florist : Connells Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts by a wide margin.

Radio personality: WTVN has the lock, with Bob Conners edging his colleague John Corby.

Hamburger :Columbus Monthly’s readers like to gorge on the two-fisted burgers at the Thurman Café. “Pounds of pleasure,” wrote one voter. And another noted: “I asked my wife to marry me after she took me here on one of our first dates.”

Scenic drive: It seems there are only two choices. According to readers, the northern stretch of Rt. 315 from Worthington almost to Delaware is more enjoyable than a cruise down Riverside Drive.


Here was the deal: Send in a signed Best of Columbus ballot and get a chance to win a $100 gift certificate from any one of the restaurants voted best by readers. We randomly selected three winners: Tim Coleman, Mary Redding and Joann Middlestead.


Biggest fan

In the name of love, Kevin Schroeder has become a big star inside Nationwide Arena. And we do mean big. During the 2002-’03 season, the 280-pound airline employee began dancing because his girlfriend wanted to get on the fan-cam that scans the Blue Jackets crowds. He succeeded, not only pleasing his date, but the 17,000 others in attendance. During the player lockout that canceled the 2004-’05 season, Schroeder was transferred to Colorado Springs, Colorado, but contacted the Blue Jackets to offer his jiggly belly as promotional material. The Jackets invited him to last season’s home opener. “I had to outdo myself,” Schroeder says, so in the middle of his return performance, he whipped his shirt off to reveal “Go Jackets” painted on his stomach. He eventually made six more trips to Columbus last season, dancing each time. He even parlayed his act into a television ad for radio station WBWR 105.7 “The Brew” and then ads for the Brew’s sister stations in Wisconsin and Detroit. “There’s even a billboard up of me in Milwaukee,” Schroeder says. “It’s really strange. I feel bad for the people who have to drive by it every day.”

Political one-liner

Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, before defeating state Attorney General Jim Petro in the May primary to become the GOP candidate for governor: “Here’s my message to Bob Paduchik and all the other operatives on the Petro campaign, a bit of cowboy wisdom: If you’re riding a horse and it dies, get off.”

One-liner about Maurice Clarett

As police searched for former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett on New Year’s Day after he fled a Columbus nightclub where he allegedly robbed a couple in a nearby alley, a visitor to the Denver Broncos fan forum wrote, “Oh, now he can run?” The Broncos had drafted Clarett, but released him only months earlier.

Online biography

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Stratton’s online bio includes the following: “Justice Stratton is an avid gardener and a Thai chef, but surely her most interesting accomplishment came in 1972, with her first-place finish in the LeTourneau Stampede Girls Goat Tying Competition—a talent she later put to good use as a trial lawyer.”

Interactive art

One man’s conceptual art is another man’s garbage bin. At Michael Mercil’s For Love or Money exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art, the final gallery of the exhibit featured a sterling silver container. Visitors dropped coins and trash into it.

Free Santa

A resident of north Columbus neighborhood Maize Meadows plays Santa Claus each year. Households schedule an appointment and Santa shows up about a week before Christmas, bearing small gifts for the kids.

Arts investment

There were lots of reasons for the Columbus Museum of Art to be anxious about its Renoir’s Women exhibit that ran from Sept. 23 through Jan. 15. Among other things, it was an expensive venture, and for the first time, the museum charged a separate fee to see such an offering. “We were a little nervous,” admits museum spokeswoman Nancy Colvin. “We had a lot riding on that exhibit.” But the gamble paid off. More than 105,000 visitors saw the famous Impressionist’s works, allowing the museum to finish the year some $20,000 in the black.

Blogs about elephants and donkeys

Want to know how Ohio Democrats think? Visit Want to get inside the head of Republicans? Go to Both websites offer partisan perspective that often is thoughtful and usually informative.


At 35, Heather Pick is a wife, mother of two young children and the morning and noontime anchor for WBNS 10TV. She also has inoperable breast cancer. Pick has faced the devastating disease with grace and courage and raised awareness through public-service announcements, speaking engagements and her role on the board of Young Survival Coalition Ohio, advocates for women under age 40 stricken with breast cancer.

Political upset

Sandra O’Brien, an arch-conservative Republican candidate for Ohio Auditor, accomplished something May 2 that Democrats couldn’t pull off in four state and city elections from 1991 to 2001: In the GOP primary, she defeated former Columbus City Council member and state Lt. Gov. Jennette Bradley, the incumbent Ohio treasurer. O’Brien faces an uphill fight in November against Democratic nominee Rich Cordray—the Franklin County Treasurer—but apparently she doesn’t mind challenges.


The following correction appeared in the Dispatch late last year: “Linda Schellkopf, daughter of the late Hal Schellkopf, lives in Clintonville. Because of a reporter’s error, a story on Page B4 of yesterday’s Metro & State section indicated otherwise.” The obituary that spawned the correction fell under the headline, “Dispatch editor loved accuracy.”

Use of chocolate

Arena Grand Theatre owner Jeff Frank and events coordinator Thad Welch teamed with the North Market’s Pure Imagination Chocolatier to convert the downtown movie house’s lobby into a sweet-tooth’s fantasy for the première of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Some of the props included giant candy bars, a 6-foot chocolate fountain and a number of costumed characters from the film. The effort earned Frank and Welch a marketing award from the Exhibition Film Industry.

Happening weekend

The first weekend in June brought quite an assortment of high-profile entertainment options: The Memorial Tournament in Dublin, the Columbus Arts Festival along the downtown riverfront, the Short North’s popular Gallery Hop (celebrating its 250th event) and the opening of COSI’s Star Wars multimedia exhibit. No one had an excuse to complain about nothing to do.

Bumper sticker most likely to get your lunch money stolen

The “Honk if you love wookiees!” sticker promoting COSI’s Star Wars exhibit.

Way to keep rats out of the Statehouse

A number of feral cats began to live on the Ohio Statehouse grounds last fall and ended up reducing a growing rodent problem. As winter approached, however, seven were captured and relocated for safety reasons. But one remains, a calico not surprisingly called Callie, her diet of vermin being supplemented by food from Statehouse employees.

Bus garage

The vehicle maintenance shop for Columbus Public Schools was recognized as one of the country’s 10 best by the trade publication School Bus Fleet in April. The staff of 38 maintains 543 buses, more than a third of which are nearly 10 years old.

Bloom of a lifetime

Beautiful flowers are hardly unusual occurrences at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Yet, when one plant in particular—the Agave americana, also known as the Century Plant—unfurled its petals this spring, it was a momentous occasion. The plant blossoms only once in its lifetime, and this member of the cactus family can live up to 60 years. The plant’s giant asparaguslike blooming stalk began to shoot up in the fall, and by April it peaked at about 13 feet in a burst of yellow flowers.

Way to anger the spirit of Carrie Nation

Voters approved a liquor option for Michael’s Pizza, overturning Uptown Westerville’s 127-year “dry” history. The first alcoholic beverage sold legally—a bottle of Budweiser—was auctioned off to Westerville jeweler Bill Morgan (left) for $150. “Here’s to a new tradition,” said Miller in a toast before his first gulp. “I’m proud of the traditions of Westerville, but it’s time for a change.”

Celebrity couple

The Fiesta Bowl committee played a cruel joke on Laura Quinn when it pitted Ohio State against Notre Dame in January. Her boyfriend, A.J. Hawk, was the star linebacker for the Buckeyes, while her brother, Brady Quinn, was the talented Irish quarterback. It was a script the national press couldn’t resist, giving the A.J.-Laura-Brady relationship nearly as much publicity as the football game—which OSU won handily. “That day wasn’t any fun for me,” she says now. “When Brady and Notre Dame started scoring, I didn’t want A.J. to be mad. But when Ohio State started coming back, it was emotional, too. That’s my little brother out there. I was just glad when it was over.”

Laura and A.J. first began dating in September, though for months the relationship was kept alive via e-mails and phone calls because Laura—a Dublin native—attended Cal State University in Los Angeles. They were engaged March 3, and nearly two months later Hawk was the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft—taken by the Green Bay Packers. The couple moved to Wisconsin in early June, and they’re set to be married next St. Patrick’s Day.

One man’s opinion: Canaan Faulkner, bass player for the Randys and the Black Swans

Place to contemplate

Faulkner’s favorite relaxation site is the Shrum Mound located in San Margherita’s one-acre Campbell Park across the Scioto River from Marble Cliff. The Ohio Historical Society says the 20-foot-high, 100-foot-diameter mound was probably built some 2,000 years ago by the prehistoric Adenas. Faulkner says he goes there to meditate. “By meditate,” he says, “I mean I go up there and digest chicken tamales and margaritas from the nearby El Vaquero.”

Return of a friendly face

The 8-foot-tall neon Mr. Peanut sign, which has been a downtown landmark for more than a half century, was returned to its glowing glory after several months’ absence while the Peanut Shoppe building at 46 N. High St. was renovated. “While it was down, they discovered that Mr. Peanut’s eye, behind the monocle, was supposed to light up,” says shop owner Mike Stone. “We didn’t even know there was such a thing.”

Hot ticket

Customers at the Clintonville Cup O’ Joe took in some unusual street theater one Sunday in September. Columbus firefighters burned a 105-year-old home at High Street and Tulane Road across the street from the coffee shop for an all-day training exercise.

Bird-watching event

A pair of bald eagles caused a stir among nature-lovers in February when they began revamping an old red-tailed hawk’s nest near the busy intersection of Cleveland Avenue and County Line Road in Westerville, near Alum Creek. The nest, located just north of the Delaware County line, was only a few hundred feet from becoming the first bald eagle nest in Franklin County.

Dead guy

Columbus resident Chuck Lamb posted online pictures of himself in “dead” poses, hoping to find work in movies or television programs as a corpse. He succeeded. His website,, earned him spots on CBS’s “The Early Show” and NBC’s “Today,” and he’s slated to appear in the upcoming movies Stiffs, with Danny Aiello, and Horrorween.



John Champlin knows his espresso. The Columbus Monthly restaurant reviewer makes a mean cup of the stuff himself, so he’s partial to calling his own the best. But since we can’t all meet at his house every morning, we asked for his opinion on the second-best brew in town. His choice? Cafe del Mondo. He says the espresso at the restaurant’s two locations—North Fourth Street and West Fifth Avenue—is “the real deal, from a great-big, high-quality machine.”

No-glitz dinner

There are only a half-dozen tables or so at Dosa Corner, and the food is served on plastic plates. But this Old Henderson Road vegetarian restaurant with a South Indian influence epitomizes the classic hole-in-the-wall ethnic eatery. Make sure to try the dosa—thin, plate-size pancakes made of lentil and rice flours, crackling on the outside and soft and white inside. Eat them with one of the wonderful condiments, such as the coconut milk-based chutney, or fill them with any combination of vegetables and cheeses. Dosa Corner may be the best dinner for two under $20 in the city.


Thom’s on Grandview is the newest venture of Thom Coffman, owner of the Clarmont for the past 10 years. Coffman says when he purchased that historic German Village establishment, “I inherited it. The menu, the site, the staff were all in place. It was always a goal of mine to develop my own concept from scratch.” The new restaurant is more “foodie” he says, with more thought given to “artistic presentation.” There’s also a greater emphasis on seafood. Try the cioppino, an Italian seafood stew crammed with mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari and lobster. And the house salad ranks on a par with the Clarmont’s, which is to say it’s among the best in town.

Adult lollipop

You can make the knife and fork optional when eating the Grilled Lamb Lollipops at the Rossi Bar + Kitchen. Thin lamb chops are covered in a garlic-mustard vinaigrette and grilled. The bones stick out and can be used as handles. A unique—and flavorful—dish.

Home cooking

Barbara Rush of Granville was named America’s Best Home Cook in the heirloom category of a nationwide cooking competition held in Chicago. Her zucchini casserole, made from sliced Roma tomatoes, cubed bread, green peppers and, of course, zucchini, has been a family recipe for three generations.

Spring fling

Rita’s Water Ice, in Gahanna and Upper Arlington, gives patrons free regular servings of its popular Italian ice on the first day of spring. With exotic flavors such as passion fruit, piña colada and citrus blast, as well as standbys lemon, grape and root beer, Rita’s is helping introduce Central Ohioans to a treat that’s been popular on the East Coast for years.

Way to really surprise your Valentine

Looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, but strapped for cash? Try White Castle. The home of the famous (or infamous) onion-smothered Slyder did things up for the occasion this year, decorating with tablecloths and candles and employing waiters and waitresses. There even were Polaroids taken of the special moments. One Reynoldsburg restaurant manager says her store filled its six tables with

one-hour reservations for three hours, and that some patrons even arrived in a limousine. n


Mini burgers

Though tiny burgers have been around Columbus for decades—thanks to White Castle—some fine-dining restaurants are now offering them as appetizers and even entrees.

It seemed only fitting that we included the original Slyder among those being sampled. It didn’t win, but it did tie with the priciest gourmet mini burger in the test.

Rating the highest with our judges was Bon Vie’s Bar Sliders. “Caramelized onions. Nice touch,” reported one taster. Another wrote, “Good beef flavor.” The four burgers from the Easton establishment arrived with fries, or, as the menu states, housemade frites.

Nontraditional Greek salad

The Salmon Greek Salad offered at the Happy Greek may be a bit of an oxymoron, since fish and lettuce aren’t traditional Greek salad fare. Still, patrons of this popular Short North eatery are raving about this dish.



One thing quickly became apparent as the tiramisu taste-test samples arrived. The offerings were quite different. Some appeared to be cakelike, while others had the consistency of mousse. A taster described one entry as “tirami-soup.”

A couple of the tiramisus caused some unpleasant faces, including one shriek of dismay, but most received far more favorable reactions. In fact, the rankings among the favorites were thisclose. Edging out the competition was Trattoria La Tavola’s version.

One tester wrote that it was “fluffy” and had “nice berries.” Another judge reported: “Delicious—exactly what tiramisu should taste like.”

One man’s opinion: John Bessey, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas judge

Dream menu

Who better to venture an opinion than a judge, particularly one who once was a partner in L’Armagnac, the groundbreaking French restaurant that closed after a successful run in the 1970s and ’80s.

We asked Bessey to pick his dream menu from Central Ohio restaurants, with the stipulation that he couldn’t select two dishes from the same establishment. His choices:

Appetizer: Crispy shrimp from Bravo Italian Kitchen (left).

Soup: Cream of carrot from La Chatelaine.

Salad: Warm goat cheese salad from Cameron’s American Bistro.

Entree: Breast of duck with cassis sauce from L’Antibes.

Cheese plate: Curds & Whey in the North Market.

Dessert: A Sachertorte by Ghyslain Chocolatier, purchased at the dessert counter at Weiland’s Gourmet Market.

Heirloom eggs

Whole Foods Market offers 10 to 15 heirloom breeds, all free range and organically grown. Try the Barred Rock, the Speckled Sussex, the Buff Orpington, the Rhode Island Red.

Or the blue-green Ameraucanas and the deep-brown French Marans. Pick up a handful of tiny guinea eggs or a big, rich goose egg. Most of the varieties are three for $1.

Meal on the move

There are plenty of buffet-style restaurants in town, where patrons move past the food. However, Zen, on the ground floor of the Hampton Inn & Suites downtown, has tweaked that concept. Here, the food—sushi and other Japanese fare—moves past patrons on a conveyor that winds around the dining room.

Sunday brunch

Recently, an influential dignitary queried Columbus Monthly reviewer John Marshall for a recommendation on where to take his mother for Sunday brunch—on Mother’s Day. “I sent him up to the Worthington Inn for some of [chef] Tom Smith’s good cooking,” Marshall says. “It’s the perfect place for an elegant Sunday brunch.”

This story appeared in the July 2006 issue of Columbus Monthly.

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'eagl':3277,6109,6168 'earn':514,3147,3881,5293,6204 'easi':3473 'east':1232,6718 'edit':2067 'eleg':7370 'elvi':1580 'emot':1389,5774 'espn':333 'evan':3642 'even':29,522,1650,3370,3821,4560,4590,6046,6773,6804,6839 'exit':1488 'exot':6681 'face':3429,5048,5144,5975,7005 'fact':7019 'fall':226,3117,5412,5574 'fare':6941,7303 'fast':3643 'feel':2420,3199,4605 'feet':5583,6162 'fell':5213 'felt':3210 'fest':2765 'fill':2182,6413,6788 'film':2795,5290,5303 'find':580,2778,2860,6189 'fine':3769,3874,6829 'finn':2844 'fish':3094,3688,3729,6933 'fist':4301 'five':198,954,2059,2569,3207 'fled':4702 'flip':2643 'flop':2644 'food':3767,5449,6233,6342,7197,7279,7298 'fool':990 'foot':2513,3060,5279,5924,5928,5979 'fork':6563 'four':194,1064,2342,2567,3281,3626,5112,6897 'free':555,2208,2988,3111,4846,6666,7206 'frog':4137 'fuel':1763,1817,1824,1837 'game':116,138,199,374,653,810,844,977,2947,4163,5734 'gear':3102 'gift':1511,4270,4387,4876 'ginn':3397 'girl':211,1131,2610,2679,2706,2719,4784 'give':1432,5720,6664 'glad':5786 'glow':6001 'glue':2742,2983 'goal':642,1162,6484 'goat':4785,7152 'golf':212,1559 'good':1202,3889,4794,6893,7359 'goos':7250 'gorg':4296 'gram':3066 'grow':5418 'gulp':5650 'half':1733,5995,6332 'hand':3783,4054,4120,7241 'hang':4059 'hard':3892,5507 'hawk':274,3384,5692,5836,6128 'head':934,5000 'held':3659,6626 'help':2542,6705 'high':217,849,953,1360,1518,2127,2195,2617,5318,5925,6015,6082,6320 'hike':3098,3113,4241,4247 'hold':509,3299 'hole':6364 'holi':3172 'holm':288 'home':391,2494,2957,3039,3179,3290,4040,4516,6080,6604,6615,6744 'honk':5378 'hook':1722 'hope':6187 'hors':4672 'hose':1726 'host':3070 'hour':1739,6795,6799 'hous':2257,5249,6272,6534 'huck':2843 'hyde':3618,3651 'ipod':27,2229,2232 'iraq':1027,2305 'issu':7380 'item':1376 'jame':777 'jeff':5228 'jigg':4503 'jive':677 'john':4287,6235,7062,7326 'join':886,960 'joke':5675 'judg':6877,7049,7070,7081 'juli':7378 'june':1879,2077,5311,5859 'keep':1073,2351,3026,5392 'kept':5805 'king':1296 'know':4988,6047,6237 'kobe':781 'laid':1099,2377 'lamb':6178,6569,6577 'lane':1995 'larg':1526,3610,3692 'last':887,1028,2306,3272,3392,3476,4513,4554,5175,5411 'late':5174,5182 'lawn':1605,1631 'lead':68,429,475,512,940,1155,2017,3526 'leap':154 'leav':628 'left':705,5633,7142 'less':1621 'lewi':156 'life':2939,4254 'like':396,418,494,1034,1441,1538,2312,2739,2941,3200,3255,3440,3927,4037,4294,5370,7057 'line':86,499,3131,6140,6156 'live':4188,5185,5405,5556 'lock':4280 'loft':3159 'logo':2262 'long':1947,2185 'look':728,6728 'loss':470 'love':2667,3685,4015,4419,4818,5219,5381 'maci':3288 'made':1308,1415,1531,2090,2440,4548,6381,6632 'mail':5810 'main':1777 'maiz':4854 'make':57,621,1070,2348,2417,2800,2985,6245,6370,6559 'mall':830,1315,1904,1925,1938 'mani':3545 'mapl':4267 'mari':4406 'mark':389 'meal':7260 'mean':3106,3714,4433,5955,6247 'meet':6269 'mega':1937 'menu':6471,6909,7072,7114 'mere':3280 'mike':454,3359,6041 'milk':6409 'mind':1285,5164 'mine':6486 'mini':1703,6812,6867 'morn':4002,4006,5033,6274 'move':623,5854,7263,7276,7304 'movi':2757,2764,2773,2783,2821,4020,5248,6192,6226 'much':4048,5729 'must':1751 'nail':4132 'name':403,1002,1138,1438,1593,3579,4417,6611 'nash':3470 'nbc4':3918 'ncaa':266 'near':2717,3077,3362,5496,5727,5832,6131,6144 'need':1210,2233 'neon':5981 'nest':6130,6148,6169 'news':1992,3900 'next':1187,2697,5867 'nice':6886,7046 'nick':282 'nine':1885 'nobl':3146,3170 'noon':2993 'note':3756,4062,4315 'noth':5364 'notr':63,82,118,5685,5753 'nudg':3630 'oasi':2863 'ohio':181,228,270,450,630,795,806,1132,1311,1771,1812,1848,1924,3422,3835,4622,4689,4743,4990,5076,5099,5140,5408,5682,5767,5917,7117 'open':1328,4517,5348 'oper':4657 'oven':3840 'pack':2929 'page':5197 'paid':4955 'pair':819,2917,6106 'park':1449,1464,2869,3065,3619,3652,4225,4231,4238,4251,5513,5908 'part':2712,2726,2955 'pass':50,73,107,123,148,558,588,692,2447 'past':3631,3664,6454,7277,7305 'peak':5579 'pick':1273,5022,5046,5841,7111,7238 'pile':626 'pink':2269 'play':735,2146,2557,2575,4856,5672 'plea':7069 'pool':2857 'poor':1287 'pose':6186 'post':6179 'prop':5272 'puck':668 'pull':740,854,3742,5109 'pure':5241 'quit':3311,5313,6974 'race':3912 'rack':2168 'rais':5057 'rang':1016,1046,1094,2294,2324,2372,7207 'rank':6536,7021 'rate':2593,6872 'rave':3193,3814,6951 'real':6312 'rent':1086,1698,1728,2364 'rest':1660 'rice':6385 'rich':1283,5153,7249 'rick':3469 'ride':4670,4948 'ridg':2880 'rita':6655,6702 'road':843,3076,6086,6141,6352 'rock':2924,7214 'role':5068 'roma':6635 'roof':2221 'room':1037,2315,2496,4053,7315 'root':2651,6700 'rose':4240 'rout':804 'rule':105,1969 'rush':3968,6607 'saab':1269 'sack':477 'safe':2140 'said':117,629,825,5642 'sale':1412,1696 'sauc':7166 'scan':4459 'seat':4035 'seem':4337,6842 'sell':1781,1851,2082 'send':4371 'sent':7345 'sept':4905 'serv':1025,1625,2303,6344,6668 'ship':3353 'shoe':2921,3334 'shop':2034,2406,2607,2623,3181,4111,5458,6039,6093 'shot':715,1166,1669 'show':341,897,2814,4004,4033,4867,6212 'sign':314,548,4374,5984 'sinc':185,1280,3933,4000,6264,6932 'site':5894,6473 'size':1717,2497,2528,3030,6379 'slap':751 'slim':511,4259 'slip':3915 'snap':235 'soft':6392 'sold':1377,5619 'soon':957 'soup':6996,7143 'spot':2897,6206 'star':773,4426,5352,5387,5695 'stat':414 'step':4198 'stew':6523 'stir':1896,6112 'stop':1679,3862 'stuf':1409 'suit':2514,2598,7290 'sure':1071,2349,2913,4766,6371 'swab':1266 'swan':5886 'swim':3095 'tabl':906,6334,6791 'taft':3380 'tail':6127 'take':666,2982,3087,3121,4215,4245,7334 'talk':3946,3960,3978 'tall':5980 'task':1635 'tast':6810,6955,6967,7056 'team':213,234,359,466,517,1005,3465,5235 'test':6811,6871,6956,6968 'thad':3514,5233 'thai':4763 'thin':6376,6576 'thom':6437,6446 'time':7,535,1065,1196,1487,2009,2343,2570,2576,3151,3258,3364,3922,4255,4558,4922,5662 'tini':6815,7243 'titl':247,928 'took':800,2725,4325,6062 'tool':269,3010 'toss':2459 'tout':2203,2625 'town':3203,3450,3954,4061,4412,6287,6554,7273 'tree':2907 'trip':4551 'troy':572,3389 'tune':2518 'turn':101,3768 'type':790 'venu':3698,4066 'vest':3499 'vote':3153,3187,3282,3366,3376,3546,3622,3695,3747,3785,3882,4229,4395 'wait':3223 'walk':1905,1931 'wall':2099,6367 'want':1255,2491,2675,4450,4986,4995,5760 'warm':7151 'wash':1207,1215,1279 'wasn':5741 'wast':6,1607,2093 'wbns':3913,5038 'wbwr':4571 'wear':786,2915,3431 'week':1637,1668,4871 'well':1127,1401,2405,2581,6694 'went':758 'west':1478,6307 'whey':7173 'whip':4534 'wide':2452,3190,4273 'wife':3372,4319,5025 'wild':4139,4167 'wind':7311 'wine':1567,4045 'wing':659,4168 'wnci':4009 'wood':1972,2483 'work':1614,4967,6190 'worn':3037 'wtvn':3963,4277 'yank':487 'yard':85,587,599 'year':39,411,888,931,1029,1059,1067,1146,1150,1617,1649,2307,2337,2345,2967,3086,3273,3393,3409,3437,3560,3601,3666,3845,3854,3925,4697,4860,4974,5176,5498,5560,5612,5937,6078,6456,6721,6761 'yuca':2650 '105.7':4572 '1930s':191 '1970s':7104 '250th':5344 'activ':3092 'addit':2552 'adena':5942 'admit':4939 'adorn':2251 'adult':2842,6555 'advoc':5018,5077 'agent':556 'ahead':3230,3916 'alleg':4708 'allen':778 'alley':4715 'allow':1927,4968 'along':2890,3114,5331 'alway':6482 'among':3572,4910,6113,6550,6851,7022 'angel':2224,5825 'anger':5592 'anoth':731,4314,4808,6891,7048 'antib':3798,7169 'anyon':3368 'apiec':3135 'appar':98,3684,5160,6962 'appet':6837,7135 'appli':2150 'april':302,5481,5577 'apron':3033 'archi':3416 'arena':4023,4134,4429,5224 'arriv':1324,3751,6805,6903,6970 'asian':3676 'attir':838 'autom':1238 'avail':2499,2579 'avenu':2193,2250,6137,6309 'avoid':2923 'award':905,5299 'basic':1278 'becam':178,289,6961 'becom':1191,2691,4423,4640,6164 'began':4445,5403,5568,5795,6121 'belli':4504 'bench':530 'bentz':1975 'berri':7047 'besid':997 'black':787,2271,3435,4980,5885 'blast':6692 'blend':1784,1855,1882 'block':1165 'bloom':5500,5566 'board':5071 'boast':1997,2451 'bobbi':276 'bonus':3022 'borax':2744 'bottl':1568,5622 'bradi':5703,5725,5751 'bravo':3776,7139 'bread':6638 'break':2754 'breed':7204 'brien':5091,5143 'bring':42 'broke':574 'brown':7235 'build':2187,2950,6011 'built':5933 'burst':5586 'cabot':3521 'caddi':1569 'calli':5441 'candi':2655,5275 'candl':6766 'canin':1941,2538 'canva':2454 'carom':126 'carri':1524,5596 'cassi':7165 'castl':6742,6826 'catch':52,1748,4161 'cd101':3990 'chain':2018,4115 'chanc':2818,4382 'chang':110,3669,3678,5665 'charg':2553,4925 'charl':3235 'cheap':3646 'check':1386 'chees':6421,7153,7170 'chill':2507 'china':3671,3674 'choic':1239,4342,6289,7134 'choos':1540 'chuck':6177 'claim':244 'claus':4858 'clean':1113,2391 'cliff':5915 'close':424,3911,4108,4228,7097 'cloth':2160 'coach':120,184,632,3490 'coast':6719 'coddl':2589 'coffe':2656,4110,6092 'color':803,2171 'comic':2653 'condo':2604 'corbi':3966,4288 'corps':6198 'could':2446 'coupl':4711,5667,5853,6998 'cours':6643 'court':4745,7066 'cover':2266,6580 'craft':1351,1357,1368,1374 'crate':3304 'crazi':1897 'cream':7144 'creat':1382,2695,2734,2974 'creek':2874,2889,6146 'cross':1318 'crowd':4463 'crown':883 'cruel':5674 'cruis':4362 'cuddl':2573 'danni':6229 'darbi':2878 'death':367 'debut':1312 'decad':6822 'decid':375,662 'decor':6762 'degre':1754 'delux':1299 'depot':1838,2958,3040,3180 'devot':316,2012 'diner':3858,3875 'dirti':1613 'divis':220,860,2430 'doesn':1080,2358,2979,5162 'domin':3805 'doubl':2260 'dozen':6333 'draft':305,331,439,542,4733,5845 'dream':7071,7113 'dress':2176 'drive':4335,4365,4613 'earli':1878,2076,5858,6211 'elect':5116 'eleph':4983 'engag':5065,5828 'engin':1872,2674,2708 'enjoy':1682,3523,4359 'entre':6840,7160 'entri':6992 'envis':2681 'equal':203,3059 'error':5193 'europ':3205 'event':2731,5231,5345,6104 'everi':4616,6273 'exact':7052 'excus':5360 'extra':1545 'facil':1114,2392 'fanci':734 'favor':7016 'feral':5401 'fewer':644 'field':1161 'fifth':355,2192,2249,3085,5839,6308 'fight':5147 'final':919,4829 'first':180,197,299,312,516,893,924,1193,1846,2997,3634,3735,3921,4332,4777,4921,5308,5616,5649,5794,6166,6676 'fitch':2433 'fleet':5479 'flick':713,2806 'fling':6654 'flock':2854 'floor':4099,7285 'flour':6386 'foodi':6499 'forum':4723 'frank':5229,5294 'frite':6912 'fruit':6686 'gambl':4954 'garag':1504,5454 'giant':3276,5274,5564 'given':6505 'glitz':6325 'glori':6002 'go-to':392,1128 'goali':709 'gooni':2798 'grace':5053 'grade':2677,2721 'gramp':3068 'grand':4024,5225 'grant':1474 'grape':6698 'great':1112,1243,2390,3295,3941,4072,4191,6317 'greek':1250,1259,3799,3812,3828,6914,6918,6924,6939 'green':5849,6639,7229 'grill':4169,6568,6588 'gross':2787 'grown':7210 'guard':128,797,1021,2299 'haiku':3700 'handl':2455,6598 'happi':1604,1630,3811,6923 'heavi':2442 'honor':520,1185,3661 'hotel':4208 'hound':1560 'howev':104,3752,5424,7280 'hundr':6161 'indic':5205 'infam':6749 'insid':1119,2397,4427,4998,6395 'invit':4510 'irish':88,5708 'jerom':216 'jerri':3531 'jewel':2285,5630 'joann':4409 'kevin':4420 'kiosk':2041 'kitti':2603 'knife':6561 'knock':1970 'known':5525 'kudla':455,513 'later':546,4791,5835 'laugh':1447 'laura':5677,5724,5791,5815 'leash':1950 'least':1915 'legal':5620 'lemon':6697 'light':6036 'linda':5177 'liner':4621,4680 'littl':1097,1105,1640,2030,2375,2383,2810,4937,5779 'lobbi':5251 'local':3899,4123 'locat':2115,3168,5899,6149,6302 'lover':2888,6116 'lunch':2932,3647,5374 'manag':718,1977,3297,6784 'manda':1254,1270 'maran':7237 'marbl':5914 'march':5829 'marri':4321,5866 'match':239 'matta':3515 'matur':2906 'mayor':3358 'medal':896 'media':320,3898 'medit':5949,5951 'memor':480,1265 'metal':1535,1565 'metro':2868,4250,5202 'middl':3846,4528 'might':446,2489 'minut':647,2060 'mondo':6292 'money':4185,4820,5375 'month':41,3001,3574,3997,4291,4739,5801,5834,6005,6242,7324,7383 'mound':5898,5930 'mount':1476 'mouss':6987 'mulch':1688 'music':2555,3306,3330,3987 'nanci':4942 'nativ':5818 'natur':1678,2887,6115 'neo-v':3761 'newer':1106,2384 'nicer':1098,2376 'night':2504,4076 'north':1233,1523,2620,4145,4155,4851,5238,5337,6151,6303,6948,7176 'notic':958 'occas':5539,6759 'ocean':3732 'octob':1320 'offer':1345,1694,1814,2410,2427,2817,4501,4933,5008,6834,6920,6972,7199 'often':5012 'onion':6751,6885 'onlin':4741,4750,6180 'orang':3032 'organ':2072,2088,4043,7209 'other':4475,6982 'outdo':4521 'owner':1252,1425,1929,1949,5227,6040,6448 'paint':4542 'paper':2444 'peopl':2853,3354,4609 'perch':1554 'petal':5532 'petro':4634,4660 'phone':538,5812 'pitch':978 'pizza':3877,5606 'place':147,894,1893,1920,1980,2068,2246,2605,2661,2948,3088,4213,4778,5887,6479,7367 'plant':5518,5529,5541,5562 'plate':6347,6378,7171 'pleas':4468 'polic':4685 'polit':4618,5087 'pooch':2488 'pound':533,882,891,4307,4442 'powel':1039,2317 'power':1707,1720 'premi':5261 'press':531,5716 'price':1350,1664,2834 'prime':3653 'print':2057 'proud':5653 'prove':3580 'purdu':913 'putti':2738 'pylon':688 'queri':7322 'quick':1213,6960 'quilt':2272 'quinn':5678,5704 'radio':3947,3961,3988,4003,4275,4569 'raini':1901 'randi':5882 'recip':6649 'reduc':5416 'refer':3345 'relax':4091,5893 'reloc':5429 'remov':1608,2465 'renov':6018 'resid':4849,6176 'retir':1911,3937 'rhode':7222 'right':658,988,4203 'rival':3303,3550 'river':3080,5912 'rossi':6573 'round':300 'rover':2505 'ruehl':2412 'salad':6535,6915,6919,6940,7150,7154 'sampl':6854,6969 'santa':4847,4857,4866 'satir':3221 'scoop':92 'score':96,1159,5756 'scout':445 'scrap':1534 'senat':1014 'separ':3786,4927 'seven':5425 'sever':2495,2865,6004 'shadi':2910 'shape':1572 'share':3486,3745 'shine':1537 'shirt':496,1407,2172,2469,4536 'shoot':1045,2323,5570 'shopp':6010 'short':794,1522,4144,4154,5336,6947 'shrum':5897 'shuck':675 'silli':2736 'skate':638 'skill':1075,2353 'skirt':1414,2174 'slate':6220 'slice':6634 'slick':691 'small':3202,4875 'smelt':3817 'smith':72,573,3390,7357 'sooth':2554 'sourc':2159 'south':848,2637,6357 'space':2011 'spawn':5210 'speak':5064 'spell':3577 'spike':1546 'split':285 'sport':48,2102,3953,3977,4157 'staff':2563,2815,5483,6475 'stalk':5567 'start':5755,5769 'stash':24,2226 'state':182,222,229,271,451,631,796,807,862,895,1013,1133,4089,4625,4630,4690,5113,5133,5203,5683,5768,5821,6910 'sterl':4836 'steve':1010 'stick':6591 'stiff':6227 'still':536,1656,3209,3328,3419,3447,4150,6942 'stone':6042 'stool':1557 'store':1304,1327,1352,1369,1434,2161,3175,3263,3269,3284,3293,3307,3333,3335,6787 'stori':5195,7374 'strap':6737 'stuff':2660,6251 'style':7270 'sushi':3681,7299 'sweet':5255 'swill':1552 'swipe':743 'tackl':468,481,576,1632 'taken':784,5846,6776 'tamal':5963 'teddi':3396 'tenni':233,2920 'terra':2613 'thank':6823 'thing':2928,4204,4912,6052,6755,6959 'think':4992 'third':3853,5492 'three':984,1195,2008,3150,3589,3621,3665,3940,4402,6651,6798,7257 'tight':791,822,841 'toast':5646 'today':6216 'tooth':5256 'touch':6887 'trade':5475 'trail':561,639,4242 'train':6099 'trash':2463,4843 'treat':2585,6711 'trial':4798 'truck':1868 'tulan':6085 'tuttl':1303,1317 'tweak':7293 'twice':3507,3543,3637 'twist':1570 'typic':1367 'uniqu':6600 'unusu':5508,6065 'upcom':6225 'uphil':5146 'upper':4119,6662 'upset':5088 'urban':1373 'usual':2517,5016 'vacat':32,2471 'valet':1469 'veget':6419 'video':2946 'visit':1456,1644,2473,4993 'voter':3208,3251,3349,3710,3902,3926,4027,4064,4088,4207,4244,4312,5598 'watch':328,3635,6103 'water':2158,6657 'weird':1396 'welch':5234,5296 'wendi':3648 'white':821,1672,6394,6741,6825 'whole':112,7196 'woman':2281 'women':4900,5079 'worri':1462 'write':4205 'wrote':3253,3836,4016,4077,4310,4724,6892,7039 'young':5029,5073 'zorba':1248,1274 'absenc':6006 'academ':1176 'accord':317,2962,3336,4343 'across':5909,6087 'advanc':263 'aiello':6230 'airlin':4443 'albani':1044,1093,2322,2371,2486 'almost':739,4036,4354 'altern':1816,2121 'anchor':3942,5036 'andrea':3538 'anymor':1913 'appear':5170,6222,6977,7375 'approv':5599 'around':903,4411,6819,7312 'artist':846,1385,6507 'assort':5315 'athlet':3415,4263 'attend':4477,5819 'averag':10 'ballet':636 'ballot':4378 'barrel':3305 'basket':427 'beauti':5504 'behind':670,6030 'bessey':7063,7109 'better':364,1592,7074 'bistro':3672,7159 'brazil':2614 'breast':5044,5085,7161 'bright':1118,2170,2396,3031 'bronco':4721,4731 'brunch':20,7317,7339,7372 'bryant':782 'buckey':66,164,431,457,508,909,3449,5699 'buffet':7269 'bumper':5367 'burger':4302,6813,6816,6868,6898 'cactus':5553 'calico':5437 'canaan':5876 'cancel':4483 'cancer':5045,5086 'candid':4643,5097 'captur':249,5427 'carmel':1477 'carrot':7146 'casual':3644 'celebr':964,5342,5666 'center':281,399,1134,1171,2624,3212,3225 'certif':4388 'chanel':2241,2263 'charli':121,5264 'chemic':2123,2155 'chichi':2236 'chines':3667 'chocol':3869,5223,5267,5280 'chorus':942 'ciraki':853 'citrus':6691 'clinch':597,921 'coalit':5075 'colada':6689 'colleg':2672 'colter':969 'colvin':4943 'combin':526,6417 'common':7068 'commut':1208 'confer':246,435,1157,1182 'confus':1220 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'fertil':2073,2089 'festiv':4100,4104,5330 'fiesta':60,5669 'figlio':3779 'finish':255,349,462,873,3228,3734,4085,4779,4972 'flavor':6602,6682,6895 'flower':4269,5505,5589 'fluffi':1542,7043 'follow':907,1340,1966,4754,5168 'format':3932,3979 'former':3413,4688,5127 'fossil':1762 'foster':131 'fourth':503,3600,3843,6304 'franci':186 'franki':3373,3441 'french':2255,3780,7094,7236 'friend':1759,2826,5974 'frozen':2649 'gadget':2265 'gallon':1800,1889 'ganahl':3568 'garbag':4811 'garden':1725,3224,4760 'garlic':6584 'gather':902 'genuin':2793 'german':4178,6464 'golfer':205 'goodal':4230 'gopher':489 'granul':2120 'ground':5410,7284 'guinea':7244 'hander':989 'happen':5305 'hayden':3115 'health':4252 'hejduk':3442 'hercul':1244 'higher':323 'hilton':4209 'histor':5918,6463 'hitter':991 'honore':1197 'hospit':1448,1458,1479 'imagin':5242 'immedi':2148 'improb':434 'includ':385,689,1240,3093,3160,3216,3588,4752,5273,6847,7006 'incumb':5139 'indian':3072,3838,3839,6358 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Ronin is an attractive neighborhood sushi place, with additional offerings that don’t always satisfy. It is located on a feeder street in the northeast quadrant of the Tuttle Crossing maze. The restaurant is elegantly spare in gray and burgundy, with a nice little bar.

Stick to the sake choices if you want to drink, especially the regular house warm version. A good array of other choices were available, including sparkling sake, which was tinted like pink champagne with 7 percent alcohol and a bit pricy at $12 for an 8.5-ounce bottle.

The complimentary edamame was competent. The Thai chicken lettuce wrap came with huge lettuce leaves to hold the tasty minced chicken. The filling of Thai spring rolls was mostly noodles (and bland), although I liked the accompanying peanut sauce. The shrimp filling in shumai (a Chinese small dumpling) was a bit tired. The miso soup was strong in flavor rather than delicate. But the seaweed salad was quite good.

Ronin’s menu listed plenty of Chinese and Thai dishes. Grilled lime pepper shrimp was tasty, although the seafood should not have been called “jumbo.” They were served with a mixed stir-fry of vegetables in a pool of buttery lime sauce and a scoop of gummy rice. Peanut sauce chicken curry had the mild hunks of chicken with broccoli and pepper in an almost tasteless creamy sauce. General Tso’s was made from small lumps of chicken, not the standard thighs, in a mild sweet and sour sauce with little trace of hot pepper despite the red pepper symbol on the menu.

The dish labeled pad Thai was hardly recognizable as such; the flavors were all wrong, and the dish had a reddish cast that might have been caused by . . . was that ketchup?! Whatever it was, it was the least pleasing pad Thai I’ve been served in Columbus.

On the plus side, my dining companion and I sampled a number of rolls and liked all of them. The seafood was decently fresh and the colors and construction showed thought and care.

The Baja was a California-like roll of spicy tuna, avocado and cilantro topped with a slice of jalapeño and a splash of sriracha. It was quite good. The Big Ronin roll was indeed big. It had tempura shrimp, cucumber and spicy mayo with shrimp, avocado, spicy crab, five sorts of sashimi and more. A satisfying bite. The Dancing roll also was notable, with spicy scallops and cucumber topped with crab meat, spicy mayo and green onion.

The Lollipop was, well, shaped like a lollipop, with a roll of yellowtail, tuna, salmon, crab and avocado wrapped in cucumber and impaled on a stick. The Rainbow was particularly pretty, with five colors of sashimi topping a roll of crab and avocado.

The Snow White offered spicy tuna with cucumber, plus pale white tuna and dots of orange and black fish eggs. Quite nice.

So, avoid the Chinese and Thai offerings and stick to the sushi. If Ronin had done the same, it would have earned a higher rating.


Ronin Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar

6100 Parkcenter Circle, Dublin


Atmosphere: Relaxed, pleasingly spare.

Recommended dishes: Baja roll, Big Ronin roll, Rainbow roll.

Price range: Appetizers $2.95-$8.95; salad and soup $1.75-$6.95; entrees $8.25-$45.95; nigiri, sashimi and rolls $3-$7.95; special rolls $7.95-$13.95; desserts $2.95-$4.95.

Hours: Monday through Thursday 11 am to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday till 11 pm, Sunday till 9:30 pm.

Service: Good enough, and pleasant.

Reservations: Accepted.

Rating: ** 1⁄2

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Tadka Indian Cuisine and Little Palace

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Floorspace, a new studio at 3041 Indianola Ave. that opened its doors Thursday, is celebrating its arrival this weekend.

The mission is simple: “I think local artists in the community are in need of affordable and available space in which to practice and teach their art,” says Floorspace’s Sarah Hixon.

Open houses, complete with artists, musicians and dancers, will be held Friday from 6 to 9 pm and Saturday 1 to 4 pm.

Floorspace provides two studios—900 square feet and 400 square feet—with wall-length mirrors and stereo equipment.

Hixon says the spaces are designed to provide work areas for artists of all types—from dancers to actors to visual artists to creative writers. Others can work on personal projects or even offer classes to students, she says.

“Many of the artists are interested in sharing their passion and knowledge with the general public and will be offering classes for anyone interested in art,” Hixon says. “Floorspace is here to help facilitate the vision and growth of those artists.”

To reserve space, send an e-mail with requested use to

“We had two different dance groups rent space for rehearsal and practice,” Hixon says, “and they seemed to enjoy the space and have already booked for future use.”

Find a calendar of availability and information on rates and hours here.

Contact Jackie Mantey at

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Opera Columbus’s annual ball was held April 25 at the Atrium at Nationwide Plaza with more than 175 guests in attendance. Dinner, dancing and music complemented a silent auction, which included items ranging from jewelry to artwork to OSU football tickets. The event grossed more than $105,000 for Opera Columbus. Tickets were $300 to $750. (Photography by Amy Parrish; photos and IDs courtesy Opera Columbus.)

Originally published in the July 2009 issue of Columbus Monthly.

doc4a8439d6a970d529023759-4e5ff213ee1e09.56086213-doc4a8439d6a970d529023759-6.jpg " " 1 1 " Opera Ball 25: A Columbus Celebration " " " 7 4750 " t " 17943 " Press Southworth III and Joan Southworth. " " " " " " " '25':3A,15 'id':70 '000':55 '105':54 '175':25 '300':61 '750':63 'ami':66 'osu':46 '2009':79 'ball':2A,11 'danc':30 'held':13 'issu':80 'item':39 'juli':78 'rang':40 'april':14 'event':50 'gross':51 'guest':26 'month':83 'music':32 'opera':1A,7,57,72 'photo':68 'plaza':21 'annual':10 'atrium':18 'attend':28 'celebr':6A 'dinner':29 'includ':38 'origin':74 'silent':35 'ticket':48,59 'artwork':44 'auction':36 'footbal':47 'jewelri':42 'parrish':67 'publish':75 'columbus':5A,8,58,73,82 'courtesi':71 'nationwid':20 'complement':33 'photographi':64 147 0 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2009/doc4a8439d6a970d529023759-4e5ff213ee1e09.56086213.xml 1 f " 14260 2013-04-01 10:16:29 2013-03-29 13:19:00 2013-03-29 13:20:51 Soccer is my passion. I’m a very committed and devoted person with everything I do.

Age: 25 Job: Defender, Columbus Crew 

What’s your passion? Soccer is my passion. I’m a very committed and devoted person with everything I do. Being there for my family and friends—that’s the important thing in life.

The gal you’re looking for? She’s athletic and into sports. Driven, hardworking, caring and also family-oriented.

Deal breaker? Complaining about little things that don’t matter in life—someone who can’t see the big picture.

Your bad habit? I think I am a patient guy, but I like to get where I’m going. I need to enjoy the process of getting there instead of rushing.

The thing you love most about yourself? I like making people know I’m there for them, whether family or friends.

I hate when a date… [is filled with] awkward silence. I love when a date… doesn’t hold back and tells me how she really feels. My last girlfriend would say I’m… funny. On the weekend you’ll find me… on the soccer field or out and about in Columbus. My guilty pleasure is… chips. I can’t live without… friends and family.

First kiss? In seventh grade at a middle school dance. To this day I am not very good at making the first move. She just planted one on me.

On your bucket list? Win a championship. Find a wife and start a nice family.

Drink of choice? Either beer or a whiskey and Coke.

What’s the last… Place you went out for dinner? Bravo. Book you read? “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Movie you saw? “Argo.”

What’s your favorite… Place in Columbus? German Village. Music type? Country. TV show? SportsCenter. Vacation spot? Florida Keys. Holiday? Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. I love everything about it.

CM_Singles_04.jpg Soccer is my passion. I’m a very committed and devoted person with everything I do. Eric Gehrig 1352 1352 " Eric Gehrig " " " 4 4826 15 t " 20572 " Photo by Tessa Berg Featured Single: Eric Gehrig | Columbus Monthly " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|showpagetitle=yes|showarticleimage=yes|showbreadcrumb=yes|visibleFields=pagetools,showpagetitle,showarticleimage,showbreadcrumb|type=standard 'm':8A,22B,54,136,163,203 '25':40 'go':137 'll':209 're':82 'tv':324 'age':39 'bad':120 'big':117 'day':247 'gal':80 'get':133,145 'guy':128 'job':41 'key':330 'one':261 'saw':310 'say':201 'see':115 'win':268 'also':95 'argo':311 'back':189 'beer':283 'book':300 'care':93 'chip':226 'coke':288 'crew':44 'danc':244 'date':175,185 'deal':99 'eric':1A,31,35 'feel':196 'fill':177 'find':210,271 'good':252 'hate':172 'hold':188 'kiss':236 'know':161 'last':198,292 'life':78,110 'like':131,158 'list':267 'live':230 'look':83 'love':153,182,339 'make':159,254 'move':257 'movi':308 'need':139 'nice':277 'read':302 'rush':149 'show':325 'spot':328 'tell':191 'type':322 'went':295 'wife':273 'bravo':299 'choic':281 'devot':13A,27B,59 'doesn':186 'drink':279 'enjoy':141 'field':215 'first':235,256 'funni':204 'grade':239 'habit':121 'littl':103 'middl':242 'month':38 'music':321 'paulo':306 'peopl':160 'place':293,316 'plant':260 'singl':34 'sport':90 'start':275 'thing':76,104,151 'think':123 'vacat':327 'would':200 'athlet':87 'bucket':266 'coelho':307 'commit':11A,25B,57 'defend':42 'dinner':298 'driven':91 'either':282 'famili':69,97,168,234,278 'featur':33 'friend':71,170,232 'gehrig':2A,32,36 'german':319 'guilti':223 'import':75 'matter':108 'orient':98 'person':14A,28B,60 'pictur':118 'realli':195 'school':243 'silenc':180 'soccer':3A,17B,49,214 'someon':111 'villag':320 'awkward':179 'breaker':100 'countri':323 'everyth':16A,30B,62,340 'favorit':315,336 'florida':329 'holiday':331,337 'instead':147 'passion':6A,20B,48,52 'patient':127 'pleasur':224 'process':143 'seventh':238 'weekend':207 'whether':167 'whiskey':286 'without':231 'christma':332 'columbus':37,43,221,318 'complain':101 'hardwork':92 'alchemist':304 'family-ori':96 'girlfriend':199 'sportscent':326 'championship':270 1916 8 0 0 " " 0 f " 13585 2011-11-03 10:47:11 2011-11-03 10:47:11 2011-11-03 10:47:11 "


Although butternut squash is available year-round, it seems to be more popular on fall and winter menus, says Martini Modern Italian executive chef Peter Chapman.

The downtown restaurant’s butternut squash tortelloni is made from roasted squash and housemade pasta, he says. Blanched Brussels sprout leaves are added to the creamy dish, adding a kick to each bite, Chapman says. Marcona almonds are sprinkled over the pasta after the entree is ready. And because pasta dishes with a cream sauce are likely to develop a layer of film if it sits for more than a couple of minutes, all pastas at Martini are served from a pan onto a plate before the diner. “Tossing table side stops this problem. Plus, it’s cool. It makes you feel like a rock star,” says Chapman.

The pasta “has a little crunch, so there’s texture. It’s sweet with the squash, the sauce is sour and the nuts are a bit salty. It hits all different parts of your palate,” says Chapman. “It’s like a party in your mouth.”

—Taylor Swope 


Cameron Mitchell Restaurants has acquired the lease for the former Burgundy Room space, 641 N. High St., in the Short North, says vice president of marketing Heather Leonard. While details are in development, Leonard says it will be a new concept for the restaurant group and Columbus. “It’s a great location, and Cameron is always looking for great places,” she says. “We’re very excited.” She adds the restaurant should open by late spring next year.

Another food truck has arrived in town. Tatoheads, owned by Daniel McCarthy, opened in early September. The mobile food truck, which serves soups, sandwiches and “pays homage to the potato,” says McCarthy, isn’t staying in one spot . . . at least for now. To track Tatoheads, visit or

The former McFadden’s space in South Campus Gateway, 1576 N. High St., has reopened as The Pub and Restaurant for football season, says owner Dave Magrogan. In December, the space will close until March or April and reopen as Kildare’s Irish Pub after authentic Irish décor and memorabilia arrive from across the pond, he explains. Menu items (now at the Pub and later at Kildare’s) include traditional favorites such as shepherd’s pie and fish and chips. “I love the market in Columbus,” says Magrogan. “It’s a great restaurant town.” The Pub and Restaurant is open daily from 11:30 am to 2 am.

Ronin Sushi Bar & Modern Asian, 6100 Parkcenter Circle, opened in early August in Dublin, says owner Benson Yu. There are Japanese, Chinese and Thai menu items, plus a full bar, he says. The restaurant, which seats 70, is open Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday till 11 pm and Sunday till 9:30 pm.

Bethel Road might be on its way to becoming a new restaurant row in Columbus. Buckeye Pho Asian Kitchen, 761 Bethel Rd., opened in mid September, says owner Max Tat, and Aoi Blue Bar, 878 Bethel Rd., debuted in mid August, says owner Jae Jung, who also operates San Su Korean BBQ on the same street.

Buckeye Pho Asian Kitchen serves “healthy, Vietnamese cuisine,” says Tat, who used to work for the Hyatt Regency, Spagio and Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. “The Vietnamese concept is growing in Columbus,” he says. While there is no alcohol served at this time, Tat hopes to obtain a license eventually. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Meanwhile, Aoi is divided into restaurant and bar sections. The restaurant side is more upscale, while the bar area features big-screen TVs and a deejay booth, says Jung. The menu includes several sushi options, such as a lollipop roll (sashimi and cucumber), lobster roll and a volcano roll (crab, caviar, asparagus, avocado and cream cheese). Aoi is open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner and closed Sunday.


Here’s some bad news with an upside. Banana Bean Café has closed, says owner and chef Robin Emrick. However, Coyote Jane’s, which Emrick owns, is still open for business in Banana Bean’s former location, 340 Greenlawn Ave. Emrick says she was running both restaurants and needed to make a change. “Coyote Jane’s was a new concept and people really enjoyed it,” she says. “I went with it because it’s new and did really well.”

The menu still will include the eclectic offerings Columbus has come to expect from Emrick, including popular dishes from Banana Bean’s menu. The atmosphere has changed, too, she says, adding the space has been remodeled into a Santa Fe-style décor. “We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure it’s right,” she adds. Coyote Jane’s is open for lunch and dinner daily and brunch on the weekends.

Meet me at: Paul’s Fifth Avenue

Paul Panzera, who started working at a bakery when he was 7 years old, saved $4,500 over eight years and then opened a restaurant in 1966 when he was just a junior in high school. Panzera would work at Paul’s Pantry on Third Avenue in Grandview before and after school with another staff member filling in for him at the breakfast and lunch space.

Now, 45 years later, the name and location may be different, but the goal hasn’t changed: Paul’s Fifth Avenue, 1565 W. Fifth Ave., strives to serve quality food at a reasonable price.

Owning a restaurant is like having a big family, says Panzera. “That’s the way this business goes. You get to know everybody’s personal wants and needs,” he explains, adding he has even driven customers home. “Maybe the cab never came or the weather is bad,” he says. “It’s that type of interaction we have that’s pretty important.”

Chef and catering director Eric Fladen says the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner has something for everyone, and he tries to adapt dishes for dietary needs whenever possible. And if you become a regular, you might even see a dish named after you appear on the menu, which Fladen and Panzera have done to honor loyal customers. 

It has been a rough few years for the restaurant industry, but Panzera remains hopeful. “It’s a matter of managing it through the difficult times and, eventually, things work out,” he says. “They have in the past, and I hope they do in the future.”

—Taylor Swope

MartiniModernItalian-2.jpg " " 1320 1320 " A taste of fall " By Taylor Swope " 7 4774 " t " 19835 " Michael A. 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':320 '':314 '':318 1458 5 1 0 " " 1 f " 13947 2012-05-08 11:01:00 2012-05-08 10:52:00 2012-05-08 11:52:41 HENRY, WHO WORKS PART TIME for a local nonprofit and just started nursing school full time, says a close friend from work nominated her for this feature. “Anything she can do to find me someone to date is her life goal,” she says, laughing. But if her friend hadn’t nominated her, Henry seems to think her mother might have done so instead. In fact, when last year’s singles issue was published, “My mom called me and said, ‘I found your husband in Columbus Monthly!’ ” Perhaps Mom will say the same thing this year, too.

AGE: 27    •    NEIGHBORHOOD: Arena District

Community educator, Lifeline of Ohio; nursing student

Erin Henry
HENRY, WHO WORKS PART TIME for a local nonprofit and just started nursing school full time, says a close friend from work nominated her for this feature. “Anything she can do to find me someone to date is her life goal,” she says, laughing. But if her friend hadn’t nominated her, Henry seems to think her mother might have done so instead. In fact, when last year’s singles issue was published, “My mom called me and said, ‘I found your husband in Columbus Monthly!’ ” Perhaps Mom will say the same thing this year, too.


My family. Not one day goes by that I am not thankful for having such an amazing family. I think I can get through anything having the support of my parents and brother . . . and my dog, Reilly.


Little Women.


Empire Records. It’s very dry and sarcastic, and that’s why I love it. And I watch really shameful TV. I love the Real Housewives . . . all of them.


A little bit of country, Kelly Clarkson and Notorious B.I.G.


I go with my family on cruises every year. It’s nice because there’s something for all of us to do. Everyone is happy and relaxed. I like to cruise.


My friends are late. My girlfriends show up literally 35 minutes late to everything.


So many times guys ask girls out via text. It seems so impersonal. It’s fine once you know one another well, but in the beginning guys should go back to basics. Pick up the phone! I am always very impressed when a guy calls.


I always ask if they are an organ donor. I am very passionate about the organization I work for and want to know if the person is a donor. I couldn’t date someone who isn’t an organ donor or not willing to consider it.


Someone who makes me laugh, someone who is honest, someone who has goals for themselves, someone who loves their family.


Hang out with my friends and a bottle of wine, or as many as you need.


I’m very independent. I like being able to have my own schedule.


Not being able to share big events with someone, like weddings.


I’ve been told I’m the life of the party. I think that’s a good thing.


For my 25th birthday, I was in Vegas with a friend. The day we landed, we went skydiving. It’s hard to describe that feeling. It’s really cool. 

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" HENRY, WHO WORKS PART TIME for a local nonprofit and just started nursing school full time, says a close friend from work nominated her for this feature. “Anything she can do to find me someone to date is her life goal,” she says, laughing. But if her friend hadn’t nominated her, Henry seems to think her mother might have done so instead. In fact, when last year’s singles issue was published, “My mom called me and said, ‘I found your husband in Columbus Monthly!’ ” Perhaps Mom will say the same thing this year, too. Erin Henry 1352 1352 " Erin Henry " " " 4 4804 " t " 20219 " " Erin Henry - Columbus Monthly's Single in the City " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard 'd':400 'm':581,631,674 '27':205 '35':459 'go':416,500 'tv':385 'us':434,725 've':670,692 'abl':637,652 'age':204 'ask':476,532 'big':655 'bit':404 'day':322,707 'dog':353 'dri':370 'get':340,447 'goe':323 'guy':475,498,515 'isn':565,644 'mom':77A,90A,172B,185B,290,303 'new':529 'one':321,491 'say':19A,45A,92A,114B,140B,187B,232,258,305,666 'via':479 'wed':660 '25th':697 'amaz':334 'back':501 'best':663 'call':78A,173B,291,516 'citi':203,742 'cool':723 'date':39A,134B,252,467,562 'deal':606 'done':63A,158B,276,694 'educ':210 'erin':1A,193,195 'ever':693 'fact':67A,162B,280 'feel':719 'find':35A,130B,248,401 'fine':487 'full':17A,112B,230 'girl':477 'goal':43A,138B,256,596 'good':685 'hadn':51A,146B,264 'hang':609 'hard':715 'ipod':398 'issu':73A,168B,286 'join':724 'know':490,523,552 'land':709 'last':69A,164B,282 'late':453,461 'life':42A,137B,255,676 'like':443,635,659 'look':582 'love':356,362,378,387,601,627 'make':586 'mani':473,621 'meet':527 'need':624 'nice':426 'nurs':15A,110B,214,228 'ohio':213 'part':6A,101B,219 'pick':504 'read':358 'real':389 'said':81A,176B,294 'seem':56A,151B,269,482 'show':456 'text':480 'time':7A,18A,102B,113B,220,231,474 'told':672 'type':577 'vega':702 'want':521,550 'well':493 'went':711 'will':572 'wine':618 'work':5A,24A,100B,119B,218,237,547 'year':70A,97A,165B,192B,283,310,423 'alway':510,531 'annoy':448 'anoth':492 'anyth':30A,125B,243,342 'arena':207 'b.i.g':411 'basic':503 'begin':497 'bottl':616 'click':733 'close':21A,116B,234 'cruis':421,445 'donor':538,558,569 'empir':365 'event':656 'everi':422 'first':518,526 'found':83A,178B,296 'great':646 'happi':439 'henri':2A,3A,55A,98B,150B,194,196,216,268 'kelli':407 'laugh':46A,141B,259,588 'liter':458 'littl':359,403 'local':10A,105B,223 'might':61A,156B,274 'minut':460 'month':88A,183B,198,301,728 'nomin':25A,53A,120B,148B,238,266 'organ':537,545,568 'parti':679,732 'phone':507 'relax':441 'shame':384 'share':654 'singl':72A,167B,200,285,629,649,731,739 'start':14A,109B,227 'stole':396 'thank':329 'thing':95A,190B,308,519,686,690 'think':58A,153B,271,337,681 'vacat':414 'watch':364,382 'women':360 'world':471 'would':665 'annual':730 'consid':574 'couldn':560 'famili':319,335,419,603 'featur':29A,124B,242 'friend':22A,50A,117B,145B,235,263,451,613,664,705 'honest':592 'housew':390 'import':315 'inform':737 'modern':470 'mother':60A,155B,273 'notori':410 'parent':348 'perhap':89A,184B,302 'person':555,579 'realli':383,722 'record':366 'reilli':354 'school':16A,111B,229 'skydiv':712 'someon':37A,132B,250,528,563,584,589,593,599,658 'someth':430 'breakup':608 'brother':350 'countri':406 'describ':717 'everyon':437 'everyth':463 'favorit':413 'husband':85A,180B,298 'impress':512 'instead':65A,160B,278 'lifelin':211 'passion':542 'publish':75A,170B,288 'sarcast':372 'schedul':642 'spontan':689 'student':215 'support':345 'thought':465 'birthday':698 'clarkson':408 'columbus':87A,182B,197,300,727 'district':208 'imperson':484 'independ':633 'communiti':209 'nonprofit':11A,106B,224 'girlfriend':455 'neighborhood':206 1244 3 0 0 " " 1 f " 14459 2013-07-25 14:27:00 2013-07-25 14:27:00 2013-07-25 14:27:24 Situated on the southeastern edge of Downtown Columbus is a treasure bursting with history, turn-of-the-century architecture and a community looking to embrace its storied past.

Situated on the southeastern edge of Downtown Columbus is a treasure bursting with history, turn-of-the-century architecture and a community looking to embrace its storied past.

Old Oaks, covering barely one square mile, is a neighborhood of fewer than 500 houses. It’s dwarfed by its larger and more heavily traveled neighbors, Interstate 70 and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. But look closely and you will find—as its residents have—that Old Oaks is truly one of Columbus’ hidden gems and one that continues to be discovered.

Old Oaks took off at the same time Columbus’ streetcars went electric near the end of the 19th century, providing easy access to Downtown. One of the first landmark buildings in the area was St. John’s Catholic Parsonage and School, dedicated in 1899, now Holy Rosary St. John the Evangelist Church.

Old Oaks resident and historian Doug Motz says the community’s early years were a thriving time.

“If you were doing well in the 1890s, you were living in the south end of Columbus,” Motz says. Motz and partner Todd Popp moved to Old Oaks 15 years ago, but it wasn’t where they expected to take up roots. Originally they had their sights set on Westgate. Their real estate agent suggested taking a peek at a house in Old Oaks.

Motz says they immediately fell in love with the property, which boasts four fireplaces.

When they moved in, Motz acknowledges the area was struggling with issues like drug houses and prostitution. Over time, though, the problems have receded. Residents formed a neighborhood block watch and are active in the Old Oaks Civic Association. More recently, the neighborhood has become part of the city’s Vacant Properties Rehabilitation Program, which gives incentives to homeowners and rental property owners to redevelop in a struggling area.

During summer, residents are invited to Wednesdays on the Porch, a get-together that moves to a different resident’s porch each week.

“It’s a good time for us to catch up and it’s a really fun social event,” Motz says. “The weather’s nice and we can just be with our neighbors. It’s something we really enjoy.”

The large porches prevalent throughout Old Oaks are ideal for hosting such gatherings and are typical of turn-of-the-century architectural designs, including American Foursquare, Modified Queen Anne and Colonial Revival.

Clarence Hicks Jr. purchased a house—originally owned by his grandparents—in Old Oaks in 2005.

“When I was young, we visited for holidays and my grandmother sang at St. John’s church,” Hicks says. “I’m proud that I am able to bring back the house, and now we have holidays at my house.”

Hicks put in a new kitchen, transformed the attic into a bedroom and living area and made some changes to the first-floor layout. Throughout the process, Hicks tried to keep the history of the 1900 home intact.

In addition to being rich in architectural style, Old Oaks was home to several notable Central Ohioans, Motz says, including Jack Nicklaus, Ohio State All-American football player Chic Harley, former 10TV anchorwoman Angela Pace, Irving Schottenstein and William R. Gault, former president of The Columbus Stock Yards.

 “Everywhere you turn, there’s historical significance,” Motz says.

_MG_5090.jpg Situated on the southeastern edge of Downtown Columbus is a treasure bursting with history, turn-of-the-century architecture and a community looking to embrace its storied past. " 1352 1352 " Old Oaks Reborn " By Jeff Thitoff " 4 4831 " t " 20798 " PHotos by Ryan M.L. Young Old Oaks Reborn " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|showpagetitle=yes|showarticleimage=yes|showbreadcrumb=yes|template=article.tpl|type=standard 'm':505 'r':603 '15':255 '70':124 'jr':471 'st':192,205,498 'us':404 '500':110 'abl':510 'ago':257 'ann':465 'edg':8A,37B,72 'end':172,241 'fun':413 'gem':150 'get':386 'irv':599 'new':528 'oak':2A,66,98,143,159,211,254,290,341,442,482,572 'old':1A,65,97,142,158,210,253,289,340,441,481,571 'one':101,146,152,182 'own':476 'put':525 'say':217,245,292,417,503,581,620 'set':274 'tri':553 '10tv':595 '1899':201 '1900':560 '19th':175 '2005':484 'area':190,312,373,538 'back':513 'bare':100 'chic':592 'citi':353 'doug':215 'drug':318 'easi':178 'fell':295 'find':136 'form':330 'four':303 'give':360 'good':401 'hick':470,502,524,552 'holi':203 'home':561,574 'host':446 'hous':111,287,319,474,515,523 'issu':316 'jack':583 'jeff':63 'john':193,206,499 'keep':555 'larg':437 'like':317 'live':237,537 'look':27A,56B,91,131 'love':297 'made':540 'mile':103 'motz':216,244,246,291,309,416,580,619 'move':251,307,389 'near':170 'nice':421 'ohio':585 'pace':598 'part':350 'past':32A,61B,96 'peek':284 'popp':250 'real':278 'rich':567 'root':268 'sang':496 'take':266,282 'time':165,226,323,402 'todd':249 'took':160 'turn':19A,48B,83,454,614 'wasn':260 'week':397 'well':231 'went':168 'yard':611 'year':222,256 '1890s':234 'activ':337 'addit':564 'agent':280 'attic':532 'becom':349 'block':333 'boast':302 'bring':512 'build':187 'burst':15A,44B,79 'catch':406 'chang':542 'civic':342 'close':132 'cover':99 'dedic':199 'dwarf':114 'earli':221 'enjoy':435 'estat':279 'event':415 'fewer':108 'first':185,546 'floor':547 'gault':604 'ideal':444 'invit':378 'owner':367 'porch':383,395,438 'proud':506 'queen':464 'reced':328 'resid':139,212,329,376,393 'reviv':468 'sever':576 'sight':273 'south':240 'squar':102 'state':586 'stock':610 'stori':31A,60B,95 'style':570 'truli':145 'typic':451 'visit':490 'watch':334 'young':488 'access':179 'angela':597 'associ':343 'cathol':195 'church':209,501 'coloni':467 'design':459 'differ':392 'discov':157 'electr':169 'embrac':29A,58B,93 'expect':264 'former':594,605 'gather':448 'harley':593 'hidden':149 'histor':617 'hospit':129 'immedi':294 'incent':361 'includ':460,582 'intact':562 'larger':117 'layout':548 'modifi':463 'notabl':577 'ohioan':579 'origin':269,475 'player':591 'presid':606 'preval':439 'provid':177 'realli':412,434 'reborn':3A,67 'recent':345 'rental':365 'rosari':204 'school':198 'situat':4A,33B,68 'social':414 'someth':432 'summer':375 'though':324 'thrive':225 'togeth':387 'travel':121 'vacant':355 'bedroom':535 'central':578 'centuri':22A,51B,86,176,457 'clarenc':469 'continu':154 'footbal':590 'heavili':120 'histori':17A,46B,81,557 'holiday':492,520 'homeown':363 'interst':123 'kitchen':529 'partner':248 'problem':326 'process':551 'program':358 'purchas':472 'struggl':314,372 'suggest':281 'thitoff':64 'treasur':14A,43B,78 'weather':419 'westgat':276 'william':602 'american':461,589 'children':127 'columbus':11A,40B,75,148,166,243,609 'downtown':10A,39B,74,181 'fireplac':304 'grandpar':479 'landmark':186 'neighbor':122,429 'nicklaus':584 'parsonag':196 'properti':300,356,366 'signific':618 'communiti':26A,55B,90,219 'everywher':612 'foursquar':462 'grandmoth':495 'historian':214 'nationwid':126 'prostitut':321 'redevelop':369 'rehabilit':357 'streetcar':167 'transform':530 'wednesday':380 'acknowledg':310 'evangelist':208 'get-togeth':385 'throughout':440,549 'anchorwoman':596 'architectur':23A,52B,87,458,569 'first-floor':545 'all-american':587 'neighborhood':106,332,347 'southeastern':7A,36B,71 'schottenstein':600 'turn-of-the-centuri':18A,47B,82,453 5946 4 1 0 " " 0 f " 13447 2011-10-24 14:57:24 2011-10-24 15:57:19 2011-10-24 15:57:19 "
"Move your . . . bananas.”

Those magic words have made my summer. Who knows where they will lead.

As the beginning of summer came rolling in—accompanied by my annual urge to consume a healthful diet—I began to buy more fruits and veggies at the grocery store. After my initial watermelon craze, followed by quarts of strawberries, I settled into my weekly bunch of bananas.

Which is when she came into my life.

Using the automated self-checkout machine with the guidance from a disembodied female voice, I’ve sometimes thought of rude or amusing responses. But one day I happened to leave my bananas as the last item to be checked out. And I heard the voice say, “Move your . . . bananas to the bag.”

Now, for some reason, as I was riding my bicycle home down Grandview Avenue with groceries in my backpack and a plastic bag, it struck me as extremely funny what she said and how she said it. It was two things, specifically: the word “bananas” and the pause between “move your” and “bananas.”

I still was cracking up when I got home and began to unload groceries in my kitchen. In fact, I added a rhythm and started to dance from the fridge to the cabinets, putting away foodstuffs and grooving to “move your . . . bananas.”

That was the beginning. Now, it is an obsession.

Because, strange as it sounds, I believe my checkout-lady voice likes me. It’s the seductive way she puts that pause in her phrase as she orders me to move my bananas. No other fruit, food or household good spoken by her has this effect. Apples? Nope. Cabbage? No way. Wheat Thins? Nada. Leaf bags? Hardly.

Bananas, though, are different. It’s that pause and, well, once I swear she cleared her throat. Which I took as flirtatious shyness. So, I hear her bananas phrase and I go wild. It could be the most dramatic pause in the history of man-machine romance—worthy of Shakespeare or maybe Danielle Steele.

I have eaten many bananas this summer. And my love for the disembodied female checkout voice only grows, although I realize the real lady behind that soft sound of efficiency and clarity might prove hard to find. (Don’t deny my dream by trying to convince me the voice has something to do with animated intelligence, OK?)

Now, I think it’s time to take our relationship to the next level. But I need a sign first. After much thought, I have figured out a plan to see if she really likes me—or if she just tells all the guys to move . . . their bananas the same way she tells me.

I’m going to buy just one banana on my next shopping trip. It would blow my mind if she says, “move your . . . banana.” That would mean she recognizes that I’m not like the rest of mankind, buying by the bunch.

And if that’s the case, then I can say with confidence this is not . . . a summertime thing.

I just hope she doesn’t want me for my money.

" " " 1320 1320 " A voice as lovely as a machine " John Petric " 7 2034 " t " 19685 " " " " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard 'm':464,494 'ad':208 'go':328,465 'ok':408 've':98 'bag':134,157,295 'buy':47,467,501 'day':108 'got':195 'guy':452 'man':342 'one':107,469 'put':221,259 'say':128,483,514 'see':439 'tri':395 'two':174 'urg':38 'use':82 'way':257,290,459 'amus':104 'anim':406 'appl':286 'away':222 'blow':478 'came':31,78 'case':510 'danc':214 'deni':391 'diet':43 'fact':206 'find':388 'food':276 'good':279 'grow':369 'hard':296,386 'hear':322 'home':145,196 'hope':525 'item':118 'john':8 'know':21 'ladi':249,375 'last':117 'lead':25 'leaf':294 'leav':112 'life':81 'like':251,443,496 'love':4A,361 'made':17 'mani':355 'mayb':349 'mean':489 'mind':480 'move':10,129,184,227,270,454,484 'much':430 'nada':293 'need':425 'next':421,473 'nope':287 'paus':182,261,304,336 'plan':437 'real':374 'rest':498 'ride':142 'roll':32 'rude':102 'said':166,170 'self':86 'shop':474 'sign':427 'soft':378 'take':416 'tell':449,461 'thin':292 'time':414 'took':316 'trip':475 'voic':2A,96,127,250,367,400 'want':529 'week':70 'well':306 'wild':329 'word':15,178 'autom':84 'avenu':148 'began':45,198 'begin':28,233 'bunch':71,504 'check':121 'clear':311 'could':331 'crack':191 'craze':60 'doesn':527 'dream':393 'eaten':354 'femal':95,365 'figur':434 'first':428 'fridg':217 'fruit':49,275 'funni':163 'groov':225 'heard':125 'initi':58 'level':422 'magic':14 'might':384 'money':533 'order':267 'prove':385 'quart':63 'settl':67 'sound':243,379 'start':212 'steel':351 'still':189 'store':55 'swear':309 'thing':175,522 'think':411 'veggi':51 'wheat':291 'would':477,488 'annual':37 'banana':12,73,114,131,179,187,229,272,297,324,356,456,470,486 'behind':376 'believ':245 'bicycl':144 'cabbag':288 'confid':516 'consum':40 'differ':300 'dramat':335 'effect':285 'effici':381 'extrem':162 'follow':61 'happen':110 'health':42 'machin':7A,88,343 'obsess':238 'petric':9 'phrase':264,325 'realiz':372 'realli':442 'reason':138 'recogn':491 'rhythm':210 'romanc':344 'seduct':256 'someth':402 'specif':176 'spoken':280 'strang':240 'struck':159 'summer':19,30,358 'though':298 'throat':313 'unload':200 'worthi':345 'cabinet':220 'clariti':383 'convinc':397 'daniell':350 'groceri':54,150,201 'guidanc':91 'histori':339 'kitchen':204 'mankind':500 'plastic':156 'respons':105 'shyness':319 'sometim':99 'thought':100,431 'although':370 'backpack':153 'checkout':87,248,366 'flirtati':318 'intellig':407 'accompani':34 'disembodi':94,364 'foodstuff':223 'grandview':147 'household':278 'summertim':521 'man-machin':341 'shakespear':347 'strawberri':65 'watermelon':59 'relationship':418 'checkout-ladi':247 'self-checkout':85 636 5 0 0 " " 0 f " 11104 2009-11-10 00:00:00 2009-11-10 00:00:00 2009-11-10 00:00:00 Meet one of six sartorial splendors featured in Columbus Monthly’s September fall fashion guide.




classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D" id=ieooui>

Elisia Newsom

Recruiting coordinator, Abercrombie & Fitch

Age: 31

Ever won an award for your fashion before: I was voted best dressed in high school.

Describe your style: I strive for my style to be sophisticated and modern. I’m a collector and definitely mix high and low. I’m all for buying a big-ticket handbag, but then carrying it to the grocery store with my jeans on.

Worst fashion trend today: The trendy, ultra-short dresses that look like a long top are a little daunting. I’m 5 foot 9, so that’s just not happening for me.

Biggest fashion faux pas you think people make: The worst is the extremes. Either too much of everything (excess makeup and big hair, tanning, accessories), or just not caring at all how you present yourself. How you look does not need to consume all of your time, but at least put a little thought into it.

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve ever made: I’m sure there’s some serious ones I’ve made—Dr. Martens sandals, for example—but I have no regrets.

Opinions on the Columbus fashion scene: Underrated, for sure. There are some very well-dressed people in this city. I just moved here two years ago (from Seattle) and, initially, I was not sure what to expect. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Favorite designers: Tom Ford for always delivering sexy and sophisticated. Marc Jacobs for being quirky and original. Marcus Wainwright and David Neville for rag & bone—always beautifully constructed pieces. Phillip Lim. And Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock for Vena Cava.

Favorite fall fashion trend: I’m always loving accessories, so I’m excited that the waist-cinching belts are still in. I’ll definitely pick up a few blazers for fall and a pair of the boyfriend-fit jeans. The deep purple/plum trend is one I’m obsessed with, so I’ll try and scoop up some key pieces in that color.

Most embarrassing item in your closet: Probably my cat. She sleeps in there all the time. A close second is a short sequin mini that is dubbed the Vegas Skirt, and it has only been worn there.

When do you feel you look your best: I love getting dressed up for a night out. Putting on something that is out of the day-to-day normal uniform is exciting and it builds anticipation for a fun night out.

Any fashion advice for our readers: You have to figure out what your style identity is and then protect it through every wardrobe choice you make. Fit is everything—it doesn’t matter if an item is $10 or $10,000, if it doesn’t fit well, don’t bother.

doc4af9cfceaedbd102566682-4e5ff2161ad5e1.72179527-doc4af9cfceaedbd102566682.jpg Meet one of six sartorial splendors featured in Columbus Monthly’s September fall fashion guide. " 1 1 " Sharp dressers: Elisia Newsom " " " 7 4751 " t " 18103 " Dress by Zoa. Belt by BCBG. Shoes by Jimmy Choo. Bracelet from Fred Segal. " " " " " " " '0':40 '5':153 '9':38,155 'm':100,110,152,229,337,343,380 '10':60,512,514 '31':69 'dr':239 'id':54 'll':355,385 've':225,237,288 '000':515 'age':68 'ago':275 'big':116,185 'buy':113 'cat':404 'day':459,461 'dub':422 'fit':371,501,520 'fun':472 'get':443 'gte':36,58 'key':391 'lim':322 'low':108 'mix':105 'mso':37,44,59 'one':6A,21B,235,378 'pas':167,223 'put':214,450 'rag':315 'six':8A,23B 'tan':187 'tom':294 'top':146 'tri':386 'two':273 'won':71 '42d2':51 'belt':350 'best':81,440 'bf39':52 'bone':316 'ca0e':50 'care':192 'cava':331 'citi':268 'deep':374 'ever':70,226 'fall':17A,32B,333,363 'faux':166,222 'feel':436 'foot':154 'ford':295 'guid':19A,34B 'hair':186 'high':84,106 'item':398,510 'jean':129,372 'like':143 'lisa':327 'long':145 'look':142,201,438 'love':339,442 'made':227,238 'make':171,500 'marc':302 'meet':5A,20B 'mini':419 'move':271 'much':179 'need':204 'pair':366 'pick':357 'piec':320,392 'sexi':299 'sure':230,257,283 'time':210,411 'vega':424 'vena':330 'vote':80 'well':263,521 'worn':431 'year':274 'advic':477 'alway':297,317,338 'award':73 'buhai':325 'build':468 'carri':121 'choic':498 'cinch':349 'close':413 'clsid':47 'color':395 'daunt':150 'david':312 'deliv':298 'doesn':505,518 'dress':82,140,264,444 'endif':42,56,61 'everi':496 'excit':344,465 'figur':484 'fitch':67 'ident':489 'initi':279 'jacob':303 'least':213 'littl':149,216 'night':448,473 'peopl':170,265 'scene':254 'scoop':388 'sharp':1A 'short':139,417 'skirt':425 'sleep':406 'sophi':324 'still':352 'store':126 'style':88,93,488 'think':169 'today':134 'trend':133,335,376 'ultra':138 'waist':348 'worst':131,173,220 'beauti':318 'blazer':361 'bother':524 'closet':401 'consum':206 'design':293 'either':177 'elisia':3A,62 'exampl':243 'excess':182 'expect':286 'extrem':176 'featur':11A,26B 'happen':161 'ieooui':55 'makeup':183 'marcus':309 'marten':240 'matter':507 'mayock':328 'modern':98 'nevill':313 'newsom':4A,63 'normal':39,462 'object':45 'obsess':381 'origin':308 'quirki':306 'reader':480 'regret':248 'sandal':241 'school':85 'seattl':277 'second':414 'sequin':418 'someth':452 'strive':90 'ticket':117 'trendi':136 'underr':255 'anticip':469 'biggest':164 'classid':46 'coordin':65 'definit':104,356 'describ':86 'dresser':2A 'everyth':181,503 'fashion':18A,33B,76,132,165,221,253,334,476 'favorit':292,332 'groceri':125 'handbag':118 'opinion':249 'phillip':321 'present':197 'probabl':402 'protect':493 'recruit':64 'sartori':9A,24B 'septemb':16A,31B 'serious':234 'sophist':96,301 'surpris':291 'thought':217 'uniform':463 'wardrob':497 '38481807':48 'columbus':13A,28B,252 'pleasant':290 'splendor':10A,25B 'accessori':188,340 'boyfriend':370 'collector':102 'construct':319 'embarrass':397 'monthlyâ':14A,29B 'abercrombi':66 'big-ticket':115 'day-to-day':458 'wainwright':310 'well-dress':262 'purple/plum':375 'ultra-short':137 'waist-cinch':347 'b33af135cc4d':53 'boyfriend-fit':369 'microsoftinternetexplorer4':41 'ca0e-42d2-bf39-b33af135cc4d':49 211 0 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2009/doc4af9cfceaedbd102566682-4e5ff2161ad5e1.72179527.xml 0 f " 13962 2012-05-18 13:19:00 2012-05-18 13:19:00 2012-05-18 13:22:10 The Ohio Star Ball, held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center each November, is recognized as one of the largest ballroom competitions in the world. Anastasia has competed three times in Latin ballroom—the cha-cha, samba, rumba, paso doble and jive.

From Russia to the ballroom

You get 90 seconds. That’s it. An excruciatingly brief slice of time to showcase months of hard work, with 11 other couples snapping, slinking, shimmying and swiveling hips on the same dance floor as you execute your best cha-cha. Switch to the samba and repeat.

The Ohio Star Ball, held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center each November, is recognized as one of the largest ballroom competitions in the world. Anastasia Maria Gordeeva, 19, has competed three times in Latin ballroom—the cha-cha, samba, rumba, paso doble and jive. Although the Reynoldsburg High School senior has yet to win or place, she relishes the experience.

Anastasia Maria Gordeeva“You grow and learn from competition,” says Gordeeva, who has placed first in smaller contests. “The whole week before, you go through the routines in your head. It’s about muscle memory. The judges just stare with their clipboards. You have to smile, not be tense, not bump into anyone.”

Gordeeva discovered dance relatively late, at 13. Her mom, Olga, says it was all about the dress. “Anastasia saw a red dress I had designed and her eyes got large like saucers,” the professional seamstress and costume designer remembers. Gordeeva’s coach and mentor, four-time U.S. national ballroom champion Bill Sparks, claims it began when she watched a young friend dance at the studio: “Anastasia was a bit tomboyish and thought it was not her thing, but her ability was apparent from the start.”

The 4.0 valedictorian, who moved here from St. Petersburg, Russia, with her mom and brother in 1999, checks in at her high school campus for orchestra practice—she’s a violinist. Then she travels to OSU for macroeconomics, political science and the like; she’s amassed 35 college credit hours.

She also works two jobs. At Panera Bread, she’s behind the counter serving up lattes and smoothies. At the Youth Ballroom Dancesport Academy, where she trains with Sparks, Gordeeva instructs youngsters in the finer points of ballroom dance: rhythm, foot placement and attitude.

“Make sure you get that full range of motion,” she implores. Three small girls and a boy face the mirror, hands on hips, right feet perfectly pointed. The little blonde in the sparkly silver skirt briefly slumps. “Stay tall!” Gordeeva says firmly, then, smiling, continues. “Two, three, four and one, cha-cha-cha!”

Gordeeva readied six pairs, ages 6 to 13, for the Arnold Youth DanceSport Classic, held in early March. “Most got first place!” she exclaims, beaming. “But the preparations were grueling.” At the same time, the three-time Arnold Classic dance competitor and her partner, Duy Phan, were polishing their own routines. For the competition, Gordeeva went heavy on the tanning mousse and slipped into a sizzling black and silver sequined dress designed by her mom.

Her plans to study international business at OSU in the fall have been shelved for a teaching and training opportunity at a large dance studio in Wisconsin. “Going professional opens many doors in dance,” Gordeeva says.

With this job, explains Sparks, “She gains business skills, improves as a teacher and, most importantly, as a competitor.”

He smiles, blue eyes twinkling. “She could be a champion.”

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On Oct. 9, Columbus’s own Wil Haygood will take the stage at the Lincoln Theatre to read from his new book, Sweet Thunder: The Life and Times of Sugar Ray Robinson. It’s his fifth book and, in many ways, his most ambitious. A staff writer for the Washington Post, the award-winning journalist truly has gone far since growing up on North Fifth Street. Now 55, Haygood is lanky and trim with an easy smile, a relaxed manner and a stutter that never has completely left him. His journalistic assignments have taken him around the world. But, as Mayor Michael Coleman, who has gotten to know Haygood, points out, “He has never forgotten his roots. His soul is with this city.”

Haygood’s biography of Robinson is his third of a larger-than-life icon. His biography of the longtime New York congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr., King of the Cats, published in 1993, was selected as a “notable book” by the New York Times. In Black and White: The Life of Sammy Davis Jr., published in 2003, won a bevy of awards. Haygood terms the biographies “a trilogy of epic lives from the 20th century.” He explains that he chose Robinson because “I wanted an athlete who transcended his sport, someone who was admired for things other than sweat. And Sugar Ray set benchmarks for style and grace in America that folk from all walks of life wanted to emulate.” He weaves into the biography the careers of three friends of Robinson, themselves known for style and grace—Lena Horne, Miles Davis and Langston Hughes.

It’s appropriate that Haygood’s appearance is at the Lincoln. Attorney Larry James, a driving force behind the renovation of the historic near-east-side theater, points out that Haygood attended the first fundraiser for the restoration of the Lincoln. Haygood’s book tour for Sweet Thunder includes Atlanta, Detroit, New York and Washington, D.C., but he told James that he wanted to start in Columbus.

No one looking at Haygood’s academic records would have predicted his writing success. Haygood grew up less than two miles from the Lincoln Theatre in a crowded house in Weinland Park. He was the youngest of five children. His twin sister, Wonda, beat him out by a minute. His father existed as a shadow somewhere else in Columbus as he grew up. His mother, Elvira, worked as a waitress. His maternal grandparents, Emily and Jimmy Burke, were the family stalwarts, providing a home for Wil, his siblings and his mother. He struggled through the Columbus school system, then squeezed through Miami University with a 2.1 grade point average.

During a visit to Columbus in July, Haygood made a trip back to that Fifth Street house. Standing in front of it, he remembers, “My grandparents lived in the basement,” relinquishing the bedrooms to the rest of the family. From his bedroom window Haygood could see each December the Christmas tree on top of the downtown Lazarus store. It could have served as the star he wished on.

Still, the neighborhood was relatively safe and secure. The block was full of kids. “We’d have foot races up and down the street in the summer,” Haygood recalls. “In the ’60s, everyone owned their homes.” He notices the overgrown foliage in front of his old homestead. “Their lawns were beautiful,” he murmurs.

From age 12 on, Haygood was a loner who craved independence. Almost every summer morning he would buy live bait from the Dixon Bait Shop in the alley near his grandparents’ house and then start walking down Fifth Avenue to the Olentangy River, a fishing pole in each hand and his stringer, tackle box and two sandwiches in a carry-all hanging from his shoulder. He would pass Mrs. Wilson’s grocery store (he remembers that the family had an account there, enabling him to add a popsicle for himself to any order he was sent to get). Crossing High Street, he would go by the Garden Theatre on the left (“I saw all the John Wayne movies there”) and the public library on the right (“I was always transported by books”). “I took the same route to the river every time,” Haygood says. “I was a stickler for routine. Any variation would set my mind off.”

The journey sometimes would take as long as an hour. He felt like an intrepid explorer, “a kind of Huck Finn lighting out for the territory.” As he approached his destination, his pulse would quicken. “Once I crossed Neil Avenue,” he remembers, “I felt like I could smell the river.” As he neared it, he could hear the water rushing over the dam. “This noise of the dam,” he says, “was like a symphony. It was sublime, calming, soothing.”

Haygood carefully would wade into the river below the dam to a pillar of the bridge and start to fish. “I’d lean against that pillar and cast my line downstream.” Standing in the middle of the Olentangy, with the water swirling past him, Haygood was in his own serene, special world. “Once I was there,” he says, “it felt heavenly sweet.” Reaching this place “made me believe,” he says, “that I could launch myself on journeys. But I never imagined that I’d later travel the world.”

He caught bluegill, croppy, catfish. A catch of six to eight fish was “a great day.” He didn’t start home until he saw the sun setting. Catching fish “was my way of thinking I was contributing to the family’s survival,” he says. “I was a little, frail kid. When I brought fish home, it seemed that I grew in stature in my mother’s eyes. My mother loved fish.”

His best day was when a school of white bass swam over the dam and lingered just downstream of him. “All you had to do to get a bite,” he remembers, “was throw your line into the water.” He came home with 22 white bass, and the family had a big fish fry that night and froze the rest.

But there were days when Haygood came home empty-handed. That’s when he would have to endure a barrage of taunts from the neighborhood kids. “Didn’t catch no fish, did you, Wil?”

Haygood remembers walking to get wherever he was going. “There never was a car in the family,” he says. “My grandfather walked everywhere.” Because of his example, Haygood learned early that “you could walk in life and accomplish important things.”

His other passion as he grew up was basketball. At 3:30 every afternoon, when he got out of Weinland Park Elementary School, he would run to the Thompson Recreation Center and shoot baskets until dark. As he approached the house, he says, “My mother and grandmother would be standing on the porch wondering where I was.”

In spite of his constant practicing, Haygood was not a basketball star. In high school, Haygood realized he had no chance to get on any team in the city. So he transferred to Franklin Heights High School, where he knew that the bar for the basketball team was so low that even he could play. To claim that he lived in Franklin Heights, he arranged to have Odell Wilson as his legal guardian. Wilson was the father of singer Nancy Wilson. (Small world.)

Haygood has chronicled much of his growing-up years in his memoir, The Haygoods of Columbus, published in 1997. So much of what he remembers has disappeared, especially the watering holes along Mount Vernon Avenue: Chesapeake Bar & Grill, the Manhattan Club, the Trocaveria, Skurdy’s, Macon Bar, Idle-a-While. While Haygood was too young to frequent them, his mother and other family members did. He personally was more familiar with the sedate businesses: Novelty Food Bar, Tyler Drugs, Lee’s Style Shop, Brown’s Market.

He got his start in journalism in the 1970s by covering every imaginable beat for the Call and Post and learning the profession from its legendary editor, Amos Lynch. (He later worked at the Charleston Gazette in West Virginia, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Boston Globe.)

It was with the Call and Post that he first wrote about boxing, covering fights at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. One fighter he followed closely was Bill “Dynamite” Douglas, a middleweight who could take a ton of punishment and still deliver a winning punch.

Douglas’s son, Buster, later knocked out Mike Tyson to win the heavyweight championship. Haygood writes in Sweet Thunder that Bill Douglas “was never less than warm and generous toward me and my questions about the boxing business. I can’t help but think that something between my curiosity and this mysterious sport was lit back then.”

“Wil has a unique and personal style of writing,” Peter Gethers, Haygood’s editor at Alfred A. Knopf, says. “He writes musically, in a very lyrical and poetic manner. And he picks subjects who fit into that—larger-than-life people.”

Haygood remembers that while he was growing up he knew the Lincoln Theatre only as an abandoned building. “My Uncle Ira would take me and my sister Wonda for rides down Long Street and I’d look over and see the Lincoln,” he writes in an e-mail. “But it was just this beige building. When I heard a few years ago that Mayor Coleman was going to undertake a renovation, I was quite intrigued. I majored in urban planning in college. I’m fascinated with cities and historic buildings.”

He’s thrilled to see the results of Coleman’s efforts. He writes, “I’m in awe of the renovation. I truly think it is destined to become one of the premiere theaters in the country. It is absolutely gorgeous. My mother always had a dream of appearing at the Lincoln. I guess I’ll be doing it for her.”

Dennis Read is a freelance writer who contributes frequently to Columbus Monthly.

This story appeared in the October 2009 issue of Columbus Monthly.

doc4b0ab2200eb00763898055-4e5ff2166b6f36.78150506-doc4b0ab2200eb00763898055.jpg When writer Wil Haygood was growing up in Columbus, he spent plenty of time casting his line in the Olentangy River. Now, he’s reeling in lots of praise for his work. " 1 1 " Fishing for stories " " " 7 4751 " t " 18131 " Wil Haygoodâ€"next to a poster of Sugar Ray Robinson, the subject of his newest bookâ€"reminisces at the Thompson Recreational Center near West Fifth Avenue. Photo by Tim Johnson. 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'bass':1041,1076 'beat':449,1407 'beig':1639 'best':1033 'bevi':252 'bill':1468,1506 'bite':1060 'book':89,104,231,382,768 'burk':482 'busi':1381,1523 'call':1410,1446 'calm':871 'came':1071,1097 'care':874 'cast':18A,50B,900 'citi':191,1251,1672 'club':1347 'dark':1201 'davi':245,334 'didn':978,1118 'drug':1386 'easi':144 'east':363 'emul':312 'epic':262 'even':1274 'felt':805,837,932 'finn':814 'fish':1A,680,892,972,989,1014,1031,1083,1122 'five':443 'folk':304 'food':1383 'foot':600 'forc':354 'full':594 'gone':126 'grew':421,467,1020,1171 'grow':9A,41B,129,1313,1591 'hand':684,1101 'hang':698 'hear':850 'help':1527 'heâ':26A,58B 'high':736,1236,1258 'hole':1337 'home':489,618,981,1015,1072,1098 'horn':332 'hour':803 'hous':434,531,667,1206 'huck':813 'hugh':337 'icon':206 'issu':1755 'jame':351,398 'john':752 'juli':521 'kind':811 'king':219 'knew':1262,1594 'know':176 'lawn':631 'lean':895 'left':156,747 'lena':331 'less':423,1510 'life':93,205,242,309,1161,1583 'like':806,838,865 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Show bars

by Dan Williamson

They’re not nude clubs; dancers wear enough to make alcohol service legal, and the bars feature such amenities for the man-about-town as cigar menus and steak dinners. War has broken out among the big three.


God and the governor

by Dan Williamson

With George Voinovich, religion seems more than mere political expediency, running through his private writings and public actions. Allies and opponents alike say they respect his openness.

Arson capital of Ohio

by Eric Lyttle

The FBI reports that Columbus leads the state in set fires, from people torching their cars for insurance scams to vandals setting the historic Smith Brothers building ablaze. Why?

Recalling the Porn King

by T.R. Massey

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is the subject of a new, big-budget movie. You’d never know it from the film, but the redneck hillbilly built his empire right here in Columbus.

Dave’s world

by Sherry Beck Paprocki

Quirky, unpredictable Dave Longaberger has built a $500 million basket empire in a little village just an hour east of Columbus. Now his daughters are taking center stage.


Six who survived breast cancer

by Michelle Lemmon

They discovered the lumps through examination or mammography. All went through radical surgery, but they have six different stories to tell.

Heart disease: Not for men only

by Michelle Lemmon

For many years, doctors and researchers assumed women were less apt to get heart disease. They were wrong.

A battle to insure breast reconstruction

by Lisa K. Zellner

Doctors and a national advocacy group prepare to fight health insurers to win state-mandated coverage of reconstructive surgery after mastectomies.

Beer: Suddenly, a beverage for polite society

by Jennifer Ress Brulé

Microbreweries and brewpubs, imports and seasonals, six-packs at 12 bucks, beer-tasting events in white-tablecloth restaurants: Yep, beer’s here.



Meet Jennifer Ress Brulé, a graduate of the Baltimore International Culinary College, and contributor to Columbus Monthly. Brulé has been doing food commentary on WOSU-AM and examined the new social status of beer for this month’s issue.


City Journal

The Ohio Department of Health comes under fire for accused racial discrimination, two downtown festivals aim for Columbus’ attention, and the Franklin Heights High School Marching Band’s pink, dancing mattresses stir up controversy.


Democratic congressional nominee Cynthia Ruccia makes sleazy accusations against Representative John Kasich, Franklin County sees a decrease in high school football teams qualifying for the playoffs, and Martin Scorses might just show up to pick up Wexner Prize.

Columbus Calendar


The battle electric

by Dennis Read


The Chill’s top gun

by Robin Yocum


Managing by intuition

by Michelle Lemmon

Bargain Bits

by Maggie Kozelek

Columbus Classified


Beware grandparents bearing pictures

by Adrienne Bosworth



Lost Planet Pizza & Pasta and Cozymel’s

Dining Notes

by Kerri Kennedy

Guide to Dining Out


Holiday Gift Guide

doc4da5b31b52a09561621529-4e5ff224c89010.34530448-doc4da5b31b52a09561621529.jpg " " 1 1 " December 1996 " " " 7 4768 " t " 19388 " " " " " " " " " 'd':140 'k':261 '12':306 're':9 '500':172 'aim':381 'apt':245 'bar':4,23 'big':45,136 'bit':465 'car':104 'dan':6,53 'fbi':90 'get':247 'god':48 'gun':453 'man':30 'men':230 'new':134,353 'run':65 'say':77 'see':415 'set':98,110 'six':197,221,303 't.r':123 'top':452 'two':378 'war':39 'win':275 'yep':317 '1996':2A 'alik':76 'alli':73 'amen':26 'band':392 'bear':474 'beck':163 'beer':285,309,318,357 'buck':307 'busi':457 'citi':364 'club':12 'come':371 'danc':395 'dave':158,167 'dine':488,495 'east':183 'eric':87 'film':146 'fire':99,373 'food':344 'gift':499 'guid':493,500 'high':389,419 'hour':182 'issu':362 'john':411 'king':121 'know':142 'lead':94 'less':244 'lisa':260 'lost':481 'lump':208 'make':17,406 'mani':236 'meet':323 'mere':62 'movi':138 'note':489 'nude':11 'ohio':85,367 'open':81 'pack':304 'pick':435 'pink':394 'porn':120 'read':447 'ress':294,325 'scam':107 'seem':59 'show':3,432 'stir':397 'take':190 'tast':310 'team':422 'tell':225 'town':32 'wear':14 'went':214 'wosu':348 'year':237 'ablaz':116 'accus':375,408 'among':43 'arson':82 'assum':241 'battl':254,443 'bewar':472 'build':115 'built':151,170 'capit':83 'chill':450 'cigar':34 'denni':446 'empir':153,175 'event':311 'fight':271 'final':471 'flynt':128 'focus':193 'georg':56 'group':268 'heart':226,248 'insid':400 'insur':106,256,273 'kerri':491 'larri':127 'legal':20 'littl':178 'lyttl':88 'maggi':467 'manag':458 'march':391 'menus':35 'might':430 'month':339,360 'never':141 'oppon':75 'pasta':484 'peopl':101 'pizza':483 'polit':63,290 'prize':438 'radic':216 'recal':118 'right':154 'robin':455 'scors':429 'smith':113 'sport':448 'stage':192 'state':96,277 'steak':37 'stori':223 'three':46 'torch':102 'white':314 'women':194,242 'world':160 'write':69 'wrong':252 'yocum':456 'action':72 'attent':384 'basket':174 'breast':200,257 'broken':41 'brulé':295,326,340 'budget':137 'cancer':201 'center':191 'colleg':334 'counti':414 'dancer':13 'decemb':1A 'depart':321,368 'differ':222 'dinner':38 'discov':206 'diseas':227,249 'doctor':238,263 'electr':444 'enough':15 'examin':210,351 'expedi':64 'featur':24,47 'festiv':380 'health':196,272,370 'height':388 'histor':112 'import':299 'intern':332 'intuit':460 'jennif':293,324 'kasich':412 'lemmon':204,234,463 'letter':363 'mandat':278 'martin':428 'massey':124 'nation':266 'nomine':403 'pictur':475 'planet':482 'prepar':269 'privat':68 'public':71 'quirki':165 'racial':376 'report':91 'repres':410 'retail':441 'review':480 'ruccia':405 'school':390,420 'season':301 'servic':19 'sherri':162 'sleazi':407 'social':354 'status':355 'sudden':286 'surviv':199 'vandal':109 'villag':179 'wexner':437 'adrienn':477 'alcohol':18 'bargain':464 'beverag':288 'brewpub':298 'brother':114 'coverag':279 'cozymel':486 'cynthia':404 'decreas':417 'footbal':421 'graduat':328 'holiday':498 'hustler':125 'journal':365 'kennedi':492 'kozelek':468 'michell':203,233,462 'million':173 'playoff':426 'publish':126 'qualifi':423 'redneck':149 'respect':79 'restaur':316,479 'societi':291 'subject':131 'surgeri':217,282 'upfront':322 'wosu-am':347 'zellner':262 'advocaci':267 'baltimor':331 'bosworth':478 'calendar':440 'classifi':470 'columbus':93,157,185,338,383,439,469 'culinari':333 'daughter':188 'democrat':401 'downtown':379 'franklin':387,413 'governor':51 'grandpar':473 'mattress':396 'paprocki':164 'religion':58 'research':240 'six-pack':302 'beer-tast':308 'discrimin':377 'hillbilli':150 'longaberg':168 'unpredict':166 'voinovich':57 'big-budget':135 'commentari':345 'mastectomi':284 'miscellani':497 'state-mand':276 'tablecloth':315 'williamson':7,54 'congression':402 'contributor':336 'controversi':399 'mammographi':212 'reconstruct':258,281 'microbreweri':296 'man-about-town':29 'white-tablecloth':313 265 0 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2011/doc4da5b31b52a09561621529-4e5ff224c89010.34530448.xml 1 f " 14217 2013-02-19 14:42:50 2013-02-19 14:38:00 2013-02-19 14:40:20 While best known for the Kentucky Derby, rest assured that you can find something fun any time of the year.

While Louisville is probably best known for the Kentucky Derby, rest assured that you can find something fun to do any time of the year. From quirky shops to historical sites, Louisville has a little something for everyone.

Museum Row

This four-block stretch on Main Street boasts eight other museum attractions all an easy walk from 21c. Start at Glassworks, which features glass studios and galleries, and then head over to the Frazier History Museum for interactive exhibits and costumed interpreters. Next up is the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory where you can get a personalized baseball bat, and then stop by the Kentucky Science Center. The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft celebrates traditional and functional art, while the Muhammad Ali Center honors the life of the boxing legend. The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts hosts shows and houses 20th century pieces, and KentuckyShow! is a breathtaking multimedia production about the state.

Louisville Mega

Cavern Don’t be fooled by the slightly cheesy name of this attraction. This man-made cavern is part of 17 miles of corridors beneath the city. Hop on one of the SUV-pulled trams for your tour—no walking here. And with unique attractions like worm tasting and the world’s only underground zip line, this cavern is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

NuLu District

If you’re a fan of the Short North Arts District and Gallery Hops here in Columbus, you’ll love this eclectic collection of shops, restaurants and art galleries. NuLu is short for “new Louisville,” which is fitting because this area east of downtown is “really booming right now,” Dallas says. And once a month, you can get a free ride between destinations during the First Friday Trolley Hop. (Traveler Tip: You may also enjoy a trip up Bardstown Road—a well-known street filled with interesting shops, restaurants and bars.)

Belle of Louisville

The oldest operating Mississippi-style steamboat is preparing to celebrate her 100th birthday in 2014. In the meantime, you can take a lunch or dinner tour down the Ohio River or enjoy one of the many themed cruises, like the Moonlight Comedy Cruise.

Urban Bourbon

Trail No trip to Kentucky is complete without a sampling of the state’s famous spirit. Grab a “passport” from any of the 20 Urban Bourbon Trail establishments to get started. Read about proper bourbon tasting and Louisville’s bourbon heritage, then get to tasting. Try one of the seven itineraries listed inside, or explore on your own with the included map. 

More in Louisville...

Louisville: Art Escape

Louisville: Dine & Sip


Derby4DanDry.jpg While Louisville is probably best known for the Kentucky Derby, rest assured that you can find something fun to do any time of the year. " 1352 1352 " Louisville: Five Things to Do " " " 4 4822 " t " 20524 " " Louisville Driving Vacation: Five Things to Do | Columbus Monthly " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|showpagetitle=yes|showarticleimage=yes|showbreadcrumb=yes|visibleFields=pagetools,showpagetitle,showarticleimage,showbreadcrumb|type=standard '17':237 '20':450 'll':304 're':288 've':280 '21c':116 'ali':181 'art':170,177,196,295,313,493 'bar':377 'bat':157 'box':188 'fan':290 'fit':323 'fun':21A,43B,75 'get':153,343,456,469 'hop':244,299,354 'man':231 'map':488 'may':358 'new':319 'one':246,414,473 'row':97 'say':336 'sip':497 'suv':250 'tip':356 'tri':472 'zip':272 '2014':396 '20th':201 'also':359 'area':326 'bell':378 'best':8A,30B,62 'boom':332 'citi':243 'dine':496 'easi':113 'east':327 'ever':281 'fill':371 'find':19A,41B,73 'five':2A,52 'fool':220 'four':100 'free':345 'grab':443 'head':128 'host':197 'hous':200 'life':185 'like':263,277,420 'line':273 'list':478 'love':305 'made':232 'main':104 'mani':417 'mega':215 'mile':238 'name':225 'next':141 'noth':278 'nulu':284,315 'ohio':410 'oper':383 'part':235 'piec':203 'pull':251 'read':458 'rest':14A,36B,68 'ride':346 'road':365 'seen':282 'shop':85,310,374 'show':198 'site':88 'stop':160 'take':402 'tast':265,462,471 'time':25A,45B,79 'tour':255,407 'tram':252 'trip':362,429 'walk':114,257 'well':368 'worm':264 'year':28A,48B,82 '100th':393 'assur':15A,37B,69 'block':101 'boast':106 'craft':172 'cruis':419,424 'dalla':335 'derbi':13A,35B,67 'drive':50 'eight':107 'enjoy':360,413 'escap':494 'first':351 'glass':122 'honor':183 'insid':479 'known':9A,31B,63,369 'littl':92 'lunch':404 'month':57,340 'north':294 'right':333 'river':411 'sampl':436 'seven':476 'short':293,317 'start':117,457 'state':213,439 'style':386 'theme':418 'thing':3A,53 'trail':427,453 'uniqu':261 'urban':425,451 'vacat':51 'world':268 'cavern':216,233,275 'celebr':173,391 'center':165,182,192 'cheesi':224 'comedi':423 'costum':139 'destin':348 'dinner':406 'eclect':307 'explor':481 'famous':441 'featur':121 'friday':352 'histor':87 'includ':487 'legend':189 'museum':96,109,134,147,168 'oldest':382 'person':155 'prepar':389 'proper':460 'quirki':84 'realli':331 'scienc':164 'slight':223 'someth':20A,42B,74,93 'spirit':442 'street':105,370 'studio':123 'tradit':174 'travel':355 'attract':110,228,262 'basebal':156 'beneath':241 'bourbon':426,452,461,466 'centuri':202 'collect':308 'complet':433 'everyon':95 'exhibit':137 'factori':149 'frazier':132 'galleri':125,298,314 'heritag':467 'histori':133 'man-mad':230 'meantim':399 'perform':195 'probabl':7A,61 'product':210 'restaur':311,375 'slugger':146 'stretch':102 'suv-pul':249 'trolley':353 'without':434 'birthday':394 'columbus':56,302 'corridor':240 'district':285,296 'downtown':329 'function':176 'interact':136 'interest':373 'kentucki':12A,34B,66,163,167,191,431 'muhammad':180 'passport':445 'bardstown':364 'breathtak':208 'establish':454 'glasswork':119 'interpret':140 'itinerari':477 'louisvill':1A,5A,49,59,89,145,214,320,380,464,491,492,495 'moonlight':422 'steamboat':387 'four-block':99 'multimedia':209 'well-known':367 'mississippi':385 'underground':271 'kentuckyshow':205 'mississippi-styl':384 1417 13 0 0 " " 0 f " 13883 2012-03-30 14:20:00 2012-03-28 09:51:00 2012-06-11 14:50:50 At first glance, Harvest Pizzeria in German Village may look like a takeout joint. While it’s quite small (and loud when full), it’s still a sit-down restaurant that fortunately serves memorable pizza.

At first glance, Harvest Pizzeria in German Village may look like a takeout joint. While it’s quite small (and loud when full), it’s still a sit-down restaurant that fortunately serves memorable pizza.

There are plenty of choices, including options to design your own topping from four sauces, five cheeses, seven meats and 12 veggies. There should be no complaining about not finding a preferred topping.

This place believes in thin crust. When freshly served, it is flavorful, chewy and puffy, with an attractive char. If you overdo some of the moister toppings, it can wilt and get tough. So eat promptly.

Many of the toppings were successful, with just the right amount of ingredients (attractively laid out). Their offerings reminded me of pizza I’ve tried in Italy. Inevitably, some were more successful than others. The Margherita was nicely restrained, with good tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella; even the basil was acceptable for winter. However, on the pesto pizza, the flavor was a bit sour, from kale, not basil, which I missed; perhaps if you like kale, you’ll be OK with that.

There was one with a fine flavor from the mix of Athens County mushrooms. Pepperoni pizza also offered a mix of mozzarella, provolone, onion and pepperoncini. The fennel sausage variety featured nice Canal Junction Gouda, smoked mozzarella, onions and what the menu called fennel pollen (the little green sprigs at the top of the plant). I liked the complex flavors.

The clams on the Geary Street pizza seemed a bit tired. But the goat cheese version was a delightful mix of sopressatta, roasted onion and cherry tomatoes. Spicy Yuma pie also worked, with a flavorful blend of Gouda, chorizo, jalapeño, corn, red pepper and a chipotle-flavored sauce. I also liked the Ohio “Canadian-style” bacon pizza, which used mozzarella, oregano and aleppo and roasted red peppers.

There were so many interesting pizzas on the menu I never got around to devising my own. Next time.

Meanwhile, the small plates, for the most part, were good. For instance, Harvest’s offering of olives was a vividly tasty mix. The only small plate that came up short was Hudson Valley foie gras torchon. The OK foie gras came in a small glass pot, accompanied by “crostini” that actually resembled dry toast. There was a small bottle of what the menu said was grape must (I couldn’t tell the difference from a good balsamic). It arrived with an eyedropper for placing not-too-much on the fat liver you’d smeared on your toast. The endeavor was more work than it was worth.

Salads also were satisfactory and showed a restrained imaginative hand in choice of ingredients. The house chop, with a pleasing Italian dressing, offered iceberg, radicchio, pepperoncini, artichokes and ricotta salata. I really enjoyed the olive oil and lemon dressing on the arugula, which included bacon bits, smoked red onion and pumpkin seeds. (Why don’t more places offer this nice dressing, which goes better with wine than the counterparts using vinegar?) And I particularly liked the Caesar; for an extra $3, you can have a topping of wild-caught sardines from Galicia. It was worth the extra cost.

For dessert, I tried Something Chocolate, which indeed was chocolatey (and good).

As for drinks, the espresso was quite competent. The wine list was short, but I liked everything I sampled. Beer was served in a Ball canning jar. And there were interesting soft drinks as well: four water choices, as well as Faygo Red Pop and four other flavors.

Harvest Pizzeria

495 S. Fourth St.


Atmosphere: Cozy, small, not quiet when full.

Recommended dishes: Olives, Caesar salad with wild-caught Galician sardines and the following pizzas: Margherita, spicy Yuma, fennel sausage, Ohio “Canadian-style” bacon.

Price range: Small plates $6-$14; salads $4.50-$12; pizzas $11-$15; desserts $6-$8.

Hours: Monday 5 to 10 pm, Tuesday through Thursday 11:30 am to 10 pm and Friday and Saturday till 11 pm; closed Sunday.

Service: Quite good, friendly, efficient.

Reservations: Not accepted.

Rating: *** 1⁄2

" At first glance, Harvest Pizzeria in German Village may look like a takeout joint. While it’s quite small (and loud when full), it’s still a sit-down restaurant that fortunately serves memorable pizza. Harvest Pizzeria, German Village 1354 1352 " Harvest Pizzeria Plenty of pizza choices at this German Village eatery. 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Broadway Across America—Columbus—Palace Theatre, 34 W Broad St, 469-0939 or 431-3600. Cats, 11/19 thru 21, Fri at 8 pm, Sat at 2 & 8 pm & Sun at 1 & 6:30 pm. Tickets $30-$70.

CAPA—Ohio Theatre, 39 E State St, 469-0939. A Christmas Carol, with the Nebraska Theatre Caravan, 11/26 thru 28, Fri at 7:30 pm, Sat & Sun at 2 & 7:30 pm. Tickets $22-$32.

CATCO—Studio One, Riffe Center, 77 S High St, 469-0939. It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, 11/23 thru 12/12. Tickets $11.50-$40; see for show times.

Center Stage Players—Axis Nightclub & Theatre, 775 N High St. Rocky Horror Show, thru 11/7, Fri-Sat at 8 pm & Sun at 4 pm; Nuncrackers: Nunsense Christmas Musical, 11/26 thru 28, Fri-Sat at 8 pm & Sun at 4 pm. Tickets $15; visit for more info.

Columbus Children’s Theatre—Park St Theatre, 512 N Park St, 224-6672. Babes in Toyland, 11/26 thru 12/19, Thu-Fri at 7:30 pm, Sat at 1, 3 & 5 pm & Sun at 1 & 3 pm. Tickets $12-$20.

Mayhem & Mystery—Spaghetti Warehouse, 397 W Broad St, 464-0143. Hollywood Holiday, 11/2 thru 12/30, Tue at 7 pm. Tickets $25.95 (dinner included).

Ohio State Dept of Theatre—Southern Theatre, 21 E Main St, 469-0939. Aida, 11/18 thru 21, Thu at 8 pm, Fri at 11 am & 8 pm, Sat at 3 & 8 pm & Sun at 3 pm. Tickets $20-$30.

Ohio Wesleyan Dept of Theatre—Chappelear Drama Center, 45 Rowland Ave, (740) 368-3855. Mame, 11/5, 6 & 12 at 8 pm & 11/7 & 14 at 2 pm. Tickets $10, seniors, staff & students $5.

Olympic Theatre Productions—Trafik Bar & Nightclub, 205 N Fifth St, 832-2913. The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, 11/5, 6, 11, 12 & 13 at 7 pm. Tickets $15.

Otterbein Theatre—Campus Center Theatre, 100 W Home St, 823-1109. The Wild Party, 11/4 at 8 pm & 11/5, 6 & 11 thru 13 at 7:30 pm. Tickets $20.

Raconteur Theatre—Club Diversity, 863 S High St, 495-7946. BitterSweet, 11/4, 5, 6, 14, 18, 19 & 20 at 8 pm & 11/11 thru 13 at 3 pm. Tickets $15, seniors & students $5.

Shadowbox Live—164 Easton Town Center, 416-7625. Nightmare at Shadowbox, thru 11/13, Thu at 7:30 pm & Fri-Sat at 7:30 & 10:30 pm; Back to the Garden, thru 11/28, Sun at 2:30 & 7 pm; Holiday Hoopla XIX, 11/18 thru 12/30, Wed-Sat at 7:30 pm, Sat at 10:30 pm & Sun at 2:30 & 7 pm; tickets for above shows $30, seniors & students $20; Lunatic Lunchbox, thru 11/12, Fri at noon; tickets $10, seniors & students $5.


Tuesday, Nov 2

Need To Breathe—with the Daylights, 7 pm, Newport Music Hall, 1722 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $23 & advance $20.

Park Ave Jazz Ensemble—8 pm, Gray Chapel, Ohio Wesleyan Univ, 61 S Sandusky St, (740) 368-3700. Adm free.

Thirty Seconds to Mars—with Neon Trees & New Politics, 6:30 pm, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, 405 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $27 & advance $24.50.

Wednesday, Nov 3

J Cole—with CJ Hilton & Kate Michelle, 7 pm, Newport Music Hall, 1722 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $25 & advance $23.

The Morning Benders—with Twin Sister & Oberhofer, 7 pm, The Basement, 391 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $15 & advance $12.

Friday, Nov 5

The Godz—with American Dog & Snowblynd, 7 pm, Lifestyle Communities Pavlion, 405 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $10.

Ohio State Jazz Ensemble—8 pm, Weigel Auditorium, 1866 College Rd, 292-6571. Tickets $6, seniors & students $4.

Saturday, Nov 6

Capital Rail Jam—1-11 pm, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, 405 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $20.

Jonsi: the voice of Sigur Ros—with Mountain Man, 7 pm, Newport Music Hall, 1722 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $25 & advance $22.

Trouble Andrew—with MFM Marc Frank Montoya & Louie Vito, noon, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, 405 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $20.

Saturday, Nov 6 & 7

Columbus Symphony—Wetherbee plays Mendelssohn, Sat at 8 pm & Sun at 3 pm, Ohio Theatre, 39 E State St, 228-8600. Tickets $26-$76.

ProMusica—Mostly Mendelssohn, Sat at 5:30 pm & Sun at 7 pm, Southern Theatre, 21 E Main St, 464-0066. Tickets $39-$53.

Sunday, Nov 7

Leann Rimes—7:30 pm, Jeanne B McCoy Community Center for the Arts, 100 W Granville St, New Albany, 245-4701. Tickets $45-$55.

Westerville Concert Band—3 pm, Westerville South High School, 303 S Otterbein St, 890-6820. Adm free (donations accepted).

Monday, Nov 8

Ben Folds—with Lady Danville, 7 pm, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, 405 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $27 & advance $25.

Joy Formidable—9 pm, Wexner Center, 1871 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $12.

Tuesday, Nov 9

Ohio State Gospel & Spiritual Ensemble—8 pm, Weigel Auditorium, 1866 College Rd, 292-6571. Tickets $6, seniors & students $4.

Sarah McLachlan—with Butterfly Boucher & Melissa McClelland, 7:30 pm, Palace Theatre, 34 W Broad St, 469-0939. Tickets $42-$76.

Wednesday, Nov 10

Black Label Berzerkus—with Black Label Society, Clutch, Children of Bodom & 2 Cent, 6:30 pm, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, 405 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $38 & advance $35.

Thursday, Nov 11

Kate Nash—7 pm, Newport Music Hall, 1722 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $15.

Friday, Nov 12

All That Remains—with Asking Alexandria, Born of Osiris & And She Whispered, 7 pm, Newport Music Hall, 1722 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $20 & advance $18.

The Blow with Melissa Dyne—9 pm, Wexner Center, 1871 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $12.

Early Music in Columbus—Plaine & Easie, music from the Renaissance, 8 pm (preconcert lecture at 7:30 pm), Mees Hall, Capital Univ, 2199 E Main St, 469-0939. Tickets $27, seniors $22 & students $12.

Wakey! Wakey!—with Jenny Owen Youngs & Walk the Moon, 7 pm, The Basement, 391 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $12 & advance $10.

Saturday, Nov 13

Columbus Symphony—with Neil Sadaka, 8 pm, Ohio Theatre, 39 E State St, 228-8600. Tickets $26-$76.

Sunday, Nov 14

Fang Island—with Delicate Steve & the Town Monster, 6 pm, The Basement, 391 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $12 & advance $10.

Ohio State Men & Women’s Glee Clubs—3 pm, Weigel Auditorium, 1866 College Rd, 292-6571. Tickets $6, seniors & students $4.

The Temptations—7 pm, Ohio Theatre, 39 E State St, 469-0939. Tickets $20-$50.

Vienna Boys Choir—8 pm, Gray Chapel, Ohio Wesleyan Univ, 61 S Sandusky St, (740) 368-3700. Tickets $20, seniors & students $5.

Tuesday, Nov 16

Maps & Atlases—with Tera Melos & the Globes, 7 pm, The Basement, 391 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $12.

Ohio State University Chorus & MasterSingers—8 pm, Weigel Auditorium, 1866 College Rd, 292-6571. Tickets $6, seniors & students $4.

Powerman 5000—with One Pretty Minute, System Slave & Noise Auction, 7 pm, Newport Music Hall, 1722 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $18 & advance $15.

Wednesday, Nov 17

Benise—The Spanish Guitar, 8 pm, Palace Theatre, 34 W Broad St, 469-0939. Tickets $23-$53.

Overkill—7 pm, Newport Music Hall, 1722 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $25 & advance $22.

Thursday, Nov 18

DRI—Salvage, Deadsea & Locusta, 7 pm, Newport Music Hall, 1722 N High St, 461-5483. Tickets $16 & advance $13.

Ohio State Symphonic Band—8 pm, Weigel Auditorium, 1866 College Rd, 292-6571. Tickets $6, seniors & students $4.

Saturday, Nov 20

Cavatina Duo—presented by Columbus Guitar Society, 8 pm, Huntington Recital Hall, Capital University, College Ave & Mound St, Bexley, 469-0939. Tickets $18, seniors & students $12.

Green River Ordinance—7 pm, The Basement, 391 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $10.

Oleta Adams—7 pm, King Arts Complex, 867 Mt Vernon Ave, 645-5464. Tickets $50 (VIP $60).

Saturday, Nov 20 & 21

Columbus Symphony—Handel’s Messiah, Sat at 8 pm & Sun at 3 pm, Ohio Theatre, 39 E State St, 228-8600. Tickets $25.50-$75.25.

Monday, Nov 22

Ohio State Percussion Ensemble—8 pm, Weigel Auditorium, 1866 College Rd, 292-6571. Tickets $6, seniors & students $4.

Tuesday, Nov 23

The Epic Tour—with Blood on the Dance Floor, Dot Dot Curve & Roxy Cottontail, 6 pm, The Basement, 391 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $12 & advance $10.

Ohio State Collegiate Winds & University Band—8 pm, Weigel Auditorium, 1866 College Rd, 292-6571. Tickets $6, seniors & students $4.

Wednesday, Nov 24

Andyman-A-Thon Benefit—with Howlin Maggie, Watershed, Willie Phoenix Band, X Rated Cowboys, & Earwig & the Toll, benefiting CD101 for the Kids & Andy Davis Memorial Fund, 6 pm, Lifestyle Communities Pavlion, 405 Neil Ave, 461-5483. Tickets $20.

Saturday, Nov 27

Chamber Music Columbus—Carpe Diem String Quartet, with Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet, 8 pm, Southern Theatre, 21 E Main St, 267-2267. Tickets $15-$40.


A Muse Gallery—996 A West Third St, 299-5003. Eye Candy, thru 11/14. Call for hours. Adm free.

Bryn Du—Bryn Du Mansion, 537 Jones Rd, (740) 587-7053. Rendville Art, 11/19 thru 21. Fri preview 6-7 pm ($10) & 7-8:30 pm, Sat 10 am-3 pm & Sun noon-2 pm. Adm free unless noted.

Canzani Center Gallery—Columbus College of Art & Design, Cleveland Avenue & Gay Street, 222-3270. Shared Spaces: 2010 Faculty Biennial Exhibition, thru 12/4. Tue-Fri 11 am-6 pm, Thu till 8 pm & Sat noon-5 pm; closed Sun-Mon. Adm free.

Capital University—Schumacher Gallery, 1 College & Main, 236-6319. On Display ’10: A Distinctive Collaboration, 11/1 thru 12/4. Mon-Sat 1-5 pm. Adm free.

Caterina Ltd—571 S Third St, 224-7224. Latest Works by Susan Astleford, thru 1/31/2011. Tue-Fri 11 am-6 pm, Sat 11 am-5 pm & Sun noon-5 pm. Adm free.

Columbus Museum of Art—480 E Broad St, 221-4848. Currents: Complaints Choir & The Bible Illuminated: R Crumb’s Book of Genesis, both thru 1/16/2011; Fur, Fins & Feathers, thru 6/5/2011. Adm $5, seniors & students $4, children 6-17 $3 & children 5 & under free.

COSI—333 W Broad St, 228-2674. Clifford the Big Red Dog, thru 1/2/2011 & Adventure! In The Valley of the Unknown, thru 9/5/2011. Tue-Sun 10 am-5:30 pm & Thu till 8:30 pm; closed Mon. Adm $14.25, seniors $13.25 & children 2-12 $7.50.

Denison Museum—240 W Broadway, Granville, (740) 587-6255. You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby; Picasso at Denison; Theophile Steinlen; From Paris to New York, all thru 12/10. Daily noon-5 pm & Thu till 7 pm. Adm free.

Dublin Arts Council—7125 Riverside Dr, 889-7444. Masayuki Miyajima: Refined Function, 11/9 thru 12/17, opening reception 11/9, from 6-8 pm. Tue 10 am-7 pm, Wed-Fri till 5 pm & Sat 11 am-2 pm; closed Sun-Mon. Adm free.

Fisher Gallery—Roush Hall, 27 S Grove St, Otterbein Univ, 823-1792. Vanitas: A Portfolio of Prints & Poems, thru 11/19. Daily 9 am-9 pm. Adm free.

Frank Museum of Art—39 S Vine St, Otterbein Univ, 823-9716. A La Mesa Con Nemesio: An Exhibition of Contemporary Chilean Prints, thru 11/19. Wed-Fri 11 am-3 pm; closed Sat-Tue. Adm free.

Franklin Park Conservatory—1777 E Broad St, 645-1800. Savage Gardens, thru 11/14 & Holidays at the Conservatory, 11/24 thru 1/5/2011. Daily 10 am-5 pm (Wed till 8 pm). Adm $11, seniors & students with ID $9, children 3-17 $6 & members & children under 3 free.

Grandview Heights Public Library—1685 W First Ave, 481-3778. My World, works by Pei-Chin “Bonnie” Andrew, 11/1 thru 30. Mon-Thu 10 am-8:30 pm, Fri till 6 pm, Sat till 5 pm & Sun 1-5 pm. Adm free.

Hawk Galleries—153 E Main St, 225-9595. Martin Blank & Steve Jensen: Craving Spaces, thru 11/14. Tue-Fri 10 am-5:30 pm, Sat 11 am-5 pm & Sun noon-5 pm. Adm free.

Leslie H & Ethyl Rose Miller Gallery—Art & Communication Bldg, 33 Collegeview Rd, Otterbein College, 823-1792. The Santiago & Valparaiso Projects: New Work by Nicholas Hill, thru 11/19. Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm & Sat-Sun 1-4 pm. Adm free.

McConnell Arts Center—777 Evening St, 431-0329. Cultural Reflections: Ellen Eisenman, thru 1/3/2011. Tue-Sat 10 am-5 pm, Thu till 9 pm & Sun noon-5 pm. Adm free.

Ohio Craft Museum—1665 W Fifth Ave, 486-4402. Gifts of the Craftsmen, 11/14 thru 12/23. Mon-Fri 10 am-5 pm & Sat-Sun 1-4 pm. Adm free.

Ohio Wesleyan University—Ross Art Museum, 60 S Sandusky St, (740) 368-3567. Photographs by Laura Young & Mixed media works by Arthur Hash, 11/9 thru 12/16, opening reception with Hash 11/9 at 4 pm. Tue, Wed & Fri 10 am-5 pm, Thu till 9 pm & Sun 1-5 pm. Adm free.

OSU Faculty Club—181 S Oval Dr, 292-2262. Anita Miller: No Greater Love, 11/3 thru 12/17, opening reception 11/12, from 6-8 pm. Call for hours. Adm free.

Rebecca Ibel Gallery—2 Miranova Pl, 291-2555. Jonathan Hammer: New Work, thru 11/12. Tue-Fri noon-7 pm or by appt. Adm free.

Sherrie Gallerie—694 N High St, 221-8580. Porcelain by Kurt Weiser, 11/6 thru 12/30. Tue-Fri 10 am-6 pm, Sat 11 am-5 pm & Sun 1-5 pm. Adm free.

Short North Gallery Hop—galleries open late, live music & more, 11/6, from 4-10 pm, Short North Arts District, N High St from Goodale Blvd to Fifth Ave, 228-8050. Adm free.

Studios on High—686 N High St, 461-6487. The Art of Giving: Small Treasures for Holiday Gifting, 11/1 thru 30. Mon-Sat noon-6 pm & Sun 1-6 pm or by appt. Adm free.

Wexner Center for the Arts—1871 N High St, 292-3535. Six Solos: Megan Geckler, Erwin Redl, Topias Putrih/MOS, Gustavo Godoy, Katy Moran & Joel Morrison, thru 2/13/2011. Tue, Wed & Sun 11 am-6 pm & Thu-Sat till 8 pm. See for more info.


COSI—333 W Broad St, 228-2674. Journey Into Amazing Caves, thru 1/2/2011. See for showtimes; adm $7.50 ($6 with exhibit adm).

Wexner Center—1871 N High St, 292-3535. New Directions in French & Italian Holocaust Cinema: A Secret, 2007, 11/3; Facing Windows, 2003, 11/4; The Anchorage, 2009, 11/5; Army of Crime, 2009, 11/10; Erin Cosgove: Selected Works, 11/12; Muppet Fairytales, 11/14 at 1 pm; Muppets 101, 11/14 at 3 pm; Muppets 201, 11/14 at 4:45 pm; Muppet adm $15 & six members $10, single $3 & members $2; The Red Chapel, 2009, 11/17; Utopia in Four Movements, 2010, 11/19; adm $8, seniors & students $6; Carlos, 11/21 at 12:30 pm; adm $10, members, seniors & students $8, Jaws, 1975, 11/26 at 2 pm; adm $3; Enemies of the People, 11/30. Films at 7 pm & adm $7, members, seniors & students $5 unless otherwise listed.


BalletMetDangerous Liaisons, 11/5 thru 13, Fri-Sat at 8 pm & Sun at 2 pm (Thu 11/11 at 7:30 pm). Capitol Theatre, Riffe Center, 77 S High St, 229-4848. Tickets $26-$55.

Lincoln TheatreBellydance Superstars, 11/3 at 8 pm, 769 E Long St, 431-3600. Tickets $39-$47.

McConnell Arts CenterKristina Isabelle Moves at the Mac, 11/18 & 19 at 7:30 pm, 777 Evening St, Worthington, 431-0329. Tickets $25 & students $20.

Wexner CenterFaye Driscoll: 837 Venice Boulevard, 11/18 thru 20 at 8 pm, 1871 N High St, 292-3535. Tickets $18, members $15 & students $10.


Tuesday, Nov 2

Wexner Center—Justin Spring, discusses The Secret Historian, 4 pm, 1871 N High St, 292-3535. Adm free.

Sunday, Nov 7

Wexner Center—(also see Exhibitions) Tobias Putrih & architects Michael Meredith & Hillary Sample of MOS studio discuss collaboration, 2 pm, 1871 N High St, 292-3535. Adm free.

Tuesday, Nov 9

Grandview Heights Public Library—Robert M Stroup II, discusses history of Lockbourne/Rickenbacker Air Force Base, 7 pm, 1685 W First Ave, 486-2951. Adm free.

Thursday, Nov 18

Wexner Center—(also see Exhibitions) Erwin Redl, discusses use of light in his art & other interests & influces that shape his work, 4:30 pm, 1871 N High St, 292-3535. Adm free.


CityMusic Columbus—with Opera Columbus, The Diva Made Me Do It!, 11/14 at 2 pm (lunch at 12:30 pm), BoMA, 583 E Broad St, 223-3093. Tickets $25, seniors $20 & students $10.

Ohio State UniversityOpera Scenes, 11/20 at 8 pm, Mershon Auditorium, 1871 N High St, 292-3535. Tickets $10.

For children

Grandview Heights Public Library—1685 W First Ave, 481-3778. Music & Movement, ages 2-5, 11/1, 8 & 15, from 1-1:30 pm; Tales for Toddlers, ages 18-36 mos, 11/2, 9 & 16, from 10:15-10:45 am & 11-11:30 am; Baby Games, ages 6-17 mos, 11/3, 10 & 17, from 10:15-10:45 am; Family Story Time, ages 2-5, 11/3, 10 & 17, from 7-7:30 pm; First Friday Movies, all ages, 11/5, from 3:15-5 pm; Saturday Story Stomp, ages 2-5, 11/6 & 20, from 11-11:30 am. All events free.

Nationwide Arena—200 W Nationwide Blvd, 431-3600. 1-2-3 Imagine! With Elmo & Friends, 11/18 thru 21, Thu at 7 pm, Fri at 10:30 am & 7 pm, Sat at 10:30 am & 2 pm & Sun at 1 pm & 4:30 pm. Tickets $12-$25.


Saturday, Nov 6 & 7

Columbus International Festival—more than 200 exhibits, live entertainment, international cuisine, global marketplace, kids’ activities, parade of nations & more, Sat 10 am-9 pm & Sun 11 am-7 pm, Veterans Memorial, 300 W Broad St, 228-4010. Adm $7, seniors & students $5, children 6-12 $2 & children under 5 free.

Saturday, Nov 20 & 21

Merry Makers Folk Art & Fine Craft Show—arts & crafts show held in conjunction with Springfield Antique Show, Sat 9 am-5 pm & Sun 9 am-4 pm, Clark County Fairgrounds, 4401 S Charleston Pike, Springfield, 879-8999. Adm free; visit

Friday, Nov 26

Holiday Lights & Parade Festival—more than 100 lighted floats, marching bands, horse drawn carriages & more, noon, Olde Gahanna, Granville & Mill St, 478-0878. Adm free; visit for more info.


Columbus Blue Jackets—Nationwide Arena, Front St & Nationwide Blvd, 431-3600. Home games: Montreal, 11/2 at 7 pm; Minnesota, 11/6 at 7 pm; St. Louis, 11/10 at 7 pm; Colorado, 11/12 at 7 pm; Nashville, 11/22 at 7 pm; Detroit, 11/26 at 7 pm. Tickets $10-$200.

OSU Sports—292-2624. Call for tickets.

Basketball, men’s—Value City Arena. Home games: Walsh (exhibition), 11/7 at 2 pm; North Carolina A&T, 11/12 at 7 pm; UNC Wilmington, 11/20 at 8 pm; Morehead State, 11/23 at 7 pm; Miami (OH), 11/26 at 4 pm.

Basketball, women’s—Value City Arena. Home games: Eastern Michigan, 11/14 at 2 pm; East Tennessee State, 11/22 at 7 pm; UNC Wilmington, 11/28 at 2 pm.

Football—Ohio Stadium. Penn State, 11/13 (time TBA); Michigan, 11/27 (time TBA).

Ice hockey, men’s—OSU Ice Rink. Home games: Alabama-Huntsville, 11/5 & 6 at 7:05 pm; Alaska, 11/26 at 1:45 pm & 11/27 at 8:05 pm (at Nationwide Arena).

Ice hockey, women’s—OSU Ice Rink. Home games: Minnesota State, 11/12 & 13 at 7 pm; Bemidji State, 11/26 & 27 at 7 pm.

Soccer, men’s—Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. Home games: Indiana, 11/7 at 1 pm.

Soccer, women’s—Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. Home games: Michigan State, 11/5 at 7:30 pm.

Swimming and diving, men’s—McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion. Home meets: Denison & Cleveland State, 11/5 at 5:30 pm; Miami, 11/12 at 3 pm; Tennessee, 11/12 at 5:30 pm.

Swimming and diving, women’s—McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion. Home meets: Denison & Cleveland State, 11/5 at 5 pm.


Friday, Nov 5

Come Home for the Holidays—hors d’oeuvres, dessert, wine & beer tastings, plus silent & live auctions, benefiting The Homeless Families Foundation of Central Ohio, 6:30-10 pm, Brookside Golf & Country Club, 2770 W Dublin Granville Rd, 461-9247. Tickets $60.

Saturday, Nov 6

Evening of Wine with Friends—wine, hors d’oeuvres & live music, 7-10 pm, Franklin Park Conservatory, 1777 E Broad St, 383-6256. Tickets $250/couple.

Green Gala—dinner, cocktails & silent auction, benefiting Ohio Environmental Council, 6-9 pm, Columbus Athenaeum, 32 N Fourth St, 487-7506. Tickets $75 & members $50; table of 10 $450.

Wednesday, Nov 17

A Remarkable Evening—dinner & drinks with featured speaker James Bradley, New York Times bestselling author & historian, 6:30 pm, Wexner home, One Whitebarn Rd, 939-8150. Tickets TBA.


Thursday, Nov 4

Cocktails at the Conservatory—cocktails & music, 5:30-10 pm, Franklin Park Conservatory, 1777 E Broad St, 645-8733. Tickets $10.

Thursday, Nov 4 thru 6

Shop Hop—browse items from local retailers, benefiting Jeffrey Summer Camp Scholarship program, preview party Thu, from 7-11 pm, Shop Hop Fri noon-5 pm & Sat 10 am-5 pm,

Friday, Nov 5

Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show—grand illusions, Disney characters & more, 3 & 6:30 pm, Palace Theatre, 34 W Broad St, 431-3600. Tickets $21-$58.

Veterans Day Parade—cannons fired on West Plaza of Statehouse to honor Ohio’s veterans, plus reenactors from first Ohio Statehouse Battery A will discuss 1864 cannons, noon, Broad & High sts. See for more info.

Saturday, Nov 6

Fit Families Celebration—informative talks for healthy lifestyles, test your fitness against COSI’s mascot, yummy treats & more, 10 am-5 pm, COSI, 333 W Broad St. See for more info & schedule.

Mark Twain Craft Bazaar—more than 125 artists showcase handcrafted items, 10 am-3 pm, Westerville North High School, 850 County Line Rd, 818-0574. Adm free.

Pickerington Athletic Booster’s Antique & Craft Show—handcrafted items for sale, plus antique furniture, jewelry & more, benefiting the Booster club & PTO, 9 am-3 pm, Pickerington High School Central, 300 Opportunity Way, 866-4915. Adm $3, seniors $2 & children 12 & under free.

Wednesday, Nov 10

Evenings with Authors—with Lisa Scottoline, author of My Nest Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space, 7:30 pm, Columbus Performing Arts Center, 549 Franklin Ave, 464-1032. Tickets $20, seniors & students $18; advance $18, seniors & students $15.

Passenger Railways in Worthington—learn about 82-year period between 1851 & 1933 when Worthington had a rail-based passenger service; photos, descriptions & story-telling, 7 pm, Griswold Center, 777 High St, Worthington, 885-1247. Adm free.

Pecha Kucha Columbus—presented by Gen Wex, artists show 20 images & speak for 20 seconds, local musicians & food, 8 pm, Wexner Center, 1871 N High St, 292-3535. Adm free.

Saturday, Nov 13

Celtic Christmas Craft Bazaar—crafts, gifts, baked goods & more, 10 am-2 pm, St Mary’s School, 700 S Third St, German Village, 263-7812. Adm $1 & children under 16 free.

Sunday, Nov 14

Bowl for Breath—bowling & Wii tournaments, benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, noon-4 pm, Columbus Square Bowling Palace, 5707 Forest Hills Blvd, 846-2440. Adm $10-$40; visit for more info.

88th Annual TWIG Bazaar—largest, single-day event sponsored by TWIG, featuring crafts, home décor, seasonal items, children’s collectibles & more, benefiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital, 10 am-3 pm, Ohio Expo Center, Lausche Bldg, 717 E 17th Ave, 355-0888. Adm $25.

Sunday, Nov 14 thru Dec 23

Gifts of the Craftsmen—holiday exhibition & sale of fine crafts, jewelry, pottery, art glass, baskets, clothing & more, Mon-Sat 10 am-5 pm & Sun 1-4 pm, Ohio Craft Museum, 1665 W Fifth Ave, 486-4402. Adm free.

Thursday, Nov 18

Holiday Boutique 2010—more than 40 vendors display crafts, plus appetizers, desserts, beverages, cash bar & more, benefiting People In Need of Delaware County, 7-10 pm, Wedgewood Golf & Country Club, 9600 Wedgewood Blvd, Powell, 563-0475. Adm $10.

Leadership Luncheon—Power of Faith/Belief, 11:30 am-1 pm, YWCA, 65 S Fourth St, 627-1226. Tickets $30 & tables $300.

Friday, Nov 19 thru January 1, 2011

Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo—hundreds of light displays, visits with Santa & more, Sun-Thu 4-9 pm, 4850 W Powell Rd, 645-3550. Adm $12.99, children 2-9 & seniors $7.99 & children under 2 free.

Friday, Nov 19 thru January 2, 2011

Holiday Fantasy of Lights—annual two-mile drive, featuring 125 light displays, 5:30-9:30 pm, Alum Creek State Park Marina, 4000 Hollenback Rd, Lewis Center, (740) 369-2900. Adm $10-$15/car.

Saturday, Nov 20 & 21

ChristmasFair 2010—arts & handmade goods from artisans throughout Midwest, 10 am-5 pm, Aladdin Shrine Center, 3850 Stelzer Rd, 579-8010. Adm free.

Friday, Nov 26 thru Jan 3, 2011

Winter Wonderland at Creekside Park—light displays, ice rink, Holiday Village & more, daily, 123 Mill St, Gahanna, 418-9114. Adm free; see for more info.

Saturday, Nov 27

Grandview Hop—food, drinks, shopping & art, 5-9 pm, Grandview Ave between First & Fifth avenues. Visit for more info.

Tuesday, Nov 30 thru Dec 31

Holiday Tours on Capitol Square—step back in time with guided tour of 1861 Statehouse with holiday décor from Victorian times, 10 am-3 pm, Ohio Statehouse, Broad & High sts. Adm free; see for more info.

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'adm':505,771,1496,1533,1578,1604,1637,1669,1720,1765,1809,1836,1874,1905,1963,1998,2040,2071,2102,2153,2182,2207,2240,2272,2308,2373,2378,2436,2456,2467,2479,2490,2622,2652,2680,2715,2959,3013,3043,3635,3671,3759,3789,3819,3851,3903,3948,3989,4044,4093,4121,4149,4215 'age':2784,2798,2817,2833,2848,2858 'air':2669 'art':744,1298,1510,1543,1642,1768,1841,2006,2043,2108,2259,2284,2314,2553,2698,2979,2983,3706,3923,4102,4164 'ask':910 'ave':268,488,524,569,592,629,673,790,878,999,1044,1125,1268,1288,1303,1382,1446,1928,2079,2269,2677,2779,3710,3900,3945,4169 'axi':110 'bar':294,3967 'ben':778 'big':1691 'boy':1088 'cat':19 'con':1853 'day':3539,3868 'dec':3909,4183 'dog':583,1693 'dot':1371,1372 'dri':1213 'duo':1254 'eye':1489 'fay':2579 'fin':1665 'fit':3577,3587 'fri':23,61,123,140,177,240,398,454,1514,1561,1623,1796,1865,1951,1983,2029,2091,2140,2200,2226,2507,2893,3500 'fur':1664 'gay':1547 'gen':3766 'hop':2245,3479,3499,4160 'hor':3324,3369 'ice':3184,3189,3216,3221,4137 'isn':3692 'jam':620 'jan':4127 'jaw':2473 'joy':797 'kid':1434,2935 'ltd':1607 'mac':2560 'man':642 'map':1112 'mar':510 'mee':968 'men':1053,3106,3186,3240,3272 'mfm':661 'mix':2121 'mon':1577,1599,1719,1808,1944,2028,2090,2296,3929 'mos':2640,2801,2820 'new':514,749,1752,2020,2194,2387,3430 'nov':464,532,577,616,679,730,776,812,855,886,904,1007,1028,1110,1175,1211,1251,1311,1339,1360,1410,1452,2604,2625,2655,2683,2919,2973,3018,3317,3361,3418,3450,3474,3510,3575,3680,3792,3826,3906,3951,4013,4056,4097,4124,4157,4180 'old':3036 'one':78,1152,3441 'osu':2155,3098,3188,3220 'pei':1936 'pto':3657 'red':1692,2446 'ros':639 'sat':27,66,124,141,182,246,399,426,431,687,709,1319,1524,1570,1600,1628,1800,1872,1955,1989,2035,2058,2097,2231,2297,2346,2508,2900,2941,2993,3504,3930 'see':102,2350,2369,2630,2688,3569,3604,4151,4217 'six':2321,2438 'sts':3568,4214 'sun':32,67,128,145,188,251,412,436,691,714,1323,1529,1576,1633,1707,1807,1959,1994,2036,2067,2098,2149,2236,2301,2339,2512,2907,2946,2998,3935,4033 'tba':3179,3183,3447 'thu':176,236,392,1566,1713,1761,1945,2063,2145,2345,2516,2889,3493,4034 'tue':211,1560,1622,1706,1789,1873,1982,2057,2138,2199,2225,2337 'two':4068 'unc':3127,3166 'use':2693 'vip':1308 'way':1742,3668 'wed':425,1795,1864,1901,2139,2338 'wex':3767 'wii':3832 'xix':420 'zoo':4023 '11/1':1595,1940,2292,2787 '11/2':208,2802,3065 '11/3':2169,2397,2539,2821,2836 '11/4':332,358,2401 '11/5':273,308,336,2405,2503,2849,3196,3264,3282,3311 '11/6':2221,2252,2861,3070 '11/7':121,279,3115,3249 '11/9':1779,1784,2127,2134 '12/4':1558,1597 '1665':2076,3942 '1685':1925,2674,2776 '1722':477,546,648,895,923,1164,1200,1222 '1777':1879,3380,3465 '17th':3899 '1851':3733 '1861':4198 '1864':3563 '1866':605,823,1062,1139,1240,1349,1399 '1871':803,942,2315,2381,2590,2616,2646,2709,2762,3783 '1933':3734 '1975':2474 '2003':2400 '2007':2396 '2009':2404,2409,2448 '2010':1553,2454,3955,4101 '2011':4018,4061,4129 '2199':972 '2770':3351 '3850':4116 '4000':4085 '4401':3006 '4850':4038 '5000':1150 '5707':3845 '7.50':1727,2374 '7.99':4050 '7125':1770 '88th':3861 '9600':3983 'adam':1294 'aida':232 'also':2629,2687 'alum':4080 'amaz':2365 'andi':1435 'appt':2206,2307 'armi':2406 'babe':169 'babi':1743,2815 'back':406,4191 'bake':3800 'band':758,1235,1394,1423,3030 'base':2671,3741 'beer':3329 'bibl':1653 'bldg':2008,3896 'blow':934 'blue':3052 'blvd':2266,2876,3059,3848,3985 'boma':2738 'book':1658 'born':912 'bowl':3828,3831,3843 'bryn':1498,1500 'call':1493,2179,3102 'camp':3488 'capa':41 'carp':1457 'cash':3966 'cave':2366 'cent':869 'chin':1937 'citi':3109,3149 'club':349,1057,2157,3350,3656,3982 'cole':535 'come':1739,3319 'cosi':1682,2356,3589,3599 'curv':1373 'danc':1369,2499 'davi':1436 'dept':221,260 'diem':1458 'diva':2724 'dive':3271,3300 'dyne':937 'easi':955 'east':3159 'elmo':2884 'epic':1363 'erin':2411 'even':2046,2568,3363,3422,3682 'ever':306 'expo':3893 'face':2398 'fang':1030 'film':2355,2486 'fine':2980,3919 'fire':3542 'fold':779 'folk':2978 'food':3778,4161 'forc':2670 'four':2452 'free':506,772,1497,1534,1579,1605,1638,1681,1766,1810,1837,1875,1920,1964,1999,2041,2072,2103,2154,2183,2208,2241,2273,2309,2623,2653,2681,2716,2870,2971,3014,3044,3636,3678,3760,3790,3824,3949,4054,4122,4150,4216 'fund':1438 'gala':3389 'game':2816,3063,3112,3152,3192,3224,3247,3261 'gift':2082,2291,3799,3911 'give':2286 'glee':1056 'godz':580 'golf':3348,3980 'good':3801,4104 'gray':493,1092 'guid':4195 'hall':476,545,647,894,922,969,1163,1199,1221,1264,1814 'hash':2126,2133 'hawk':1965 'held':2986 'high':83,115,353,479,548,650,763,805,897,925,944,1166,1202,1224,2213,2262,2276,2279,2317,2383,2528,2592,2618,2648,2711,2764,3567,3627,3663,3754,3785,4213 'hill':2024,3847 'home':325,3062,3111,3151,3191,3223,3246,3260,3277,3306,3320,3440,3875 'hors':3031 'hour':1495,2181 'ibel':2185 'imag':3771 'info':155,2354,3049,3573,3608,3860,4155,4178,4221 'item':3481,3620,3645,3878 'jame':3428 'jazz':489,599 'jess':3242,3256 'joel':2333 'jone':1504 'kate':539,888 'kati':2331 'king':1297 'kurt':2219 'ladi':781 'late':2248 'lewi':4088 'life':91 'line':3631 'lisa':3686 'list':2498 'live':93,380,2249,2929,3333,3372,3513 'long':1741,2545 'loui':3075 'love':2168 'made':2725 'main':228,722,974,1471,1586,1969 'mame':272 'marc':662 'mari':3808 'mark':3610 'meet':3278,3307 'melo':1116 'mesa':1852 'mile':4069 'mill':3039,4144 'moon':992 'morn':557 'most':707 'move':2557 'movi':2846 'muse':1480 'nash':889 'need':466,3972 'neil':523,568,591,628,672,789,877,998,1012,1043,1124,1287,1381,1445 'neon':512 'nest':3691 'nois':1157 'noon':456,667,1530,1571,1634,1758,1995,2068,2201,2298,3035,3501,3565,3838 'note':1536 'ohio':42,219,258,495,597,695,814,1016,1051,1076,1094,1130,1232,1327,1341,1389,2073,2104,2751,3173,3342,3395,3550,3557,3892,3939,4210 'open':1782,2130,2172,2247 'oval':2160 'owen':988,3243,3257 'pari':1750 'park':160,165,487,1877,3378,3463,4083,4134 'penn':3175 'pike':3009 'play':95,685 'plus':3331,3553,3648,3962 'poem':1828 'rail':619,3740 'rate':1425 'redl':2326,2691 'riff':79,2524 'rime':733 'rink':3190,3222,4138 'rose':2003 'ross':2107 'roxi':1374 'sale':3647,3917 'shop':3478,3498,4163 'show':105,119,445,2982,2985,2992,3517,3643,3769 'solo':2322 'step':4190 'swim':3269,3298 'tabl':3413,4010 'tale':2795 'talk':3581 'tast':3330 'tell':3748 'tera':1115 'test':3585 'thon':1415 'thru':21,59,97,120,137,173,209,234,339,369,390,410,422,452,1491,1512,1557,1596,1619,1662,1667,1694,1703,1755,1780,1829,1861,1887,1894,1941,1979,2025,2054,2087,2128,2170,2196,2222,2293,2335,2367,2504,2585,2887,3476,3908,4015,4058,4126,4182 'till':1567,1714,1762,1797,1902,1952,1956,2064,2146,2347 'time':106,2832,3178,3182,3432,4193,4205 'told':307 'toll':1429 'tour':1364,4186,4196 'town':383,1036 'tree':513 'twig':3863,3872 'twin':560 'univ':497,971,1096,1820,1847 'valu':3108,3148 'vine':1844 'vito':666 'voic':636 'walk':990 'west':1484,3544 'wild':330 'wind':1392 'wine':3328,3365,3368 'work':1615,1933,2021,2123,2195,2414,2705 'year':3730 'york':1753,3431 'ywca':4001 '-0066':725 '-0143':205 '-0329':2049,2572 '-0475':3988 '-0574':3634 '-0878':3042 '-0888':3902 '-0939':15,49,86,231,850,977,1083,1190,1273 '-1032':3712 '-1109':328 '-1226':4007 '-1247':3758 '-1792':1822,2015 '-1800':1884 '-2262':2163 '-2267':1474 '-2440':3850 '-2555':2191 '-2624':3101 '-2674':1688,2362 '-2900':4092 '-2913':301 '-2951':2679 '-3093':2744 '-3270':1550 '-3535':2320,2386,2595,2621,2651,2714,2767,3788 '-3550':4043 '-3567':2116 '-3600':18,2548,2878,3061,3534 '-3700':504,1103 '-3778':1930,2781 '-3855':271 '-4010':2958 '-4402':2081,3947 '-4701':752 '-4848':1648,2531 '-4915':3670 '-5003':1488 '-5464':1305 '-5483':482,526,551,571,594,631,653,675,792,808,880,900,928,947,1001,1046,1127,1169,1205,1227,1290,1384,1448 '-6255':1736 '-6256':3385 '-6319':1588 '-6487':2282 '-6571':609,827,1066,1143,1244,1353,1403 '-6672':168 '-6820':770 '-7053':1508 '-7224':1613 '-7444':1774 '-7506':3408 '-7625':386 '-7812':3818 '-7946':356 '-8010':4120 '-8050':2271 '-8150':3445 '-8580':2216 '-8600':702,1023,1334 '-8733':3470 '-8999':3012 '-9114':4148 '-9247':3357 '-9595':1972 '-9716':1849 '11.50':100 '11/10':2410,3076 '11/11':368,2517 '11/12':453,2174,2197,2415,3081,3123,3227,3288,3293 '11/13':391,3177 '11/14':1492,1888,1980,2086,2418,2424,2430,2729,3155 '11/17':2449 '11/18':233,421,2561,2584,2886 '11/19':20,1511,1830,1862,2026,2455 '11/20':2756,3129 '11/21':2462 '11/22':3086,3162 '11/23':96,3135 '11/24':1893 '11/26':58,136,172,2475,3091,3141,3203,3234 '11/27':3181,3208 '11/28':411,3168 '11/30':2485 '12.99':4045 '12/10':1756 '12/12':98 '12/16':2129 '12/17':1781,2171 '12/19':174 '12/23':2088 '12/30':210,423,2223 '13.25':1723 '14.25':1721 '24.50':530 '25.50':1336 '25.95':216 '75.25':1337 'activ':2936 'anita':2164 'appet':3963 'aquat':3275,3304 'arena':2872,3055,3110,3150,3215 'atlas':1113 'avenu':1546,4173 'benis':1177 'black':857,861 'blank':1974 'blood':1366 'bodom':867 'bonni':1938 'broad':12,202,847,1187,1645,1685,1881,2359,2741,2955,3382,3467,3531,3566,3602,4212 'brows':3480 'candi':1490 'capit':618,970,1265,1580 'carlo':2461 'carol':52 'catco':76 'cd101':1431 'choir':1089,1651 'clark':3003 'close':1574,1718,1805,1870 'cloth':3926 'craft':2074,2981,2984,3612,3642,3796,3798,3874,3920,3940,3961 'crave':1977 'creek':4081 'crime':2408 'crumb':1656 'daili':1757,1831,1896,4142 'delic':1033 'donat':773 'drama':264 'drawn':3032 'drink':3424,4162 'drive':4070 'earli':950 'ellen':2052 'empti':3694 'enemi':2481 'erwin':2325,2690 'ethyl':2002 'event':2869,3869 'fabul':304 'fifth':298,2078,2268,3944,4172 'first':1927,2676,2778,2844,3556,4171 'float':3028 'floor':1370 'frank':663,1838 'front':3056 'glass':3924 'globe':1118 'godoy':2330 'grand':3518 'green':1279,3388 'grove':1817 'honor':3549 'hundr':4024 'illus':3519 'jeann':737 'jenni':987 'jerri':1462 'jonsi':634 'kucha':3762 'label':858,862 'laura':2119 'leann':732 'learn':3727 'lesli':2000 'light':2695,3021,3027,4026,4065,4073,4135 'local':3483,3776 'louie':665 'lunat':450 'lunch':2733 'maggi':1419 'magic':3516 'maker':2977 'march':3029 'mccoy':739 'media':2122 'megan':2323 'merri':2976 'miami':3139,3287 'minut':1154 'moran':2332 'mound':1269 'music':135,475,544,646,893,921,951,956,1162,1198,1220,1455,2250,2782,3373,3457 'north':2243,2258,3119,3626 'oeuvr':3326,3371 'oleta':1293 'olymp':290 'opera':2717,2721,2754 'ordin':1281 'osiri':914 'palac':8,843,1183,3527,3844 'parad':2937,3022,3540 'parti':331,3315,3492 'pecha':3761 'peopl':2484,3970 'photo':3744 'plain':954 'plaza':3545 'polit':515 'powel':3986,4040 'power':3993 'print':1827,1860 'radio':94 'recit':1263 'refin':1777 'river':1280 'rocki':117 'roush':1813 'sampl':2638 'santa':4030 'sarah':833 'savag':1885 'scene':2755 'shape':2703 'share':1551 'short':2242,2257 'sigur':638 'singl':2441,3867 'slave':1156 'small':2287 'south':762 'space':1552,1978,3700 'speak':3772 'sport':3050,3099 'squar':3842,4189 'staff':287 'stage':108 'state':46,220,598,699,815,1020,1052,1080,1131,1233,1331,1342,1390,2752,3134,3161,3176,3226,3233,3263,3281,3310,4082 'steve':1034,1975 'stomp':2857 'stori':305,2831,2856,3747 'susan':1617 'third':1485,1610,3813 'tobia':2632 'topia':2327 'treat':3593 'twain':3611 'venic':2582 'visit':151,3015,3045,3854,4028,4174 'wakey':984,985 'walsh':3113 'willi':1421 'women':1054,3146,3218,3254,3301 'world':1932 'young':989,2120 'yummi':3592 '15/car':4095 'accept':774 'across':5 'advanc':485,529,554,574,656,795,883,931,1004,1049,1172,1208,1230,1387,3718 'alaska':3202 'albani':750 'andrew':659,1939 'annual':3862,4066 'antiqu':2991,3641,3649 'arthur':2125 'artist':3617,3768 'athlet':3638 'author':3434,3684,3688 'basket':3925 'bazaar':3613,3797,3864 'bellyd':2537 'bender':558 'bexley':1271 'breath':468,3830 'campus':320 'cannon':3541,3564 'celebr':3579 'celtic':3794 'center':80,107,265,321,384,741,802,941,1538,2044,2311,2380,2525,2554,2578,2607,2628,2686,3707,3752,3782,3894,4089,4115 'chapel':494,1093,2447 'chorus':1133 'cinema':2393 'closet':3699 'clutch':864 'colleg':606,824,1063,1140,1241,1267,1350,1400,1541,1585,2013 'cosgov':2412 'counti':3004,3630,3975 'cowboy':1426 'cuisin':2932 'cultur':2050 'cystic':3835 'danger':2501 'design':1544 'dinner':217,3390,3423 'direct':2388 'disney':3512,3520 'divers':350 'dublin':1767,3353 'décor':3876,4202 'earwig':1427 'easton':382 'famili':2830,3338,3578 'featur':3426,3873,4071 'festiv':2917,2924,3023 'fisher':1811 'forest':3846 'formid':798 'fourth':3405,4004 'french':2390 'friday':576,903,2845,3017,3316,3509,4012,4055,4123 'friend':2885,3367 'garden':409,1886 'genesi':1660 'german':3815 'global':2933 'goodal':2265 'gospel':816 'guitar':1180,1258 'hammer':2193 'handel':1316 'height':1922,2658,2773 'hilton':538 'hockey':3185,3217 'hoopla':419 'horror':118 'hospit':3887 'howlin':1418 'imagin':2882 'includ':218 'influc':2701 'inform':3580 'intern':2923,2931 'island':1031 'jacket':3053 'jensen':1976 'justin':2608 'latest':1614 'lausch':3895 'lectur':963,2602 'marina':4084 'martin':1973 'mascot':3591 'mayhem':196 'member':1916,2439,2443,2469,2492,2598,3411 'memori':1437,2952,3244,3258 'mickey':3514 'miller':2004,2165 'monday':775,1338 'muppet':2416,2422,2428,2435 'museum':1640,1729,1839,2075,2109,3941 'nation':2939 'novemb':1A 'period':3731 'player':109 'pretti':1153 'public':1923,2659,2774 'putrih':2633 'recept':1783,2131,2173 'remain':908 'remark':3421 'retail':3484 'robert':2661 'sadaka':1013 'salvag':1214 'sat-tu':1871 'school':764,3628,3664,3810 'season':3877 'second':508,3775 'secret':2395,2612 'select':2413 'senior':286,376,447,459,612,830,980,1069,1106,1146,1247,1276,1356,1406,1671,1722,1907,2458,2470,2493,2747,2961,3673,3715,3720,4049 'servic':3743 'sherri':2209 'shrine':4114 'silent':3332,3392 'sister':561 'soccer':3239,3253 'spring':2609 'street':1548 'string':1459 'stroup':2663 'studio':77,2274,2641 'summer':3487 'sunday':729,1027,2624,3825,3905 'system':1155 'theatr':9,43,56,112,159,162,223,225,262,291,319,322,348,696,719,844,1017,1077,1184,1328,1468,2523,2536,3528 'thirti':507 'ticket':38,73,99,149,193,215,255,284,316,345,374,442,457,483,527,552,572,595,610,632,654,676,703,726,753,793,809,828,851,881,901,929,948,978,1002,1024,1047,1067,1084,1104,1128,1144,1170,1191,1206,1228,1245,1274,1291,1306,1335,1354,1385,1404,1449,1475,2532,2549,2573,2596,2745,2768,2914,3095,3104,3358,3386,3409,3446,3471,3535,3713,4008 'trafik':293 'troubl':658 'unless':1535,2496 'utopia':2450 'valley':1699 'vanita':1823 'vendor':3959 'vernon':1302 'vienna':1087 'villag':3816,4140 'weigel':603,821,1060,1137,1238,1347,1397 'weiser':2220 'wexner':801,940,2310,2379,2577,2606,2627,2685,3439,3781 'window':2399 'winter':4130 'wonder':90 'alabama':3194 'aladdin':4113 'america':6 'andyman':1413 'artisan':4106 'auction':1158,3334,3393 'batteri':3559 'bemidji':3232 'benefit':1416,1430,3335,3394,3485,3653,3834,3883,3969 'bestsel':3433 'beverag':3965 'booster':3639,3655 'boucher':837 'boutiqu':3954 'bradley':3429 'canzani':1537 'capitol':2522,4188 'caravan':57 'carriag':3033 'central':3341,3665 'chamber':1454 'charact':3521 'chilean':1859 'citymus':2718 'collect':3881 'collegi':1391 'complex':1299 'concert':462,757 'council':1769,3397 'countri':3349,3981 'current':1649 'danvill':782 'deadsea':1215 'delawar':3974 'denison':1728,1746,3279,3308 'dessert':3327,3964 'detroit':3090 'discuss':2610,2642,2665,2692,3562 'display':1590,3960,4027,4074,4136 'driscol':2580 'eastern':3153 'ensembl':490,600,818,1344 'exhibit':1478,1556,1856,2377,2631,2689,2928,3114,3916 'faculti':1554,2156 'fantasi':4063 'feather':1666 'fibrosi':3836 'footbal':3172 'foundat':3339,3837 'fri-sat':122,139,397,2506 'gahanna':3037,4146 'galleri':1481,1539,1583,1812,1966,2005,2186,2210,2244,2246 'geckler':2324 'greater':2167 'gustavo':2329 'handmad':4103 'healthi':3583 'hillari':2637 'histori':2666 'holiday':207,418,1889,2290,3020,3323,3915,3953,4062,4139,4185,4201 'illumin':1654 'indiana':3248 'isabell':2556 'italian':2391 'januari':4016,4059 'jeffrey':3486 'jewelri':3651,3921 'journey':2363 'largest':3865 'liaison':2502 'librari':1924,2660,2775 'lincoln':2535 'locusta':1216 'mansion':1502 'mccorkl':3274,3303 'melissa':838,936 'mershon':2760 'messiah':1318 'michael':2635 'michell':540 'midwest':4108 'mon-fri':2027,2089 'mon-sat':1598,2295,3928 'mon-thu':1943 'monster':1037 'montoya':664 'mysteri':197 'nemesio':1854 'newport':474,543,645,892,920,1161,1197,1219 'nichola':2023 'nunsens':133 'oberhof':562 'overkil':1194 'passeng':3723,3742 'pavlion':589,1443 'percuss':1343 'perform':3705 'phoenix':1422 'picasso':1744 'potteri':3922 'present':1255,3764 'preview':1515,3491 'product':292 'program':3490 'project':2019 'quartet':1460 'railway':3724 'rebecca':2184 'reflect':2051 'renaiss':959 'rowland':267 'sat-sun':2034,2096 'schedul':3609 'showcas':3618 'showtim':2372 'societi':863,1259 'spanish':1179 'speaker':3427 'spiritu':817 'sponsor':3870 'stadium':3174,3245,3259 'stelzer':4117 'student':288,377,448,460,613,831,982,1070,1107,1147,1248,1277,1357,1407,1672,1908,2459,2471,2494,2575,2600,2749,2962,3716,3721 'sun-mon':1575,1806 'sun-thu':4032 'symphon':1234 'temptat':1073 'theater':3 'thu-fri':175 'thu-sat':2344 'toddler':2797 'toyland':171 'treasur':2288 'tue-fri':1559,1621,1981,2198,2224 'tue-sat':2056 'tue-sun':1705 'tuesday':463,811,1109,1359,2603,2654,4179 'two-mil':4067 'univers':1132,1266,1393,1581,2106,2753 'unknown':1702 'veteran':2951,3538,3552 'watersh':1420 'wed-fri':1794,1863 'wed-sat':424 'whisper':917 '1/2/2011':1695,2368 '1/3/2011':2055 '1/5/2011':1895 '6/5/2011':1668 '9/5/2011':1704 'adventur':1696 'american':582 'anchorag':2403 'basement':566,996,1041,1122,1285,1379 'biennial':1555 'broadway':4,1732 'brooksid':3347 'calendar':2A 'carolina':3120 'caterina':1606 'cavatina':1253 'children':157,865,1674,1678,1724,1912,1917,2771,2964,2968,3675,3821,3879,3885,4046,4051 'christma':51,134,3795 'clarinet':1464 'clifford':1689 'cocktail':3391,3452,3456 'collabor':1594,2643 'colorado':3080 'columbus':7,156,682,953,1009,1257,1314,1456,1540,1639,2719,2722,2922,3051,3401,3704,3763,3841,4022 'communic':2007 'conjunct':2988 '':2370,3605 'creeksid':4133 'daylight':471 'descript':3745 'distinct':1593 'district':2260 'eisenman':2053 'fairytal':2417 'franklin':1876,3377,3462,3709 'function':1778 'furnitur':3650 'granvill':747,1733,3038,3354 'griswold':3751 'homeless':3337 'interest':2700 'jonathan':2192 'kirkbrid':1463 'kristina':2555 'lifestyl':519,587,624,668,785,873,1441,3584 'lunchbox':451 'luncheon':3992 'masayuki':1775 'mcconnel':2042,2552 'meredith':2636 'michigan':3154,3180,3262 'miranova':2188 'miyajima':1776 'montreal':3064 'morehead':3133 'morrison':2334 'mountain':641 'movement':2453,2783 'musician':3777 'nashvill':3085 'nebraska':55 'nightmar':387 'nuncrack':132 'opportun':3667 'otherwis':2497 'pavilion':521,626,670,787,875,3276,3305 'pei-chin':1935 'powerman':1149 'rail-bas':3739 'rendvill':1509 'riversid':1771 'sanduski':500,1099,2112 'santiago':2017 'saturday':615,678,1006,1250,1310,1451,2855,2918,2972,3360,3574,3791,4096,4156 'schumach':1582 'southern':224,718,1467 'steinlen':1748 'symphoni':683,1010,1315 'tennesse':3160,3292 'theophil':1747 'thursday':885,1210,2682,3449,3473,3950 'warehous':199 'wesleyan':259,496,1095,2105 'wetherbe':684 '/bowl':3857 '1/16/2011':1663 '1/31/2011':1620 '2/13/2011':2336 'architect':2634 'astleford':1618 'athenaeum':3402 'balletmet':2500 'basketbal':3105,3145 'berzerkus':859 'boulevard':2583 'butterfli':836 '':103 'cleveland':1545,3280,3309 'communiti':520,588,625,669,740,786,874,1442 'complaint':1650 'craftsmen':2085,3914 'entertain':2930 'grandview':1921,2657,2772,4159,4168 'handcraft':3619,3644 'historian':2613,3435 'hollywood':206 'holocaust':2392 'huntsvill':3195 'mclachlan':834 'minnesota':3069,3225 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My experience at Cumin, a new Indian restaurant in the Polaris area, varied quite a lot. The a la carte food the first time was bland and boring. But on two later visits, it was up to par for decent Indian restaurants in town. To my surprise, the food in the lunch buffet was notably better than on my first visit, and the a la carte offerings on my second trip were even better than the buffet.

My guess is that I hit one night when the chef called in sick, so bear in mind that all the disappointing dishes I’m about to mention were served the same evening. (And it should be noted the establishment occupies the space that housed the now closed Bayleaf Indian Bistro.)

Some appetizers were excellent. Spicy mango shrimp resembled a Chinese sweet-and-sour dish, with mango spicy tang and nicely cooked fresh shrimp. I particularly liked bhel poori. Have you ever visited an Indian grocery store and seen bin after bin of different sorts of what looked like small crackers, cereal and so on? This was a dish that used those assorted crisps and noodles, mixed with chopped onions and tomatoes and topped with tamarind and mint chutneys. It was an interesting and delicious mix of textures and flavors. But don’t dally, or some of the bits will get soggy. Cumin’s samosas, presented with colorful vegetable rings, were slightly doughy and lacked flavor. Also lacking in flavor was fish amritsari, but the tilapia was fresh and had nice raw vegetable bits with what were supposedly spices and (bland) ginger-garlic paste.

If you order dinner, you get your choice of soup or a basic salad. I suggest the thin and tasty lentil vegetarian soup. And the rice served with dinner was a good long-grain basmati, nicely cooked and attractively topped with carrots and peas.

Saag paneer, spinach with cheese, was boring, with grayish spinach lacking in flavor. Peshawari cholley—chickpeas in an onion, tomato and garlic sauce—was sour and lacked salt; it was slightly hot (in either sense). Yellow tarka dal, simmered yellow lentils, was lacking in flavor.

By contrast, saag paneer on the lunch buffet a different day was quite good, with a nice green to the spinach and mild but good flavor. A chicken curry was acceptable, as were the four other dishes I sampled from the buffet: a-loo gobhi zaikedar (cauliflower and potato), lamb korma (if I read the labels right) and two kinds of rice. The buffet also offered lots of other stuff, including a whole confusing line of sauces. You can sample all four desserts, which, of course, I did. They were better than I expected. In particular, the rice pudding was thin, but good, and, while the mango custard looked like Cheez Whiz, it was nice.

I had never tried gobhi Manchurian before. I’m glad I did. It was succulent batter-fried pieces of cauliflower sautéed with pieces of bell pepper and onion in a sauce identified only as “the Chef’s special sauce.” Malabar jhinga curry (“An Indian Classic,” according the menu) was excellent, with large shrimp in a sauce full of flavor from curry, coconut, herbs and spices. Rogan josh, another classic, provided tender and tasty lumps of lamb in a mild curry sauce, unusually garnished with cilantro. The competently cooked mixed tandoori grill was an interesting assortment of kebabs and other meats in that lovely orange shade of tandoori marinade.

Breads were good, even on the evening when the other dishes were off. The bread basket provided regular and garlic naan and onion kulcha. I also tried missi roti, a thin bread of chickpea and whole wheat flour with onion, cilantro and spices, and pudina paratha, whole wheat bread filled with seasoned mint leaves and cooked on a griddle.

The drink menu listed one Indian wine, but it wasn’t available during my trips. The Indian beers were surprisingly good; I liked Flying Horse Royal Lager Beer, which was clean, balanced and flavorful.

Cumin Indian Restaurant

1025 Polaris Pkwy.


Atmosphere: Spacious, attractive, relaxed.

Recommended dishes: Spicy mango shrimp, bhel poori, gobhi Manchurian, malabar jhinga curry, rogan josh.

Price range: Appetizers $3.99-$9.99; soups, salads and sides $3.99-$4.99; entrees $9.99-$17.99; breads $1.99-$5.99; desserts $3.99-$7.99.

Hours: Lunch buffet Monday through Friday 11 am to 2 pm and Saturday and Sunday 11:30 am to 3 pm; dinner 5 to 10 pm daily.

Service: Uneven. Sometimes good, other times confused.

Reservations: Accepted.

Rating: ***



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Set aside for a moment all the holes in Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel’s story about why he didn’t disclose to his bosses that he knew about Tattoo-gate. And that he displayed an alarming affection for exclamation points in those now famous e-mail exchanges with the attorney who tipped him to his players turning OSU memorabilia into cash and tats (“I hear you!!” “It’s unbelievable!!” “Go Bucks!!”).

Instead, focus on how Ohio State chose to do damage control. Or, as it turned out, how it didn’t do damage control. The case in point was the pivotal press conference March 8 at the Jack Nicklaus Museum on Ohio State’s west campus. Yahoo! Sports broke a story the day before, citing a source saying Tressel knew that his players sold or traded their Big Ten championship rings and other stuff to tattoo parlor owner Eddie Rife in April. That was eight months before OSU announced to the world key players, including quarterback Terrelle Pryor, would sit out five games in 2011 (but not the Sugar Bowl) for their transgressions.

If the story were true, Tressel would be in huge trouble, maybe even lose his job, and the university could take a big hit to its reputation. Indeed, the story was accurate. And the press conference was OSU’s chance to minimize the pain.

You had to like the university’s chances of walking away with as little mud as possible when it sent its three biggest guns to acknowledge Tressel’s secret: Tressel himself, OSU athletic director Gene Smith and university president Gordon Gee. All are considered at the top of their professions (which, these days, includes a heavy dose of media/public relations), with Gee, in particular, a master at clear, concise and effective communication. And as Bruce Hooley, writing for Fox Sports Ohio, later pointed out, they collectively represent $7 million in annual salaries. For that kind of investment, you’d figure they could handle the job.


By most accounts, the presser made things worse. Tressel, while speaking somberly, never said he was sorry. In fact, he remarked, “I don’t think less of myself at this moment.” His explanations left a lot of folks feeling puzzled or worse. If this was supposed to be the public apology part of his school-induced punishment (in addition to a two-game suspension and $250,000 fine), he clearly would have to do it again. (The following week, Tressel apologized at a speaking engagement in Canton and then requested three more games be added to his suspension.) Smith and Gee, spewing a tidal wave of praise for Tressel, came across as if they were announcing a contract extension for the coach instead of a violation of NCAA rules. Then Gee made the biggest flub: When asked by a reporter whether he considered firing Tressel, he shot back: “Are you kidding? Let me just be very clear. I’m just hopeful the coach doesn’t dismiss me.”

On one hand, it was classic Gee: self-deprecating humor to ease the tension in the room; anyone who has spent time with him has heard something similar many times. On the other hand, though, it was very unGeelike. The timing was terrible, as if he’d suddenly gone tone deaf. His quip gave critics a big club to pummel the university, which has worked hard to diminish its image as a football factory, over who and what really runs OSU.

The fallout was quick and harsh. Sports columnists used that club to start bashing away, especially noting Gee’s joke (or “joke” as some portrayed it). Sports Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel wrote, “The ‘extenuating circumstances’ Ohio State is trotting out in his defense are simply not believable. But you wouldn’t know it by the way [Smith and Gee] spoke. . . .” And’s Mark Schlabach added: “On Tuesday night, we learned Tressel isn’t any different from a lot of coaches in college football. He’s apparently more concerned about winning games and championships than following rules and doing things the right way. In fact, Tressel might be even worse than other coaches who are corrupting college athletics. He won’t admit he’s wrong even after he has been caught.”

Even Jena McGregor, who writes a leadership column for the Washington Post, used the press conference as an example of “the danger of sticking by your stars.” She wrote: “No leader or employee, no matter how beloved, how great of a performer or how integral to an organization’s success, should be given unconditional support. . . . Tressel may be an Ohio State icon, but it’s Smith’s and Gee’s job to remember that even stars fall to Earth, and have to play by the rules.”

So what went wrong? Columbus Monthly asked communications experts for their opinions. (OSU declined interview requests for this story.)

Overall, their comments perhaps are understatedly summed up best by Marcy Fleisher, a former Channel 10 reporter who now runs her own PR firm. “It didn’t go exactly as planned,” she says with a laugh. And Fleisher wonders if an OSU communications person was “passing out” during the press conference.

Another media professional was more direct. “It was an absolute disaster.” (Although it should be noted that one PR pro, Lisa Griffin, says, “Under a difficult situation, they did a good job.”)

The biggest problem was tone, with Gee’s flip comment leading the pack, as well as too much praise for Tressel. “I think it projected around the country that Ohio State wasn’t taking this very seriously,” says Robin Yocum, a former Dispatch reporter and corporate communications executive who now runs his own public relations business. (Yocum once was a freelance contributor to Columbus Monthly.)

The root of the trouble, Fleisher says, is the approach Smith and Gee embraced. “They went in thinking, ‘We are a united front and we are behind this coach, period.’ I think the theme should have been, ‘We understand the seriousness. . . .’ ”

Fleisher has much to say about Tressel’s fumbles. “He talked in a lot of circles,” she says. “What that created was even more questions, which was the last thing they needed at that point.” Though Tressel’s explanation seemed implausible, she says, “There had to have been a better way to have presented that.” She suggests: “Listen, I’m not a lawyer. I’m a football coach. Should I have sought counsel? You bet. That was a mistake.”

His word choice was off, too, especially since he kept saying “probably.” She says, “I would have counseled him to say, ‘I should have done this. I should have done that.’ It’s a slight change in wording, but there is a difference.”

She adds, “Jim Tressel is a smart guy. He didn’t appear so smart at that news conference and that rang a little false.”

Others noted it looked as if Smith, Gee and Tressel were unprepared. Yes, the Yahoo! story only broke the day before, but communications experts say they should have known a leak was likely and planned accordingly. And there’s debate on who should have attended the press conference. Some think Gee shouldn’t have shown up. Yocum suggests the university would have done better to keep Tressel out of the press conference and made him available later to reporters. Yocum speculates that it was “tough for Gee to express the seriousness of the violation with Tressel sitting right next to him. I think that was probably at the center of what went wrong with that press conference.”

Fleisher disagrees: “It would have looked as if he was hiding.”

Veteran communications strategist David Milenthal has spent the past 30 years putting out media fires in politics, public affairs and business. He has long-standing ties with Ohio State, but he wasn’t involved in the school’s Tattoo-gate PR response. Still, from the outside, it appears to him that the university missed a chance to turn around its Football Factory image. “There are very few times when the lights of the national media shine on you,” he says. “Even if they are shining on you initially for a very bad reason, you do have a chance to use that to show who you are, what your core is about, what your soul is about.”

Milenthal is afraid the university’s overall reputation is at risk. “This situation has the danger of further building the image of this as a football school before anything else,” he says. He praises Gee for building Ohio State’s academics in recent years, but his ill-timed quip and the leniency he showed toward Tressel could harm those efforts. “What’s important here is Gordon Gee and the university, not Jim Tressel, not the athletic department,” Milenthal says. “I know they bring in a lot of money. But it’s time to focus on building a great medical school and building a great academic institution.”

Yet all hope is not lost, says Milenthal. The press conference was just one event in what is sure to be a long-running media soap opera, and he says the university can recover with decisive action. “I still think they have a terrific chance to use this to actually make a statement where people say, ‘Wow, this university has a helluva lot of integrity. It’s a place I want to go. It cares more about academics than just football.’ ”

On March 17, OSU appeared to try to do just that by accepting Tressel’s idea for the additional suspension.

Dave Ghose is an associate editor for and Ray Paprocki is the editor of Columbus Monthly.

pr.jpg How Ohio State screwed up the press conference for Tattoo-gate Part II. " 1 1320 " Anatomy of a PR fumble How Ohio State screwed up the press conference for Tattoo-gate Part II. Dave Ghose and Ray Paprocki " 7 4768 " t " 19462 " OSU football coach Jim Tressl not apologizing at the Jack Nicklaus Museum March 8. Photo by Eric Lyttle. 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Rostislav Klesla thinks I look like Adam Levine.

Although, it quickly became clear that he didn’t know his name, only that he was the lead singer for Maroon 5.

I’d approached the hulking Czech defenseman with wide-eyed admiration, eager to shake his hand, along with the other Columbus Blue Jackets players at Park Street Patio that night in late April.

He took one look at me, ignoring whatever incoherent babble made its way out of my mouth, grabbed me by my shoulders and proudly marched me over to the tables on the outdoor patio overlooking the freeway where his teammates sat. Then, in his thick Eastern European accent, he began to yell excitedly, “Maroon 5! Maroon 5!”

The other players laughed. I’d just gotten a haircut that day. It’s quite possible I looked like the rock singer (who, I must say, I’ve heard from several ladies to be a pretty good-lookin’ fella . . . just sayin’).

Needless to say, I was beside myself.

The night before, the Jackets had had their Alamo moment. It was Game 4 of the team’s first-ever Stanley Cup Playoff appearance. They’d been defeated (soundly) in the previous three games by the defending Cup champion Detroit Red Wings team, and if ever there was a time to make a stand, it was Game 4. Stand they did.

Fall they did, as well, but a glorious stand it had been—re-tying the game three separate times before Steve Mason allowed the go-ahead goal in the third period by Johan Franzen, the man they call “the Mule” for his ability to carry his team to victory.

None of that mattered. The season was over and it was time for the team to celebrate.

There was Jared Boll, Kris Russell, Manny Malhotra, Jason Chimera and Jan Hejda, as well as Derek Dorsett, Chris Gratton, Jason Williams and Antoine Vermette, among others. Even Raffi Torres, my man-crush, was there. Yes, I have a man-crush. Yes, it’s on a dude named Raffi. No, he doesn’t sing children’s songs. I’m OK with it.

Derick Brassard was there, too. I’d interviewed the then-21-year-old a few months earlier, wishfully thinking that he and I would become best friends, call each other up and hang out regularly. “Hey, Derick, do you remember me?!” I asked. “I interviewed you for Columbus Monthly?!”


During my interview, I’d asked him, among other questions, whether he planned on throwing any punches on the ice. Here was his answer, verbatim: “I don’t know. If one day, someone did something bad to my teammates, maybe, but I’m not looking [to fight].”

A few weeks later, just before the magazine with the interview was going to print, someone did something bad to one of Brassard’s teammates. The ensuing tussle resulted in the dislocation of his shoulder and his absence from the Blue Jackets lineup for the remainder of the 2008-’09 season. It had been too late to remove the portion of the interview, however, so when the magazine hit the stands, people got to read all about how Brassard, who’d been out with the fight-related injury for close to a month by that point, wasn’t looking to fight.

Before then, even though the season had only just begun, he’d already been tapped as a leading contender for NHL Rookie of the Year.

My co-workers insisted I never again speak to Brassard, or any other player for that matter, for fear that my question had been some sort of voodoo jujitsu. (Though, if this were true and I somehow had these magical mental abilities, I thought to ask Antoine Vermette if he planned on scoring a couple-dozen hat-tricks next season, or find out what Raffi thought about Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, you know, voice-wise.)

OK, back to the story . . .

So, my friends and I had arrived to Patio that night, looking for some wholesome lightheartedness to steer our minds away from the rigors of another workweek gone by. We’d ordered our drinks and began, as we often do, to scope the place out for professional athletes. No sooner did we take our first sips than my eyes spotted a familiar face. Hey, that’s Jared Boll.

My buddy Dave gave the Jackets enforcer a swift slap on the back. “I have your f***in’ jersey!” he exclaimed. That’s a great statement for any sports fan to be able to make.

I asked Boll, who, at the time was the league’s leading scrapper, whether what I’d heard was true: that he’d never been in a fight in his life before playing hockey. “God’s honest truth,” he told me.

Shortly thereafter, I ran into a buddy of mine, Jeff. Even though Jeff’s not a hockey fan, I put up with him and allow him to be seen with me in public. Accordingly, he didn’t recognize any of these foreign-looking behemoths who’d so captivated my attention, and he quickly became annoyed with my increasing fanaticism as more and more players revealed themselves amid the crowd. He watched me as my eyes darted frantically toward them, then for anything I could possibly use to obtain autographs. “Ben!” I remember him telling me sternly. “When you see a celebrity, you need to keep your cool.”

Oh I will be cool!” I fired back. “As soon as you acknowledge that that’s Jason effing Chimera standing behind you!

It should be noted, by the way, that Chimera is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met (who make hundreds of thousands of dollars smashing others into boards for a living). I congratulated him on a great season, and expressed disbelief at his apparent regret for not getting past the first round of the playoffs. “No way,” I told him. “You guys were great!” I thought to give him a hug, but didn’t. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t be drinking around my heroes.

Jeff decided that the best way to illustrate his point was to show me, first-hand, how to be “cool” around celebrities.

He invited Rusty Klesla—all 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds of him—to go shot-for-shot.

He lost. Next thing I know, I’m peeling Jeff’s face off the pavement. Yeah, this from the guy who snarled at me about maintaining my composure . . .

After I helped Jeff and his friend get safely into a cab, I returned to find that some random guy was trying to pick a fight with Boll. That’s an interesting alternative to an autograph, I thought to myself. Permanent scarring works just as well as permanent ink. His teammates rushed in to diffuse the altercation, and once again I’m standing there, kicking myself to be a part of this. I’d have your back, Boller. Don’t let the façade fool you: I’m 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds of pure, unadulterated, unfiltered, unhindered testosterone.

In a way, though, I was slightly disappointed. In addition to being able to prove my worth in an unsanctioned bar bout, I was also denied the distinguished ability of handing out the second “Miss Teen South Carolina/Sen. Larry Craig/That one guy who’s been struck by lightning seven times Award for Making Hilariously Stupid Decisions.” Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Meanwhile, if you see a guy who somewhat resembles the Maroon 5 frontman, wearing a “I have a man-crush on Raffi” T-shirt at a Blue Jackets game or out in the Arena District, be sure to say hello!


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'pure':1208 'quit':142 'read':543 'rock':148 'rush':1165 'safe':1122 'scar':1155 'seen':853 'shot':1083,1085 'show':1056 'sing':362 'slap':758 'song':365 'soon':942 'sort':622 'spot':740 'sure':1312 'tabl':100 'take':733 'team':193,220,287,304 'teen':1248 'tell':919 'time':227,258,301,790,1262,1273 'told':823,1015 'took':72 'torr':336 'true':630,803 'voic':674 'wasn':566 'wear':1287 'week':471 'well':243,321,1159,1270 'wide':46 'wing':219 'wise':675 'wish':389 'work':1156 'yeah':1101 'year':383,595 'yell':122 'addit':1222 'admir':48 'ahead':266 'alamo':185 'allow':262,849 'along':54 'among':332,429 'annoy':880 'anoth':706 'anyth':907 'appar':1000 'april':70 'arena':1309 'arriv':687 'award':1263 'babbl':80 'becam':18,879 'becom':396 'began':120,716 'begun':580 'besid':175 'board':984 'buddi':750,831 'carri':285 'chris':325 'clear':19 'close':559 'could':909 'coupl':652 'crowd':894 'crush':340,349,1294 'czech':42 'decid':1045 'decis':1268 'derek':323 'doesn':360 'dozen':653 'drink':714,1040 'eager':49 'excit':123 'fella':167 'fight':468,555,570,811,1139 'first':196,735,1007,1059 'great':773,993,1020 'heard':156,801 'hejda':319 'hello':1315 'howev':532 'hundr':976 'ignor':77 'invit':1068 'jason':315,327,949 'johan':273 'larri':1251 'later':472 'laugh':131 'leagu':793 'levin':14,670 'magic':636 'manni':313 'march':95 'mason':261 'month':387,420,562 'mouth':87 'never':602,807 'night':2A,67,178,691 'occur':1032 'often':719 'order':712 'other':333,982 'patio':65,104,689 'peopl':540,969 'place':724 'point':565,1053 'pound':1077,1206 'print':483 'proud':94 'prove':1227 'punch':438 'quick':17,878 'raffi':335,357,663,1296 're-ti':251 'relat':556 'remov':526 'rigor':704 'rooki':592 'round':1008 'rusti':1069 'sayin':169 'scope':722 'score':649 'separ':257 'seven':1261 'sever':158 'shake':51 'shirt':1299 'short':825 'smash':981 'snarl':1107 'sound':206 'south':1249 'speak':604 'sport':777 'stand':231,236,247,539,952,1176 'steer':698 'stern':921 'steve':260 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" " " 1 1 " October " " " 7 4765 " t " 18876 " " " " " " " " " '80':101 'act':78 'art':66,111 'ben':115 'big':77,122 'bit':269 'cma':92 'dri':187 'ear':302 'eco':158 'fan':317 'get':235 'hat':211 'hot':68 'liz':264 'new':74,89,283 'old':104 'pet':252 'ray':336 'also':27 'anim':316 'back':236 'beck':340 'best':19 'busi':287 'citi':21,258 'crew':291 'dark':323 'deal':355 'dine':350,358 'even':281 'fall':65 'fame':172 'farr':190 'fave':57 'fenc':198 'food':13,270 'good':197 'guid':154,356 'help':241 'home':105 'hous':174 'john':7,10,225 'jori':189 'live':85 'look':90,361 'love':213 'near':100 'need':194 'next':325 'note':351 'ohio':275 'pair':82 'park':170 'plus':163 'ride':243 'roar':36 'said':332,334 'show':144 'slam':181 'slew':118 'suck':186 'took':217 'town':56,192 'turn':295 'year':103 'basic':239 'battl':54 'bring':76 'class':4 'comic':128 'coupl':138 'diner':346 'drink':272 'empti':44 'essay':61 'final':330 'focus':49 'fresh':360 'green':141 'hotel':311 'hovey':95 'insid':263 'kikyo':362 'knead':344 'kraft':307 'level':33,298 'littl':320,326 'local':63 'lunch':354 'manag':231 'mecca':113 'molli':202 'msnbc':267 'nicol':306 'octob':1A 'offer':24 'parti':277 'photo':60 'place':58 'prize':132 'rican':210,222 'scene':278 'steve':41 'storm':247 'today':262 'union':276 'unusu':81 'urban':345 'world':3,126,207 'aarrow':288 'affair':214 'aiesha':319 'albani':284 'around':191 'bistro':349 'circus':173 'column':175 'compet':29 'cooper':38 'cuisin':5 'depart':248 'ecolog':150 'econom':246 'elimin':148 'explor':165 'featur':34,253 'friend':159 'goodal':169 'happen':308 'includ':129 'kendra':94 'lemmon':72 'letter':249 'makeov':97 'market':299 'michel':71 'museum':109 'neglig':200 'petric':226 'player':123 'poetri':180,185 'puerto':209,221 'pulitz':131 'reveal':139 'review':343 'season':75 'secret':142 'sherri':339 'spirit':183 'street':297 'ticket':69 'wannab':220 'wealth':230 'welcom':204 'willow':203 'winner':133 'bargain':268,353 'brother':327 'campbel':234 'cartoon':112 'exhibit':120 'germain':260 'hammond':255 'highest':32 'homes/a':134 'japanes':315 'journal':259 'kitchen':167 'kristin':233 'lessner':265 'marshal':11 'preview':67 'problem':178 'product':160 'restaur':342 'section':136,229 'special':135,227 'spinner':293 'stadium':39 'upfront':254 'virtual':147 'advertis':228,289 'applianc':162 'ballpark':45 'calendar':286 'champlin':8 'classifi':329 'columbus':108,285,304,328 'gangster':223 'landmark':64 'neighbor':199 'nightlif':321 'noisiest':52 'paprocki':337,341 'rozenman':257 'squirrel':216 'year-old':102 'zenitski':116 'balletmet':87 'bollywood':348 'establish':14 'footprint':151 'overtaken':313 'shadowbox':84 'amphitheat':261 'culturewis':176 'eco-friend':157 'wartenberg':42 'world-class':2 'worthington':310 'neighborhood':53 'street-level':296 275 0 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2010/doc4c9d1219cf966775045603-4e5ff21f29d457.80379608.xml 0 f " 13773 2012-02-15 07:25:00 2012-02-15 07:25:00 2012-02-15 07:38:11 Using rap to teach math.

A small handful of videos uploaded to YouTube by teachers at Westerville South High School have gone viral thanks to their hysterical (and surprisingly effective) use of hip hop and rap to teach some of the more difficult concepts of math. Factoring and trigonometry are among the topics covered in the videos, which parody popular songs, and students are seen taking part--dancing and rapping in the classrooms and hallways of the northeast suburb school.

Will Smith's "Getting' Jiggy Wit It" becomes "Gettin' Triggy Wit It," and the more recent "Teach Me How to Dougie" by the Cali Swag District gets a remix as "Teach Me How to Factor." Click here to check them out.

--Ben Zenitsky

untitled2.bmp " " 1354 1354 " Westerville South High School math videos go viral " " " 7 4794 " t " 20038 " YouTube " " " " " A scene from Westerville South High School's math video "Teach Me How to Factor." " 'go':7A 'ben':130 'get':92,115 'hip':41 'hop':42 'rap':10B,44,78 'use':9B,39 'wit':94,99 'cali':112 'danc':76 'gone':30 'hand':16 'high':3A,27 'math':5A,13B,54 'part':75 'seen':73 'song':69 'swag':113 'take':74 'among':59 'becom':96 'check':127 'click':124 'cover':62 'dougi':109 'jiggi':93 'remix':117 'small':15 'smith':90 'south':2A,26 'teach':12B,46,105,119 'thank':32 'topic':61 'video':6A,18,65 'viral':8A,31 'effect':38 'factor':55,123 'gettin':97 'hyster':35 'parodi':67 'recent':104 'school':4A,28,88 'suburb':87 'triggi':98 'upload':19 'youtub':21 'concept':52 'hallway':83 'popular':68 'student':71 'surpris':37 'teacher':23 'district':114 'zenitski':131 'classroom':81 'difficult':51 'northeast':86 'westervill':1A,25 'trigonometri':57 1640 0 0 0 " " 0 f " 14577 2013-10-28 13:53:30 2013-10-28 13:38:00 2013-10-28 13:50:27 Franklinton’s rise up from The Bottoms has been slow and gradual. Now, a decade after the floodwall was completed, it seems the once-desolate neighborhood has finally found its niche as Columbus’ maker-movement epicenter.

Franklinton’s rise up from The Bottoms has been slow and gradual. Now, a decade after the floodwall was completed, it seems the once-desolate neighborhood has finally found its niche as Columbus’ maker-movement epicenter. Early next year, the Columbus Idea Foundry (CIF) will move to a new, larger location in Franklinton, a few blocks from COSI. Jim Sweeney, executive director of the Franklinton Development Association since 2002, hopes CIF’s move will propel Franklinton’s creative initiatives already in motion at art-studio collective 400 West Rich and COSI.

“I think what we have here is an initiative—a movement, almost—of people who want to work somewhat independently from the bigger intuitions and create an innovative space that’s authentic and encouraging of different individuals pursing their aspirations,” says Sweeney, who helped CIF obtain a $350,000 grant from ArtPlace America for the move.

COSI and CIF have already teamed up for the annual Mini Maker Faire, and COSI public relations manager Jaclyn Reynolds says more collaboration is in the works. CIF and 400 West Rich members have also worked together on projects, like the hydroponics installation at new Franklinton restaurant Strongwater. But CIF manager Matthew Hatcher says being closer neighbors will afford even more opportunity to create together. CIF will provide the tools and builders, while 400 West Rich has the artists and COSI offers institutional backing.

“We’re hoping for nothing short of a cultural, creative community,” says Sweeney, who has his sights set on bringing art collective Wonderland to Franklinton next.

map.jpg Franklinton’s rise up from The Bottoms has been slow and gradual. Now, a decade after the floodwall was completed, it seems the once-desolate neighborhood has finally found its niche as Columbus’ maker-movement epicenter. " 1352 1352 " Where the Makers Are " " " 4 4837 21 t " 20926 " " Where the Makers Are " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|showpagetitle=yes|showarticleimage=yes|showbreadcrumb=yes|type=standard|template=article.tpl 're':318 '000':225 '350':224 '400':172,262,306 'art':169,337 'cif':128,155,221,235,260,282,298 'jim':143 'new':133,277 'say':217,253,286,328 'set':334 '2002':153 'also':267 'back':316 'cosi':142,176,233,247,313 'even':292 'fair':245 'help':220 'hope':154,319 'idea':126 'like':272 'mini':243 'move':130,157,232 'next':122,342 'nich':35A,73B,114 'noth':321 'purs':214 'rich':174,264,308 'rise':6A,44B,85 'seem':25A,63B,104 'sinc':152 'slow':13A,51B,92 'team':238 'tool':302 'want':192 'west':173,263,307 'work':194,259,268 'year':123 'aspir':216 'block':140 'bring':336 'creat':202,296 'decad':18A,56B,97 'desol':29A,67B,108 'earli':121 'final':32A,70B,111 'found':33A,71B,112 'grant':226 'initi':163,185 'innov':204 'locat':135 'maker':3A,39A,77B,82,118,244 'manag':250,283 'offer':314 'peopl':190 'relat':249 'short':322 'sight':333 'space':205 'think':178 'afford':291 'almost':188 'annual':242 'artist':311 'associ':151 'bigger':199 'bottom':10A,48B,89 'closer':288 'cultur':325 'differ':212 'execut':145 'instal':275 'intuit':200 'jaclyn':251 'larger':134 'member':265 'motion':166 'obtain':222 'propel':159 'provid':300 'public':248 'studio':170 'togeth':269,297 'alreadi':164,237 'america':229 'artplac':228 'authent':208 'builder':304 'collect':171,338 'complet':23A,61B,102 'creativ':162,326 'develop':150 'epicent':41A,79B,120 'foundri':127 'gradual':15A,53B,94 'hatcher':285 'matthew':284 'project':271 'restaur':279 'reynold':252 'sweeney':144,218,329 'collabor':255 'columbus':37A,75B,116,125 'director':146 'encourag':210 'floodwal':21A,59B,100 'hydropon':274 'independ':196 'individu':213 'institut':315 'movement':40A,78B,119,187 'neighbor':289 'opportun':294 'somewhat':195 'communiti':327 'maker-mov':38A,76B,117 'strongwat':280 'art-studio':168 'once-desol':27A,65B,106 'wonderland':339 'franklinton':4A,42B,83,137,149,160,278,341 'neighborhood':30A,68B,109 691 3 0 0 " " 0 f " 13984 2012-06-11 14:08:00 2012-06-11 13:42:00 2012-06-11 14:43:37 If you wonder what becomes of English majors, that’s how executive chef and co-owner David Tetzloff started out, and he’s been cooking at G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar for over 10 years. And doing a fine job...

If you wonder what becomes of English majors, that’s how executive chef and co-owner David Tetzloff started out, and he’s been cooking at G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar for over 10 years. And doing a fine job, by the way. His food could be accused of occasionally going overboard with too many interesting ingredients, except they make culinary sense, so he’s forgiven.

G. Michael’s is located on the corner of Third and Willow streets in German Village, a spot where there has been a good restaurant as far back as I can remember. And G. Michael’s has gotten even better than I remembered. The place has several sections: a large bar area where you enter, a nice-sized dining room to the rear, and a pleasant patio outside.

They make a fine martini, of course, beautifully balanced and beautifully cold. Also perhaps the best whiskey sour I’ve had in town, somehow fragrant and luscious. I suspect a secret ingredient, but was too civilized to ask.

There’s a fine selection of wines. One night, we got a bottle of Nebbiolo that was corked, and the wine guy was perfect in handling the situation.

OK, on to the food. I was utterly wowed by Caramelized Onion Tart with chorizo sausage and gruyere cheese. The pastry was flakey and delectable, the filling rich and savory, and the accompanying arugula salad was generously sized and flavorful.

G. MichaelsAnother big wow for Knife and Fork Crostini with braised pork belly, warm hominy vinaigrette and sweet slaw. The world is catching on to how delicious pork belly can be, and this one is done right. I don’t know how hominy contributes to vinaigrette, but it works, and the slaw was delicious.

By comparison, another appetizer was merely very good. The johnnycakes were thick and relatively under-flavored in the Sauteed Johnnycakes with creamy crab, scallop and bacon ragout and sauteed spinach with smoked tomato vinaigrette. Keep in mind that I am a johnnycake fanatic. G. Michael’s aren’t as good as mine, but they’re good, and the trimmings work, despite their complexity.

Entrees were uniformly excellent. I was particularly taken with the elegantly simple Fried, Amish-raised Half Chicken with truffle mashed potatoes, green beans, goat cheese croquette and black pepper gravy. OK, the potato and croquette are a little fussy, but the ample and perfectly cooked chicken was crisp and delicious.

One of my guests chose G. Michael’s Vegetable Plate, and as is so often the case, was rewarded by a very substantial portion of a great many fresh and interestingly cooked selections.

I’d have been jealous, except that I was busy with the BBQ-rubbed, Ohio-raised 14-ounce New York Strip, roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed mustard greens, topped with sunny-side egg and pork cracklins. As usual, the rub detracted by hiding the flavor of the beef, which was good. And the sunny-side egg on top was a smash.

With some trepidation, another evening I ordered Grilled Beef Filet on smoked cheddar mashed potatoes, country ham skillet beans, fried duck livers and red-eyed gravy. The reason for trepidation is that filet mignon, while tender, just lacks flavor. But the gravy helped, and the lovely crisp-fried duck livers provided just the right amount of interest. See what I mean about Chef Tetzloff’s fussy ingredients actually working out in terms of eating pleasure? n

crave_top10_gmichaels02.jpg G. Michael’s chef David Tetzloff continues to wow with his complex creations G. Michael’s, German Village, Columbus, Ohio, restaurant, David Tetzloff 1352 1352 " Village Classic G. Michael’s chef David Tetzloff continues to wow with his complex creations John Champlin " 15 4806 " t " 20261 " " Restaurant Review: G. Michael’s in German Village | Columbus Monthly " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard 'd':536 'g':3A,43B,57,70,84,119,159,192,431,507 'n':676 '10':50B,126 '14':553 'co':31B,107 'go':143 'ok':294,482 're':442 've':247 'ask':265 'bar':47B,123,209 'bbq':548 'big':335 'eat':674 'egg':569,593 'eye':624 'far':185 'fri':463,618,648 'got':276 'guy':287 'ham':615 'job':56B,132 'new':555 'one':273,366,502 'red':623 'rub':549,576 'see':658 'top':564,595 'way':135 'wow':11A,65,302,336 'also':240 'ampl':493 'area':210 'aren':434 'back':186 'bean':474,617 'beef':584,607 'best':243 'busi':544 'case':518 'chef':6A,28B,60,104,663 'cold':239 'cook':41B,117,496,533 'cork':283 'crab':410 'dine':218 'done':368 'duck':619,649 'eleg':461 'even':197,603 'fill':320 'fine':55B,131,231,269 'food':137,298 'fork':340 'goat':475 'good':182,394,437,443,587 'half':467 'help':642 'hide':579 'john':80 'keep':422 'know':373 'lack':637 'larg':208 'love':645 'make':152,229 'mani':147,529 'mash':471,612 'mean':661 'mere':392 'mind':424 'mine':439 'nice':216 'ohio':76,551 'ounc':554 'pork':344,360,571 'rais':466,552 'rear':222 'rich':321 'room':219 'sens':154 'side':568,592 'size':217,331 'slaw':351,384 'sour':245 'spot':176 'tart':306 'term':672 'town':250 'trim':446 'warm':346 'wine':272,286 'work':381,447,669 'year':51B,127 'york':556 'accus':140 'amish':465 'anoth':334,389,602 'appet':390 'bacon':413 'becom':20B,96 'belli':345,361 'black':479 'bottl':278 'brais':343 'catch':355 'chees':312,476 'chose':506 'civil':263 'could':138 'cours':234 'crisp':499,647 'david':7A,33B,61,78,109 'enter':213 'entre':451 'excel':454 'fanat':430 'filet':608,632 'fresh':530 'fussi':490,666 'gravi':481,625,641 'great':528 'green':473,563 'grill':606 'guest':505 'handl':291 'knife':338 'littl':489 'liver':620,650 'locat':163 'major':23B,99 'month':91 'night':274 'often':516 'onion':305 'order':605 'owner':32B,108 'patio':226 'place':203 'plate':511 'relat':400 'right':369,654 'roast':558 'salad':328 'saute':406,416,561 'sever':205 'simpl':462 'smash':598 'smoke':419,610 'start':35B,111 'strip':557 'sunni':567,591 'sweet':350,559 'taken':458 'thick':398 'third':168 'usual':574 'utter':301 'veget':510 'world':353 'actual':668 'amount':655 'balanc':236 'beauti':235,238 'better':198 'bistro':46B,122 'co-own':30B,106 'corner':166 'creami':409 'delect':318 'delici':359,386,501 'despit':448 'except':150,540 'execut':27B,103 'flakey':316 'flavor':333,403,581,638 'german':73,88,173 'gotten':196 'gruyer':311 'homini':347,375 'mignon':633 'nice-s':215 'outsid':227 'pastri':314 'pepper':480 'perhap':241 'potato':472,484,560,613 'provid':651 'ragout':414 'reason':627 'red-ey':622 'rememb':190,201 'review':83 'reward':520 'sausag':309 'savori':323 'secret':258 'select':270,534 'situat':293 'street':171 'tender':635 'tomato':420 'trepid':601,629 'truffl':470 'villag':1A,74,89,174 'willow':170 'wonder':18B,94 'arugula':327 'bbq-rub':547 'caramel':304 'cheddar':611 'chicken':468,497 'chorizo':308 'classic':2A 'complex':14A,68,450 'continu':9A,63 'countri':614 'detract':577 'english':22B,98 'ingredi':149,259,667 'jealous':539 'martini':232 'michael':4A,44B,58,71,85,120,160,193,432,508 'mustard':562 'perfect':289,495 'pleasur':675 'portion':525 'restaur':77,82,183 'scallop':411 'section':206 'skillet':616 'somehow':251 'spinach':417 'suspect':256 'uniform':453 'whiskey':244 'champlin':81 'columbus':75,90 'cracklin':572 'creation':15A,69 'croquett':477,486 'crostini':341 'culinari':153 'forgiven':158 'fragrant':252 'generous':330 'interest':148,532,657 'luscious':254 'nebbiolo':280 'occasion':142 'pleasant':225 'tetzloff':8A,34B,62,79,110,664 'accompani':326 'contribut':376 'crisp-fri':646 'johnnycak':396,407,429 'ohio-rais':550 'overboard':144 'substanti':524 'sunny-sid':566,590 'amish-rais':464 'comparison':388 'particular':457 'vinaigrett':348,378,421 'under-flavor':401 2249 9 1 0 " " 1 f " 14554 2013-10-08 08:53:00 2013-10-08 08:43:00 2013-10-08 09:05:23 It may be large, but the Dublin home of Shelley and Urban Meyer is more laid-back than lavish. That’s exactly how they want it.

Shelley Meyer bought the couches in her great room at Ashley Furniture. All her lamps came from T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods. She clips recipes from the newspaper. She even mows her own lawn.

Meyer is as unassuming and welcoming as they come. So it’s no surprise that the home she purchased last year with husband Urban, head coach of the Ohio State University football team, follows suit.

Built for entertaining, the 11,700-square-foot brick house in Muirfield Village is decorated with practical yet stylish appeal. Family photos line the walls. Sports memorabilia—including three paintings of Woody Hayes—catch the eye throughout. Comfortable seating is abundant in every room.

“I like relaxed,” Meyer says. “I never wanted a house where people felt like they couldn’t touch anything, or it was cold and stuffy and not warm and inviting and friendly. I’m just very simple.”

That doesn’t mean the 1985 home is without wow factors. Distinctive features include a spiraling oak stairway off the main living area that connects all three levels of the house, a six-walled Florida room overlooking the rear of the 2-acre property, a floor-to-ceiling pocket door that can close off an entire wing of the downstairs for energy efficiency and four fireplaces—only two of which get used, Meyer says.

Yet the real selling point for the Meyers was the open layout and abundance of natural light.

“I know there’s not a lot of light here in the winter, so I wanted a house that had a lot of windows,” she says. “I was also looking for that open floor plan, which I was having a hard time finding. Everything is just so chopped up around here. This house is so open, but it’s also so much more than we really need—but we also got it for a really great price.”

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the Meyers bought the home for $1.45 million, which is slightly more than half of the original 2010 asking price of $2.8 million.

Another nice perk is the home’s location off of the seventh fairway of Muirfield Village Golf Course, where the Memorial Tournament is held each spring.

“Urban loves golf,” Meyer says. Their teenage son, Nate, has also grown fond of the game. “When we found this house and it was on a golf course and it was in a nice area, it all came together. This was the house.”


Have decorator, will travel

Meyer loved the look, layout and feel of her Florida home, where she and her family lived before moving to Ohio.

“It was all wicker and palm-tree designs,” she says. “It was decorated totally Tommy Bahama-ish.”

Unsure of how to make tropical-themed furnishings fit visually into a Midwestern home—and unwilling to purchase all new items—she turned to her trusted Florida interior decorator, Sharon Adair.

“I told Sharon, ‘I know I can‘t have Florida in Ohio, but I want a flavor of Florida in Ohio because that’s what I like,’ ” Meyer says.

Although she is retired, Adair traveled to Columbus before the closing to take measurements and returned a few weeks later when the Meyers were moving in. 

“Sharon stayed with me five days and helped me unpack and place everything,” Meyer says. “She was fantastic. She made it work.”

The Meyers’ dining room set with a subtle tropical look made the move from Florida, as did some richly colored, padded wicker furniture that now aptly resides in the Florida room.

Adair also created a first-floor guest room with a Key West feel—from the Caribbean-blue walls to the ginkgo -leaf print on the comforter.

“It just all came together,” Meyer says. “We only painted three rooms and replaced the carpet in one room. Everything else we tried to jazz up with colorful furniture or bedspreads or something like that.”

The Meyers also removed dark brown carpeting that covered an entire wing of the downstairs, including the kitchen, to reveal dark-stained hardwood floors below. After adding a few decorative rugs for warmth and color, the space soon became one of the family’s favorites.

“This is where we spend most of our time,” Meyer says, settling into one of two high-back chairs in a window nook along the back of the house, adjacent to the kitchen.

“Urban likes to watch film here with the fire on in the winter,” she says. “We don’t have to go far to the kitchen, and I’m close enough if the doorbell rings.”

In warmer months, the Meyers relax on the brick and concrete back patio, overlooking their in-ground swimming pool and the pristinely manicured golf course beyond.

The second floor is home to what Meyer calls a “sports art gallery,” with walls covered in photos of their son and two college-age daughters playing various sports at different stages of their lives as well as of Urban coaching.

“Urban is the one who really loves pictures,” she says. “As you walk around, there are pictures of our kids everywhere and our history with college football—all the things we’ve ever done. He’s a nut about pictures.”

Her husband’s home office includes photos of several iconic football coaches.

“Urban has a shelf dedicated to his mentors,” she says. “He has a miniature of the new Woody statue that was just dedicated. He has a picture of Woody Hayes, Lou Holtz, Earle Bruce, Sonny Lubick—all the head coaches that he’s worked with who helped shape his career.”

Only a few pieces of wall decor in the Meyer home are not centered around sports. One such painting, done by a friend, hangs in the great room. It depicts the view from the family’s lake house in Melrose, Florida.

“You feel like you’re in a whole different world when you’re there,” Meyer says. “It’s a very tiny, quiet little community. It’s beautiful. When I go down to Gainesville to visit friends, I stay there. We spent two weeks there at Christmas last year because we had no bowl game. We won’t get to do that anymore.”

Nancy Byron is a freelance writer, editor and publicity consultant in Dublin.




Balancing home, work and communituy

Balancing her roles as a mother of three, part-time clinical instructor at Ohio State University’s College of Nursing, Spinning instructor with Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club and first lady of Ohio State football leaves Shelley Meyer with little free time. Yet she regularly makes herself available to speak at, attend or chair several local charity events.

She was captain of Team Buckeye for Pelotonia, riding the 50-mile route for a second straight year this August. She and Urban have become the headliners for the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, which sails each February, and they support the Ronald McDonald House Charities golf tournament each July.

“We’re heavily involved with The James and giving a lot of financial support to that,” Meyer says. “And last Christmas, we went to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and passed out presents to really ill kids.”

This past spring, she attended a fundraiser for the Center for Balanced Living, spoke at a breakfast benefitting Fore Hope—an organization helping disabled and special-needs people through the game of golf—and met with someone who does manicures and pedicures for little girls with cancer.

“There are so many random things,” she says. “I’m totally overwhelmed by the requests I get.”

Although it’s hard to say no, Meyer strives to keep her priorities straight. She won’t miss one of her son’s baseball games, for example, or her streak of watching her husband work his magic on the gridiron.

“I’ve only missed two games since Urban’s been a head coach,” she says. This will be his 13th year in that role.

“It’s been hard to filter through and decide what I can do and what I can’t do, because I can’t do everything,” she continues. “There are some days during the week where I just want nothing. I do like to chill out sometimes.”

In the time Meyer reserves for herself, she likes to jog, attend boot camp-style fitness classes, go Spinning, visit her daughters, Nicki and Gigi, at college to watch them play volleyball and, during football’s off-season, travel with her husband.

“We have a Nike coaches’ trip we go on,” she says. “We do the Buckeye Cruise. I like to go to Florida because winter is very hard on me, so I like to get away. But the Nike trip is my favorite thing we do every year.

“We’ve been all over Hawaii. We’ve been to Puerto Rico, Aruba, different places in Mexico. We went to Nevis this year, which I’d never heard of. It’s a really tiny island right beside St. Kitts way down in the Caribbean. That was beautiful and wonderful and exotic and different—and sunny and warm in February. It’s like a honeymoon. It’s just a nice getaway.”

Best of all, Meyer says, there are no Wolverines allowed.

“You have to be a Nike school,” Meyer says. “So Michigan gets no Nike trip, which I love.”


hg_meyer_5.jpg It may be large, but the Dublin home of Shelley and Urban Meyer is more laid-back than lavish. That’s exactly how they want it. Shelley Meyer, Urban Meyer, Dublin, Ohio State 1352 1352 " At home with Shelley Meyer It may be large, but the Dublin home of Shelley and Urban Meyer is more laid-back than lavish. That’s exactly how they want it. BY NANCY BYRON " 11 4836 " t " 20901 " PHotos by Will Shilling At home with Shelley Meyer | Columbus Monthly Home & Garden " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|showpagetitle=yes|showarticleimage=yes|showbreadcrumb=yes|type=standard|template=article.tpl '2':295 'd':1607 'm':249,874,1373 '11':175 '50':1241 'ad':794 'go':867,1122,1509,1542,1554 're':1097,1105,1281 'st':1619 've':981,1422,1583,1589 '2.8':449 '700':176 'acr':296 'age':933 'apt':698 'art':919 'ask':446 'day':656,1475 'els':752 'eye':207 'far':868 'fit':573,1507 'get':325,1150,1380,1568,1673 'got':416 'hay':204,1031 'ill':1314 'ish':563 'jog':1501 'key':715 'kid':969,1315 'lot':352,367,1290 'lou':1032 'may':7A,33B,59 'met':1351 'mow':132 'new':584,1018 'nut':987 'oak':269 'one':749,807,826,953,1068,1399 'pad':693 'rug':798 'say':220,328,371,481,555,624,665,738,823,861,959,1011,1108,1297,1371,1386,1435,1545,1656,1670 'set':677 'six':286 'son':484,928,1402 't.j':120 'tri':754 'two':322,828,930,1134,1425 'use':326 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'time':387,821,1182,1214,1493 'tini':1113,1615 'told':597 'tree':552 'trip':1540,1573,1676 'turn':587 'view':1083 'walk':962 'wall':196,287,723,922,1057 'want':31A,57B,83,223,361,610,1482 'warm':243,1638 'week':643,1135,1478 'well':945 'went':1302,1600 'west':716 'wing':311,778 'work':672,1045,1169,1415 'year':156,1140,1248,1441,1581,1604 'abund':212,342 'adair':595,629,704 'adjac':843 'allow':1661 'along':837 'anoth':451 'anyth':234 'aruba':1594 'avail':1220 'becam':806 'becom':1255 'besid':1618 'brick':180,889 'brown':772 'bruce':1035 'built':171 'byron':93,1156 'catch':205 'chair':832,1226 'chill':1488 'class':1508 'close':307,635,875 'coach':161,949,1001,1041,1433,1539 'color':692,759,802 'couch':107 'cours':468,504,906 'cover':775,923 'creat':706 'cruis':1261,1550 'decid':1453 'decor':186,521,558,593,797,1058 'dedic':1006,1024 'doesn':254 'entir':310,777 'event':1230 'everi':214,1580 'exact':28A,54B,80 'first':709,1202 'floor':300,379,710,791,910 'found':495 'great':110,421,1078 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'wolverin':1660 'bedspread':762 'breakfast':1332 'camp-styl':1504 'caribbean':721,1625 'communiti':1116 'downstair':314,781 'entertain':173 'everywher':970 'high-back':829 'honeymoon':1645 'in-ground':896 'laid-back':21A,47B,73 'muirfield':183,465 'nationwid':1304 'overwhelm':1375 'pelotonia':1238 'volleybal':1523 'bahama-ish':561 'college-ag':931 'communituy':1171 'dark-stain':787 'gainesvill':1125 'instructor':1184,1194 'midwestern':577 'off-season':1528 'special-ne':1341 'throughout':208 'tournament':472,1277 'first-floor':708 'memorabilia':198 'square-foot':177 'caribbean-blu':720 'floor-to-ceil':299 'tropical-them':569 12936 17 7 0 " " 0 f " 13806 2012-02-21 13:49:44 2012-02-21 13:49:44 2012-02-21 13:49:44 "

The Arthritis Foundation’s Wine & Dine celebrated its 11th year Sept. 1 at the convention center’s Battelle Grand. The 700 guests enjoyed gourmet food and wine from more than 20 restaurants, a silent auction and music by Conspiracy Band. Tastings in the VIP room offered exclusive food and rare wines. Tickets were $100, VIP tasting $150, corporate tables $1,800. The event raised more than $90,000 to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. (Photos and IDs courtesy Michael Price/Fairfield Photography.)

WD2.jpg " " 1354 1354 " Wine & Dine " " " 7 4791 " t " 20071 " By Michael Price/Fairfield Photography " " " " " Jim and Lauri Sullivan and Cydney and Terry Philbin. pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard '1':14,62 '20':33 '90':69 'id':78 '000':70 '100':56 '150':59 '700':23 '800':63 'vip':46,57 '11th':11 'band':42 'dine':2A,8 'food':27,50 'rais':66 'rare':52 'room':47 'sept':13 'tabl':61 'tast':43,58 'wine':1A,7,29,53 'year':12 'enjoy':25 'event':65 'grand':21 'guest':24 'music':39 'offer':48 'photo':76 'celebr':9 'center':18 'corpor':60 'exclus':49 'silent':36 'ticket':54 'auction':37 'battell':20 'benefit':72 'convent':17 'foundat':5,75 'gourmet':26 'michael':80 'restaur':34 'arthriti':4,74 'courtesi':79 'conspiraci':41 'photographi':82 'price/fairfield':81 1966 9 0 0 " " 1 f " 14518 2013-09-19 08:36:43 2013-09-17 11:39:00 2013-09-17 13:53:16 From your proposal to your wedding day, everything is a representation of you. So why shouldn’t your engagement photos be, too? The experts give advice for getting engagement shots that let your personalities shine.

For the recently betrothed, engagement photos are a way to capture pre-wedding bliss and share with friends and family a part of a special love story even before exchanging vows.

For the photographer, these images provide a prenuptial opportunity to learn not only how the couple photographs but also how they wish to tell that story. There’s often more time and flexibility during an engagement shoot than on the wedding day, which allows the couple to truly make these shots their own.

“Nothing beats the engagement shoot,” says Bryce Koechlin of AddVision. With his partner, Koechlin spends two hours shooting engagement photos of their clients. “It’s an intimate shoot. You end up with a lot of really nice portraits. On the wedding day, you just don’t have two hours to get a lot of private portraits.”

To ensure these photos reflect the couple’s personality, Koechlin puts them in charge of choosing the location. He asks them where they met and where they grew up to gauge if there’s a good spot nearby.

Allowing them to pick a place with sentimental value “makes it feel more like [a true representation of] them than shooting at some park they’ve never been to,” Koechlin says.

Ben Barnes of Ben Barnes Photography also encourages his clients to pick the location and gives them little direction as he shoots. He doesn’t ask them to pose, but rather to walk and talk and be as natural as they can be. “I tell them to just be candid with one another,” Barnes says.

This breaks the ice and prevents couples from becoming nervous, which makes photos look stiff.

If a couple has specific ideas for poses or shots, Barnes just goes with it.

“It’s not my place to tell them what to do unless they ask me,” Barnes says. “I never discourage them, even if I think it won’t work.”

Even the outfits are important when trying to keep photos personal.

Barnes tells his clients to wear what is comfortable but recommends avoiding white, black or anything that will clash.

“I advise them to wear things that complement each other,” he says.

Most of Koechlin’s clients want to bring two or more outfits. As long as he’s informed ahead of time, changing outfits mid-shoot is not a problem.

“Try not to go crazy with it, though,” he says. “It’s hard to fit four outfits into a two-hour shoot. We’ve all forgotten before … you really wanted that outfit, but we ran out of time.”

In many ways, the couple is telling their story through the surroundings, says Courtney Mason of Courtney Mason Photography. No location or idea is too strange or silly.

“If it’s important to you, we’ll absolutely do whatever it is,” says Mason, who likes shooting engagement photos in the Short North Arts District. Some of her best photos are taken by “stumbling across cool alleyways you didn’t even realize were there.”

Allowing the soon-to-be-newlyweds to call the shots keeps photos genuine.

“We put them in the driver’s seat initially,” Koechlin says. “Usually when we take that approach, we end up with a shoot that is more like them and shows their personality.”

Image_Engagement.jpg From your proposal to your wedding day, everything is a representation of you. So why shouldn’t your engagement photos be, too? The experts give advice for getting engagement shots that let your personalities shine. columbus, columbus bride, engagement, photography 1677 1677 " Your Photos, Your Story " By Michelle Sullivan " 19 4834 " t " 20863 " Nicole Dixon Photographic Your Photos, Your Story | Columbus Bride " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|showpagetitle=yes|showarticleimage=yes|showbreadcrumb=yes|type=standard|template=article-bride.tpl 'go':488 'll':559 've':293,509 'art':576 'ask':249,324,397 'ben':299,302 'day':11A,46B,162,215 'end':203,629 'fit':499 'get':32A,67B,224 'goe':381 'ice':357 'let':36A,71B 'lot':207,226 'met':253 'mid':479 'one':350 'pre':101 'put':240,612 'ran':520 'say':179,298,353,400,454,494,536,565,621 'tri':419,485 'two':189,221,463,505 'vow':120 'way':97,526 'wed':10A,45B,102,161,214 'won':410 'also':139,305 'barn':300,303,352,379,399,424 'beat':175 'best':581 'call':605 'cool':588 'didn':591 'even':117,405,413,593 'feel':279 'four':500 'gaug':260 'give':29A,64B,314 'good':265 'grew':257 'hard':497 'hour':190,222,506 'idea':374,546 'imag':125 'keep':421,608 'like':281,568,637 'long':468 'look':367 'love':115 'make':169,277,365 'mani':525 'nice':210 'noth':174 'park':291 'part':111 'pick':271,310 'pose':327,376 'seat':618 'shot':34A,69B,171,378,607 'show':640 'soon':600 'spot':266 'take':625 'talk':333 'tell':144,343,390,425,530 'time':151,475,523 'true':283 'valu':276 'walk':331 'want':460,515 'wear':429,447 'wish':142 'work':412 'advic':30A,65B 'advis':444 'ahead':473 'allow':164,268,597 'anoth':351 'anyth':439 'avoid':435 'becom':362 'black':437 'bliss':103 'break':355 'bride':77,88 'bring':462 'bryce':180 'chang':476 'charg':243 'choos':245 'clash':442 'coupl':136,166,236,360,371,528 'crazi':489 'doesn':322 'engag':23A,33A,58B,68B,78,93,156,177,192,570 'ensur':231 'initi':619 'intim':200 'learn':131 'littl':316 'locat':247,312,544 'mason':538,541,566 'natur':337 'never':294,402 'north':575 'often':149 'photo':2A,24A,59B,84,94,193,233,366,422,571,582,609 'place':273,388 'share':105 'shine':39A,74B 'shoot':157,178,191,201,288,320,480,507,569,633 'short':574 'silli':551 'spend':188 'stiff':368 'stori':4A,86,116,146,532 'taken':584 'thing':448 'think':408 'truli':168 'usual':622 'white':436 'across':587 'addvis':183 'candid':348 'captur':99 'client':196,308,427,459 'direct':317 'driver':616 'expert':28A,63B 'famili':109 'friend':107 'genuin':610 'import':417,555 'inform':472 'nearbi':267 'newlyw':603 'outfit':415,466,477,501,517 'person':38A,73B,238,423,642 'privat':228 'propos':7A,42B 'provid':126 'rather':329 'realiz':594 'realli':209,514 'recent':91 'specif':373 'strang':549 'stumbl':586 'though':492 'unless':395 'whatev':562 'absolut':560 'betroth':92 'comfort':432 'everyth':12A,47B 'exchang':119 'flexibl':153 'michell':81 'nervous':363 'partner':186 'pre-wed':100 'prevent':359 'problem':484 'reflect':234 'shouldn':20A,55B 'special':114 'alleyway':589 'approach':627 'columbus':75,76,87 'courtney':537,540 'district':577 'encourag':306 'koechlin':181,187,239,297,457,620 'opportun':129 'portrait':211,229 'prenupti':128 'sullivan':82 'surround':535 'two-hour':504 'discourag':403 'forgotten':511 'mid-shoot':478 'recommend':434 'represent':15A,50B,284 'sentiment':275 'complement':450 'photograph':123,137 'photographi':79,304,542 'soon-to-be-newlyw':599 607 1 0 0 " " 1 f " 13584 2011-11-03 10:34:00 2011-11-03 10:34:00 2011-11-03 10:37:10 "


ZenCha Tea Salon has two locations with different menus; this review focuses on the Bexley site, which opened in the spring and features more ambitious dinner offerings than its Short North sibling.

When you are seated in the pleasant and calming restaurant, you’ll get a small free sample of a tea of their choice. ZenCha is well equipped for an education in tea and food. There were 91 varieties of tea available, grouped geographically. Their selections from places where tea is taken most seriously—China, Taiwan and Japan—were excellently chosen for the most noteworthy varieties. Each sort of tea was served in a way appropriate to its origin, such as small iron teapots for Sencha from Japan and rounded cups with an insert holding loose tea from China.

I learned I liked teas I never would have ordered, including caramel latte, which was mild and tasty with milky and caramel flavors balancing the gentle tea flavor. Owner I-Chen Huang can wax enthusiastic about tea as a beverage as interesting as wine and as well suited to pairing with food. In fact, the matching of tea and food can be quite interesting, not to mention enjoyable. You may think at first that $5 is a lot to pay for tea. If it were a tea bag in a cup of lukewarm water, you might be right. But for a first-rate tea properly served to go with food, it’s a bargain. You’d pay that and more for a glass of wine, right?

And as impressive as the tea offerings were, the food also was good. I liked everything I tried.

ZenCha’s edamame were cooked just right and sprinkled generously with sea salt, the only dish on the menu with a salty taste. Chicken satay was nicely cooked, but a little bland without the great peanut sauce. Tempura vegetables were lovely: cut thin and beautifully and austerely battered. Smoked salmon crostini came with a fragrant salmon on excellent crostini dressed with fancy mayo, dried cherry (or was that cranberry?) compote and a single strand of chive. The ginger beef salad had pretty slices of nearly rare beef on vegetables, napa and red cabbage with a savory ginger dressing.

Entrees did not disappoint, either. My two favorites were the lovely ginger-glazed salmon, accompanied by the tiniest baby bok choy I’ve run across. The dish was beautifully flavored with peanuts, garlic, cilantro and red onions. Just as good was cardamom orange duck, served with braised cabbage and mashed sweet potatoes. And was that tea-flavored hollandaise?

The medium-rare beef in Russian caravan medallions was a little bland due to a lack of salt (no shaker in sight). The mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables that came with the dish, however, were perfect.

I’m sure the menu will evolve since it has fewer items than it might. But, again, that’s also a way of keeping quality high, so I’m not complaining. Heck, I’m looking forward to continuing the education of my tea palate.

—John Champlin

ZenCha Tea Salon

2396 E. Main St., Bexley


Atmosphere: Understated, tasteful, pleasingly calm.

Recommended dishes: Edamame, sencha tempura veggies, smoked salmon crostini, ginger seared salmon, cardamom orange duck.

Price range: Appetizers $3.95-$8.95; soups and salads $5.50-$11.95; entrees $9.50-$18.95; desserts $2.50-$8.95.

Hours: Monday through Friday 11 am to 9 pm; Saturday 10 am to 9 pm; Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.

Service: Friendly and good, but sometimes slow (perhaps because the tea and food were being freshly prepared).

Reservations: Accepted.

  Rating: *** 1⁄2



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PURE LIVING The EdenPure Factory Outlet promotes greener, healthier homes that are equipped to aid in allergy relief. In addition to its regular stores, the company now sells goods at its factory outlet at Polaris. The main focus is air and water purifiers.

According to manager Kevin Foraker, PurATron Best Air is an air purification system that can eliminate unpleasant odors, toxins, particles or mold in minutes in an area of 3,000 square feet. Prices start at $597, compared with $1,200 elsewhere. You’ll also find PurATron vacuums that kill germs and sanitize as they suck up dirt, water purification systems that produce fresh drinking water and portable heaters that use infrared heat to provide fast, even heat.

Other products at the outlet include EdenPure surgical steel cookware, a Ball Bike for $299 that offers cardio and core exercises and NuWave portable ovens that combine convection, conduction and infrared heat.

EdenPure Factory Outlet, 1249 Polaris Pkwy. (in Polaris Towne Center, in front of T.J. Maxx), 848-7873; Open Mon-Sat 11 am-5 pm and Sun noon-6 pm through July; hours may change.

UNDER FOOT America’s Floor Source is a commercial/wholesale operation that supplies first-quality flooring to builders, Realtors, designers, property managers and the public, so it’s got plenty of bulk buying power. That gives customers an opportunity to buy flooring at up to 75 percent off by shopping at the outlet and showroom on Trabue Road, where owner Jason Goldberg says prices are lower than competitors’.

You’ll find well-known brands such as Shaw, Mohawk and Armstrong. Carpeting and all other flooring is first quality, not irregular or discontinued—the outlet pulls stock from its store locations in Columbus and three other cities. When I was there, I saw three boxes of Shaw laminate flooring priced at $10 per box. They would cover 45 square feet, which would complete a

9-by-5-foot bathroom for $30. I also saw mosaic tile at $15 a box.

The outlet and the regular America’s Floor Source on the city’s east side also have a Mobile Floor Source—a van that can come to your home or office with thousands of samples to make shopping easier.

America’s Floor Source Outlet and Showroom, 3657 Trabue Rd. (between Rt. 33 and Rome-Hilliard Road), 429-3121; Open Mon-Fri 7:30 am-4:30 pm, Sat 9 am-4 pm; closed Sun.

VISIBLE VALUE Eyemart Express might be able to provide glasses for you at a low price in a short time. According to Donald Ault, general manager of the Morse Road location, you’ll find around 2,500 frames priced from $9.95 to $159.95. Many of these are designer and brand names, and there is a free frame breakage warranty on your purchase. Each store has an optometrist, and there’s a full-service lab to deliver most prescriptions in about an hour. The company honors some eye insurance, so check your coverage with them before you go.

Eyemart Express, 4030 Morse Rd., 478-9400; 1770 Stringtown Rd., Grove City, 875-8728; 6301 Sawmill Rd., Dublin, 792-2020; 2418 Taylor Park Dr., Reynoldsburg, 861-9800; 1141 Polaris Pkwy., 436-3593; Open Mon-Fri 9 am-7 pm, Sat till 5 pm; closed Sun.

ANOTHER TIME Chris Swenson has added another store to her consignment business with One More Time Plus, a new space across the parking lot from the original One More Time in Grandview. The new space offers more selections in sizes 16 and up. You’ll find brand names you know among the gently used items, including clothing, lingerie, shoes and jewelry.

One More Time Plus, 1515 W. Fifth Ave., Grandview, 486-3728. Open Mon-Fri 10 am-8 pm, Sat till 6 pm, Sun noon-5 pm.

Submit sale and bargain suggestions two months before sale to

This appeared in the July 2010 issue of Columbus Monthly.

" " " 1 1 " Bargain Bits " " " 7 4757 " f " 18744 " " " " " " " " " '1':84 '2':453 '3':74 '5':559 '6':645 '7':405 '9':325,412,553 'w':629 '-4':408,414 '-5':179,327,649 '-6':184 '-7':555 '-8':641 '10':312,639 '11':177 '15':338 '16':603 '30':331,406,409 '33':392 '45':318 '75':236 'ad':568 'dr':539 'go':515 'll':88,260,450,607 'pm':180,185,410,415,556,560,642,646,650 'rd':389,520,525,532 'rt':391 '000':75 '200':85 '299':137 '429':398 '436':546 '478':521 '486':633 '500':454 '597':81 '792':534 '848':170 '861':541 '875':528 'abl':424 'aid':17 'air':42,53,56 'ave':631 'bit':2A 'box':305,314,340 'buy':223,231 'eye':505 'fri':404,552,638 'got':219 'lab':492 'lot':586 'low':432 'may':189 'mon':175,403,551,637 'new':581,596 'one':576,590,624 'per':313 'sat':176,411,557,643 'saw':303,334 'say':253 'sun':182,417,562,647 't.j':168 'two':656 'use':115,616 'van':363 '1141':543 '1249':158 '1515':628 '1770':523 '2010':667 '2418':536 '3657':387 '4030':518 '6301':530 '9.95':458 'also':89,333,356 'area':72 'ault':441 'ball':134 'best':52 'bike':135 'bulk':222 'busi':574 'citi':297,352,527 'come':366 'core':142 'dirt':102 'east':354 'even':121 'fast':120 'feet':77,320 'find':90,261,451,608 'foot':192,328 'free':473 'full':490 'germ':95 'give':226 'good':31 'heat':117,122,154 'home':12,369 'hour':188,500 'issu':668 'item':617 'juli':187,666 'kill':94 'know':612 'live':4 'main':39 'make':377 'mani':461 'maxx':169 'mold':67 'mors':446,519 'name':468,610 'noon':183,648 'odor':63 'open':173,401,549,635 'oper':200 'oven':147 'park':538,585 'pkwi':160,545 'plus':579,627 'pull':286 'pure':3 'road':248,397,447 'rome':395 'sale':652,659 'sell':30 'shaw':268,307 'shoe':621 'shop':240,378 'side':355 'size':602 'suck':100 'tile':336 'till':558,644 'time':437,564,578,592,626 'town':163 'valu':419 'well':263 '-2020':535 '-3121':399 '-3593':547 '-3728':634 '-7873':171 '-8728':529 '-9400':522 '-9800':542 'addit':22 'among':613 'anoth':563,569 'brand':265,467,609 'chang':190 'check':508 'chris':565 'close':416,561 'cloth':619 'cover':317 'deliv':494 'drink':109 'equip':15 'fifth':630 'first':204,278 'floor':195,206,232,276,309,348,360,382 'focus':40 'forak':50 'frame':455,474 'fresh':108 'front':166 'gentl':615 'glass':427 'grove':526 'honor':503 'insur':506 'jason':251 'kevin':49 'known':264 'lamin':308 'locat':291,448 'lower':256 'manag':48,212,443 'might':422 'minut':69 'mobil':359 'month':657,671 'nuwav':145 'offer':139,598 'offic':371 'owner':250 'power':224 'price':78,254,310,433,456 'purif':57,104 'sampl':375 'sanit':97 'short':436 'sourc':196,349,361,383 'space':582,597 'squar':76,319 'start':79 'steel':131 'stock':287 'store':26,290,481,570 'three':295,304 'toxin':64 'trabu':247,388 'water':44,103,110 'would':316,322 '159.95':460 'accord':46,438 'across':583 'appear':663 'around':452 'cardio':140 'carpet':272 'center':164 'combin':149 'compar':82 'custom':227 'design':210,465 'donald':440 'dublin':533 'easier':379 'elimin':61 'heater':113 'includ':128,618 'infrar':116,153 'mohawk':269 'mosaic':335 'origin':589 'outlet':8,35,127,157,243,285,342,384 'plenti':220 'polari':37,159,162,544 'produc':107 'promot':9 'provid':119,426 'public':215 'purifi':45 'relief':20 'sawmil':531 'select':600 'servic':491 'submit':651 'suppli':202 'surgic':130 'system':58,105 'taylor':537 'vacuum':92 'visibl':418 'allergi':19 'america':193,346,380 'bargain':1A,654 'breakag':475 'builder':208 'compani':28,502 'complet':323 'conduct':151 'consign':573 'convect':150 'cookwar':132 'coverag':510 'edenpur':6,129,155 'exercis':143 'express':421,517 'eyemart':420,516 'factori':7,34,156 'general':442 'greener':10 'jewelri':623 'lingeri':620 'mon-fri':402,550,636 'mon-sat':174 'particl':65 'percent':237 'portabl':112,146 'product':124 'purchas':479 'qualiti':205,279 'realtor':209 'regular':25,345 'suggest':655 'swenson':566 'unpleas':62 'bathroom':329 'columbus':293,670 'elsewher':86 'goldberg':252 'hilliard':396 'opportun':229 'properti':211 'puratron':51,91 'showroom':245,386 'thousand':373 'warranti':476 'armstrong':271 'grandview':594,632 'healthier':11 'irregular':281 'prescript':496 'competitor':258 'discontinu':283 'first-qual':203 'stringtown':524 'well-known':262 'full-servic':489 'optometrist':484 'reynoldsburg':540 'rome-hilliard':394 '':548 '':172 'commercial/wholesale':199 '':400 '':661 17 0 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2010/doc4c6c25af3f55d010827926-4e5ff21e550ad6.18791472.xml 1 f " 10577 2009-07-07 00:00:00 2009-07-07 00:00:00 2009-07-07 00:00:00 Central Ohio colleges and universities offer a wide array of academic settings and degree programs.

Working adults, high school seniors and the religiously inclined all have higher-education options in the Greater Columbus area. There’s Franklin University, nationally recognized as a leader in adult education; theological institutions such as Trinity Lutheran Seminary and Pontifical College Josephinum, and Ohio State University, the nation’s largest campus with more than 53,000 students. Smaller liberal arts options include Denison in Granville, Otterbein in Westerville and Ohio Wesleyan in Delaware. Among the more well-known areas of study at local institutes of higher learning are the graphic design programs at Columbus College of Art & Design; the medical and veterinary schools at OSU, and the law school at Capital. Here’s a look at 14 of the area’s educational institutions.

Capital University

1 College Ave. and Main Street; 236-6101 or (866) 544-6175;

Located in suburban Bexley, about four miles east of downtown Columbus, Capital is a 50-acre residential campus and the oldest higher-education institution in Central Ohio. Founded by the Lutheran Church in 1830, it remains affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It is regularly included in Barron’s 300 Best Buys in College Education and places among the top 20 Midwest master’s universities by U.S. News & World Report.

Capital has a faculty of about 200 and offers its undergraduate students more than 60 majors and 40 minors through the College of Arts and Sciences, Conservatory of Music, School of Management and School of Nursing. The academic units at Capital include the College and the Law School; School of Natural Sciences, Nursing, and Health; School of Management and Leadership; School of Social Sciences and Education; Conservatory of Music and School of Communication, and School of Humanities.

Capital’s Law School, located downtown at 303 E. Broad St., awards the juris doctor degree and graduate degrees in tax law through day and evening classes. Master’s degrees are offered in business administration, nursing and music education, with a Kodály, instrumental or jazz pedagogy emphasis. The Center for Lifelong Learning (236-6996) offers a bachelor’s degree completion program for adult learners and gives credit for job and volunteer experience.

Tuition: Undergraduate, $27,680 per year; Center for Lifelong Learning program, $395 per credit hour. Graduate (per credit hour): MBA, $525; Master of Science in Nursing, $430; Master of Music, $375. Law School, $1,033 per credit hour. Room and board: $7,150 per year.

Columbus College of Art & Design

107 N. Ninth St.; 614-224-9101;

Founded in 1879, CCAD is one of the oldest, largest and most distinguished visual arts colleges in the nation. Its nine-acre campus supports more than 1,300 students from 40 states and 30 countries. The 17-building complex downtown includes two residence halls, six galleries, drawing and painting studios, computer labs, a foundry, an extensive library and studios for glass blowing, ceramics and printmaking. A dramatic 100-foot-tall sculpture spelling the word “ART” in red steel makes the campus easy to spot.

Students major in the following areas of study: advertising and graphic design, animation, fashion design, fine arts, illustration, industrial design, interior design, media studies and photography. A continuing education program offers courses designed to enhance the expertise of working professionals and provide fundamental art skills to beginners; Saturday Morning Art Classes offer instruction to children and young adults.

Tuition: BFA program: $11,460 per term. Room and board: $3,375 per term.

Columbus State Community College

550 E. Spring St.; 287-5353;

Columbus State is designed to enable students to complete an associate degree in two years, and also offers “transfer degrees” that serve as springboards to any other state-funded, four-year institution in Ohio and many private colleges and universities for completion of a bachelor’s degree. Associate degrees are granted in more than 50 programs including business, health, human/public services and engineering technology.

Located on an 80-acre downtown campus and 10 suburban centers, Columbus State has more than 1,200 full- and part-time faculty members and more than 24,000 students. The arts and sciences division offers courses in foreign languages, music, humanities, biological and physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences and communications. Career and technical programs range from nursing, legal assisting, architecture and law enforcement to computer programming and business management. The college offers more than 550 online courses.

Tuition: $79 per credit hour, $948 per quarter for full-time enrollment of 12 credit hours.

Denison University

Rt. 37, Granville; (740) 587-6276 or (800) 336-4766;

Founded in 1831, Denison University is a highly selective, four-year, private, residential liberal arts college located in Granville, 27 miles east of Columbus. About 2,100 men and women are enrolled from throughout the U.S. and 25 other countries. Denison awards bachelor’s degrees in 48 academic majors and concentrations and has 11 pre-professional programs.

Tuition: $35,650. Activity and Health Center fees: $910. Room and board: $9,160.

DeVry University

1350 Alum Creek Dr.; 253-7291;

DeVry University, with two locations in the area, has operated in Columbus for more than 40 years. The regionally accredited school provides career-oriented graduate and undergraduate degree programs in technology, business and management. DeVry’s Keller Graduate School of Management is one of the largest part-time graduate schools in the country.

Tuition: Undergraduate, $515 per credit hour part-time, $6,905 per semester full-time; graduate, $1,920 per course.

Franklin University

201 S. Grant Ave.; 797-4700 or (877) 341-6300;

Founded in 1902, Franklin University has become a leading educator of Central Ohio’s working adults; the average bachelor’s degree student is 32. More than 11,000 students attend Franklin each year, working toward associate and bachelor’s degrees in 21 majors; Franklin also offers master’s degrees in computer science, business administration and marketing and communication. Its 14-acre main campus is located downtown.

Tuition: Standard undergraduate, $280 per credit hour; standard graduate, $450 per credit hour.

Methodist Theological School in Ohio

3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware; (740) 363-1146 or (800) 333-6876;

Located on more than 70 wooded acres in Delaware about 15 miles north of Columbus, MTSO provides fully accredited graduate-level programs of study to prepare students for careers in ministry. Degree programs include a Master of Divinity, which usually leads to ordination, and master’s degrees in Christian education, theological studies and counseling ministries. The school also offers a Doctor of Ministry degree and four certificate programs. Approximately 250 students are enrolled, representing almost 20 denominations.

Tuition: $13,770 per year plus fees. Room and board: Apartments $1,760 to $2,900, dorms $770 to $2,898 per semester.

Mount Carmel College of Nursing

127 S. Davis Ave.; 234-5800 or (800) 556-6942;

Mount Carmel College of Nursing has one of the largest undergraduate nursing programs in Ohio. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) as well as a Master of Science (MS) program in Adult Health, Nursing Education and Nursing Administration, an RN-BSN completion program, a dietetic internship program, a second-degree accelerated program and an online RN refresher program. All programs are fully accredited.

Tuition: $296 to $684 per credit hour; online nurse refresher course fee $700. Housing: Apartment-style living adjacent to the college ranges from $450 per month to $2,250 per semester.

Ohio Dominican University

1216 Sunbury Rd.; 251-4500;

Ohio Dominican is a fully accredited, four-year, private liberal arts Dominican Catholic university. ODU offers undergraduate degrees in more than 50 majors and master’s degree programs in theology, business administration, liberal studies, education and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). More than 3,000 students are currently enrolled.

Though its concentration always has been on traditional and residential students, ODU also serves nontraditional students, such as working adults and parents, through innovative programs such as the Online Master of Education degree program and LEAD, an accelerated degree program that offers working adults the chance to complete their degrees by attending classes one night a week.

Tuition: $22,990 per year. Room and board: $7,630 per year.

Ohio State University

Undergraduate Admissions Office, Enarson Hall, 154 W. 12th Ave.; 292-3980. Office of Continuing Education, 224 Mount Hall, 1050 Carmack Rd.; 292-8860. Visitor information, 292-6446;

Ohio State University is one of the top public research universities in the country. Its 1,756-acre main campus is two miles north of downtown Columbus. With total enrollment in Columbus at 53,715 students, Ohio State’s main campus is the largest single campus in the nation. In addition, more than 7,000 students attend regional campuses in Newark, Marion, Mansfield, Lima and the Agricultural Technical Institute at Wooster. Ninety-one percent of first-year students come from the top 25 percent of their high school classes, and 53 percent from the top 10 percent.

Ohio State operates on a budget of more than $4 billion—including $620 million from the state, $359 million from other government funding such as research grants, $733 million from student fees and $1.59 billion in revenues from University Hospitals. Auxiliaries such as residence halls and the athletic department add $287 million.

Established as a federal land grant institution in 1870 by the Ohio General Assembly, Ohio State graduated its first class in 1878. Since then, the university has awarded 608,222 degrees. Its 18 colleges teach more than 12,000 courses and offer more than 165 undergraduate majors. In addition, Ohio State has 130 fields of graduate study leading to a master’s degree, 103 fields leading to a doctoral degree, and professional degrees in dentistry, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, optometry and veterinary medicine.

Ohio State is ranked as the state’s best public university and 19th nationally by U.S. News & World Report. The magazine also selected Ohio State graduate programs as the best in Ohio and among the top in the country. The National Science Foundation has rated Ohio State seventh among national public research universities in research spending and second among all universities in industry-sponsored research.

Tuition: $8,769 annually for new undergraduate Ohio residents on the main campus, $5,664 annually for regional campuses. Room and board: $8,073 (average annual cost for undergraduates).

Ohio Wesleyan University

Sandusky Street, Delaware; (740) 368-2000 or (800) 922-8953;

Ohio Wesleyan is a private, liberal arts university located on a 200-acre campus in Delaware, about 20 miles north of Columbus. It offers bachelor’s degrees in arts, fine arts and music; pre-professional programs such as pre-dentistry, and allows combined-degree programs in engineering, medical technology, optometry and physical therapy. Students can choose from 93 areas of study.

Tuition and fees: $33,700 per year. Room and board: $8,270 per year.

Otterbein College

College Avenue, Westerville; 890-3000;

Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Otterbein College is a private, coeducational, comprehensive liberal arts college founded in 1847. Located 15 miles northeast of Columbus in Westerville, Otterbein enrolls more than 3,100 students, including undergraduates and adults in the Graduate and Continuing Studies programs. Otterbein offers 56 majors as well as individualized fields of study. Master’s degree programs are offered in education, nursing and business administration. Accredited since 1913, Otterbein has consistently placed high among peer institutions in U.S. News & World Report’s Guide to America’s Best Colleges for more than a decade. Otterbein currently is ranked 15th among its 140 peers in the University-Master’s (Midwest) category.

Otterbein’s 140-acre campus is accented by the historic Towers Hall, which was constructed in 1872 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The recently renovated Cowan Hall houses Otterbein’s nationally renowned Department of Theatre and Dance. Otterbein also recently expanded its campus west of Alum Creek with the acquisition of two new buildings on Collegeview Road, one of which has been extensively renovated to house the art and communications departments and the Miller Gallery of Art. Otterbein also runs the Frank Museum of Art, a renovated church near campus that features rotating exhibits from the college’s collection. Renovation and expansion is currently underway for a new science complex, and ground broke on the new Patrick and Jill McCuan Center for Equine Science last March.

Tuition: $25,065. Room and board: $7,149.

Pontifical College Josephinum

7625 N. High St.; 885-5585 or (877) 725-4436;

The Pontifical College Josephinum is a Roman Catholic seminary and historic landmark located on 100 scenic acres near Worthington. Its mission is to prepare men for the ordained priesthood. The seminary consists of two academic divisions: The College of Liberal Arts is a four-year undergraduate program offering Bachelor of Arts degrees in philosophy and humanities, and the graduate School of Theology offers Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Theology and Bachelor of Sacred Theology degrees. A two-year Pre-Theology Program serves college graduates who need further academic preparation prior to entering a major seminary program.

Tuition, room, board and fees: College of Liberal Arts, $24,102; School of Theology and Pre-Theology Program, $28,558.

Trinity Lutheran Seminary

2199 E. Main St.; 235-4136;

Located adjacent to Capital University in Bexley, about three miles east of downtown Columbus, Trinity became the first consolidated seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 1978. More than 200 men and women are enrolled in graduate-level courses that lead to master’s degrees in divinity, theological studies, church music, lay ministry or sacred theology.

Tuition: $364 per credit hour, Bexley Hall Master of Divinity $442 per credit hour, not including housing and fees.

" Central Ohio colleges and universities offer a wide array of academic settings and degree programs. " 1 1 " Higher Education " " " 7 4749 " t " 17727 " " " " " " " " " '1':160,428,480,704,952,1154,1459 '2':824,1157,1162,1278 '3':607,1338,1904 '4':1552 '5':1757 '6':944 '7':436,1409,1497,2123 '8':1745,1766,1861 '9':869 'e':331,616,2265 'n':446,2129 'w':1422 '10':696,1541 '11':600,852,995 '12':782,1632 '13':1144 '14':151,1028 '15':1075,1893 '17':490 '18':1627 '20':236,1141,1804 '21':1010 '22':1402 '24':716,2249 '25':836,1528,2118 '27':397,818 '28':2259 '30':487 '32':992 '33':1854 '35':858 '37':788 '40':263,484,895 '48':845 '50':187,678,1313 '53':88,1477,1536 '56':1920 '60':260 '70':1069 '79':769 '80':691 '93':1847 'dr':876 'ms':1213 'rd':1287,1436 'rn':1225,1242 'rt':787 'st':333,448,618,2131,2267 '000':89,717,996,1339,1498,1633 '033':429 '065':2119 '073':1767 '100':521,825,1905,2153 '102':2250 '103':1658 '107':445 '127':1171 '130':1647 '140':1976,1988 '149':2124 '150':437 '154':1421 '160':870 '165':1639 '200':252,705,1798,2302 '201':958 '222':1624 '224':1431 '234':1175 '235':2268 '236':166,375 '250':1135,1279 '251':1288 '253':877 '270':1862 '280':1038 '287':619,1593 '292':1425,1437,1441 '296':1251 '300':225,481 '303':330 '333':1062 '336':795 '341':966 '359':1560 '363':1058 '364':2331 '368':1780 '375':425,608 '395':406 '430':421 '442':2340 '450':1044,1274 '460':601 '515':937 '525':415 '544':170 '550':615,765 '556':1179 '558':2260 '587':791 '608':1623 '614':449 '620':1555 '630':1410 '650':859 '664':1758 '680':398 '684':1253 '700':1262,1855 '715':1478 '725':2136 '733':1570 '740':790,1057,1779 '756':1460 '760':1155 '769':1746 '770':1145,1160 '797':962 '800':794,1061,1178,1783 '866':169 '877':965,2135 '885':2132 '890':1870 '898':1163 '900':1158 '905':945 '910':865 '920':953 '922':1784 '948':773 '990':1403 'acr':188,475,692,1029,1071,1461,1799,1989,2155 'add':1592 'art':93,131,269,443,467,529,555,582,588,720,813,1302,1793,1815,1817,1887,2058,2067,2075,2179,2190,2208,2248 'ave':162,961,1174,1424 'bfa':598 'bsn':1205,1226 'buy':227 'day':346 'fee':864,1149,1261,1574,1853,2244,2348 'job':391 'lab':505 'law':142,292,325,344,426,752,1670 'lay':2325 'mba':414 'men':826,2163,2303 'new':1749,2043,2098,2106 'odu':1306,1355 'one':458,923,1188,1397,1448,1517,2048 'osu':139 'per':399,407,411,430,438,602,609,770,774,938,946,954,1039,1045,1146,1164,1254,1275,1280,1404,1411,1856,1863,2332,2341 'pre':854,1821,1827,2222,2256 'red':531 'run':2070 'set':14A,29B 'six':498 'tax':343 'top':235,1451,1527,1540,1713 'two':495,635,883,1465,2042,2172,2219 'u.s':242,834,1693,1953 '-224':450 '1.59':1576 '1050':1434 '1216':1285 '12th':1423 '1350':873 '15th':1973 '1830':207 '1831':800 '1847':1891 '1870':1603 '1872':2002 '1878':1616 '1879':455 '1902':971 '1913':1943 '1978':2299 '19th':1690 '2199':2264 '3081':1053 '7625':2128 'also':638,1013,1123,1356,1699,2029,2069 'alum':874,2036 'anim':551 'area':52,113,154,544,887,1848 'best':226,1686,1707,1962 'blow':515 'busi':356,681,758,912,1021,1322,1939 'ccad':456 'come':1524 'cost':1770 'danc':2027 'davi':1173 'dorm':1159 'draw':500 'easi':536 'east':180,820,2281 'educ':2A,46,64,156,196,230,311,361,567,978,1115,1219,1326,1375,1430,1936 'even':348 'fine':554,1816 'foot':523 'four':178,653,808,1131,1298,2183 'full':706,778,949 'fund':651,1565 'give':388 'guid':1958 'hall':497,1420,1433,1587,1997,2017,2336 'high':35,805,1532,1948,2130 'hour':409,413,432,772,784,940,1041,1047,1256,2334,2343 'hous':1263,2018,2056,2346 'jazz':367 'jill':2109 'juri':336 'land':1599 'last':2115 'lead':977,1106,1379,1652,1660,2314 'lima':1507 'list':2005 'live':1267 'look':149 'main':164,1030,1462,1483,1755,2266 'make':533 'mani':659 'mile':179,819,1076,1466,1805,1894,2280 'morn':587 'mtso':1080 'near':2079,2156 'need':2229 'news':243,1694,1954 'nine':474 'nurs':281,298,358,420,747,1170,1186,1193,1204,1218,1221,1258,1672,1937 'ohio':4A,19B,77,103,200,657,981,1052,1196,1282,1291,1413,1444,1480,1543,1606,1609,1644,1678,1701,1709,1723,1751,1773,1787 'oper':889,1545 'part':709,928,942 'peer':1950,1977 'pike':1055 'plus':1148 'rang':745,1272 'rank':1681,1972 'rate':1722 'road':2047 'room':433,604,866,1150,1406,1763,1858,2120,2241 'sacr':2214,2328 'serv':643,1357,2225 'sinc':1617,1942 'spot':538 'tall':524 'term':603,610 'time':710,779,929,943,950 'unit':284,1876 'week':1400 'well':111,1207,1923 'west':2034 'wide':10A,25B 'wood':1070 'word':528 'work':33,577,983,1002,1362,1386 'year':400,439,636,654,809,896,1001,1147,1299,1405,1412,1522,1857,1864,2184,2220 '-1146':1059 '-2000':1781 '-3000':1871 '-3980':1426 '-4136':2269 '-4436':2137 '-4500':1289 '-4700':963 '-4766':796 '-5353':620 '-5585':2133 '-5800':1176 '-6101':167 '-6175':171 '-6276':792 '-6300':967 '-6446':1442 '-6876':1063 '-6942':1180 '-6996':376 '-7291':878 '-8860':1438 '-8953':1785 '-9101':451 'activ':860 'addit':1494,1643 'adjac':1268,2272 'adult':34,63,385,596,984,1216,1363,1387,1910 'allow':1830 'alway':1347 'among':107,233,1711,1726,1736,1949,1974 'apart':1153,1265 'array':11A,26B 'avenu':1868 'award':334,840,1622 'becam':2286 'becom':975 'board':435,606,868,1152,1408,1765,1860,2122,2242 'broad':332 'broke':2103 'build':491,2044 'capit':145,158,184,246,286,323,2274 'ceram':516 'chanc':1389 'choos':1845 'class':349,589,1396,1534,1614 'cours':570,725,767,955,1260,1634,2312 'cowan':2016 'creek':875,2037 'decad':1968 'degre':16A,31B,338,341,352,381,633,641,670,672,843,908,989,1008,1017,1097,1112,1129,1236,1309,1318,1376,1382,1393,1625,1657,1664,1667,1813,1833,1931,2191,2216,2318 'devri':871,880,915 'divin':1103,2205,2320,2339 'divis':723,2174 'enabl':627 'engin':686,1836 'enrol':780,830,1138,1343,1473,1901,2307 'enter':2235 'equin':2113 'feder':1598 'field':1648,1659,1926 'first':1521,1613,2288 'found':201,453,798,969,1889 'frank':2072 'fulli':1082,1248,1295 'glass':514 'grant':674,960,1569,1600 'human':322,730,2195 'innov':1367 'known':112 'learn':121,374,404 'legal':748 'level':1086,2311 'liber':92,812,1301,1324,1792,1886,2178,2247 'local':117 'locat':173,327,688,815,884,1033,1065,1795,1892,2151,2271 'major':261,540,847,1011,1314,1641,1921,2237 'manag':277,303,759,914,921 'march':2116 'media':561 'medic':134,1837 'minor':264 'month':1276 'mount':1166,1182,1432 'music':274,314,360,424,729,1819,2324 'natur':296 'night':1398 'ninth':447 'north':1077,1467,1806 'offer':8A,23B,254,354,377,569,590,639,724,762,1014,1124,1198,1307,1385,1636,1810,1919,1934,2187,2202 'offic':1418,1427 'onlin':766,1241,1257,1372 'ordin':1108 'paint':502 'place':232,1947,2012 'prior':2233 'renov':2015,2054,2077,2090 'resid':496,1586,1752 'roman':2145 'rotat':2083 'singl':1488 'skill':583 'spell':526 'spend':1733 'state':78,485,612,623,650,700,1414,1445,1481,1544,1559,1610,1645,1679,1684,1702,1724 'steel':532 'studi':115,546,562,1089,1117,1325,1651,1850,1916,1928,2322 'style':1266 'teach':1329,1629 'tesol':1328 'three':2279 'total':1472 'tower':1996 'usual':1105 'women':828,2305 'world':244,1695,1955 'young':595 'academ':13A,28B,283,846,2173,2231 'accent':1992 'admiss':1417 'affili':210,1873 'almost':1140 'annual':1747,1759,1769 'assist':749 'associ':632,671,1004 'athlet':1590 'attend':998,1395,1500 'averag':986,1768 'barron':223 'beginn':585 'bexley':176,2277,2335 'biolog':731 'budget':1548 'campus':84,190,476,535,694,1031,1463,1484,1489,1502,1756,1762,1800,1990,2033,2080 'career':741,903,1094 'carmel':1167,1183 'cathol':1304,2146 'center':371,401,698,863,2111 'certif':1132 'church':205,215,1878,2078,2295,2323 'coeduc':1884 'colleg':5A,20B,74,129,161,229,267,289,441,468,614,661,761,814,1168,1184,1271,1628,1866,1867,1880,1888,1963,2087,2126,2141,2176,2226,2245 'combin':1832 'comput':504,755,1019 'credit':389,408,412,431,771,783,939,1040,1046,1255,2333,2342 'depart':1591,2023,2061 'design':125,132,444,550,553,558,560,571,625 'dietet':1230 'doctor':337,1126,1663 'dramat':520 'enforc':753 'enhanc':573 'expand':2031 'expans':2092 'experi':394 'extens':509,2053 'featur':2082 'follow':543 'govern':1564 'ground':2102 'health':300,682,862,1217 'higher':1A,45,120,195 'histor':1995,2011,2149 'hospit':1582 'inclin':41 'includ':95,221,287,494,680,1099,1554,1907,2345 'inform':1440 'keller':917 'leader':61 'marion':1505 'market':1024 'master':238,350,416,422,1015,1101,1110,1210,1316,1373,1655,1929,1982,2203,2206,2316,2337 'mccuan':2110 'member':712 'miller':2064 'museum':2073 'nation':57,81,471,1492,1691,1718,1727,2008,2021 'newark':1504 'nineti':1516 'oldest':193,461 'option':47,94 'ordain':2166 'orient':904 'parent':1365 'physic':733,1841 'pontif':73,2125,2140 'prepar':1091,2162,2232 'privat':660,810,1300,1791,1883 'provid':580,901,1081 'public':1452,1687,1728 'recent':2014,2030 'recogn':58 'region':898,1501,1761 'regist':2009 'religi':40 'remain':209 'renown':2022 'report':245,1696,1956 'repres':1139 'revenu':1579 'rn-bsn':1224 'scenic':2154 'school':36,137,143,275,279,293,294,301,306,316,320,326,427,900,919,931,1050,1122,1533,2199,2251 'scienc':271,297,309,418,722,734,738,1020,1202,1212,1719,2099,2114 'second':1235,1735 'select':806,1700 'semest':947,1165,1281 'senior':37 'servic':684 'social':308,735 'spring':617 'street':165,1777 'studio':503,512 'theatr':2025 'though':1344 'toward':1003 'tradit':1351 'visual':466 'volunt':393 'acceler':1237,1381 'america':217,1960,2297 'assembl':1608 'billion':1553,1577 'carmack':1435 'central':3A,18B,199,980 'collect':2089 'complet':382,630,665,1227,1391 'complex':492,2100 'consist':1946,2170 'continu':566,1429,1915 'counsel':1119 'countri':488,838,934,1457,1716 'current':1342,1970,2094 'delawar':106,1056,1073,1778,1802 'denison':96,785,801,839 'denomin':1142 'emphasi':369 'enarson':1419 'english':1330 'evangel':213,2293 'exhibit':2084 'faculti':249,711 'fashion':552 'foreign':727 'foundat':1720 'foundri':507 'galleri':499,2065 'general':1607 'graduat':340,410,905,918,930,951,1043,1085,1611,1650,1703,1913,2198,2227,2310 'graphic':124,549 'greater':50 'illustr':556 'kodáli':364 'languag':728,1335 'largest':83,462,926,1191,1487 'learner':386 'librari':510 'magazin':1698 'medicin':1671,1677 'midwest':237,1984 'million':1556,1561,1571,1594 'mission':2159 '':1443 '':1786 'patrick':2107 '':2138 'percent':1518,1529,1537,1542 'program':17A,32B,126,383,405,568,599,679,744,756,856,909,1087,1098,1133,1194,1214,1228,1232,1238,1244,1246,1319,1368,1377,1383,1704,1823,1834,1917,1932,2186,2224,2239,2258 'quarter':775 'refresh':1243,1259 'regular':220 'seventh':1725 'smaller':91 'speaker':1332 'sponsor':1742 'student':90,257,482,539,628,718,990,997,1092,1136,1340,1354,1359,1479,1499,1523,1573,1843,1906 'sunburi':1286 'support':477 'technic':743,1511 'theolog':65,1049,1116,1321,2201,2210,2215,2223,2253,2257,2321,2329 'therapi':1842 'triniti':69,2261,2285 'tuition':395,597,768,857,935,1035,1143,1250,1401,1744,1851,2117,2240,2330 'univers':7A,22B,56,79,159,240,663,786,802,872,881,957,973,1284,1305,1415,1446,1454,1581,1620,1688,1730,1738,1775,1794,1981,2275 'visitor':1439 'wooster':1514 'accredit':899,1083,1249,1296,1941 'acquisit':2040 'advertis':547 'approxim':1134 'bachelor':379,668,841,987,1006,1200,1811,2188,2212 'behavior':737 'categori':1985 'children':593 'columbus':51,128,183,440,611,622,699,822,891,1054,1079,1470,1475,1808,1897,2284 'communic':318,740,1026,2060 'concentr':849,1346 'consolid':2289 '':621 'downtown':182,328,493,693,1034,1469,2283 'expertis':575 'foot-tal':522 'franklin':55,956,972,999,1012 'full-tim':777,948 'granvill':98,789,817 'individu':1925 'industri':557,1741 'institut':66,118,157,197,655,1512,1601,1951 'instruct':591 'interior':559 'landmark':2150 'lifelong':373,403 'lutheran':70,204,214,2262,2294 '':1181 'ministri':1096,1120,1128,2326 'nine-acr':473 'part-tim':708,927,941 'pedagogi':368 'pharmaci':1673 'printmak':518 'research':1453,1568,1729,1732,1743 'sanduski':1776 'saturday':586 'sculptur':525 'seminari':71,2147,2169,2238,2263,2290 'standard':1036,1042 'suburban':175,697 'transfer':640 'two-year':2218 'underway':2095 'wesleyan':104,1774,1788 'administr':357,1022,1222,1323,1940 'auxiliari':1583 'christian':1114 'communiti':613 'construct':2000 'dentistri':1669,1828 'dominican':1283,1292,1303 'establish':1595 'four-year':652,807,1297,2182 'fundament':581 'mansfield':1506 'methodist':1048,1877 'ninety-on':1515 'nontradit':1358 'northeast':1895 'optometri':1674,1839 'otterbein':99,1865,1879,1900,1918,1944,1969,1986,2019,2028,2068 'residenti':189,811,1353 'technolog':687,911,1838 'agricultur':1510 'career-ori':902 'comprehens':1885 'first-year':1520 'instrument':365 'internship':1231 'josephinum':75,2127,2142 'leadership':305 'philosophi':2193 'priesthood':2167 'profession':578,855,1666,1822 'state-fund':649 'throughout':832 'undergradu':256,396,907,936,1037,1192,1308,1416,1640,1750,1772,1908,2185 'veterinari':136,1676 'well-known':110 'westervill':101,1869,1899 'architectur':750 '':172 'collegeview':2046 '':797 'distinguish':465 'higher-educ':44,194 'photographi':564 'pre-theolog':2221,2255 'springboard':645 'worthington':2157 'conservatori':272,312 '':968 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Just minutes from Downtown, college hipsters chat over quirky sushi combos at Moshi Sushi and the latest seasonal concoction at Jeni’s. Longtime Bexley locals catch a flick at the Drexel Theatre and stroll through nearby Jeffrey Park. “It’s important to become a neighborhood joint,” explains Barrel 44 partner Matt Nickel, who opened this second locale here a year ago. Bexley’s Main Street is a portal to experience old haunts and new favorites that make this century-plus-old small town worth a stop. It’s a great vibe to soak up during holiday events like Festival of the Arts on Dec. 1 and a tree-lighting party on Dec. 2.

1. Maia Boutique
2480 E. Main St., 614-239-9300

Owner Kate Kelley took over the She She Boutique space in September to create a shop with dresses, tops and accessories bursting with fun colors and textures. “My main goal is to cater to all ages,” Kelley says. (Don’t worry: She kept standby She She line Elan.) Need a fun gift idea for a girlfriend, mom or sister? Kelley plans to offer customizable gift baskets filled with jewelry, scarves and more.

2. Giuseppe’s Ritrovo
2268 E. Main St., 614-235-4300,

Casual atmosphere and cuisine from owner Giuseppe Mangano’s southern Italian homeland are perfect for a lingering evening dinner with drinks and dessert. The Pollo Paillard (grilled chicken and vegetables) and Quattro Stagioni pizza (topped with cheese, artichokes, olives and prosciutto) are favorites among regulars, notes Kris Misevski, general manager since 1996. Giuseppe’s also crafts seasonal cocktails and a must-try Manhattan.

3. Star Jewelers
2260 E. Main St., 614-235-4333,

Sparkling with fashion-forward bracelets, necklaces and earrings, this store is a town fixture thanks to owners Dennis and Elaine Howard who travel the world (including a recent trip to Ireland) and bring back standout pieces. It’s the only shop in the area to carry Hidalgo interchangeable rings, and a no-glass display case means it’s easy to try out wedding bands before you buy.

4. Barrel 44
2232 E. Main St., 614-824-1058,

Already established in the Short North, Nickel brought the bar to Main Street in January with more than 170 kinds of whiskey. Among the popular sippers are barrel-aged cocktails, whiskey infusions and whiskey flights. Don’t worry if you have trouble deciding. “I gauge everyone based on their mood,” says bar manager Dave Nguyen. The staff concocts new drinks for changing seasons and offers some tasty winter warmers, too.

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Tapas & drinks

Eleven, 569 N. High St., a tapas-and-wine place located next door to its sister establishment, Hyde Park, offers a dish with an unusual alcohol pairing.

The tuna carpaccio comes with Lucid absinthe, which just became legal again in 2008 after being outlawed in 1915 due to purportedly having hallucinogenic effects. “The coriander crust on the tuna and the sweetness of the absinthe go well together,” says executive chef Seanne Myers.

Before Eleven opened in 2008, general manager Chad Allard says the bar at Hyde Park was so crowded with guests drinking and mingling that people who wanted to dine at the bar weren’t able to find seats. Now, he says, guests can eat at Hyde Park and then stroll next door to Eleven for a nightcap. Or, they can spend the evening at Eleven, sharing tapas-style dishes with dining companions. (Allard says Hyde Park steaks are available at Eleven.)

“We want to capture the audience that likes to stay up until 2 am,” he says.


Babuskha’s Kitchen, 4675 N. High St., is expected to open by early February, says owner Dennis Bennett. (His wife is the daughter of the founder of the original location in northeast Ohio.) Menu items include “Polish heritage foods from my wife’s family growing up,” Bennett says, which includes stuffed cabbage and roasted pork with sauerkraut. He adds that the company has wanted to expand to Columbus for a while and Clintonville was the perfect fit. “You can go in there with something a little off the beaten path, and as long as quality and service are good, people will support it. That’s one of the great things about Columbus,” he says.

Cumin, 1025 Polaris Pkwy., opened in late December in the former Bayleaf India Bistro location, says owner Vince Prakash, who also owns Cuisine of India. The space, which seats 145, underwent a renovation before opening to serve traditional Indian cuisine. Cumin is open Monday through Friday from 11 am to 2 pm (till 3 pm on weekends) and 5 to 10 pm daily. “I feel a comfort that Polaris will keep growing and bringing more people,” says Prakash of his prime location near Polaris Fashion Place.

If you’ve ordered a sandwich at Hal & Al’s or Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails recently, there’s a chance you’ve been served something from Brēzel, which specializes in locally made, hand-rolled, Bavarian-style pretzels, rolls and buns. Owners Brittany Baum and Maria Gentile started the company nearly two years ago, simply because they both enjoy cooking. Their first shop, which was expected to open in late January in the North Market, is located between Omega Artisan Bakery and Clever Crow Pizza. (Before the shop, the duo prepared the baked goods in their homes.) The basics—pretzels, rolls and buns—are available at the North Market shop, but Baum says she and Gentile hope to start serving sandwiches, calzones and turnovers later this year. “We love tasting products and coming up with unique flavor combinations,” she adds.

News bites

After participating in Columbus Vegan Week last fall, Columbus Brewing Company, 535 Short St., now offers a “Meatless Monday” option, says general manager Doug Griggs. The special changes weekly, but past dishes include vegan coneys and chili pot pie. “My son is vegan, my chef and a manager are vegetarians, and I’m the odd man out, but they assured me this is a great thing. We did it, and they were right,” Griggs says.

The Short Story Brasserie in Granville is now open for breakfast on the weekend from 8 am to noon, says owner James Housteau. Menu items—priced below $15—include classic pancakes and French toast, as well as items to “kick it up a bit,” Housteau says. There’s a wild mushroom and truffle with crème fraîche omelet, as well as a cheddar cheese and chive waffle. “Serving both traditional and kind of different offerings is in the vein of what we do,” he says.

Replacing Rosendales

Although the space looks swanky, don’t assume the attitude is, too, when you stop in for lunch or dinner at Hubbard Grille, 793 N. High St., in the former Rosendales location. The restaurant, which opened in early January, is “about unscripted discovery. We never want to be perceived as upscale or snooty. We want to be approachable,” says general manager Dan Morris. Menu items include barbecue ribs, fried chicken with truffle oil and short ribs served on white cheddar grits. There’s also a bar menu available after regular dining hours, and items include sweet potato chips with a maple syrup drizzle, graham cracker crusted calamari and housemade popcorn. “The flavor profiles are just outrageous. The food is a bit whimsical and playful, but it’s serious,” says Morris.

The restaurant is owned by Taste of Hospitality, which also owns Mezzo Italian Kitchen & Wine in Gahanna. (A second location of Mezzo is expected to open this year in Dublin, Morris says.) Moving downtown was a natural evolution for the group, he adds. “When this space became available, we were chomping at the bit to be part of this great community.”



doc4d827002150a3914127210-4e5ff223c562c1.15142402-doc4d827002150a3914127210.jpg " " 1 1320 " The new place in the old Rosendales spot " " " 7 4770 " t " 19305 " Counter-clockwise from front: tuna carpaccio with fennel slaw, ginger calamari with Thai lime sauce, and black pepper chicken wings with lemon ranch dip and celery slaw. Lucid absinthe is served with the tuna carpaccio at Eleven. Photo by Michael A. Foley/Rycus Assoc. 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'crowd':101 'crust':66,795 'cumin':297,337 'daili':359 'denni':199 'drink':10,104 'earli':195,727 'enjoy':443 'first':446 'great':291,591,879 'grigg':551,600 'grill':712 'group':860 'guest':103,125 'india':309,321 'later':509 'legal':49 'littl':268 'local':414 'locat':22,212,311,378,461,721,839 'lucid':44 'lunch':707 'manag':90,549,574,750 'maria':430 'mezzo':831,841 'mingl':106 'morri':752,819,850 'natur':856 'never':734 'north':458,492 'offer':31,542,677 'omega':463 'order':386 'owner':198,313,426,622 'peopl':108,282,372 'pizza':469 'place':3A,21,382 'price':627 'prime':377 'renov':329 'right':599 'roast':236 'seann':82 'share':149 'short':539,603,764 'space':323,692,865 'spend':144 'start':432,503 'steak':161 'stori':604 'style':152,421 'sweet':72,785 'syrup':791 'thing':292,592 'toast':635 'uniqu':520 'unusu':36 'vegan':531,560,569 'waffl':669 'weren':116 'white':768 'allard':92,157 'bakeri':465 'beaten':271 'bistro':310 'cabbag':234 'calzon':506 'captur':169 'clever':467 'combin':522 'cuisin':319,336 'decemb':304 'differ':676 'dinner':709 'drizzl':792 'dublin':849 'effect':63 'eleven':11,85,137,148,165 'evolut':857 'execut':80 'expand':248 'expect':191,450,843 'famili':226 'flavor':521,801 'former':307,719 'french':634 'friday':342 'gentil':431,500 'graham':793 'hospit':827 'includ':218,232,559,630,755,784 'indian':335 'market':459,493 'monday':340,545 'omelet':660 'option':546 'origin':211 'outlaw':55 'outrag':805 'pancak':632 'polari':299,365,380 'polish':219 'potato':786 'prepar':475 'profil':802 'recent':399 'replac':688 'second':838 'servic':279 'simpli':439 'sister':27 'snooti':742 'someth':266,408 'stroll':133 'swanki':694 'togeth':78 'tradit':334,672 'truffl':654,761 'turnov':508 'underw':327 'upscal':740 'absinth':45,75 'alcohol':37 'artisan':464 'attitud':699 'audienc':171 'barbecu':756 'bayleaf':308 'bennett':200,229 'brēzel':410 'cheddar':665,769 'chicken':759 'classic':631 'comfort':363 'compani':244,434,537 'coriand':65 'cracker':794 'fashion':381 'founder':208 'gahanna':836 'general':89,548,749 'heritag':220 'hubbard':711 'italian':832 'januari':455,728 'kitchen':185,396,833 'perceiv':738 'perfect':258 'popcorn':799 'prakash':315,374 'pretzel':422,484 'product':515 'purport':60 'qualiti':277 'regular':779 'restaur':723,821 'serious':817 'special':412,553 'support':284 'weekend':353,615 'whimsic':811 'although':690 'approach':747 'babuskha':183 'bavarian':420 'brasseri':605 'brittani':427 'calamari':796 'cocktail':398 'columbus':250,294,530,535 'daughter':205 'downtown':853 'februari':196 'granvill':607 'hand-rol':416 'housemad':798 'housteau':624,646 'meatless':544 'mushroom':652 'nightcap':140 'particip':528 'rosendal':7A,689,720 'sandwich':388,505 'unscript':731 'breakfast':612 'carpaccio':41 'communiti':880 'companion':156 'discoveri':732 'establish':28 'northeast':214 'sauerkraut':239 'tapas-styl':150 'vegetarian':576 'clintonvill':255 'hallucinogen':62 'bavarian-styl':419 'tapas-and-win':17 955 6 0 0 " 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Memorable dining experiences are an essential ingredient in enjoying a city, and visitors to Columbus won’t leave disappointed. From sophisticated bistros and quaint cafes to authentic ethnic restaurants and funky eateries, the city has a wide variety of dining options. Cuisine from around the globe is readily available, as is comforting Midwestern fare and vegetarian offerings.

Restaurants listed here are advertisers in Columbus Guests and/or are recommended by the editors of Columbus Monthly for dependable food quality, service and value. The restaurant scene is ever-changing, so call to confirm information before heading out. For a complete guide to hundreds of Central Ohio restaurants, see Columbus Monthly’s Restaurant Guide, available at newsstands throughout the city.

Credit card notations: AE, American Express; CB, Carte Blanche; DC, Diners Club; DS, Discover; JCB, Japanese Credit Bureau; MC, MasterCard; V, Visa.

Cost estimates are based on an average dinner price for appetizer and entree, excluding tip and beverage. The symbols used are as follows: $—inexpensive, under $15; $$—moderate, $15-$30; $$$—expensive, over $30.





185 N. High St. • 220-9141

The menu at this downtown tapas spot includes Spanish-Mexican and Latino-inspired influences. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Buca di Beppo

343 N. Front St. • 621-3287

Buca di Beppo offers fresh and flavorful Italian dining in an eclectic, vintage setting. In the spirit of Italian culture, Buca’s dishes are served family-style and are meant to be shared by everyone at the table. The knowledgeable staff will help plan meetings and events with diverse lunch or dinner banquet packages, ideal for groups of 15 or more. Specialty rooms include the Wine Room, the Poster Room and the “Pope’s Table,” which seats 12 to 18. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



200 W. Nationwide Blvd. • 221-9060

The menu includes preparations from throughout the United States, as well as dishes inspired by Italian and Asian cuisine. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Danny’s Deli and Restaurant

37 W. Broad St. • 469-7040

This place serves up New York-style deli fare. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $.



511 N. High St. • 221-5602

DeepWood offers a menu of refined American cuisine and New England favorites in a traditional New England colonial décor. The menu changes seasonally; specialties include Long Island duck and New England cod. Open for lunch Tue-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Donatos Pizza

60 area locations

Donatos Pizza, founded in Columbus, is known for its pizza loaded with Edge to Edge toppings, subs, wings, appetizers and salads at 60 locations in the Central Ohio area. Call the front desk or visit for the nearest location. Open lunch to late night 7 days; delivery available. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Due Amici

67 E. Gay St. • 224-9373

High ceilings, hanging glass lamps and red brick make this a cozy yet elegant place to dine. The straightforward menu offers reasonably priced Italian cuisine. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, MC, V; $$.


El Arepazo

47 N. Pearl St. • 228-4830

Honest Latin American cuisine and friendly counter service can be found at this cozy establishment. Open for lunch Mon-Sat; closed Sun. DS, MC, V; $.


Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus

161 N. High St. • 228-0500

This beautiful bar and restaurant gives a hint of central Europe in the early 20th century. The menu features upscale American cuisine with influences from around the world. Critics’ choice four-star cuisine and 13 award-winning, handcrafted beer styles served daily in an upscale casual atmosphere. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$. 


Flatiron Bar and Diner

129 E. Nationwide Blvd. • 461-0033

You’ll find Cajun, Creole, barbecue and Low Country cuisine at this cozy downtown bar and restaurant. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

401 N. Front St. • 246-2900

The menu items at this festive and sporty Arena District brew/pub restaurant are mostly tailored to show off the beers, which are better than the already high standard of the city. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Greater Columbus Convention Center Food Court & Shops

400 N. High St. • 827-2500

The food court inside the convention center offers convenient dining options downtown. Guests may dine at All-American Hamburgers, Fame’s Diner, Mykonos Gyros, Krema Nut Company, Blues, Tony J’s Mexican Grill, Charley’s Steakery, Chicken ’n Eggs, Goodrich Ice Cream, JaVa’s Cyber Espresso Bar, Siam Express, Subway and Noble Roman’s Pizza. Open 10 am-5 pm Mon-Fri; some open 7 days, including breakfast. Visit for more information. Credit cards vary; $. 


Indian Oven

427 E. Main St. • 220-9390

The dishes are cooked in carefully selected spices, and the menu includes house specialties, vegetarian choices and a fine variety of breads. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Knead Urban Diner

505 N. High St. • 228-6323

You’ll find plenty of local ingredients on this restaurant’s mostly Southwestern- and Italian-themed menu. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sat, brunch Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



37 Vine St. • 224-3239

Cozy Kooma offers stylish and tasty Japanese and Korean fusion food. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, JCB, MC, V; $$.


Latitude 41

50 N. Third St. • 233-7541

Located in the Renaissance hotel, this four-star restaurant emphasizes the use of fresh and local ingredients in its dishes. The menu—a creation of South Florida chef Dean James Max—changes often. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Little Palace

240 S. Fourth St. • 460-8888

Enjoy top-quality pizza in this Art Deco space. Open for lunch and dinner daily. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



2 Miranova Pl., Suite 100 • 629-0000

This Cameron Mitchell marquee restaurant and bar features eclectic American cuisine influenced by Pacific Rim and European flavors. Specialties include sushi, beef short rib, Chilean sea bass and veal mignon. Weekday happy hour. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$.


The Market Stand Café

350 N. High St. • 280-3082

A casual dining room at the Hyatt Regency. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Martini Modern Italian

445 N. High St. • 224-8259

This vibrant, high-energy Cameron Mitchell restaurant features timeless Italian techniques, innovative culinary presentations and progressive handcrafted cocktails in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Specialties include brick oven pizzetta, heirloom beet salad, short rib, salmon, and veal and spinach ravioli. Weekday happy hour. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$. 


Michael O’Toole’s

89 E. Nationwide Blvd. • 586-4585

The namesake of this restaurant is the owner’s great-grandfather, who opened a tavern in southeast Ohio in the late 1800s to cater to coal miners. You’ll find standard American bar food for a value. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Mitchell’s Steakhouse

45 N. Third St. • 621-2333

The emphasis is on steaks and seafood in this stylish restaurant. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Plantain Café

77 E. Gay St. • 464-2822

This restaurant serves Caribbean and Central American-style dishes in a bustling downtown neighborhood. Open for lunch 7 days, dinner Mon-Sat. DS, MC, V; $$.


The Plaza Restaurant and Lounge

75 E. State St. • 365-4550

An ambitious and interesting menu raises this place in the Hyatt on Capitol Square well above average hotel dining. It’s a popular place for business lunches. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Sunny Street Café

277 W. Nationwide Blvd. • 222-3008

This chain location in the Arena District offers an array of breakfast and lunch items in a cheerful Americana diner/coffee shop setting. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Thurber’s Bar

310 S. High St. • 228-3800

Located in the Westin Hotel, this bar/restaurant is named after humorist, writer and cartoonist James Thurber, a native of Columbus. The contemporary-American menu in this comfortable and charming space is good. Open at 2 pm for dinner and late night 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails

73 E. Gay St. • 221-8300

Exposed brick and a pressed-tin ceiling make for a cozy spot to enjoy fun comfort food with a healthy twist, along with low prices and friendly service. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$. 




Banana Bean Café

340 Greenlawn Ave. • 443-2262

You’ll find a cozy and relaxed atmosphere and a menu that touts “Floribbean” fare. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. DS, MC, V; $$.



263 E. Whittier St. • 443-3699

A German Village favorite, this four-star restaurant serves up satisfying, authentic Spanish cuisine. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Claddagh Irish Pub

585 S. Front St. • 224-1560

This pub is traditionally Irish in décor, with a menu that’s a mix of Irish pub food and American bar-restaurant fare. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


The Clarmont

684 S. High St. • 443-1125

This meat-and-potatoes sort of place is the oldest fine dining establishment in the city. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Sat, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Columbus Brewing Company

525 Short St. • 464-2739

At this beer-drinker’s paradise, you’ll find well-prepared and boldly flavored pub fare. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Donatos Pizza

60 area locations

Donatos Pizza, founded in Columbus, is known for its pizza loaded with Edge to Edge toppings, subs, wings, appetizers and salads at 60 locations in the Central Ohio area. Call the front desk or visit for the nearest location. Open lunch to late night 7 days; delivery available. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar

595 S. Third St. • 464-0575

Find delicious food and delightful dining at this four-star contemporary-style bistro and bar, where dishes are well-executed. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


German Village Coffee Shop

193 Thurman Ave. • 443-8900

At this cozy, 1950s-style diner, you can enjoy classic American breakfast and lunch options in a comfy booth or at the counter. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days. DS, MC, V; $.


Jimmy V’s Grill & Pub

912 S. High St. • 449-8999

In a comfortable pub atmosphere, enjoyable appetizers and Greek-influenced entrees can be found. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



475 S. Third St. • 228-3354

A Columbus institution with a huge list of deli sandwiches on memorable rye bread. You can eat in the friendly confusion of the restaurant or carry out. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.



169 E. Beck St. • 228-4343

A longtime popular restaurant, this four-star bistro offers fine American cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



410 E. Whittier St. • 443-2266

At this spot that describes itself as serving rustic, urban food, you’ll find plenty of comfort dishes, such as soups and sandwiches. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Fri, brunch Sat-Sun; closed Mon. DS, MC, V; $.


Tony’s Italian Ristorante

16 W. Beck St. • 224-8669

At this friendly neighborhood Italian eatery, you’ll often find Tony himself greeting diners. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, MC, V; $$.


Zum Rathskeller

966 S. High St. • 444-3531

Authentic old-world dishes are found here. Wash down the meal with a good German beer and end with a tasty dessert. Open for lunch Tue-Sat, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.




Basi Italia

811 Highland St. • 294-7383

A tiny, convivial gem tucked away in a Victorian Village neighborhood, Basi Italia serves honest Italian cuisine. Open for dinner Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Bernard’s Tavern

630 N. High St. • 223-9601

You’ll find classic pub fare at this Short North spot. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Café Del Mondo

659 N. Fourth St. • 294-5000

Real Italian home-cooking can be found at this family-run establishment. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Donatos Pizza

60 area locations

Donatos Pizza, founded in Columbus, is known for its pizza loaded with Edge to Edge toppings, subs, wings, appetizers and salads at 60 locations in the Central Ohio area. Call the front desk or visit for the nearest location. Open lunch to late night 7 days; delivery available. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine

247 King Ave. • 298-9986

You’ll find fresh, imaginative and strictly vegetarian fare at this restaurant located near the Short North. Open for dinner Tue-Sat, brunch Sat; closed Sun-Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



591 N. High St. • 225-9611

This cocktail lounge next door to Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse features creative small plates. The housemade potato chips, Kobe beef sliders and stone oven pizzas all are worth ordering, and the classic martini is one of the best in town. Open for dinner and cocktails Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$. 



800 N. High St. • 294-8168

This bustling restaurant with polished servers offers mostly Japanese fare and has a 20-seat sushi bar. Open for lunch Mon-Sat, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Happy Greek

660 N. High St. • 463-1111

At this Short North spot, you’ll enjoy Greek offerings for a reasonable price. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Hubbard Grille

793 N. High St. • 291-5000

You’ll discover Cajun and Southern-inspired dishes at this contemporary four-star spot that features pour-your-own beer spigots. Open for dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC,V; $$.


Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

569 N. High St. • 224-2204

This high-end prime steakhouse and bar has a sophisticated, cutting-edge New York steakhouse atmosphere. Featuring lots of window views, red tufted booths and a patio that overlooks bustling High Street, Hyde Park is located across from the convention center, just a few blocks from Nationwide Arena. Featuring aged prime steaks and chops, daily blackboard fresh fish specials and more than 50 premium wines by the glass. Valet parking. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$. 



772 N. High St., Suite 106 • 291-1666

This small four-star restaurant is a longtime favorite for French-American cuisine. Open for dinner Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Lemongrass Fusion Bistro

641 N. High St. • 224-1414

A small Short North restaurant with a mainly Thai menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, MC, V; $$.



615 N. High St. • 223-2100

With this lively eatery, Cameron Mitchell brings an authentic Italian cafe to Central Ohio. The vibrant venue offers Italian dishes for sharing or snacking and a dynamic bar with 50 Italian wines served by the bottle or quartino. Specialties include braised veal meatballs, pizza and pasta. Weekday happy hour. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Northstar Café

951 N. High St. • 298-9999

Quality organic and locally produced ingredients help make the food at this attractive restaurant first-rate. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, MC, V; $.


Rigsby’s Kitchen

698 N. High St. • 461-7888

Columbus Monthly’s pick as one of the four five-star restaurants in town. The frequently changing menu of American-style food with Italian overtones is full flavored. It’s one of those places where you can order at will. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


The Rossi Bar & Kitchen

895 N. High St. • 299-2810

Diners will find a bar atmosphere and an eclectic menu of American fare with Latin and Asian flavoring. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Skully’s Music-Diner

1151 N. High St. • 291-8856

This diner/dance club features live bands and music events, along with a menu featuring a long list of appetizers, sandwiches and salads. Specialties include the Skully Burger, the Smack Daddy roast beef sandwich and breakfast served all day. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, MC, V; $.


Sushi Rock

570 N. High St. • 453-1585

Sushi Rock is the ultimate destination for food and atmosphere. Offering innovative and contemporary cuisine, Sushi Rock delivers award-winning sushi as well as USDA prime steaks, a sophisticated wine list and signature cocktails. Open for lunch Mon-Sat, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



680 N. Pearl St. • 222-0788

This casual gem from the owners of Rigsby’s Kitchen offers excellent sandwiches, lunch entrees and some of the best espresso in town. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 am-5 pm Mon-Sat, 8 am-5 pm Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $.





2333 N. High St. • 294-6783

Columbus’s newest five-star restaurant serves outstanding creative and seasonal dishes with international flavors. Open for dinner Wed-Sat; closed Sun-Tue. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Bento Go Go

1728 N. High St. • 298-8817

This modern, bright campus eatery serves affordable and tasty Asian noodle dishes and wraps. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. MC, V; $.



2118 N. High St. • 458-1141

This stylish Korean restaurant offers traditional meals—many of which arrive with a delightful cluster of side dishes. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat, Sun 1-8 pm. AE, DS, MC, V; $$. 


Donatos Pizza

60 area locations

Donatos Pizza, founded in Columbus, is known for its pizza loaded with Edge to Edge toppings, subs, wings, appetizers and salads at 60 locations in the Central Ohio area. Call the front desk or visit for the nearest location. Open lunch to late night 7 days; delivery available. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Eddie George’s Grille 27

1636 N. High St. • 421-2727

This South Campus Gateway restaurant venture by the former OSU and NFL football great has a lively atmosphere, a menu of familiar contemporary dishes and a theme based on his jersey number. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.




Aab India Restaurant

1470 Grandview Ave. • 486-2800

The menu at this establishment on Grandview’s “restaurant row” offers standard Indian fare. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Akai Hana

1173 Old Henderson Rd. • 451-5411

This shopping-center Japanese restaurant specializes in sushi and sashimi. Open for lunch Mon-Sat, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Aladdin’s Eatery

2931 N. High St. • 262-2414

1423-B Grandview Ave. • 488-5565

6804 Perimeter Loop • 588-0330

These casual Middle Eastern restaurants serve good, inexpensive food. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Bamboo Café

774 Bethel Rd. • 326-1950

Find enjoyable dishes at this Vietnamese and Thai destination. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. MC, V; $$.


Bistro 86

1223 Goodale Blvd. • 223-1288

Asian fusion is done correctly at this out-of-the-way spot, where Chinese and Thai flavorings are blended with classic American dishes. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. DS, MC, V; $$.


Blue Ginger

6234 Sawmill Rd. • 792-3888

Diners will find cuisine from Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia at this Asian-fusion spot in Dublin. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Bollywood Bistro

2584 Bethel Rd. • 457-5000

Located next to a movie theater, this cinema-themed restaurant offers a survey of good Indian cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Bonefish Grill

5712 Frantz Rd. • 789-3474

Enjoy fresh seafood and great cocktails. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Bravo! Italian Kitchen

3000 Hayden Rd. • 791-1245

1803 Olentangy River Rd. •  291-8210

Conviviality and good service are part of the attraction at these cozy Italian bistros. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun . AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$. 


C. William’s Bistro

26 Grace Dr. • 505-6788

This casual fine-dining spot in Powell offers yuppie favorites. Open for lunch Tue-Fri, dinner Tue-Sat, brunch Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Cameron’s American Bistro

2185 W. Dublin-Granville Rd. • 885-3663

The original Cameron Mitchell restaurant, Cameron’s is a lively upscale bistro serving contemporary American cuisine from across the U.S. Specialties include pan roasted scallops, Heritage Farm pork chops and Cameron’s Lake Erie Walleye. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Cap City Fine Diner and Bar

1299 Olentangy River Rd. • 291-3663

Featuring old-diner favorites with an upscale twist, Cap City offers daily blue plate and happy hour specials. Specialties include meatloaf, Romano crusted chicken and Seriously Big Chocolate Cake. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$. 


Chile Verde Café

4852 Sawmill Rd. • 442-6630

This restaurant has an extensive menu of Mexican dishes, but the real attractions are the 30 margaritas and four grades of tequila. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


China Dynasty

1689 W. Lane Ave. • 486-7126

Popular Chinese restaurant with a large menu of entrees in various regional cooking styles. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.



4740 Reed Rd. • 436-2426

Two Italian families serve up classic Italian fare at this Upper Arlington spot. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


City Barbeque

3758 W. Powell Rd. • 224-8224

2111 W. Henderson Rd. • 538-8890

This carnivore heaven serves deliciously smoked ribs plus much more. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Columbus Fish Market

1245 Olentangy River Rd. • 291-3474

You’ll find delicious seafood here. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Cuco’s Mexican Taqueria

2162 Henderson Rd. • 538-8701

The Mexican fare is a step above the rest at this family-friendly place with a small attached grocery store. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Doc Henderson’s

318 E. Fifth St., Marysville • (937) 642-6661

This stylish, four-star restaurant in a former doctor’s mansion boasts a wide-ranging and interesting menu. Dishes are creative and well executed. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Donatos Pizza

60 area locations

Donatos Pizza, founded in Columbus, is known for its pizza loaded with Edge to Edge toppings, subs, wings, appetizers and salads at 60 locations in the Central Ohio area. Call the front desk or visit for the nearest location. Open lunch to late night 7 days; delivery available. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Dosa Corner

1077 Old Henderson Rd. • 459-5515

At this plain little family-run ethnic eatery, you’ll find reasonably priced, boldly flavored Southern Indian vegetarian cuisine. Open for lunch Tue-Sun, dinner 7 days. DS, MC, V; $.


El Vaquero

9130 Dublin Rd. • 336-1128

3580 W. Dublin-Granville Rd. • 659-0279

3230 Olentangy River Rd. • 261-0900

2195 Riverside Dr. • 486-4547

259 S. Sandusky St., Delaware • (740) 362-0919

You’ll find good Mexican food and good service at good prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.



1369 Grandview Ave. • 481-8850

3712 Riverside Dr. • 459-6575

Two of the liveliest, noisiest  gourmet (and four-star) pizza places in town. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $.



2941 N. High St. • 265-9020

With its trattorialike atmosphere, this Italian eatery offers tasty classic dishes, with fairly priced wine pairings. Open for dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Hometown Oriental Carryout & Deli

787 Bethel Rd. • 326-3778

Reminiscent of a Chinatown operation—complete with roasted ducks hanging over the counter—this unassuming place has a variety of authentic dishes. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Hunan Lion

2038 Bethel Rd. • 459-3933

This restaurant turns out superior Szechwan, Mandarin and Hunan specialties. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

1615 Old Henderson Rd., Upper Arlington • 442-3310

6360 Frantz Rd., Dublin • 717-2828

These high-end prime steakhouses capture the clubby feel of a classic Chicago-style steakhouse. The Upper Arlington location is the original “Grille,” opened in 1988. Both restaurants feature the finest aged prime steaks and chops, extensive award-winning wine lists, private dining rooms with fireplaces and complimentary valet parking. There’s live jazz at the Grille. Hyde Park is rated among America’s best steakhouses by the Zagat guide. Henderson Road open for dinner 7 days. Frantz Road open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Jimmy V’s Grill & Pub

1788 W. Fifth Ave. • 487-1717

In a comfortable pub atmosphere, enjoyable appetizers and Greek-influenced entrees can be found. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Kaya Grill & Sushi

4710 Reed Rd. • 326-2551

Some Japanese items and sushi are offered, but the attraction here is the home-cooked Korean food. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



2667 Federated Blvd. • 764-9040

One of only four restaurants in the city to receive five stars from Columbus Monthly, Kihachi offers gracious service, artfully arranged dishes and outstanding Japanese cuisine. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$.



3706 Riverside Dr. • 457-5277

The best things here are the sushi and sashimi, but the rest of the Japanese menu is good, too. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. DS, MC, V; $$.


La Casita

1355 Bethel Rd. • 457-0823

You’ll find authentic dishes at this comfortable and informal Mexican grill. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


La Chatelaine

1550 W. Lane Ave. • 488-1911

627 High St., Worthington • 848-6711

65 W. Bridge St., Dublin • 763-7151

Enjoy bistrolike food at this French restaurant, bakery, cafe and bar. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, MC, V; $$.


Lávash Café

2985 N. High St. • 263-7777

Restaurant veteran Nasir Latif offers Middle Eastern dishes, as well as tasty desserts, plus fresh juices and fruit smoothies. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Lee Garden

2685 Federated Blvd. • 764-1525

A shopping center locale shouldn’t deter expectations of good Chinese food. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Local Roots

15 E. Olentangy St. • 602-8060

At this family-friendly, cozy restaurant in Powell, the ribs and appetizers are good, and there’s plenty to choose from if you’re interested in an adult beverage. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Louie’s Grill

4453 Cemetery Rd. • 777-5606

3051 Northwest Blvd. • 670-8582

It’s a fusion of Cuban and Tex-Mex at these family-oriented diners. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Lucé Enoteca

3499 Market St., Powell • (740) 881-4600

The menu at this cozy spot features casual and imaginative fare. There’s also a wine cellar. Open for lunch Tue-Fri, dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



1439 Grandview Ave. • 488-3633

This place located along restaurant row in Grandview serves well-prepared Middle Eastern fare. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Montgomery Inn

4565 W. Dublin-Granville Rd. • 791-7427

This popular Cincinnati-based rib joint offers “fall-off-the-bone” soft ribs, slathered with a thick, sweet, tangy and slightly spicy tomato-based sauce. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



5849 Sawmill Rd. • 717-0400

The Moretti family serves some of the best no-nonsense Italian meals in town. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Moretti’s of Arlington

2124 Tremont Center • 486-2333

Generous portions of southern Italian and Sicilian food are served at reasonable prices at this festive space. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Nancy’s Home Cooking

3133 N. High St. • 265-9012

This informal Clintonville diner serves comfort food and is a popular breakfast and lunch spot. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days. DS, MC, V; $.


Northstar Café

4241 N. High St. • 784-2233

Quality organic and locally produced ingredients help make the food at this attractive restaurant first-rate. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, MC, V; $.


Oscar’s Restaurant & Wine Bar

84 N. High St., Dublin • 792-3424

A nicely intimate place with well-executed American dishes, Oscar’s particularly shines with its main courses. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

6135 Parkcenter Circle • 726-0070

This Pan-Asian chain at Tuttle offers selections from Canton, Shanghai, Szechwan, Hunan and Mongolia. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, JCB, MC, V; $


Pacific Eatery and Catering

4515 Kenny Rd., Suite B • 451-1428

You’ll find wonderful Chinese dishes in this casual atmosphere. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Park Creek Kitchen

2124 Arlington Ave. • 725-3970

There’s a little bit of everything on this contemporary-style menu, such as crab cakes, buttermilk fried chicken and salmon. Open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner; closed Sun. DS, MC, V; $$.


Pho Asian Noodle House and Grill

1288 W. Lane Ave. • 488-8887

Enjoy Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes in this spot that used to be a fast-food place. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. DS, MC, V; $.


Piada Italian Street Food

1315 W. Lane Ave. • 754-1702

Known around town as the Italian version of Chipotle, Piada offers piadas (flour burritos), pasta, salads, soups and desserts. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Red Door Tavern

1736 W. Fifth Ave. • 488-5433

A casual longtime neighborhood favorite offering unpretentious sandwiches. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.



1092 Bethel Rd. • 451-9774

Rated one of the area’s top four restaurants by Columbus Monthly, the Refectory is located in a restored 19th-century church. Its French-style cuisine is prepared with great flair and attention to detail. The wine list is superb. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, CB, DC, DS, JCB, MC, V; $$$.


Romano’s Macaroni Grill

6115 Park Center Circle • 792-3676

A big menu with big portions in a room designed like an Italian kitchen. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Rusty Bucket

6644 Perimeter Loop Dr., Dublin • 889-2594

7800 Olentangy River Rd. • 436-2626

1635 W. Lane Ave. • 485-2303

The sports bar/diner serves tasty versions of American standard fare. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Sage American Bistro

2653 N. High St. • 267-7243

Sunday brunch is one of the best in town, and upscale American dishes at this campus-area spot won’t disappoint. The wine list is modest, and there is a good beer selection. Open for dinner Tue-Sat, brunch Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


San Su Korean BBQ

1138 Bethel Rd. • 273-0188

An authentic Korean restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Shanghai Lily

6161 Glick Rd. • 789-9330

Serves a range of cuisine from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan. Open for lunch Mon-Sat, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



1312 Grandview Ave. • 485-9490

Winning Pan-Asian cuisine, plus 11 kinds of sake. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.



1295 Grandview Ave. • 486-1114

A high-energy gathering place, this four-star Italian spot serves “spa” food, such as gourmet pizzas and pastas. Always leave room for dessert, too. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sun, brunch Sat-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Sunny Street Café

7573 Sawmill Rd. • 932-7008

7042 Hospital Dr. • 389-3640

This chain offers an array of breakfast and lunch items in a cheerful Americana diner/coffee shop setting. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Sushi Bistro Masa

6395 Perimeter Dr., Dublin • 336-8855

Japanese cuisine with a slight California influence is served at this simply elegant restaurant, which also has a sushi bar. Open for lunch Tue-Sat, dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Sushi Ting

2875 Olentangy River Rd. • 261-8888

The atmosphere is pleasing, and the service is friendly and professional at this Japanese restaurant. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Tadka Indian Cuisine

3535 W. Dublin-Granville Rd. • 791-3800

Enjoy “frontier cuisine” from the northwestern section of India. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Taste of Bali

2548 Bethel Rd. • 459-7230

You’ll find quality food at this Indonesian restaurant—the only one in the city that offers rice tables. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. MC, V; $$.


Thai Orchid

7654 Sawmill Rd. • 792-1112

8736 Moreland St., Powell • (740) 881-3000

While the Thai side of the menu is more lively and engaging, you’ll also find decent Chinese food at these Asian-fusion spots. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Thai Taste

1178 Kenny Square Mall • 451-7605

Excellent Thai food comes out of this quietly attractive storefront restaurant. Open for lunch Mon-Sat, dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $.


Third & Hollywood

1433 W. Third Ave. • 488-0303

This concept from the owners of Northstar Café is the city’s newest four-star restaurant. You’ll enjoy delicious contemporary-American food. Open for lunch Fri-Sun, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Tucci’s California Bistro

35 N. High St., Dublin • 792-3466

Culinary imagination combines with the wood-fired concept at this cozy California-themed bistro. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Vino Vino

1371 Grandview Ave. • 481-8200

The love affair with wine by the owners—who also own Figlio—is evident in the name and well-selected wine list. The menu includes mostly tapas selections. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Whole Foods Market

3670 W. Dublin-Granville Rd. • 760-5556

Sure, it’s a grocery store, but stations throughout offer ready-to-eat items that can be taken out or eaten in the family-friendly dining area. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $. 


The Worthington Inn

649 High St., Worthington • 885-2600

High-quality ingredients, culinary tradition and imagination blend at this comfortably refined four-star country-inn type restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat, brunch Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Yoshi’s Japanese Restaurant

5776 Frantz Rd., Dublin • 889-1275

You’ll find sushi, sashimi and other authentic Japanese items, as well as a few Japanese-American inventions. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Z Cucina

1368 Grandview Ave. • 486-9200

The kitchen here turns out quality Italian fare. (The appetizers are worthy of four stars.) Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.




Abuelo’s Mexican Food Embassy

3950 Gramercy St. • 337-9006

This Easton eatery serves up traditional Mexican meals. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Bel-Lago Waterfront Bistro

170 N. Sunbury Rd. • 891-0200

This space features American and Italian fare, plus a great view of the Hoover Reservoir. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Bonefish Grill

1930 Polaris Pkwy. • 436-0286

Enjoy fresh seafood and great cocktails. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Bravo! Italian Kitchen

7470 Vantage Dr. • 888-3881

Conviviality and good service are part of the attraction at this cozy Italian bistro. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$. 


Brio Tuscan Grille

3993 Easton Station • 416-4745

1500 Polaris Pkwy. • 410-0310

You’ll find a romantic atmosphere and classic Italian fare, as well as an excellent wine list. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Buca di Beppo

60 E. Wilson Bridge Rd., Worthington • 848-8466

Buca di Beppo offers fresh and flavorful Italian dining in an eclectic, vintage setting. In the spirit of Italian culture, Buca’s dishes are served family-style and are meant to be shared by everyone at the table. The knowledgeable staff will help plan meetings and events with diverse lunch or dinner banquet packages, ideal for groups of 15 or more. Specialty rooms include the Wine Room, the Poster Room and the “Pope’s Table,” which seats 12 to 18. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


California Pizza Kitchen

4007 Gramercy St. • 475-1952

1500 Polaris Pkwy. • 985-6304

A bright, cheerful place for casual dining, the West Coast-based chain restaurant has a lively menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Cantina Laredo

8791 Lyra Dr. • 781-1139

It’s three-and-a-half stars for this upscale chain from Texas, which serves up American-Mexican and Tex-Mex classics. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Cardone’s Restaurant & Bar

377 W. Main St., Westerville • 392-2267

This restaurant offers satisfying Italian cuisine, complete with authentic desserts. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Carrabba’s Italian Grill

8460 Lyra Dr. • 880-2426

Texas and Italy come together at this chain, with tasty results. Open for lunch Sat-Sun, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


The Cheesecake Factory

3975 Townsfair Way • 418-7600

1566 Polaris Pkwy. • 848-6700

A chain restaurant with a huge menu, including regional American, Mexican, Chinese and Italian dishes. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


City Barbeque

600 S. State St., Westerville • 823-8890

8491 Sancus Blvd. • 573-8686

This carnivore heaven serves deliciously smoked ribs plus much more. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Claddagh Irish Pub

8745 Sancus Blvd. • 885-0100

This Polaris pub is traditionally Irish in décor, with a menu that is a mix of Irish pub food and American bar-restaurant fare. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Columbus Fish Market

40 Hutchinson Ave. • 410-3474

You’ll find delicious seafood here. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Cuisine of India

8475 Sancus Blvd. • 781-9610

This pleasant neighborhood Indian restaurant with a tasteful dining room serves good food. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Donatos Pizza

60 area locations

Donatos Pizza, founded in Columbus, is known for its pizza loaded with Edge to Edge toppings, subs, wings, appetizers and salads at 60 locations in the Central Ohio area. Call the front desk or visit for the nearest location. Open lunch to late night 7 days; delivery available. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Eddie Merlot’s - Prime Aged Beef & Seafood 

1570 Polaris Pkwy. • 433-7307

This upscale steakhouse at Polaris offers the finest in hand-cut, prime aged beef and fresh seafood, with exceptional service in an unparalleled atmosphere. Specialties include a 22 ounce dry aged rib-eye, Eddie’s Smokin’ Shrimp Cocktail and bananas Foster prepared tableside. Enjoy a glass of wine from the extensive wine list or a light appetizer from the bar and lounge menu. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$$.


El Vaquero

8715 Sancus Blvd. • 847-7326

You’ll find good Mexican food and good service at good prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Fadó Irish Pub

4022 Townsfair Way • 418-0066

Being a pub, this Easton place is loud and jovial, with low prices and great beer. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant

145 Easton Town Center • 471-5653

A comedy club offering stand-up acts by national touring comedians six nights a week, along with a menu of appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches, salads and entrees. Open for dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Hunan House

2350 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. • 895-3330

This restaurant turns out superior Szechwan, Mandarin and Hunan specialties. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

55 Hutchinson Ave., Worthington • 438-1000

This high-end prime steakhouse is described as sexy and sophisticated, with a cutting-edge, New York-style steakhouse atmosphere and lots of booths, VIP tables and cozy fireplaces. Hundreds of caricature drawings adorn the walls in tribute to Columbus celebrities and OSU sports figures. Aged prime steaks and chops are featured along with daily blackboard fresh fish specials and 50 premium wines by the glass. There also are private dining rooms and a chef’s private table. Valet parking. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$.


J. Alexander’s

7550 Vantage Dr. • 847-1166

Big, busy, preppy but casual, this steakhouse chain with its open kitchen succeeds in delivering consistently good food. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood

1 E. Campus View Blvd. • 840-9090

You’ll find just what the name says here, plus the dessert and wine selections are strong. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Jeddo Kabab Restaurant

2448 Home Acre Dr. • 794-1202

This friendly place offers Persian cuisine from a menu of 19 numbered items. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Jimmy V’s Grill & Pub

1 S. State St. • 865-9090

In a comfortable pub atmosphere, enjoyable appetizers and Greek-influenced entrees can be found. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



1319 Polaris Pkwy. • 844-6500

With this lively eatery, Cameron Mitchell brings an authentic Italian cafe to the Polaris area. The vibrant venue offers Italian dishes and a dynamic bar with 50 Italian wines served by the bottle or quartino. Specialties include braised veal meatballs, pizza and pasta. Weekday happy hour. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


McCarthy’s Wildflower Café

3420 Indianola Ave. • 262-2233

A laid-back diner that specializes in comfort foods, including made-from-scratch daily specials. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Tue-Sat, brunch Sun; closed Mon. $.


McCormick & Schmick’s

3965 New Bond St. • 476-3663

This classy, upscale seafood chain location at Easton Town Center has an impressive selection of fresh fish and a knowledgeable staff. Select from the fresh fish list at the top of the day’s menu, then choose the preparation, or try one of the specialties. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Mitchell’s Ocean Club

4002 Easton Station Rd. • 416-2582

Located on the second level of Easton Town Center, Mitchell’s Ocean Club encompasses elements of the Modern American supper club, including rich woods, state-of-the-art lighting and granite bar tops. A wraparound exterior terrace opens to a lively cocktail lounge and piano bar. Specialties include colossal shrimp sauté, bone-in filet and Chilean sea bass. Live music Tue-Sat. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$. 


Mitchell’s Steakhouse

1408 Polaris Pkwy. • 888-2467

The emphasis is on steaks and seafood in this stylish restaurant. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Molly Woo’s Asian Bistro

1500 Polaris Pkwy. • 985-9667

Located at Polaris Fashion Place, Molly Woo’s offers unique entrees sampling all of Asia. Specialties include kung pao scallops, Hunan chicken and Mandarin orange beef. Daily Red Lantern features and weekday happy hour; online ordering available. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Northstar Café

4015 Townsfair Way • 532-5444

Quality organic and locally produced ingredients help make the food at this attractive restaurant at Easton first-rate. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, MC, V; $.



6285 Cleveland Ave. • 895-7324

4850 Morse Rd. • 939-1889

1425 Polaris Pkwy. • 846-9744

The unpretentious atmosphere and tasty entrees draw a mix of people to O’Charley’s. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

4040 Townsfair Way • 416-4100

This Pan-Asian chain at Easton offers selections from Canton, Shanghai, Szechwan, Hunan and Mongolia. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, JCB, MC, V; $


Restaurant Hama

3945 Easton Station • 478-9543

Japanese food gets the California treatment in this lively restaurant at Easton. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, MC, V; $$.


Route 62 Barbecue

580 W. Coshocton St. (St. Rt. 62), Johnstown • (740) 967-2462

You’ll find good brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken and turkey at this small-town joint. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Rusty Bucket

180 Market St., New Albany • 939-5300

400 Polaris Pkwy. • 890-3663

The sports bar/diner serves tasty versions of American
standard fare. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


 Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

7550 High Cross Blvd. • 885-2910

A clubby steakhouse serving excellent steaks, as well as lobster, chicken, veal and lamb dishes. This restaurant has a fine wine list. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$$.


Sapporo Sushi Factory

732 N. State St., Westerville • 895-7575

Sushi and sashimi options here are uniformly good, fresh and tempting, and dinner choices include excellent Japanese classics. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Señor Antonio’s Mexicano Restaurante and Cantina

8617 Columbus Pike • (740) 548-6996

You’ll find authentic Mexican fare, as well as vegetarian options. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Sunny Street Café

644 N. State St., Westerville • 899-6113

This chain offers an array of breakfast and lunch items in a cheerful Americana diner/coffee shop setting. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Sushi En

1051 Gemini Pl. • 430-9887

Some of the best sushi in town can be found here. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Thai Grille

15 E. College Ave. • 865-4515

This Westerville restaurant serves standard Thai fare made with local, organic fruits and vegetables. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

8665 Sancus Blvd • 888-5458

At this Celtic-themed sports pub, you’ll find pub fare, televised sports of all kinds and a festive atmosphere that includes servers in midriff-baring kilts. Specialties include Gaelic chicken, hand-pressed burgers and TK signature wings. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Udipi Café

2001 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. • 885-7446

An unpretentious ethnic treasure serving pure vegetarian south Indian cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. DS, MC, V; $.



6196 Cleveland Ave. • 890-4775

This small, friendly, Greek taverna-style eatery serves good salads, appetizers and entrees. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. DS, MC, V; $.


Yuen’s Restaurant

5720 Cleveland Ave. • 823-8880

Excellent Chinese/Vietnamese fare can be found at this neighborhood eatery. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. DS, MC, V; $$.




Aladdin’s Eatery

2400 E. Main St. • 586-1440

This casual Middle Eastern restaurant serves good, inexpensive food. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Black Creek Bistro

51 Parsons Ave. • 246-9662

You’ll find fresh herbs and vegetables from owner Kent Peters’s local Black Creek Heritage Farm at this restaurant. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Cap City Fine Diner and Bar

1301 StoneRidge Dr. • 478-9999

Featuring old-diner favorites with an upscale twist, Cap City offers daily blue plate and happy hour specials. Specialties include meatloaf, Romano crusted chicken and Seriously Big Chocolate Cake. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Chi Thai

5577 N. Hamilton Rd. • 471-8988

The Chinese and Thai cuisine is very good at this shop near New Albany. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


City Barbeque

108 S. Stygler Rd., Gahanna • 416-8890

5979 E. Main St. • 755-8890

This carnivore heaven serves deliciously smoked ribs plus much more. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Donatos Pizza

60 area locations

Donatos Pizza, founded in Columbus, is known for its pizza loaded with Edge to Edge toppings, subs, wings, appetizers and salads at 60 locations in the Central Ohio area. Call the front desk or visit for the nearest location. Open lunch to late night 7 days; delivery available. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


El Mariachi

4740 E. Main St. • 868-1669

This family-owned Mexican restaurant has a pleasant and plain décor and an authentic menu full of tasty choices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sat-Sun. MC, V; $.


El Vaquero

375 Stoneridge Ln., Gahanna • 428-1725

You’ll find good Mexican food and good service at good prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Giuseppe’s Ritrovo

2268 E. Main St. • 235-4300

Owners Giuseppe and Vesna Mangana add to the conviviality of this charming Bexley neighborhood Italian restaurant. (Giuseppe prepares some of the dishes himself.) Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, MC, V; $$.


Granville Inn

314 E. Broadway, Granville • (740) 587-3333

Seasonal ingredients and lively menu items are emphasized at this charming inn’s dining establishment. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Hunan Gourmet

5125 E. Main St. • 759-6868

This restaurant turns out superior Szechwan, Mandarin and Hunan specialties. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Lola & Giuseppe’s Trattoria

100 Granville St., Gahanna • 473-9931

A friendly, family-run restaurant serving classic Italian fare. Open for dinner Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Mad Greek                                    

4210 E. Broad St. • 338-0000

Quick, casual and genuine Greek cuisine is found in this welcoming and cheerful establishment. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Mezzo Italian Kitchen & Wine

130 Creekside Plaza • 476-9900

A variety of Italian dishes—as well as prompt, friendly service—can be found at this cozy, romantic spot. Open for dinner Tue-Sun; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Moshi Sushi Bar

2152 E. Main St., Bexley • 732-0641

You will find a pleasant atmosphere with a diverse menu, with mostly Japanese and some Korean offerings. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, JCB, MC, V; $$.



2272 Baltimore Reynoldsburg Rd. • 868-6963

The unpretentious atmosphere and tasty entrees draw a mix of people to O’Charley’s. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Rusty Bucket

2158 E. Main St. • 236-2426

The sports bar/diner serves tasty versions of American standard fare. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Scali Ristorante

1901 St. Rt. 256 • 759-7764

A tiny, family-run Italian place whose hearty pastas, veal entrees and warm and friendly service reassure you there really is a Mama Scali. Open for lunch Thu-Fri, dinner Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Short Story Brasserie

923 River Rd., Granville • (740) 587-0281

This restaurant in a picturesque village is inspired by owner James Housteau’s admiration for Ernest Hemingway, who loved food and drink. The menu has strong French undertones. Open for dinner Tue-Sat; breakfast Sat-Sun 8 am-noon; closed Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Sunny Street Café

5481 New Albany Rd. W. • 939-4848

This chain offers an array of breakfast and lunch items in a cheerful Americana diner/coffee shop setting. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


The Top Steak House

2891 E. Main St. • 231-8238

The Top Steak House has been quietly getting it right for more than 50 years. This Columbus icon is an independently owned 1950s supper club, complete with a patio, bar and live piano music nightly. Specialties include juicy charbroiled steaks, succulent lobster tails and an award-winning wine list. Open for dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.



1330 N. Hamilton Rd. • 428-8672

You’ll find sushi-bar Japanese plus Korean and Pan-Asian items. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Wine Guy Wine Shop Wine Bar & Bistro

500 Creekside Plaza, Gahanna • 536-0411

201 Clint Dr., Suite 1200, Pickerington  • 577-9463

The décor is mildly elegant, the wine list long and the food—mostly small plates—is good. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.




Carrabba’s Italian Grill

3949 Trueman Blvd., Hilliard


Texas and Italy come together at this chain, with tasty results. Open for lunch Sun, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Cheeseburger in Paradise

4081 Trueman Blvd., Hilliard


Parrotheads will delight at this Jimmy Buffett-themed restaurant with a Caribbean flair. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.


Donatos Pizza

60 area locations

Donatos Pizza, founded in Columbus, is known for its pizza loaded with Edge to Edge toppings, subs, wings, appetizers and salads at 60 locations in the Central Ohio area. Call the front desk or visit for the nearest location. Open lunch to late night 7 days; delivery available. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


El Vaquero

1780 Hilliard-Rome Rd. • 876-5157

You’ll find good Mexican food and good service at good prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


La Plaza Tapatia Mexican Restaurant & Supermarket

4233 Shoppers Ln. • 276-0333

Authentic, unpretentious and flavorful Mexican food can be found at this place in Westland shopping center. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $$.



1650 Georgesville Square Dr. • 853-2748

The unpretentious atmosphere and tasty entrees draw a mix of people to O’Charley’s. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Starliner Diner

5240 Cemetery Rd. • 529-1198

Funky, fun and eclectic, this Hilliard storefront place serves mainly Cuban, Southwestern and Mexican food. Open for breakfast and lunch Tue-Sun, dinner Tue-Sat; closed Mon. Checks, AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $.


Taj Palace

2794 Fishinger Blvd. • 771-3870

If you like spicy food, this Indian restaurant will satisfy. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.




Coyote Jane’s Saloon

1586 S. High St. • 444-5460

You’ll find creative Southwestern flair at this Merion Village joint, brought to you by the owners of Banana Bean Café. Open for dinner Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


El Vaquero

3160 Broadway, Grove City • 801-9910

You’ll find good Mexican food and good service at good prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.



1657 Stringtown Rd. • 801-1214

6224 Gender Rd. • 834-0833

The unpretentious atmosphere and tasty entrees draw a mix of people to O’Charley’s. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V; $$.


Sunny Street Café

2788 London Groveport Rd. • 539-0899

This chain offers an array of breakfast and lunch items in a cheerful Americana diner/coffee shop setting. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V; $.


Village Wines and Bistro

600 W. Waterloo St., Canal Winchester • 833-2828

This small shop has a serious kitchen, offering a frequently changing menu of American items that are a cut above the expected. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon. AE, DS, MC, V; $$. 

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'mc':139,213,314,356,393,449,507,556,590,665,708,760,894,937,971,1026,1054,1108,1139,1200,1261,1295,1330,1381,1423,1480,1534,1575,1610,1655,1695,1737,1795,1839,1882,1923,1970,2006,2053,2092,2139,2182,2213,2252,2310,2353,2415,2452,2485,2529,2621,2660,2689,2756,2796,2861,2898,2957,3013,3065,3107,3139,3180,3238,3293,3327,3359,3399,3427,3468,3506,3542,3564,3608,3646,3703,3763,3807,3840,3871,3906,3933,3978,4028,4086,4126,4183,4220,4255,4297,4325,4438,4479,4516,4561,4597,4627,4672,4711,4741,4792,4833,4875,4910,4959,4993,5028,5063,5103,5149,5188,5220,5263,5303,5343,5371,5434,5469,5512,5569,5593,5625,5654,5705,5746,5791,5827,5858,5897,5949,5982,6028,6071,6119,6171,6215,6260,6294,6324,6361,6383,6421,6466,6569,6612,6657,6694,6727,6768,6803,6848,6874,6906,6964,7050,7080,7116,7166,7197,7303,7340,7382,7418,7459,7524,7628,7713,7742,7801,7842,7889,7928,7957,8002,8038,8079,8118,8156,8194,8223,8256,8317,8347,8381,8409,8439,8483,8542,8575,8611,8669,8711,8742,8789,8829,8858,8892,8925,8965,9006,9044,9074,9125,9183,9221,9291,9323,9374,9407,9441,9499,9531,9570,9608,9650,9680,9726,9757,9799,9836,9886 'pl':1059,8200 'pm':835,1470,3053,3060,3177 'rd':3334,3405,3474,3512,3548,3571,3577,3657,3714,3770,3845,3878,3884,3914,3941,4093,4132,4140,4146,4263,4303,4334,4341,4486,4603,4799,4919,4965,5196,5376,5483,5577,5599,5712,5798,5837,5865,5903,6129,6223,6334,6475,7175,7637,7854,8326,8549,8582,9014,9132,9191,9297,9507,9614,9764,9769,9807 're':4775 'rt':7967,9080 'se':8120 'st':181,221,366,399,514,563,599,717,772,858,902,942,978,1033,1117,1147,1269,1302,1340,1431,1489,1581,1618,1662,1702,1805,1892,1930,1977,2012,2062,2099,2150,2190,2221,2359,2421,2459,2492,2538,2628,2668,2696,2763,2804,2870,2908,2964,3019,3075,3115,3145,3248,3367,3986,4157,4226,4639,4646,4680,4748,4839,5037,5070,5113,5520,5908,6037,6178,6304,6576,6666,6775,7428,7571,7965,7966,8008,8087,8164,8418,8589,8676,8750,8836,8866,8899,8973,9051,9079,9230,9690,9845 'su':5572 'tk':8305 '100':1061,8864 '106':2630 '108':8579 '129':671 '130':8931 '145':7123 '161':596 '169':1974 '170':6331 '180':8006 '185':178 '193':1845 '200':317 '201':9338 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'789':3549,5600 '791':3572,4920,5838 '792':3475,5115,5444,5904,6039 '793':2489 '794':7391 '800':2418 '801':9734,9765 '811':2148 '823':6777,8389 '827':773 '833':9848 '834':9770 '840':7356 '844':7466 '846':7860 '847':7057,7311 '848':4641,6477,6740 '853':9579 '865':7429,8231 '868':8677,9015 '876':9416,9508 '880':6703 '881':4842,5911 '885':3658,6180,6811,8048,8327 '888':6391,7721,8265 '889':5478,6225 '890':8016,8354 '891':6335 '895':2867,7176,7850,8089 '899':8166 '912':1889 '923':9130 '932':5713 '937':3988 '939':7855,8011,9193 '951':2760 '966':2096 '967':7971 '985':6582,7752 'aab':3296 'acr':7389 'act':7136 'add':8758 'age':2592,4378,6970,6991,7009,7257 'art':1043,4543,7668 'ave':1545,1847,2319,3301,3373,3814,4188,4448,4634,4880,5227,5274,5312,5351,5489,5630,5659,5989,6077,6266,6855,7205,7532,7849,8230,8353,8388,8446 'bar':604,668,691,822,1070,1245,1427,1643,1801,1824,2440,2548,2726,2865,2877,3710,4660,5109,5776,6662,6836,7039,7492,7672,7686,8490,8969,9262,9305,9330 'bbq':5574 'bel':6327 'big':3744,5447,5450,7313,8523 'bit':5234 'caf':1113,1298,1385,1542,2215,2759,3402,3767,4676,5066,5709,5999,7529,7804,8160,8320,9187,9713,9803 'cap':2145,3705,3726,8485,8505 'chi':8544 'cod':434 'cor':421,1628,6821,8691,9348 'cut':2553,6989,7224,9868 'day':206,311,502,550,757,842,891,1022,1135,1196,1258,1291,1324,1377,1420,1477,1527,1607,1652,1692,1790,1835,1880,1916,1967,1999,2210,2305,2449,2482,2617,2687,2752,2790,2895,2948,2955,3010,3138,3233,3289,3324,3356,3396,3466,3503,3539,3561,3600,3699,3755,3837,3903,3929,4023,4081,4124,4180,4294,4322,4424,4472,4513,4624,4668,4708,4738,4787,4830,4956,5025,5061,5097,5183,5217,5301,5340,5368,5466,5508,5590,5622,5651,5743,5824,5855,5946,5978,6025,6168,6321,6358,6380,6413,6459,6566,6608,6652,6724,6763,6800,6845,6870,6903,6959,7047,7077,7112,7194,7337,7379,7452,7520,7606,7625,7709,7738,7797,7836,7883,7923,7955,8034,8076,8115,8153,8191,8220,8253,8314,8345,8407,8436,8534,8572,8608,8664,8706,8739,8855,8922,9002,9038,9070,9218,9287,9320,9404,9438,9494,9528,9567,9602,9677,9754,9793,9833 'del':2216 'doc':3980 'dri':7008 'due':509 'eat':1949,6145 'edg':468,470,1756,1758,2271,2273,2554,3199,3201,4047,4049,6925,6927,7225,8630,8632,9460,9462 'egg':814 'end':2120,2544,4348,7212 'eri':3693 'eye':7012 'fad':7082 'fri':347,386,440,547,656,699,838,888,961,1255,1288,1604,1728,2045,2084,2245,3635,3752,4866,5140,5248,5648,5821,5943,6021,6062,6251,6685,8150,8474,8531,8781,8820,8999,9114,9674 'fun':1507,9618 'gay':513,1301,1488 'gem':2156,3024 'get':7939,9240 'guy':9326 'ice':816 'inn':4913,6175,6200,8792,8811 'jcb':135,970,5187,5433,7927,9005 'lee':4713 'lot':2560,7233 'low':684,1516,7101 'luc':4835 'mad':8894 'max':1012 'may':788 'mex':4816,6644 'mix':1635,6828,7870,9025,9589,9780 'mon':346,350,385,443,546,585,655,659,698,702,837,887,934,960,964,1101,1254,1287,1327,1573,1603,1688,1727,1731,2051,2083,2087,2133,2179,2244,2350,2408,2445,2526,2657,2855,3006,3055,3172,3352,3426,3643,3751,3801,3865,3972,4214,4252,4431,4554,4592,4872,4904,4987,5139,5143,5254,5425,5566,5618,5647,5702,5788,5820,5896,5942,5974,6061,6065,6113,6209,6250,6254,6288,6684,6688,7163,7296,7415,7564,7999,8149,8376,8473,8477,8530,8780,8784,8819,8823,8889,8962,8998,9122,9180,9368,9645,9673,9723,9883 'neo':2314 'new':373,411,417,432,2555,7226,7569,8009,8564,9189 'nfl':3262 'nut':801 'old':2104,3332,3719,4091,4332,8498 'one':2396,2812,2839,4524,5380,5526,5879,7615 'osu':3067,3260,7254 'own':8682,9254 'p.f':5151,7891 'pan':3682,5163,5635,7903,9311 'pao':7772 'pho':5265 'pub':1614,1622,1638,1721,1888,1898,2197,4444,4454,6807,6815,6831,7084,7092,7424,7434,8260,8273,8277 'red':523,2564,5345,7781 'rib':1087,1182,3893,4761,4927,4936,6790,7011,7980,8598 'rim':1078 'row':3313,4888 'run':2236,4102,8874,9088 'rye':1945 'san':5571 'sat':209,351,389,444,553,586,660,703,930,965,1102,1328,1530,1689,1732,1919,2002,2048,2088,2130,2134,2175,2248,2344,2346,2409,2446,2653,2793,2856,3007,3056,3099,3173,3353,3603,3639,3758,3802,3866,3973,4215,4432,4475,4555,4593,4905,4988,5100,5144,5255,5426,5562,5619,5699,5782,5975,6066,6114,6210,6255,6289,6416,6462,6689,6720,7297,7455,7560,7704,7839,8377,8478,8537,8709,8785,8824,8885,9118,9170,9173,9369,9643,9719,9879 'say':7365 'sea':1089,7698 'see':109 'set':237,1413,5736,6492,8184,9211,9826 'six':7141 'spa':5675 'sub':472,1760,2275,3203,4051,6929,8634,9464 'sun':210,353,390,446,554,588,662,705,932,967,1104,1531,1571,1734,1920,2003,2049,2090,2136,2178,2249,2349,2411,2524,2656,2794,2858,3061,3102,3174,3424,3604,3641,3759,3804,3868,3975,4025,4121,4217,4250,4434,4476,4557,4595,4670,4789,4870,4907,4990,5101,5146,5261,5428,5564,5696,5700,5786,5894,6022,6068,6116,6212,6257,6291,6417,6463,6654,6691,6721,6765,7161,7299,7413,7456,7562,7840,7885,7997,8379,8480,8538,8710,8787,8826,8888,8960,9040,9121,9174,9371,9401,9604,9639,9722,9795,9882 'taj':9652 'tex':4815,6643 'thu':9113 'tin':1498 'tip':157,1482 'top':471,1038,1483,1759,2274,3202,4050,5385,6928,7603,7673,8633,9224,9234,9463 'tri':7614 'tue':439,929,1570,2044,2129,2174,2343,2523,2652,3103,3423,3634,3638,4120,4249,4865,4869,5561,5695,5781,5785,5893,7160,7412,7559,7703,7996,8884,8959,9117,9169,9638,9642,9718,9878 'two':3848,4196 'u.s':3679 'use':162,993,5287 'vip':7236 'way':3447,6734,7087,7807,7898 'wed':3098 'win':640,2987,4386,5633,9280 'won':18,5542 'woo':7745,7760 'yet':529 'zum':2094 '1051':8198 '1077':4090 '1092':5374 '1138':5575 '1151':2905 '1173':3331 '1178':5953 '1200':9342 '1223':3431 '1245':3911 '1288':5271 '1295':5657 '1299':3711 '1301':8491 '1312':5628 '1315':5309 '1319':7463 '1330':9294 '1355':4601 '1368':6264 '1369':4186 '1371':6075 '1408':7718 '1423':3370 '1425':7857 '1433':5986 '1439':4878 '1470':3299 '1500':6431,6579,7749 '1550':4631 '1566':6737 '1570':6973 '1586':9687 '1615':4331 '1635':5486 '1636':3245 '1650':9575 '1657':9762 '1689':3811 '1728':3112 '1736':5348 '1780':9503 '1788':4445 '1803':3574 '1901':9078 '1930':6365 '1988':4372 '19th':5399 '2001':8321 '2038':4301 '20th':616 '2111':3881 '2118':3142 '2124':4999,5225 '2152':8970 '2158':9048 '2162':3939 '2185':3652 '2195':4149 '2268':8747 '2272':9011 '2333':3072 '2350':7170 '2400':8415 '2448':7387 '2548':5863 '2584':3510 '2653':5517 '2667':4519 '2685':4715 '2788':9804 '2794':9654 '2875':5795 '2891':9227 '2931':3364 '2941':4223 '2985':4677 '3000':3569 '3051':4802 '3133':5034 '3160':9730 '3230':4143 '3420':7530 '3499':4837 '3535':5832 '3580':4135 '3670':6124 '3706':4564 '3712':4191 '3758':3875 '3945':7932 '3949':9381 '3950':6302 '3965':7568 '3975':6732 '3993':6426 '4002':7634 '4007':6574 '4015':7805 '4022':7085 '4040':7896 '4081':9412 '4210':8896 '4233':9539 '4241':5067 '4453':4797 '4515':5194 '4565':4914 '4710':4484 '4740':3843,8673 '4850':7852 '4852':3768 '5125':8833 '5240':9612 '5481':9188 '5577':8546 '5712':3546 '5720':8386 '5776':6221 '5849':4963 '5979':8586 '6115':5440 '6135':5156 '6161':5597 '6196':8351 '6224':9767 '6234':3472 '6285':7847 '6360':4339 '6395':5751 '6644':5473 '6804':3376 '7042':5715 '7470':6388 '7550':7308,8044 '7573':5710 '7654':5901 '7800':5480 '8460':6700 '8475':6879 '8491':6779 '8617':8128 '8665':8262 '8715':7054 '8736':5906 '8745':6808 '8791':6616 '9130':4130 'akai':3329 'also':4857,5772,5927,6089,7279 'area':454,484,1742,1772,2257,2287,3069,3185,3215,4033,4063,5383,5540,6160,6911,6941,7482,8616,8646,9446,9476 'asia':7768 'away':2158 'back':7538 'bali':5862 'band':2916 'bare':8294 'base':146,3278,4926,4948,6595 'basi':2146,2164 'bass':1090,7699 'bean':1541,9712 'beck':1976,2061 'beef':1085,2381,2942,6971,6992,7779 'beer':642,739,1708,2118,2517,5555,7105 'beet':1179 'best':2399,3041,4412,4570,4975,5529,8206 'blue':803,3470,3730,8509 'blvd':320,674,1209,1389,3433,4521,4717,4804,6781,6810,6881,7056,7355,8047,8264,9383,9414,9656 'bold':1719,4110 'bond':7570 'bone':4934,7119,7693 'brew':1698 'brio':6423 'buca':215,224,244,6468,6479,6499 'busi':1368,7314 'cafe':27,2709,4658,7478 'cake':3746,5246,8525 'call':92,485,1773,2288,3216,4064,6942,8647,9477 'card':122,851 'care':866 'cart':128 'ceil':518,1499 'chef':1009,7286 'chip':2379 'chop':2596,3688,4382,7261 'cibo':3842 'citi':13,36,120,750,1681,3706,3727,3873,4531,5882,6002,6770,8486,8506,8577,9733 'club':132,2913,7121,7131,7633,7652,7660,9257 'coal':1238 'come':5962,6708,9390 'cook':864,2228,3829,4504,5033 'cost':143 'cozi':528,579,689,945,1503,1552,1852,3591,4756,4848,6052,6404,7239,8952 'crab':5245 'cuco':3935 'dean':1010 'deco':1044 'deli':360,377,1941,4260 'desk':488,1776,2291,3219,4067,6945,8650,9480 'dine':4,42,232,533,784,789,1122,1361,1677,1813,3623,4390,6159,6487,6590,6892,7282,8813 'dish':246,335,862,1001,1314,1826,2032,2106,2503,2718,3090,3129,3165,3274,3410,3459,3781,4011,4239,4287,4545,4610,4690,5126,5206,5282,5535,6501,6756,7488,8064,8774,8940 'done':3439 'door':2366,5346 'dosa':4088 'draw':7244,7868,9023,9587,9778 'duck':430,4274 'east':8411 'eddi':3240,6966,7013 'eleg':530,5769,9351 'elev':592 'ever':89 'evid':6093 'fair':4241 'fall':4931 'fame':795 'fare':56,378,1562,1645,1722,2198,2330,2433,2885,3317,3855,3946,4854,4897,5501,6276,6343,6445,6838,8027,8139,8239,8278,8393,8879,9063 'farm':3686,8465 'fast':5292 'feel':4354 'find':679,907,1242,1550,1714,1808,2028,2074,2195,2324,2875,3408,3479,3919,4107,4164,4608,5203,5870,5928,6229,6438,6860,7061,7360,7975,8136,8276,8451,8723,8979,9302,9512,9695,9738 'fine':879,1676,1990,3622,3707,8069,8487 'fire':6048,7347 'fish':2600,3909,6851,7269,7590,7599 'five':2817,3082,4534 'food':79,766,776,955,1246,1509,1639,1810,2025,2775,2830,2974,3389,4167,4506,4652,4731,5011,5046,5082,5293,5308,5676,5872,5931,5961,6016,6122,6300,6832,6896,7064,7330,7544,7819,7938,8429,8726,9156,9358,9515,9549,9631,9663,9741 'four':633,988,1590,1817,1986,2508,2636,2815,3791,3994,4204,4527,5386,5670,6006,6196,6282 'full':2835,8696 'give':607 'good':1466,2116,3387,3530,3582,4165,4169,4172,4586,4729,4765,5554,6395,6895,7062,7066,7069,7329,7976,8098,8365,8427,8559,8724,8728,8731,9363,9513,9517,9520,9739,9743,9746 'guid':102,114,4417 'gyro':799 'half':6627 'hama':7931 'hana':3330 'hand':6988,8301 'hang':519,4275 'haus':595 'head':97 'help':267,2772,5079,6522,7816 'herb':8453 'high':180,398,517,598,746,771,901,1116,1146,1153,1430,1661,1891,2098,2189,2358,2420,2458,2491,2537,2543,2573,2627,2667,2695,2762,2803,2869,2907,2963,3074,3114,3144,3247,3366,4225,4347,4638,4679,5036,5069,5112,5519,5664,6036,6177,6183,7211,8045,9689 'hint':609 'home':2227,4503,5032,7388 'hour':1096,1191,2747,3734,7513,7787,8513 'hous':873,5268,7169,9226,9236 'huge':1938,6747 'hyde':2368,2531,2575,4327,4405,7199 'icon':9250 'item':722,1406,4491,5729,6146,6236,7405,8177,8805,9204,9313,9819,9864 'jame':1011,1448,9147 'jane':9684 'java':818 'jazz':4401 'juic':4698 'kaya':4481 'kent':8458 'kilt':8259,8295 'kind':5640,8283 'king':2318 'kobe':2380 'kung':7771 'lago':6328 'laid':7537 'lake':3692 'lamb':8063 'lamp':521 'lane':3813,4633,5273,5311,5488 'larg':3822 'late':499,1233,1474,1787,2302,3230,4078,6956,8661,9491 'leav':20,5684 'like':5456,9661 'lili':5596 'lion':4300 'list':61,1939,2927,2998,4388,5418,5547,6102,6452,7032,7600,8071,9282,9354 'live':2701,2915,3267,3669,4400,5922,6600,7470,7681,7700,7945,8803,9264 'load':466,1754,2269,3197,4045,6923,8628,9458 'lola':8860 'long':428,2926,9355 'loop':3378,5475 'loud':7097 'love':6081,9155 'lyra':6617,6701 'made':7547,8240 'main':857,2678,5133,6665,8417,8588,8675,8749,8835,8972,9050,9229,9626 'make':525,1500,2773,5080,7817 'mall':5956 'mama':9107 'mani':3155 'masa':5750 'meal':2113,3154,4980,6314 'meat':1667 'meet':269,6524 'menu':185,324,405,423,536,619,721,871,922,1003,1347,1458,1558,1631,2680,2825,2882,2923,3270,3305,3778,3823,4010,4584,4845,5242,5448,5919,6104,6601,6748,6824,7042,7148,7401,7608,8695,8804,8986,9160,9861 'mild':9350 'mors':7853 'most':733,916,2431,6106,8988,9359 'movi':3519 'much':3895,6792,8600 'name':1442,6096,7364 'near':2141,2335,8563 'next':2365,3516 'nice':5118 'nobl':827 'noon':9178 'ohio':107,483,1230,1771,2286,2712,3214,4062,6940,8645,9475 'open':200,305,342,379,435,496,542,581,651,694,751,831,840,883,923,956,1015,1046,1097,1128,1192,1225,1250,1283,1320,1370,1414,1467,1521,1563,1599,1646,1682,1723,1784,1831,1874,1910,1960,1993,2038,2079,2125,2170,2204,2238,2299,2339,2402,2441,2476,2519,2613,2648,2681,2748,2783,2849,2891,2949,3002,3045,3094,3132,3166,3227,3283,3318,3348,3390,3417,3460,3497,3533,3557,3594,3630,3695,3747,3795,3831,3861,3897,3923,3965,4017,4075,4116,4174,4210,4245,4288,4316,4370,4420,4427,4466,4507,4550,4588,4618,4661,4702,4732,4781,4823,4861,4898,4950,4983,5021,5055,5090,5135,5177,5211,5252,5295,5334,5362,5421,5460,5502,5557,5584,5614,5643,5689,5737,5777,5816,5849,5887,5938,5970,6017,6057,6109,6161,6203,6246,6284,6315,6352,6376,6407,6453,6560,6602,6646,6680,6716,6757,6794,6839,6864,6897,6953,7043,7071,7106,7156,7188,7292,7323,7331,7375,7406,7446,7514,7552,7619,7678,7705,7734,7791,7829,7877,7917,7949,7990,8028,8072,8109,8145,8185,8214,8247,8308,8339,8370,8401,8430,8469,8526,8566,8602,8658,8700,8733,8776,8815,8849,8880,8916,8955,8994,9032,9064,9109,9165,9212,9283,9314,9364,9398,9432,9488,9522,9560,9596,9632,9669,9714,9748,9787,9827,9872 'oper':4270 'ounc':7007 'oven':854,1176,2385 'pair':4244 'park':2369,2532,2576,2612,4328,4397,4406,5222,5441,7200,7291 'part':3585,6398 'pick':2810 'pike':8130 'pkwi':6367,6433,6581,6739,6975,7465,7720,7751,7859,8015 'plan':268,6523 'plus':3894,4696,5638,6344,6791,7367,8599,9307 'pope':297,6552 'pork':3687,7979 'pour':2514 'pull':7978 'pure':8334 'rais':1348 'rang':4007,5604 'rate':2782,4408,5089,5379,7828 'real':2224,3784 'reed':3844,4485 'rest':3952,4580 'rice':5885 'rich':7662 'road':4419,4426 'rock':2960,2968,2983 'rome':9506 'room':287,291,294,1123,4391,5454,5685,6542,6546,6549,6893,7283 'root':4744 'rout':7959 'ruth':8040 'sage':5514 'sake':5642 'sauc':4949 'saut':7691 'seat':301,2438,6556 'serv':248,371,644,1307,1593,2022,2166,2731,2946,3085,3123,3386,3672,3851,3890,4891,4971,5013,5044,5495,5602,5674,5765,6310,6503,6636,6787,6894,7497,8021,8053,8236,8333,8364,8426,8595,8876,9057,9625 'sexi':7218 'shop':768,1412,1844,3339,4721,5735,8183,8562,9210,9328,9558,9825,9852 'show':736 'siam':823 'side':3164,5916 'soft':4935 'sort':1670 'soup':2035,5331 'spot':190,1504,2017,2203,2466,2510,3448,3494,3624,3860,4849,5054,5285,5541,5673,5937,8954 'star':634,989,1591,1818,1987,2509,2637,2818,3083,3995,4205,4535,5671,6007,6197,6283,6628 'step':3949 'suit':1060,2629,5197,9341 'sure':6132 'tabl':262,299,5886,6517,6554,7237,7289 'tail':9275 'tapa':189,6107 'tasi':3015 'tast':5860,5952,6891 'texa':6634,6705,9387 'thai':2679,3415,3452,5278,5899,5915,5951,5960,8225,8238,8545,8555 'tilt':8258 'ting':5794 'tini':2154,9085 'toni':804,2055,2075 'tool':1204 'tora':9293 'tour':7139 'tout':1560 'town':2401,2821,3044,4209,4982,5317,5531,7125,7582,7647,7988,8209 'tuck':2157 'tuft':2565 'turn':4308,6272,7180,8841 'type':6201 'unit':330 'usda':2992 'valu':83,1249 'vari':852 'vash':4675 'veal':1092,1185,2740,7506,8061,9094 'venu':2715,7485 'verd':3766 'view':2563,6347,7354 'vine':941 'vino':6073,6074 'visa':142 'wall':7247 'warm':9097 'wash':2110 'week':7144 'well':333,1357,1716,1829,2990,4015,4692,4893,5123,6099,6238,6447,8057,8141,8942 'west':6592,9376 'wide':39,4006 'wine':290,2607,2730,2997,4243,4387,4859,5108,5417,5546,6084,6101,6451,6545,7027,7031,7274,7371,7496,8070,8930,9281,9325,9327,9329,9353,9839 'wing':473,1761,2276,3204,4052,6930,8307,8635,9465 'wood':6047,7346,7663 'wrap':3131 'year':9247 'york':375,2556,7228 'yuen':8383 '-0000':1063,8901 '-0033':676 '-0066':7089 '-0070':5160 '-0100':6812 '-0188':5579 '-0200':6336 '-0279':4142 '-0281':9136 '-0286':6369 '-0303':5991 '-0310':6435 '-0330':3380 '-0333':9543 '-0400':4967 '-0411':9337 '-0500':601 '-0575':1807 '-0641':8976 '-0788':3021 '-0823':4605 '-0833':9771 '-0899':9809 '-0900':4148 '-0919':4161 '-1000':7208 '-1111':2461 '-1112':5905 '-1114':5661 '-1125':1664 '-1128':4134 '-1139':6620 '-1141':3147 '-1166':7312 '-1198':9616 '-1202':7392 '-1214':9766 '-1245':3573 '-1275':6226 '-1288':3435 '-1414':2670 '-1428':5200 '-1440':8420 '-1525':4719 '-1560':1620 '-1585':2966 '-1653':9386 '-1666':2632 '-1669':8678 '-1702':5314 '-1717':4450 '-1725':8720 '-1889':7856 '-1911':4636 '-1950':3407 '-1952':6578 '-2100':2698 '-2204':2540 '-2233':5072,7534 '-2262':1547 '-2266':2014 '-2267':6669 '-2303':5491 '-2333':1271,5003 '-2414':3369 '-2426':3847,6704,9053 '-2462':7972 '-2467':7722 '-2500':774 '-2551':4488 '-2582':7639 '-2594':5479 '-2600':6181 '-2626':5485 '-2727':3250 '-2739':1704 '-2748':9580 '-2800':3303 '-2810':2872 '-2822':1304 '-2828':4344,9849 '-2900':719 '-2910':8049 '-3000':5912 '-3008':1391 '-3082':1119 '-3239':944 '-3287':223 '-3310':4338 '-3330':7177 '-3333':8799 '-3354':1932 '-3424':5116 '-3466':6040 '-3474':3550,3916,6857 '-3531':2101 '-3607':9417 '-3633':4882 '-3640':5719 '-3663':3659,3716,7573,8017 '-3676':5445 '-3699':1583 '-3778':4265 '-3800':1433,5839 '-3870':9658 '-3881':6392 '-3888':3476 '-3933':4305 '-3970':5229 '-4100':7900 '-4300':8752 '-4343':1979 '-4515':8232 '-4547':4153 '-4550':1342 '-4585':1211 '-4600':4843 '-4745':6430 '-4775':8355 '-4830':565 '-4848':9194 '-5000':2223,2494,3514 '-5157':9509 '-5277':4568 '-5300':8012 '-5411':3336 '-5433':5353 '-5444':7809 '-5458':8266 '-5460':9692 '-5515':4095 '-5556':6131 '-5565':3375 '-5602':401 '-5606':4801 '-5653':7128 '-6113':8167 '-6304':6583 '-6323':904 '-6500':7467 '-6575':4195 '-6630':3772 '-6661':3990 '-6700':6741 '-6711':4642 '-6783':3077 '-6788':3618 '-6868':8838 '-6963':9016 '-6996':8133 '-7008':5714 '-7040':368 '-7126':3816 '-7151':4649 '-7230':5867 '-7243':5522 '-7307':6977 '-7324':7851 '-7326':7058 '-7383':2152 '-7427':4921 '-7446':8328 '-7541':980 '-7575':8090 '-7600':6736 '-7605':5958 '-7764':9083 '-7777':4682 '-7888':2806 '-8060':4750 '-8168':2423 '-8200':6079 '-8210':3579 '-8224':3880 '-8238':9232 '-8259':1149 '-8300':1491 '-8466':6478 '-8582':4806 '-8669':2064 '-8672':9299 '-8686':6783 '-8701':3943 '-8817':3117 '-8850':4190 '-8855':5756 '-8856':2910 '-8880':8390 '-8887':5276 '-8888':1035,5800 '-8890':3886,6778,8585,8591 '-8900':1849 '-8988':8551 '-8999':1894 '-9006':6306 '-9012':5039 '-9020':4228 '-9040':4523 '-9060':322 '-9090':7357,7430 '-9141':183 '-9200':6268 '-9330':5601 '-9373':516 '-9390':860 '-9463':9345 '-9490':5632 '-9543':7936 '-9601':2192 '-9610':6883 '-9611':2361 '-9662':8448 '-9667':7753 '-9744':7861 '-9774':5378 '-9887':8202 '-9900':8935 '-9910':9735 '-9931':8869 '-9986':2321 '-9999':2765,8495 '1800s':1234 '1950s':1854,9255 'admir':9150 'adorn':7245 'adult':4779 'alana':3070 'along':1514,2920,4886,7145,7264 'alway':5683 'amici':510 'among':4409 'antib':2624 'appet':153,474,1762,1901,2277,2929,3205,4053,4457,4763,6278,6931,7036,7150,7437,8367,8636,9466 'arena':728,1397,2590 'array':1401,5724,8172,9199,9814 'arriv':3158 'asian':340,2889,3127,3436,3492,5164,5266,5636,5935,7747,7904,9312 'avail':51,115,504,1792,2307,3235,4083,6961,7790,8666,9496 'award':639,2986,4385,9279 'bento':3109 'beppo':217,226,6470,6481 'black':8441,8462 'blend':3455,6190 'block':2587 'boast':4003 'booth':1869,2566,7235 'bottl':2734,7500 'brais':2739,7505 'bravo':3566,6385 'bread':882,1946 'brick':524,1175,1493 'bridg':4645,6474 'bring':2705,7474 'broad':365,8898 'bustl':1317,2425,2572 'cajun':680,2498 'canal':9846 'carri':1958 'cater':1236,5193 'chain':1393,5165,5721,6596,6632,6712,6743,7320,7578,7905,8169,9196,9394,9811 'chang':90,424,1013,2824,5152,7892,9860 'charm':1463,8764,8810 'check':9646 'cheer':1409,5732,6586,8180,8914,9207,9822 'chile':3765 'china':3484,3809,5154,5608,7894 'choic':631,876,8104,8699 'choos':4771,7610 'chris':8042 'circl':5158,5443 'clint':9339 'close':352,387,445,587,661,704,933,966,1103,1572,1733,2050,2089,2135,2176,2246,2347,2410,2525,2654,2857,3100,3425,3642,3803,3867,3974,4216,4251,4433,4556,4594,4871,4906,4989,5145,5260,5427,5565,5701,5787,5895,6067,6115,6256,6290,6690,7162,7298,7414,7563,7998,8378,8479,8786,8825,8886,8961,9119,9179,9370,9644,9720,9880 'coast':6594 'coffe':1843 'comfi':1868 'cours':5134 'court':767,777 'coyot':9683 'cream':817 'creek':5223,8442,8463 'creol':681 'cross':8046 'crust':3740,8519 'cuban':4812,9627 'cyber':820 'daddi':2940 'daili':645,1051,2597,3729,7266,7550,7780,8508 'danni':358 'deliv':2984,7327 'deter':4726 'diner':131,670,797,898,1856,2078,2873,2904,3477,3708,3720,4822,5043,7539,8488,8499,9611 'drink':9158 'dynam':2725,7491 'earli':615 'eaten':6153 'engag':5924 'enjoy':11,1036,1506,1859,1900,2469,3409,3551,4456,4650,5277,5840,6011,6370,7023,7436 'entre':155,1906,3036,3825,4462,7155,7442,7764,7867,8369,9022,9095,9586,9777 'estim':144 'europ':612 'event':271,2919,6526 'excel':3033,5959,6450,8054,8106,8391 'expos':1492 'feder':4520,4716 'fifth':3985,4447,5350 'figur':7256 'filet':7695 'first':2781,5088,7827 'flair':5411,9431,9698 'flour':5327 'found':458,576,1746,1909,2108,2231,2261,3189,4037,4465,6915,7445,8212,8396,8620,8909,8949,9450,9552 'fresh':228,995,2325,2599,3552,4697,6371,6483,6994,7268,7589,7598,8099,8452 'front':220,487,716,1617,1775,2290,3218,4066,6944,8649,9479 'fruit':4700,8244 'funki':33,9617 'funni':7118 'georg':3241 'glass':520,2610,7025,7277 'glick':5598 'globe':48 'grace':3615 'grade':3792 'great':1222,3264,3555,5410,6346,6374,7104 'greek':1904,2455,2470,4460,7440,8359,8895,8906 'greet':2077 'grill':808,1887,2488,3243,3545,4369,4404,4443,4482,4617,4796,5270,5439,6364,6425,6699,7423,8226,9380 'group':281,6536 'grove':9732 'guest':67,787 'haiku':2417 'happi':1095,1190,2454,2746,3733,7512,7786,8512 'hotel':985,1360,1438 'hunan':4299,4314,5174,7168,7186,7774,7914,8831,8847 'hundr':104,7241 'hyatt':1126,1353 'ideal':279,6534 'india':3297,5848,6878 'innov':1162,2978 'insid':778 'intim':5119 'irish':1613,1625,1637,6806,6818,6830,7083 'itali':6707,9389 'japan':3483,5613 'jeddo':7384 'jimmi':1884,4440,7420,9423 'joint':4928,7989,9703 'juici':9270 'kabab':7385 'kenni':5195,5954 'kikyo':4563 'knead':896 'known':462,1750,2265,3193,4041,5315,6919,8624,9454 'kooma':939,946 'krema':800 'latif':4686 'latin':567,2887 'level':7644 'light':7035,7669 'littl':1028,4099,5233 'local':910,997,2769,4723,4743,5076,7813,8242,8461 'locat':455,479,495,981,1394,1434,1743,1767,1783,2258,2282,2298,2334,2578,3186,3210,3226,3515,4034,4058,4074,4365,4885,5394,6912,6936,6952,7579,7640,7754,8617,8641,8657,9447,9471,9487 'louie':4794 'loung':1336,2364,7041,7683 'lunch':202,274,307,344,383,437,497,544,583,653,696,753,885,925,958,1018,1048,1131,1252,1285,1322,1369,1373,1405,1418,1523,1566,1601,1648,1686,1725,1785,1864,1878,1912,1963,1995,2040,2081,2127,2206,2242,2300,2443,2478,2683,2786,2851,2951,3004,3035,3049,3134,3168,3228,3285,3320,3350,3392,3419,3462,3499,3535,3596,3632,3749,3797,3833,3899,3925,3968,4019,4076,4118,4176,4290,4318,4468,4509,4620,4664,4704,4734,4783,4826,4863,4900,4952,5053,5059,5093,5137,5179,5213,5257,5297,5336,5364,5462,5504,5586,5616,5645,5691,5728,5741,5779,5818,5851,5889,5940,5972,6019,6059,6164,6205,6248,6317,6354,6409,6455,6529,6562,6604,6648,6682,6718,6759,6796,6841,6866,6899,6954,7073,7108,7190,7333,7408,7448,7516,7555,7621,7793,7832,7879,7919,7951,7992,8030,8111,8147,8176,8189,8216,8249,8310,8341,8372,8403,8432,8471,8528,8568,8604,8659,8702,8735,8778,8817,8851,8918,8996,9034,9066,9111,9203,9216,9316,9400,9434,9489,9524,9563,9598,9636,9671,9750,9789,9818,9831,9874 'mazah':4877 'meant':254,6509 'memor':3,1944 'mezzo':8927 'middl':3383,4688,4895,8423 'miner':1239 'moder':169 'molli':7744,7759 'mondo':2217 'month':76,111,2808,4538,5390 'moshi':8967 'music':2903,2918,7701,9266 'nanci':5030 'nasir':4685 'nativ':1451 'neo-v':2313 'night':500,1475,1788,2303,3231,4079,6957,7142,8662,9267,9492 'noodl':3128,5267 'north':2143,2202,2338,2465,2674 'notat':123 'ocean':7632,7651 'offer':59,227,403,537,782,947,1399,1989,2430,2471,2716,2977,3032,3152,3314,3526,3627,3728,4236,4495,4540,4687,4929,5168,5325,5359,5722,5884,6141,6482,6672,6983,7132,7396,7486,7762,7908,8170,8507,8993,9197,9812,9857 'often':1014,2073 'onlin':7788 'orang':7778 'order':2390,2846,7789 'organ':2767,5074,7811,8243 'oscar':5105,5127 'owner':1219,3027,5996,6087,8457,8753,9146,9709 'pacif':1077,5190 'palac':1029,9653 'pasta':2744,5329,5682,7510,9093 'patio':2569,9261 'pearl':562,3018 'peopl':7872,9027,9591,9782 'peter':8459 'piada':5305,5324,5326 'piano':7685,9265 'pizza':452,457,465,830,1040,1740,1745,1753,2255,2260,2268,2386,2742,3183,3188,3196,4031,4036,4044,4206,5680,6572,6909,6914,6922,7151,7508,8614,8619,8627,9444,9449,9457 'place':370,531,1350,1366,1672,2842,3958,4207,4281,4884,5120,5294,5667,6587,7095,7395,7758,9090,9555,9624 'plain':4098,8689 'plate':2375,3731,8510,9361 'plaza':1333,8933,9334,9534 'pleas':5804 'powel':3626,3877,4759,4840,5909 'press':1497,8302 'price':151,539,1517,2475,4109,4173,4242,5016,7070,7102,8732,9521,9747 'prime':2370,2533,2545,2593,2993,4329,4349,4379,6969,6990,7201,7213,7258 'quick':8902 'quiet':5966,9239 'readi':6143 'refin':407,6194 'relax':1554 'right':9242 'river':3576,3713,3913,4145,5482,5797,9131 'roast':2941,3683,4273 'roman':828 'rossi':2864 'rusti':5471,8004,9046 'salad':476,1180,1764,2279,2932,3207,4055,5330,6933,7153,8366,8638,9468 'sampl':7765 'scali':9076,9108 'scene':86 'share':257,2720,6512 'shine':5130 'shoku':5627 'short':1086,1181,1701,2201,2337,2464,2673,9127 'smack':2939 'small':2374,2634,2672,3961,7987,8357,9360,9851 'smoke':3892,6789,8597 'snack':2722 'south':1007,3252,8336,9682 'space':1045,1464,5020,6338 'spice':868 'spici':4945,9662 'sport':5493,7255,8019,8272,8280,9055 'squar':1356,5955,9577 'staff':265,6520,7594 'stand':1112,7134 'state':331,1339,6774,7427,7665,8086,8163 'steak':1276,2594,2994,4380,7259,7348,7727,8055,9225,9235,9272 'stone':2384 'store':3964,6137 'stori':9128 'style':251,376,643,1313,1821,1855,2829,3830,4360,5241,5405,6506,7229,8362 'sunni':1383,5707,8158,9185,9801 'sushi':1084,2439,2959,2967,2982,2988,3345,4483,4493,4575,5748,5775,5793,6230,8082,8091,8196,8207,8968,9304 'sweet':4941 'tadka':5829 'taken':6150 'tangi':4942 'tasti':950,2123,3126,4237,4694,5496,6714,7866,8022,8698,9021,9058,9396,9585,9776 'tempt':8101 'theme':921,3277,3524,6055,8271,9426 'thick':4940 'thing':4571 'third':977,1268,1804,1929,5984,5988 'three':6624 'tucci':6030 'tuttl':5167 'twist':1513,3725,8504 'udipi':8319 'ultim':2971 'uniqu':7763 'upper':3858,4335,4363 'urban':897,2024 'valet':2611,4396,7290 'veget':8246,8455 'vesna':8756 'visit':490,845,1778,2293,3221,4069,6947,8652,9482 'whole':6121 'whose':9091 'world':629,2105 'worth':2389 'yanni':8349 'yoshi':6217 'yuppi':3628 'zagat':4416 'abuelo':6297 'across':2579,3677 'affair':6082 'afford':3124 'albani':8010,8565,9190 'ambiti':1344 'and/or':68 'around':46,627,5316 'arrang':4544 'attach':3962 'attent':5413 'averag':149,1359 'bakeri':4657 'bamboo':3401 'banana':1540,7019,9711 'barrio':177 'beauti':603 'bethel':3404,3511,4262,4302,4602,5375,5576,5864 'better':742 'bexley':8765,8974 'bistro':24,1800,1822,1988,2664,3429,3509,3593,3613,3651,3671,5155,5516,5749,6033,6056,6330,6406,7748,7895,8443,9331,9841 'blanch':129 'bright':3120,6585 'brunch':207,551,931,1528,1917,2000,2046,2345,2791,3601,3640,3756,4024,4473,4669,4788,5098,5524,5563,5697,6211,6414,6460,6653,6764,7453,7561,7837,7884,8535,8707,9039,9603,9794 'bucket':5472,8005,9047 'bureau':138 'burger':2937,8303 'campus':3068,3121,3253,5539,7353 'canton':5171,7911 'captur':4351 'cardon':6659 'casita':4600 'casual':649,1121,3023,3382,3620,4851,5209,5355,6589,7317,8422,8903 'celebr':7252 'cellar':4860 'celtic':8270 'center':765,781,2583,3340,4722,5001,5442,7126,7583,7648,9559 'chines':3450,3818,4730,5205,5281,5930,6753,8553 'chocol':3745,8524 'church':5401 'cinema':3523 'classi':7575 'clubbi':4353,8051 'colleg':8229 'coloni':419 'coloss':7689 'combin':6043 'comedi':7120,7130 'confus':1953 'corner':4089 'cotter':316 'credit':121,137,850 'critic':630 'cucina':6263 'cuisin':2A,44,341,409,541,569,623,635,686,1074,1598,1992,2169,2316,2647,2981,3480,3532,3675,4115,4549,5406,5606,5637,5758,5831,5842,6675,6876,7398,8338,8556,8907 'cultur':243,6498 'decent':5929 'delici':1809,3891,3920,6012,6788,6861,8596 'depend':78 'design':5455 'destin':2972,3416 'detail':5415 'dinner':150,204,276,309,348,441,548,657,700,755,889,927,962,1020,1050,1099,1133,1194,1256,1289,1325,1375,1472,1525,1568,1605,1650,1690,1729,1833,1914,1965,1997,2042,2085,2131,2172,2208,2341,2404,2447,2480,2521,2615,2650,2685,2750,2788,2853,2893,2953,3008,3096,3136,3170,3287,3322,3354,3394,3421,3464,3501,3537,3559,3598,3636,3697,3753,3799,3835,3863,3901,3927,3970,4021,4122,4178,4212,4247,4292,4320,4422,4429,4470,4511,4552,4590,4622,4666,4706,4736,4785,4828,4867,4902,4954,4985,5023,5095,5141,5181,5215,5259,5299,5338,5366,5423,5464,5506,5559,5588,5620,5649,5693,5783,5822,5853,5891,5944,5976,6023,6063,6111,6166,6207,6252,6286,6319,6356,6378,6411,6457,6531,6564,6606,6650,6686,6722,6761,6798,6843,6868,6901,7045,7075,7110,7158,7192,7294,7335,7377,7410,7450,7518,7557,7623,7707,7736,7795,7834,7881,7921,7953,7994,8032,8074,8103,8113,8151,8218,8251,8312,8343,8374,8405,8434,8475,8532,8570,8606,8704,8737,8782,8821,8853,8882,8920,8957,9000,9036,9068,9115,9167,9285,9318,9366,9402,9436,9526,9565,9600,9640,9675,9716,9752,9791,9876 'discov':134,2497 'divers':273,6528,8985 'doctor':4000 'donato':451,456,1739,1744,2254,2259,3182,3187,4030,4035,6908,6913,8613,8618,9443,9448 'dublin':3496,3655,4131,4138,4342,4647,4917,5114,5477,5754,5835,6038,6127,6224,7173,8324 'easton':6308,6427,7094,7124,7581,7635,7646,7825,7907,7933,7948 'eateri':34,2070,2702,3122,3363,4104,4235,5191,6309,7471,8261,8363,8400,8414 'eclect':235,1072,2881,6490,9620 'editor':73 'eleven':2355 'emphas':991,8807 'energi':1154,5665 'ernest':9152 'ethnic':30,4103,8331 'except':6997 'exclud':156 'execut':1830,4016,5124 'expect':4727,9871 'expens':172 'experi':5 'extens':3777,4383,7030 'famili':250,2235,3850,3956,4101,4754,4820,4970,6157,6505,8681,8873,9087 'featur':620,1071,1158,2372,2512,2559,2591,2914,2924,3717,4375,4850,6339,7263,7783,8496 'festiv':725,5019,8286 'figlio':4185,6091 'finest':4377,6985 'flavor':230,1081,1720,2836,2890,3093,3453,4111,6485,9547 'follow':165 'former':3259,3999 'foster':7020 'fourth':1032,2220 'frantz':3547,4340,4425,6222 'french':2645,4655,5404,9163 'friend':571,1519,1952,2067,3957,4755,5809,6158,7394,8358,8871,8945,9099 'fusion':954,2663,3437,3493,4810,5936 'gaelic':8298 'garden':4714 'gather':5666 'gemini':8199 'gender':9768 'genuin':8905 'german':1536,1585,1841,2117 'ginger':3471 'goodal':3432 'gordon':710 'granit':7671 'hayden':3570 'hearti':9092 'heaven':3889,6786,8594 'honest':566,2167 'hoover':6350 'hospit':5716 'imagin':2326,4853,6042,6189 'includ':191,288,325,427,843,872,1083,1174,2738,2934,3681,3737,6105,6543,6749,7004,7504,7545,7661,7688,7770,8105,8289,8297,8516,9269 'indian':853,3316,3531,4113,5830,6887,8337,9665 'inform':95,849,4615,5041 'inspir':198,336,2502,9144 'intern':3092 'invent':6245 'island':429 'italia':2147,2165 'jersey':3281 'jovial':7099 'korean':953,3150,4505,5573,5582,8992,9308 'laredo':6615 'latino':197 'lindey':1972 'london':9805 'market':1111,3910,4838,6123,6852,8007 'marque':1067 'merion':9701 'merlot':6967 'mignon':1093 'modern':1142,3119,7657 'modest':5549 'mykono':798 'nation':7138 'newest':3080,6004 'number':3282,7404 'oldest':1675 'option':43,785,1865,8094,8144 'orchid':5900 'orient':4258,4821 'origin':3661,4368 'packag':278,6533 'parson':8445 'plenti':908,2029,4769 'polari':6366,6432,6580,6738,6814,6974,6982,7464,7481,7719,7750,7756,7858,8014 'polish':2428 'poster':293,6548 'potato':1669,2378 'prepar':326,1717,4894,5408,7021,7612,8770 'preppi':7315 'privat':4389,7281,7288 'produc':2770,5077,7814 'prompt':8944 'quaint':26 'realli':9104 'reason':538,2474,4108,5015 'receiv':4533 'regenc':1127 'region':3828,6750 'restor':5397 'result':6715,9397 'rib-ey':7010 'rigsbi':2798,3029 'romano':3739,5436,8518 'romant':6440,8953 'rustic':2023 'salmon':1183,5251 'saloon':9686 'sancus':6780,6809,6880,7055,8263 'sawmil':3473,3769,4964,5711,5902 'season':425,3089,8800 'second':7643 'select':867,5169,5556,6100,6108,7372,7587,7595,7909 'server':2429,8290 'servic':81,573,1520,3583,4170,4542,5807,6396,6998,7067,8729,8946,9100,9518,9744 'shrimp':7016,7690 'simpli':5768 'skulli':2900,2936 'slider':2382 'slight':4944,5761 'smokin':7015 'spagio':5656 'spigot':2518 'spirit':240,6495 'sporti':727 'street':1384,2574,5307,5708,8159,9186,9802 'strict':2328 'strong':7374,9162 'subway':825 'succul':9273 'sun-tu':3101 'sunday':5523 'superb':5420 'supper':7659,9256 'survey':3528 'symbol':161 'tailor':734 'tavern':1227,2186,5347 'terrac':7677 'togeth':6709,9391 'tomato':4947 'tradit':416,1624,3153,6187,6312,6817 'tribut':7249 'turkey':7983 'tuscan':6424 'upscal':621,648,3670,3724,5533,6631,6979,7576,8503 'vantag':6389,7309 'ventur':3256 'villag':1537,1586,1842,2162,9142,9702,9838 'vintag':236,6491 'walley':3694 'welcom':8912 'westin':1437 'wilson':6473 'window':2562 'wonder':5204 'worthi':6280 'writer':1445 'aladdin':3361,8412 'alexand':7306 'alreadi':745 'am-noon':9176 'america':4410 'antonio':8122 'arepazo':559 'attract':2778,3588,3785,4498,5085,5967,6401,7822 'authent':29,1596,2102,2707,4286,4609,5581,6234,6678,7476,8137,8694,9544 'banquet':277,6532 'barbecu':682,7961 'barbequ':3874,6771,8578 'bernard':2184 'beverag':159,4780 'biersch':711 'bone-in':7692 'breweri':593,712,1538 'brisket':7977 'brought':9704 'buffett':9425 'burrito':5328 'cameron':1065,1155,2703,3648,3662,3665,3690,7472 'cantina':6614,8127 'capitol':1355 'central':106,482,611,1310,1770,2285,2711,3213,4061,6939,8644,9474 'centuri':617,5400 'charley':809,7845,7875,9009,9030,9573,9594,9760,9785 'chicago':4359 'chicken':812,3741,5249,7775,7981,8060,8299,8520 'chilean':1088,7697 'chipotl':5323 'classic':1860,2196,2393,3457,3853,4238,4357,6443,6645,8108,8877 'cluster':3162 'comfort':54,1461,1508,1897,2031,4453,4613,5045,6193,7433,7543 'compani':802,1699 'complet':101,4271,6676,9258 'concept':5993,6049 'confirm':94 'consist':7328 'conveni':783 'convent':764,780,2582 'convivi':2155,3580,6393,8761 'correct':3440 'counter':572,1873,4278 'countri':685,6199 'creativ':2373,3087,4013,9696 'delawar':4158 'delight':1812,3161,9420 'describ':2019,7216 'dessert':2124,4695,5333,5687,6679,7369 'draught':594 'drinker':1709 'dynasti':3810 'eastern':3384,4689,4896,8424 'element':7654 'embassi':6301 'emphasi':1273,7724 'england':412,418,433 'enoteca':4836 'essenti':8 'everyon':259,6514 'everyth':5236 'express':126,824 'factori':6731,8083 'fashion':7757 'favorit':413,1587,2642,3629,3721,5358,8500 'fishing':9655 'florida':1008 'footbal':3263 'fri-sun':6020 'gahanna':8583,8718,8867,9335 'gateway':3254 'gilbert':7343 'giorgio':4222 'giusepp':8744,8754,8769,8861 'gourmet':4201,5679,8832 'greater':762 'groceri':3963,6136 'hamburg':794 'healthi':1512 'heritag':3685,8464 'hubbard':2487 'impress':7586 'ingredi':9,911,998,2771,5078,6185,7815,8801 'italian':231,242,338,540,920,1143,1160,2057,2069,2168,2225,2708,2717,2729,2832,3567,3592,3849,3854,4234,4979,5008,5306,5320,5458,5672,6275,6342,6386,6405,6444,6486,6497,6674,6698,6755,7477,7487,7495,8767,8878,8928,8939,9089,9379 'japanes':136,951,2432,3341,4490,4548,4583,5757,5814,6219,6235,6243,7937,8107,8989,9306 'katzing':1925 'kihachi':4518,4539 'kitchen':1484,2800,2866,3031,3568,5224,5459,6270,6387,6573,7324,8929,9856 'lantern':7782 'latitud':973 'lobster':8059,9274 'longtim':1981,2641,5356 'mangana':8757 'mansion':4002 'martini':1141,2394 'meatbal':2741,7507 'mexican':194,807,3780,3937,3945,4166,4616,6299,6313,6640,6752,7063,8138,8683,8725,9514,9536,9548,9630,9740 'michael':1202,1798 'midriff':8293 'mitchel':1066,1156,1263,2704,3663,7473,7630,7649,7715 'mon-fri':345,384,545,654,697,836,886,959,1253,1286,1602,1726,2082,2243,3750,5138,5646,5819,5941,6060,6249,6683,8148,8472,8529,8779,8818,8997,9672 'mon-sat':349,442,584,658,701,963,1100,1326,1687,1730,2086,2132,2407,2444,2854,3005,3054,3171,3351,3800,3864,3971,4213,4430,4553,4591,4903,4986,5142,5253,5424,5617,5973,6064,6112,6208,6253,6287,6687,7295,8375,8476,8783,8822,9367 'moretti':4961,4969,4995 'namesak':1213 'nearest':494,1782,2297,3225,4073,6951,8656,9486 'nonsens':4978 'old-din':3718,8497 'overton':2833 'paradis':1711,9411 'perimet':3377,5474,5752 'persian':7397 'popular':1365,1982,3817,4923,5050 'portion':5005,5451 'premium':2606,7273 'present':1164 'qualiti':80,1039,2766,5073,5871,6184,6274,7810 'ravioli':1188 'readili':50 'reassur':9101 'renaiss':984 'restaur':31,60,85,108,113,362,606,693,713,731,914,990,1068,1157,1216,1282,1306,1334,1592,1644,1956,1983,2333,2426,2638,2675,2779,2819,3084,3151,3255,3298,3312,3342,3385,3525,3664,3774,3819,3996,4307,4374,4528,4656,4683,4757,4887,5086,5107,5387,5583,5770,5815,5876,5969,6008,6202,6220,6597,6661,6671,6744,6837,6888,7122,7179,7386,7733,7823,7930,7946,8066,8235,8385,8425,8468,8684,8768,8840,8875,9138,9427,9537,9666 'ritrovo':8746 'sapporo':8081 'sashimi':3347,4577,6231,8093 'sat-sun':208,388,552,1529,1918,2001,2047,2247,2792,3602,3757,4474,5099,5698,6415,6461,6719,7454,7838,8536,8708,9172 'satisfi':1595,6673,9668 'scallop':3684,7773 'schmick':7566 'scratch':7549 'seafood':1278,3553,3921,6372,6862,6972,6995,7350,7577,7729 'section':5846 'serious':3743,8522,9855 'shopper':9540 'shouldn':4724 'skillet':2008 'slather':4937 'smoothi':4701 'sophist':23,2551,2996,7220 'spanish':193,1597 'special':2601,3343,3735,7270,7541,7551,8514 'spinach':1187 'starlin':9610 'station':6139,6428,7636,7934 'stygler':8581 'stylish':948,1281,3149,3992,7732 'succeed':7325 'sun-mon':2177,2348,2655,8887,9120,9721,9881 'sunburi':6333 'tapatia':9535 'taverna':8361 'televis':8279 'tequila':3794 'tex-mex':4814,6642 'theater':3520 'thu-fri':9112 'thurber':1425,1449 'thurman':1846 'treasur':8332 'tremont':5000 'trueman':9382,9413 'tue-fri':438,2043,3633,4864 'tue-sat':928,2128,2173,2342,2651,3637,5560,5780,7558,7702,8883,9116,9168,9641,9717,9877 'tue-sun':1569,2522,3422,4119,4248,4868,5694,5784,5892,7159,7411,7995,8958,9637 'unassum':4280 'uniform':8097 'vaquero':4129,7053,8714,9502,9729 'varieti':40,880,4284,8937 'various':3827 'version':5321,5497,8023,9059 'veteran':4684 'vibrant':1151,2714,7484 'vietnam':3485,5610 'visitor':15 'wed-sat':3097 'weekday':1094,1189,2745,7511,7785 'william':3611 'advertis':64 'american':125,408,568,622,793,1073,1244,1312,1457,1641,1861,1991,2646,2828,2884,3458,3650,3674,5125,5499,5515,5534,6015,6244,6340,6639,6751,6834,7658,8025,9061,9863 'baltimor':9012 'bel-lago':6326 'bonefish':3544,6363 'brasseri':9129 'brew/pub':730 'broadway':8795,9731 'carnivor':3888,6785,8593 'carrabba':6696,9377 'carryout':4259 'cemeteri':4798,9613 'claddagh':1612,6805 'clarmont':1658 'cocktail':1168,1485,2363,2406,3001,3556,6375,7017,7682 'columbus':1A,17,66,75,110,460,763,1453,1697,1748,1934,2263,2807,3078,3191,3908,4039,4537,5389,6850,6917,7251,8129,8622,9249,9452 'comedian':7140 'creation':1005 'creeksid':8932,9333 'culinari':1163,6041,6186 'deepwood':395,402 'deliveri':503,1791,2306,3234,4082,6960,8665,9495 'diaspora':3141 'district':176,729,1398,1539 'downtown':188,690,786,1318 'espresso':821,3042 'european':1080 'exterior':7676 'familiar':3272 'fine-din':3621 'fireplac':4393,7240 'flatiron':667 'frequent':2823,9859 'frontier':5841 'generous':5004 'goodrich':815 'gracious':4541 'gramerci':6303,6575 'granvill':3656,4139,4918,5836,6128,7174,8325,8791,8796,8865,9133 'hamilton':8548,9296 'hand-cut':6987 'heirloom':1178 'high-end':2542,4346,7210 'highland':2149 'hilliard':9384,9415,9505,9622 'hometown':4257 'housemad':2377 'housteau':9148 'humorist':1444 'independ':9253 'inexpens':166,3388,8428 'influenc':199,625,1075,1905,4461,5763,7441 'institut':1935 'interest':1346,4009,4776 'knowledg':264,6519,7593 'macaroni':5438 'malaysia':3488,5611 'mandarin':4312,7184,7777,8845 'marcella':2691,7461 'mariachi':8672 'mccarthi':7526 'meatloaf':3738,8517 'mexicano':8124 'miranova':1058 'mongolia':5176,7916 'moreland':5907 'noisiest':4200 'outstand':3086,4547 'overlook':2571 'parkcent':5157 'pizzetta':1177 'plantain':1297 'pleasant':6885,8687,8981 'progress':1166 'quartino':2736,7502 'rathskel':2095 'reminisc':4266 'riversid':4150,4192,4565 'sanduski':4156 'sandwich':1942,2037,2930,2943,3034,5361,7152 'shanghai':5172,5595,7912 'sicilian':5010 'signatur':3000,8306 'southern':2501,4112,5007 'stand-up':7133 'standard':747,1243,3315,5500,8026,8237,9062 'steakeri':811 'superior':4310,7182,8843 'szechwan':4311,5173,7183,7913,8844 'tablesid':7022 'taqueria':3938 'techniqu':1161 'thailand':3482,5609 'timeless':1159 'top-qual':1037 'underton':9164 'waterloo':9844 'westland':9557 'whittier':1580,2011 'wildflow':7528 'winchest':9847 'wood-fir':6046,7345 'americana':1410,5733,8181,9208,9823 'arlington':3859,4336,4364,4998,5226 'asian-fus':3491,5934 'atmospher':650,1172,1555,1899,2558,2878,2976,3268,4232,4455,5210,5802,6441,7002,7231,7435,7864,8287,8982,9019,9583,9774 'award-win':638,2985,4384,9278 'bar/diner':5494,8020,9056 'barcelona':1577 'bistrolik':4651 'bollywood':3508 'breakfast':381,844,1017,1130,1372,1403,1416,1565,1684,1862,1876,1962,2240,2785,2945,3047,3967,4663,4825,5051,5057,5092,5726,5739,6163,7554,7831,8174,8187,9171,9201,9214,9562,9634,9816,9829 'caribbean':1308,9430 'caricatur':7243 'charbroil':9271 'chatelain':4630 'cheesecak':6730 'chinatown':4269 'cleveland':7848,8352,8387 'coast-bas':6593 'coshocton':7964 'dragonfli':2312 'encompass':7653 'establish':580,1678,2237,3308,8814,8915 'fast-food':5291 'first-rat':2780,5087,7826 'five-star':2816,3081 'four-star':632,987,1589,1816,1985,2507,2635,3993,4203,5669,6005,6195 'grandfath':1223 'grandview':3300,3310,3372,4187,4879,4890,5629,5658,6076,6265 'greenlawn':1544 'groveport':9806 'handcraft':641,1167 'hemingway':9153 'henderson':3333,3883,3940,3981,4092,4333,4418 'high-qual':6182 'hollywood':5985 'home-cook':2226,4502 'indianola':7531 'indonesia':3486 'johnstown':7969 'laid-back':7536 'liveliest':4199 'margarita':3789 'marysvill':3987 'mccormick':7565 'music-din':2902 'nationwid':319,673,1208,1388,2589 'newsstand':117 'northeast':6296 'northstar':2758,5065,5998,7803 'northwest':3295,4803 'old-world':2103 'olentangi':3575,3712,3912,4144,4747,5481,5796 'pan-asian':5162,5634,7902,9310 'recommend':70 'refectori':5373,5392 'reservoir':6351 'ristorant':2058,9077 'southeast':1229 'specialti':286,426,874,1082,1173,2737,2933,3680,3736,4315,6541,7003,7187,7503,7618,7687,7769,8296,8515,8848,9268 'steakhous':1265,2371,2534,2546,2557,4330,4350,4361,4413,6980,7202,7214,7230,7319,7717,8043,8052 'stoneridg':8492,8716 'sushi-bar':9303 'townsfair':6733,7086,7806,7897 'trattoria':8863 'treatment':7942 'victorian':2161 'vietnames':3413,5279 'wide-rang':4005 'york-styl':374,7227 'beer-drink':1707 'blackboard':2598,7267 'buttermilk':5247 'california':5762,6032,6054,6571,7941 'cartoonist':1447 'cheeseburg':9409 'cincinnati':4925 'disappoint':21,5544 'ever-chang':88 'family-ori':4819 'family-own':8680 'family-run':2234,4100,8872,9086 'floribbean':1561 'hand-press':8300 'hutchinson':6854,7204 'indonesian':5875 'lemongrass':2662 'mastercard':140 'midwestern':55 'montgomeri':4912 'no-nonsens':4976 'parrothead':9418 'particular':5129 'picturesqu':9141 'profession':5811 'restaurant':8125 'small-town':7986 'storefront':5968,9623 'stringtown':9763 'throughout':118,328,6140 'tomato-bas':4946 'unparallel':7001 'unpretenti':5360,7863,8330,9018,9545,9582,9773 'vegetarian':58,875,2329,4114,8143,8335 'waterfront':6329 'westervill':6667,6776,8088,8165,8234 'wraparound':7675 '1950s-style':1853 'bar-restaur':1642,6835 'campus-area':5538 'celtic-them':8269 'cinema-them':3522 'clintonvill':5042 'country-inn':6198 'cutting-edg':2552,7223 'diner/dance':2912 '':491,1779,2294,3222,4070,6948,8653,9483 'family-styl':249,6504 'french-styl':5403 'georgesvill':9576 'high-energi':1152,5663 'midriff-bar':8292 'north/short':2142 'pressed-tin':1496 'supermarket':9538 'well-execut':1828,5122 'well-prepar':1715,4892 'well-select':6098 'worthington':4640,6174,6179,6476,7206 '19th-century':5398 'all-american':791 'buffett-them':9424 'chicago-styl':4358 'contemporari':1456,1820,2506,2980,3273,3673,5240,6014 'cosmopolitan':1171 'diner/coffee':1411,5734,8182,9209,9824 'hilliard-rom':9504 'italian-them':919 'neighborhood':1319,2068,2163,5357,6886,8399,8766 'northwestern':5845 'pickerington':9343 'ready-to-eat':6142 'reynoldsburg':9013 'southwestern':917,9628,9697 'taverna-styl':8360 'trattorialik':4231 'american-styl':1311,2827 'complimentari':4395 'family-friend':3955,4753,6156 'latino-inspir':196 'pour-your-own':2513 'shopping-cent':3338 'bar/restaurant':1440 'cincinnati-bas':4924 'downtown/arena':175 'greek-influenc':1903,4459,7439 'out-of-the-way':3443 'california-them':6053 'dublin-granvill':3654,4137,4916,5834,6126,7172,8323 'french-american':2644 'great-grandfath':1221 'meat-and-potato':1666 'southern-inspir':2500 'spanish-mexican':192 'straightforward':535 'american-mexican':6638 'fall-off-the-bon':4930 'state-of-the-art':7664 'three-and-a-half':6623 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Hence, I did not want to like Veritas Tavern when I first visited in fall 2012. I hoped to show my food-crazy friends that the old ways are the best ways, that there’s no place for syringes and sodium alginate in a kitchen. Instead, I found myself smiling throughout the meal, willingly swept up in chef Josh Dalton’s modern vision of food. We even ordered seconds of the restaurant’s version of shrimp cocktail, which looks like a big square of pasta but tastes exactly (exactly!) the way you want shrimp cocktail to taste.Having grown up in a fine Midwestern home where meat, starch and vegetable were dutifully represented on every dinner plate, I’m skeptical of cooking that messes with the basics. I don’t have the patience to wait for a steak to cook, sealed in a vacuum bag in a bath of continuously circulating hot water, for 72 hours. They say sous vide machines will be as common on our countertops someday as slow cookers and food processors. I say hand me a cast-iron skillet, a blazing burner, a good steak and 10 minutes.

Even if you never make it to Veritas, or if you never get a hankerin’ for a cocktail chilled with liquid nitrogen, you should know that Columbus is a better place because of Dalton and people like Magdiale Wolmark, the intensely committed chef at Till Dynamic Fare.

In starkly different ways—from pushing past conventions to nurturing our regional food heritage—these chefs and others are stretching the boundaries of how Columbus perceives food and the pleasure of dining out.

It’s not always a home run. But how thrilling it is to be in a city where culinary creative minds are experimenting and innovating. And we get to gobble up the results.

That, to me, is quintessential Columbus.

In our “Best New Restaurants” cover story this month, you’ll find ample opportunities to explore new places and flavors around the city, at just about every price point. You’ll meet some of the most interesting people making food in Columbus. You might even be tempted to take the trip up to Veritas Tavern; chances are good you’ll be delighted.

Kristen Schmidt

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1. In late January, 25-year-old escaped felon Joshua Homan was recaptured in Newark after what happened?

  • A.A 15-year-old girl recognized him and texted her mother to call authorities.
  • B.A gas station employee found him hiding in the back room of the store.
  • C.He turned himself in after exhibiting symptoms of hypothermia.
  • D.He hid in a tool shed belonging to a retired police officer.

2. Police in early February arrested a man for driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition to the DUI, police also are charging Christopher Minnehan with what?

  • A.Resisting arrest. Police say he refused to get off his cellphone after being pulled over.
  • B.Possession of drugs. Arresting officers found five ounces of marijuana in plain sight on the passenger seat of Minnehan’s vehicle.
  • C.Assaulting a police officer. Minnehan spat in one officer’s face during the arrest.
  • D.Assaulting a police officer. Minnehan kicked an officer in the face during the arrest.

3. Marquis Hairston, a Columbus man who was convicted four years ago for participating in a string of violent home invasions in the German Village area, is appealing his prison sentence. Why?

  • A.Because he claims victims over-exaggerated the maliciousness of the break-ins.
  • B.Because he says prison isn’t “working out” for him.
  • C.Because he says his sentence of 134 years is cruel and unusual punishment.
  • D.All of the above.

4. In early February, Columbus Blue Jackets management responded to what GM Scott Howson describes as a “very disappointing” season by making what major change to the team?

  • A.The team’s motto changed from “Carry the Flag” to “This Too Shall Pass.”
  • B.The forward and defensive lines have been reworked. Rick Nash is now on the fourth line with enforcers Jared Boll and Derek Dorsett.
  • C.Management fired head coach Ken Hitchcock.
  • D.Management replaced assistant coaches Gary Agnew and Gord Murphy to “offer a fresh perspective” in the locker room, according to club president Mike Priest.

5. One of the new changes to the Blue Jackets system involves the coach giving a unique “trophy” to the hardest-working player after each game. What is it?

  • A.Stickers with the Blue Jackets logo on them, similar to the Buckeye leaf stickers Ohio State football players wear on their helmets
  • B.A white helmet with the Blue Jackets logo on it
  • C.A blue and white cape to wear in the locker room
  • D.A get-out-of-jail-free-style card that forbids coaches from yelling at the recipient in practice

Answers: 1: A; 2: D; 3: C; 4: C; 5: B

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It was pricey—over $12,000—to have the navy blue ceramic tile in Sandra and Stephen Silbaugh’s large foyer and kitchen removed and replaced with hardwood flooring, plus refinish the living room and dining room floors to match. Their Realtors, Kate and Tony Thomas of New Albany Realty, made the recommendation. “Kate told us if we wanted to sell quickly, change it out,” Sandra recalls. “Finding a buyer who’d be willing to overlook the blue tile would take much longer.”

When they moved into the 12-year-old, 3,000-square-foot Harrison Pond home five years ago, updating the floor had been high on the Silbaughs’ to-do list. A new baby quickly reordered their priorities. They painted, changed out brass knobs and purchased new lighting fixtures, but never got around to removing the tile.

Despite the mess and cost, Sandra says, “I’m absolutely convinced we’d still be trying to sell the house if we had kept that blue tile.” After six weeks on the market, the home sold in June for $352,500, just $6,500 short of their asking price.

Another seller, in a more stagnant, high-end price category on Fenway Road in New Albany, took a different approach: no change-outs. Their 5,000-square-foot, 11-year-old Georgian brick home was in great condition, the homeowner says, after they had spruced up last year to host events for their son’s wedding. 

“We still had the brass hardware,” she points out. “No wine area and big flat-screen in the basement, that man cave some buyers look for. Our hardwood floors were the narrow planks—still lovely—but not the trendy wide ones that are popular now.” Nevertheless, it sold for $840,000 in August to a couple from Boston at 95 percent of the list price.

Whether it’s pent-up demand or the beginning of a housing market recovery, Columbus Board of Realtors President Rick Benjamin notes that home sales in Central Ohio “have gotten some traction in the first half of [2011].” But for sellers this may also result in tougher competition as those waiting for any sign of a turnaround decide to sell.

Buyers are negotiating aggressively. Realtor Jill Rudler of Real Living HER says flatly, “They expect the home to be perfect.” In newer communities—Powell and New Albany—15- and 20-year-old homes, especially those in the $700,000-plus category, are judged against new builds, and must be fresh and on-trend.

It’s imperative in a soft market that sellers get the best return on their home improvements. Tackling maintenance issues—sills with dry rot, chipping exterior paint, damp basements—is required, or it will show up later on the home inspection report. Painting pays off big time, experts say. It’s also required that the home is spotlessly clean and obsessively tidy. Because, as Benjamin puts it, “if you’re the home in the best condition at the best price, you are the market.”


Upgrades That Matter

The kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom suite and great room, for the most part, drive the sale of the home. Buyers want freshly painted or glazed cabinetry in the kitchen, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. In homes under $400,000, “it’s the look you’re after, not the brand of appliance,” says Kate Thomas. “In the next tier, it’s GE Profile or KitchenAid [appliances]. At $700,000 and above, buyers are expecting Asko, Sub-Zero, Viking, Wolf, Thermador.”

Should you switch out older appliances for new models? Or offer an appliance allowance? “Buyers tend to over-exaggerate what it would cost them to change something out. For $2,500 worth of appliances, they might imagine it’d run $10,000,” explains Realtor Tony Thomas. “Their perception is about a 3-to-1 ratio in their favor.”

And, notes Candace Tesner, a Realtor at Street Sotheby’s Realty in Upper Arlington, there’s the appeal of move-in ready. “Many times they’re two working professionals with no time to update a home. If it’s not up to speed, they insist the price reflect that.” So, something as simple as replacing cracked tiles in the bathroom and updating the faucets, showerheads and lighting fixtures can make a striking difference.

Then there’s the whole knob thing. Brass is out. Dated. Done. It’s now brushed nickel, antique bronze, pewter or chrome. Changing knobs is not expensive, but don’t forget hinges, locks, and door stops—they have to match the new look.

In the master bedroom, professional stager Jodi Poliseno advises investing in upscale linens and bedding if yours are faded and worn. “For most of us, this is the last room we decorate. But you want it to shine and look like a suite, with well-developed bedding and luxurious pillows.”

Most buyers need a home office, says Sarah Eagleson, a Realtor at Keller Williams. Eagleson recalls one Upper Arlington seller’s smart solution. “They had a nice room that had a counter and some cabinets. They removed one cabinet door to create leg room, bought a bar stool to slide under the counter and set up a laptop. Instant office, and it cost virtually nothing.”

If carpet is past its prime and a professional cleaning won’t restore the beauty, replace it. Samantha Canfield, who recently sold her home in Westerville’s Highland Lakes, says, “I took out the Berber and put in frieze, which is trendy and doesn’t show tracking.” Her well-maintained home sold in 15 days, for $587,000, a cool $1,000 over the listing price.


Neutral or not?

Paint walls in neutral shades of cream, tan and honey, but “don’t over-neutralize,” cautions Poliseno. “Potential buyers will see 15 houses in a day, and they can’t remember vanilla.” More importantly, it has to look good on camera. “People start the buying process online,” she says, “and if you make it all real estate beige, there won’t be any impact. Add color back in with throw pillows and a piece of artwork over the fireplace.”

And while you’re at it, lose the wallpaper. “Nobody likes anyone else’s wallpaper,” counsels Eagleson. “Even if you think: ‘Yeah, but mine is really great!’ Take it down.”


De-Clutter and eliminate

If, after an afternoon of cleaning and reorganizing the basement, all you’re tossing out is a shoebox of knickknacks, you may need help. Christy Talese, owner of Organize Me For Good, sorts and purges with the homeowner, and devises a system for containing future clutter. Closets are a prime target. “We stage [a home] for the current season and put everything else in storage,” Talese explains. “Because an overrun closet sends a subliminal message that there’s not enough storage space.”

One Upper Arlington widow hired Suzy Smith of Suzy’s Helping Hands to assist in sorting furniture, rugs and her late husband’s workshop items before she sold the home and moved to a small condo. “There was so much stuff,” the homeowner exclaims. “Some went to auction, some to Grandview Mercantile. It was a big help.”

Consider putting things—furniture, toys, books—in storage. Rudler calls it “pre-packing.” The goal is to reduce, making the home look more spacious.


Curb appeal

You’d be surprised how many homeowners overlook this,” says Rudler. The landscaping must be sharp: driveway and mailbox maintained, grass mowed, beds mulched, bushes trimmed so windows are visible and planters of healthy flowers positioned near the front door.

Then concentrate on the entry: The front door should be in top condition. Change out old hardware and weathered porch lights. Sweep away cobwebs and leaves, throw down a chic new doormat and test the doorbell to make sure it works.

Sounds obvious, but a bad first impression lingers.


Stage to sell

It’s becoming routine—hiring a stager to depersonalize a home while accenting its best features, a marketing strategy some say is just short of magic. Many Realtors offer free consultations with stagers as part of their services.

“I see it as dressing you up for a job interview in a great suit, nice tie,” says Ray Graves, who has the staging firm Home Prep with partner Tony Fasolino. “But it’s also about what you do,” explains Graves, the former owner of Grandview’s now-defunct home décor store, Global Living. “Cleaning and organizing are 50 percent of selling a home, and if you haven’t painted and landscaped, staging won’t help.”

With a warehouse of furniture at his disposal, Graves creates vignettes in empty homes and switches out pieces in furnished ones. “Notice how a store like Crate & Barrel creates a transitional look, with an eclectic mix in their vignettes,” he remarks. “That’s what you want.”

Staging sealed the deal, April Gadberry believes, in the recent sale of her 12-year-old Lewis Center home. It was in mint condition when she and her husband decided to sell, “but Jodi [Poliseno] staged it, suggesting we remove sports memorabilia from the basement and de-clutter again. Jodi completely changed our living room—a long, narrow space—from awkward to cozy by angling a chair differently.”

The home sold at the full listing price of $240,000. Time on the market: an enviable 36 hours. 


Rhonda Koulermos is a freelance writer.         

cmcanfield9-7dt03.jpg " " 1320 1320 " Are you ready to sell? Experts and home sellers give advice about what it takes to move a house during a slow economy. Rhonda Koulermos " 11 4789 " t " 19865 " Dan Trittschuh " " " " " Samantha Canfield replaced aging Berber carpeting with trendy frieze so that her home in Westerville's Highland Lakes would quickly sell. 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Nearly every day of the week, there are vans and semis circling the city providing mobile healthcare to the residents of Central Ohio.

Sometimes the care is free, provided through hospitals’ charitable programs to people who can’t afford medical treatment. Other times, corporations request a visit—arranging for a local hospital to bring its mobile mammography unit to a company’s parking lot, for example, so employees have no excuse for not getting exams that can detect breast cancer. These doctors’ offices on wheels are staffed by medical professionals who provide care, offer advice and give direction on follow-up care.

Medicine also hits the road at health fairs, often held in communities where residents may be uninsured or have transportation issues that limit their ability to schedule screenings or wellness care.

This summer, 74 student athletes received free sports physicals at the Ohio State University Medical Center’s annual Community Day health fair. There have been years when that free physical may even have saved a young person’s life, says Elizabeth O’Connor Seely, executive director of University Hospital East. A pulmonologist who volunteers at the annual event listens carefully to the young athletes’ lungs. “She’s identified some kids who need ongoing care and she hooked them up with her office,” Seely says.

Sometimes people show up for a screening and actually wind up in the hospital, she adds. “From year to year, there have been people who we have identified as an emergent situation and we’ve gotten them into our emergency room.” Conditions such as hypertension or high blood sugar levels can land someone in the ER for treatment before they even realize they have a problem.

Such detection is the goal of the health fair.

“Community Day is an annual event that we’ve had for 11 years,” Seely says. It’s usually scheduled for the third Saturday in June and is targeted to Central Ohio residents who otherwise might not be able to afford essential health screenings and physicals. “This year, we held it at our new outpatient care center at Leonard Avenue and 670.”

The day-long event provides a multitude of free screenings to check cholesterol, blood sugar, pulmonary function, body mass index, hearing and vision. People attending Community Day also have access to the OSU mobile dental van, breast and prostate screenings, fall and risk assessments and sports physicals.

The 2011 event attracted 217 people who checked in for health screenings, including the student athletes who got physicals. Several hundred other people showed up as well, just to get information, Seely says. “It’s really pretty comprehensive,” she says. “We give the opportunity for any community agency to have an exhibit there. To make it fun, we have live music, the Saints Drumline, clowns, professional face painters. And we have roasted corn on the grill and turkey dogs and water.”

The OSU Medical Center is not alone in its efforts to take important healthcare screenings to the public. Increasingly, physicians’ practices and hospitals are investing money in mobile healthcare units in an effort to help people detect diseases such as prostate and breast cancers—and even to provide essential prenatal care for young expectant mothers.

In 1993, after extensive research by a nurse at OhioHealth, the hospital system rolled out Wellness on Wheels as part of its Project to Reduce Infant Mortality. The aim of the project is to provide free prenatal care to teen mothers in lower socioeconomic areas. “It’s actually a semi truck that has been converted into a mobile health unit,” says Sonia Booker, the nurse manager for OhioHealth’s community outreach/Wellness on Wheels. “It has nine rooms.”

When the 18-wheeler hit the streets, she says, it was the first mobile unit in the state. “In 1993, it started at East High School and South High School,” Booker says. “Those schools sit in the highest area of infant mortality in our city.”

The OB/GYN office on wheels helped Columbus Public Schools accomplish its goal of having the pregnant students graduate from high school, while also helping the hospital system meet its pledge to reduce infant mortality.

“By taking the care to the schools, it helps the girls not miss school,” Booker says of the program, which has seen patients as young as 12 and as old as 48. (Expectant mothers who are not in high school but need free prenatal care can get a referral to the program, Booker says.) The mobile unit has a dedicated medical team of four board-certified OB/GYNs who rotate shifts on the unit, along with a registered nurse, a social worker, a registration person and a driver. Over the years, Booker says, the numbers have proven the program is working. “We have had over 3,500 patients,” she says. “We have delivered more than 2,000 babies.”

Booker can recall many success stories due to the mobile unit, which now is on the road five days a week and rotates among four Columbus high schools: Brookhaven, Walnut Ridge, South and East. The patients have regular appointments with the doctor on the mobile unit: When a student’s appointment time comes, she gets a pass from her school nurse, then reports back after the appointment is over, Booker says. The entire process usually doesn’t take longer than an hour, so the missed class time is minimized, she adds.

“Just recently, we had a girl who was a sophomore in high school whose grandmother was raising her,” Booker says. “The young girl was timid and had a lack of knowledge of what was going on with her body.” Through the prenatal care she received and the education the medical team provided her, the girl was able to give birth to a healthy baby at Grant Medical Center, where most of the births take place, Booker says.

“I really am proud of her because she was able to get through the delivery process and the baby was born healthy,” Booker says. “We individualized the care plan for her. We gave her a lot of education about how to take care of the baby, about the birthing process, because she was a small girl, and we told her what to expect when she reached the hospital.”

The Wellness on Wheels program has been around long enough to start serving a second generation of teenagers. The very first pregnant teen who was treated through the program came back to speak about its benefits when the hospital dedicated a new semi three years ago, Booker says. The healthy baby who was born from that pregnancy also received care through the mobile unit—but for a different purpose.

“The baby who grew up to be 15 then came back and got her sports physical on the mobile unit,” Booker says. She explains that the unit provides free sports physicals to students in the Columbus district in September, February and May.

“We’ve serviced more than 5,000 middle school and high school students” since the unit started providing physicals in 1998, Booker says. “And 300 of those students, we had to refer out for further care for unidentified illnesses.” Doctors have detected heart murmurs, elevated blood pressure, asthma and other illnesses in teens. In those cases, she says, the students are not released for sports activities, but are referred back to school nurses and their parents are notified. The program works with the district to help the children find affordable healthcare through OhioHealth or Nationwide Children’s Hospital, either at a free clinic or one that charges a sliding fee based on income levels.

Hospitals make significant investments in their mobile outreach programs, whether it’s through a unit on wheels or a health fair. Mount Carmel Foundation, for example, devotes nearly $1 million a year to mobile outreach, which includes street medicine (providing free medical care to homeless individuals who are “living on the land,” rather than in shelters) and the hospital’s Mobile Outreach Medical Coach, which travels throughout Central Ohio to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food pantries, churches and other locations as identified by need. The clinicians on the mobile unit are able to treat acute and chronic illnesses, provide preventive healthcare education, do health assessments, perform physicals and refer patients to primary care doctors and social services, says Mount Carmel spokeswoman Janice Piscitelli.

“It is designed to be an urgent care center on wheels, from a clinical perspective,” says Brian Pierson, director of community outreach for Mount Carmel Health Systems. The unit, a custom coach that has been transformed into a medical unit, has two exam rooms, a pharmacy and an X-ray area. As with the Wellness on Wheels program at OhioHealth, this mobile unit has a dedicated medical team.

“Typically, we’ll have two or three RNs, one physician, one nurse practitioner, one bilingual translator, a data entry clerk and the driver, who also is an EMT and a pharmacy tech. All of those services are provided at no charge,” Pierson says.

The mobile unit goes out five days a week to see patients and often is booked on the weekends for community events such as health fairs, Pierson says. Over the years, the mobile unit has counted 75,000 patient encounters, and he says the number of patients who receive treatment on the unit increases each year.

“We experienced 1,167 patient encounters in 1998, the first year of the mobile coach,” he says. “We are on track to exceed 4,000 patient encounters this fiscal year on the coach, with additional encounters outside the coach in different service events, like health fairs.”

The mobile outreach has many success stories, Pierson says, recalling the care the street medicine team gave to a homeless man in his early 50s. The man recently had been treated for bladder cancer, and as a result had many other medical conditions, Pierson says. The team found him sleeping on a bench and saw clinical signs of medical problems, including an infection. They were able to get him treatment and offer other assistance. “Within four weeks, they had gotten him proper medical supplies and they got him off the street and into an apartment,” he says.

While mobile units often go to areas of the city where people might not have regular access to healthcare and are uninsured or underinsured, many of them also have contracts with area companies that request the units for certain exams. Mobile mammography units, for example, are a common sight in many corporate parking lots these days.

“We do go to certain corporations on a quarterly basis, depending on the number and age of the women working there,” says Kay Holland, regional manager of OhioHealth’s mobile mammography unit, which is on the road every weekday and approximately three out of four Saturdays for various community events. Ohio State’s Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital has a mobile mammography unit that operates on a similar basis.

A mammography is one of those tests women tend to put off, but having the van sitting in the parking lot leaves little room for excuses, especially when the exam takes only about 30 minutes, Holland says. “It’s really a great opportunity,” she says. “A lot of the corporations today are really pushing wellness, and women tend to put themselves last.”

Follow-up care with all mobile healthcare units is crucial, officials say. Without it, the initial diagnosis—detecting a heart murmur in a teenage athlete, for example—doesn’t help much.

Part of Ohio State’s follow-up for its Community Day screenings begins on the day itself, with some volunteers who are financial counselors at the OSU Medical Center.

“All of the specific screening areas have resources and handouts for where they can get additional care,” Seely says, noting that Ohio State has an open access policy, so anyone can seek medical care through its hospital system. But the financial counselors also talk to patients about where they live and what services are available in their neighborhoods. “They go through the resources that are available,” Seely says. “We really do hook people up with where they can get ongoing care.”

The primary goal of Mount Carmel’s outreach program is providing immediate medical care through its mobile coach or street medicine program. “But we strive for everyone to leave with a referral to a primary care physician or a free clinic or a clinic with a sliding-scale fee,” Pierson says. “Our third goal is to meet the needs of the whole person—biological, psychological, social and spiritual. Our nurses and care providers will try to follow up as best as possible. Sometimes follow-up is difficult. But we have a homeless advocate who is on the land every day.”


Operation walk

Nearly 50 surgeons in more than a dozen states across the country will be working together Dec. 2 and 3 to get the uninsured working poor back on their feet through Operation Walk USA.

The idea for the nationwide effort began locally, after two Central Ohio orthopedic surgeons worked with Mount Carmel earlier this year to launch Operation Joint Implant, a program that allows uninsured patients to receive free hip and knee joint replacement surgeries.

The surgeons, Adolph Lombardi Jr. and Keith Berend of Joint Implant Surgeons Inc., have traveled abroad to donate their services to patients in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Cuba. The two had the idea to offer a similar program in their own community and asked for Mount Carmel’s help in funding it. “They agreed that this was a good idea,” says Lombardi. The first free surgery was done in January. “Over the past year, we’ve done about a dozen patients,” he says.

 A recent beneficiary of the free implants is Eric Ahlteen, who owned Espresso Yourself Music Café in Powell. Though his business recently closed, Ahlteen made many connections there over the years, including a friend who told him about the Operation Joint Implant program.

“Ten years ago, I fell from a tree and broke my right hip, and it’s just been degenerating more and more,” says Ahlteen. “The last two years, it’s been getting worse and worse, and I even developed a limp.” He had been self-employed for years, pouring every penny he earned back into his business. Health insurance was a luxury he couldn’t afford. “I haven’t had insurance for six years,” says Ahlteen, who fit the financial criteria for the program.

Candidates for the program can’t be eligible for third-party payor assistance such as Medicaid, and they must be at or below 200 percent of the poverty level, says Janice Piscitelli, hospital spokeswoman. Mount Carmel learns about some of the candidates for free surgery through its mobile outreach program; other referrals come through the hospital’s orthopedic clinic and family practices.

When Lombardi became president of the Hip Society in February, he proposed a national day of joint replacement surgeries. It didn’t take much cajoling to get physicians to volunteer for the December event. “We have 48 doctors signed up to do this all across the country,” says Lombardi.  “They thought it was a great idea to bring it home and do it in their local environment.”

Lombardi has been working with the physicians to get vendors to donate necessities, such as pharmaceuticals and the actual artificial joints. The joint-replacement surgeries can be life-changing for someone who is facing a lifetime of disability because it enables them to get back on their feet, Lombardi says. “We operated on a father of four who couldn’t work. We did his surgery so he could become employed.”

Ahlteen says he couldn’t have afforded everything he has received, from the initial X-rays and preoperative tests to a two-day stay at the New Albany Surgery Center, plus anesthesia and medications. About a month after the surgery, which Lombardi performed, Ahlteen was back on his feet, working on the physical therapy exercises he was instructed to do and looking ahead to better times. “I’ve kind of graduated from the walker to the cane,” he says. “I’m trying to keep a positive attitude.”

 “Without this program, I’d definitely be in pain. I probably would have had to file for disability,” Ahlteen adds. “I could never have done this without their help.

Michele Lemmon is a freelance writer.

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The legendary Clarmont, known as the restaurant of choice for Statehouse and civic types, announced its closure today. See the Dispatch story for more details. And check out the Columbus Monthly article about the German Village institution.

" " " 1354 1354 " Clarmont closes " " " " 4793 " t " 19970 " " " " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard 'see':30 'door':11B 'home':4B 'shut':9B 'type':25 'check':38 'choic':20 'civic':24 'close':2A 'known':15 'month':42 'power':7B 'stori':33 'today':29 'articl':43 'closur':28 'detail':36 'german':46 'villag':47 'announc':26 'restaur':18 'clarmont':1A,14 'columbus':41 'dispatch':32 'institut':48 'breakfast':8B 'legendari':13 'statehous':22 1270 7 0 0 " " 0 f " 13877 2012-03-30 14:20:00 2012-03-28 08:48:00 2012-05-14 11:21:10 "

Mayor Coleman has declared that this is the year of swagger and, boy howdy, it’s about time. If ever a city needed some swagger, if ever a city’s people needed to cast off their mopey, homegrown sense of inferiority and say, “Hey, Kiss Our Assets!” it is Columbus in 2012.

We’re 200 years old, damn it! The 15th-biggest city in the country. As the mayor says, people from Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh—our less populous, but far more famous neighbors—move here, not the other way around.

So why do we not have more pride—some swagger—about our city’s rise as a great American success story? If you were going to come up with a slogan that reflected most Columbusites’ attitude about their own town, it probably would be something like “Columbus: It Is What It Is.”

The mayor, understandably, isn’t going to point out the failings of a populace that has given him four terms (and counting) in office. But I will.

What’s the matter with you people?

It’s one thing if people on the coasts or in Chicago are sadly indifferent to Columbus’s place among the country’s great cities, but what’s your excuse?

It’s not like you haven’t been told. This magazine, the daily paper and the TV stations are quick to tout the latest stab at civic boosterism. When National Geographic listed Columbus as one of the world’s 10 best winter vacation destinations, when Forbes called us one of the country’s next big boomtowns, that kind of thing is always big news in Columbus.

Really, the Short North, the Arena District, German Village, the Blue Jackets, Columbus Commons, the Scioto Mile—any of those suffering from a lack of publicity? The zoo, COSI, Battelle, Ohio State—each among the best in the country in its respective field—you know about them, right?

But despite the best efforts of the mayor, the media, civic grandees and generations of professional brand-builders and image-makers, it seems Columbus is less than impressed with itself.

That may be fine with you and that’s part of the problem. You start to wonder, really, if there’s something in the water (well, when it comes to the Scioto River, we know there’s something in the water). Go ahead, start compiling a list of people in Columbus who might reasonably qualify as someone with swagger.

I’ll wait.

At one time, Columbus was the home of the World Heavyweight Champion, heir to Ali, Tyson, Jack Johnson—major swaggerers, every one. Buster Douglas was a good fighter, a courageous man, but one thing Buster did not do was swagger.

Columbus also could once claim the winner of the Indianapolis 500 as one of our own, a driver in league with the A.J. Foyts and Mario Andrettis of the world. Bobby Rahal was indeed a great racer, but swagger? Not so much.

Jack Nicklaus, our most famous athlete, the greatest golfer ever. Lots of confidence, sure, but guys who wear plaid pants do not swagger convincingly.

There has never been a more ferocious football player than Chris Spielman. On the field, he was pure menace, terror for the other side. His swagger made him an all-star at OSU and in the NFL. Chris retired, settled down in Columbus and now? Nicest guy in the world, great father—you want to take him home and introduce him to Mom.

We did have a swaggering football star in Columbus recently—anybody remember Terrelle Pryor? We didn’t run him out of town exactly, but we hope he never comes back. Joey Galloway was another OSU football star who walked with a permanent strut. When he started ripping his helmet off after touchdowns to better bask in adulation, he was chided for arrogance and told to keep his hat on.

All right, forget sports. Let’s have the swagger nominees from the arts—you know, the avant-garde. Or from our thriving rock music scene. Or from business: There are some very sharp, very rich people in this town—who’s Columbus’s answer to Donald Trump? I’ve been told there are some guys with swagger in our business community, but “they just may not be putting it out there.”

I talked to a number of prominent Columbusites for this story, people who enthusiastically support Mike Coleman’s call for swagger, who agree wholeheartedly that it’s sorely lacking in a city that should be recognized as one of the best anywhere.

But ask them why people seem oblivious or indifferent to their own city’s accomplishments, why Columbusites (maybe we just need a better name for ourselves) don’t have the swaggering pride of a Pittsburgher or a Baltimorean, and they’re stumped.

First, the mayor says, let’s define what we mean by swagger. The dictionary definitions use words such as “boastful,” “braggadocio” and “arrogant.” That’s not what he has in mind.

“It’s not being braggadocios, it’s not being boastful,” Coleman says. “Swagger is about belief. It’s about having the confidence to do what is necessary to make this an even greater city. We shouldn’t hide from our successes. We’re very different from where we were not long ago.”

So why don’t his constituents get it? In a New Year’s Day op-ed in the Dispatch, Coleman wrote that swagger “does not come naturally to us as a city. We’re not prone to brag about ourselves. And we should not. We have a Midwestern tendency to be humble. And we should be. But while these traits may be admirable, we cannot allow them to be self-defeating.”

“People who live in Columbus, we describe ourselves as a cowtown, a sleepy old cowtown,” Coleman says. “We need to view ourselves differently.”

“People like to stay in a comfort zone, keep the status quo,” says Paul Astleford, CEO of Experience Columbus, the convention and visitors bureau. “This has plagued Columbus since the beginning of Columbus 200 years ago.”

“Compared to other communities, we’re very modest,” says Columbus Partnership CEO Alex Fischer. “Midwestern modesty has inbred among itself.” When it comes to swagger, he says, “We don’t think like that.”

Fischer, who came here from Tennessee, recalls a presentation he made early in his tenure at the Partnership: “A community leader came up to me and said, ‘We need to tone it down a little.’ ”

“I think a lot of Midwesterners, the personality, it’s different, you’re less opinionated, you are less passionate,” says Bret Adams, who, as a lawyer for some of the biggest names in sports here and around the country, has seen a fair amount of swagger and done some himself. “People from Pittsburgh, they are so proud of being from Pittsburgh. If you’re from Columbus—I mean, you care about your city, you’re just a little less passionate about it.”

Buck Rinehart, maybe the most swaggery mayor Columbus has ever had, admits the source of our stubborn humility is a mystery to him: “That’s the $64,000 question, buddy.”

Here are a few theories that may help explain why this city, this maddeningly modest city, just can’t get its swagger on.


The Blue Jackets

Simply put, the Blue Jackets have let us down. Nothing defines a city like its sports teams (see Pittsburgh); nothing could spur a swagger uprising like our own hockey team driving for the Stanley Cup.

Back in the late ’90s, when we knew we had a team, but it hadn’t taken the ice yet, there was keen anticipation: This was gonna put Columbus on the map, baby! Major-league franchise, national exposure, the big time. It has not worked out that way.

The Blue Jackets (owned in part by the same guys, the Dispatch Printing Company, that own Columbus Monthly) have been around for 11 years with only one sorry playoff appearance to show for it. This season, they have not just been dull, mediocre or bad. They have been rotten, on pace for one of the worst seasons ever by an NHL team.

They have no personality, no image, no heart. They’re not scrappy, loveable losers, they are an embarrassment. Their fans, those dwindling few, even staged a protest at Nationwide Arena calling for heads to roll. As for national recognition, Google “Blue Jackets” and “laughingstock.”

It’s a painful subject for city leaders who just engineered a bailout for the Jackets. Mike Coleman answers reluctantly when I ask him: If the Blue Jackets were better—not great, just better—wouldn’t that help with the swagger thing?

“I agree,” he says after a considerable pause. Then he rallies: “I’m confident they will be. They need a little swagger. If I could just talk to them before every game. . . .”

Rinehart doesn’t think the Jackets’ woes are hurting the city’s self-image: “We don’t define ourselves in Columbus by a professional sports team.” After all, he says, we still have Ohio State.

But what effect might a successful franchise have had? “No one nationally is identifying our city with professional sports,” Adams says. “My hope when the Blue Jackets came to town was that we could have been a Green Bay in football, an Oklahoma City in basketball. I thought by this point we’d be to the NHL what the Oklahoma City Thunder is to the NBA.”

Oklahoma City, Adams points out, is like Columbus in size, demographics and (lack of) image. A local rich guy persuaded the NBA to plop the old Seattle SuperSonics there, built an arena with a surrounding district of bars and restaurants, hired top-notch basketball people and produced a winner. “In the National Basketball League now, Oklahoma City is identified with the Miamis and the Bostons,” Adams says.

Well, we can always fondly recall the Chill: Minor-league they may have been, but they had tons of swagger.


Missed opportunity

Let’s talk about public art, of which Columbus has less of and spends less on than any city aspiring to national greatness should. The latest proposal is for a four-story “hyperboloid” structure (you know, the thing people are calling a cooling tower) on the Scioto Mile.

You talk about public art on the Scioto River and my head starts to hurt. In 1996, Columbus had the chance to embrace genius, a giant blue-glass snake that would have covered the Broad Street Bridge, stretching from riverbank to riverbank.

It was the winning entry in a design contest—by local sculptor Todd Slaughter (he did the giant mortarboard at Franklin University) modeled after the Serpent Mound in Adams County. It was awesome. It would have been instant recognition for Columbus; every time the Goodyear blimp showed up for an OSU game, downtown Columbus and its giant blue snake would have been televised nationally.

It had swagger written all over it and it died a quick death because the county engineer said, well, it’s going to be tough to maintain (he also admitted that he just didn’t like it). City leaders seemed fine with that call. The media (with the notable exception of The Other Paper, where I worked at the time) had no enthusiasm for the Snake. So the greatest idea in the history of Columbus—it was compared to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis—went nowhere and the Broad Street Bridge remains naked to this day.

I still haven’t gotten over it, to tell you the truth, so as I canvassed today’s city leaders on the subject of swagger I asked, hey, what about the giant blue snake?

“You know, that might have actually gone up if it had been in the last four or five years,” says Astleford.

Coleman, who was a fan of the Snake, says things are different now. Look at the design for the cool Main Street Bridge he pushed through. “I caught hell over that,” he says. “We wouldn’t have built that kind of bridge 20 years ago.”

So what’s stopping us now? You want swagger? As The Other Paper said 16 years ago: Make the Snake.


It’s the natives’ fault

A radio exec in Cincinnati who used to work in Columbus tried to explain to me why the two markets are so different, why Cincy’s top station is a lively, irreverent hoot and our top station gets by on syndicated reruns. Cincinnati is parochial, he says, “and in Columbus everybody is from somewhere else.”

It’s true, you know. Were you born here? I wasn’t. My wife wasn’t. Mike Coleman wasn’t. Buck Rinehart wasn’t. Chris Spielman wasn’t. Ask the next person you see: They most likely weren’t either.

“I find that people from somewhere else have more swagger about Columbus than the people who are from here,” says Fischer. So, it’s the natives who are the problem? “Well, I wouldn’t put it quite that way.”

I will. I talked to Sam Shamansky, one of the city’s top criminal defense attorneys and a guy who virtually swaggers for a living. He’s spent his whole life here and he couldn’t care less about whether Columbus has swagger. “The usual bullshit,” he says. “Image over substance.” He went on to say a number of rude things about his hometown, which you really don’t want to hear.

I sought out those of my friends I know are natives. One of them wasn’t even sure who Mike Coleman is. “Swagger?” he said. He wasn’t interested.

My friend Charlie from Columbus is well-informed and knows very well who Mike Coleman is and he read his column exhorting us to swagger. “Nobody cares about Columbus, dude,” he says. But we’re the 15th-biggest city in the country—shouldn’t that count for something? “Well, it’s all right, I guess, if you just want to live here.”

“When you live here and have been here for a long time you don’t see the changes,” says Pete McGinty, chief marketing officer for the advertising firm Fahlgren Mortine. “My son is now 6-foot-6 and you don’t notice him growing up. I just recently realized—he’s as tall as me. It’s like that.”

“Maybe those who were born and raised here take the things we see, the potential and the great assets of this city, for granted,” Rinehart says.

Astleford frames it this way: If we weren’t a great city, why do all these people who come here for school or a job end up staying? “If you don’t have people from outside moving in there’s something wrong. People see something here that makes them want to live here.”


The Columbus Swagger Hall of Fame

Come on, you say, Columbus does too have its swaggerers. How about Coleman, the self-appointed swaggerer-in-chief? “I think the mayor has set the mark for swagger,” Astleford says. “The mayor is a pretty cool guy himself,” McGinty says.

My conversations produced quite a few nominees for our Swagger Hall of Fame. Several people mentioned OSU president Gordon Gee, and I suppose he’d qualify, though I think what you’re really seeing there is more like chutzpah.

Limited Brands CEO and founder Les Wexner? As Astleford says, he’s seen as an innovator in the world of retail. Putting underwear models on a runway and creating the phenomenon of Victoria’s Secret takes a certain amount of swagger, but I don’t know who associates sexy with Columbus.

There’s personal injury lawyer Kevin Kurgis, whose TV commercials burst with swagger: “I don’t get paid unless you get paid.” There’s former school board chief and world-class hurdler Stephanie Hightower, who is not to be trifled with, as she demonstrated in her showdowns with the late Bill Moss (with considerable swagger of his own when he was on the school board) and the time she chased down that kid who threw a rock at her SUV.

Experience Columbus PR guy Scott Peacock nominates the Crew, winner of the 2008 MLS Cup, and their followers: “They are the most passionate fans you will ever see,” he says.

And this Urban Meyer fellow looks as if he knows a thing or two about swagger, with his two national championships while leading the University of Florida football team and his self-described “hair’s on fire” coaching style.

My own nominees: Samuel B. Hartman, who made a fortune and spent a fortune in Columbus some 100 years ago selling Peruna, a patent medicine “prohibition tonic” that was more than 20 percent alcohol; Cromwell Dixon, a Columbus teenager who was the first to fly over the Continental Divide in 1911 (he died in a plane wreck one month later), and, my favorite current swaggerer, OSU basketball player Samantha Prahalis, who is from Long Island, by no coincidence. She’ll kick your butt.

Speaking of butt-kicking, John Kasich got one last November with the referendum that shot down his S.B. 5, and only time will tell whether it takes any of the starch out of him. Swagger has served him well—the man has never lost a run for office and he was in his element at Fox News, holding his own with swagger masters such as Bill O’Reilly. And he swaggered his way through his first year as governor.

I asked Coleman whether our Republican governor was a good example of Columbus swagger. The mayor thought for a second and said, “He lives in Westerville, doesn’t he?”

The mayor, meanwhile, nominates Children’s Hospital: “They went to Nationwide and said, ‘Give us $50 million and we’ll change our name.’ That’s swagger.” The mayor also says his new recycling program is an example of swagger.

That tells me we have a lot of work to do.


So, how do you convince Columbus that it has what it takes to swagger? We know snappy catchphrases don’t work. Let’s see, Columbus Mayor Jim Rhodes way back in the 1940s (that’s 70 years of mayoral cheerleading) came up with “Come to Columbus and Discover America.”

We’ve had “Columbus: We’re Making It Great,” “Columbus: More Than You Dreamed,” “Surprise, It’s Columbus!” and, more recently, “Discover Columbus,” a sign that the sloganeers appear to be running out of steam.

As the Dispatch asked in a 1999 editorial, “Does a slogan ever really move anyone?” No.

So what do you need to instill some swagger? Well, having a mayor not afraid to brave the snickers of professional cynics is a start. Rinehart applauds Coleman: “If you’re in a position of being mayor of a city and you don’t believe you’re the greatest city in the country, you don’t deserve to be mayor,” he says. “If the mayor doesn’t think like that, who else is going to?”

My suggestion for a short-term injection of swagger? Change the city song. We have one, you know. Experience Columbus commissioned local songstress Donna Mogavero to write one about six years ago and she came up with “The Streets Where I Live” (“old homes mix with fancy cafes,” and “a park full of roses puts a smile on our faces”).

Now, I have not heard this particular ditty, but I know enough of  Mogavero’s work to guess that this song does not do much swaggering. I offer another song from a local group, the late, great New Bomb Turks, off their Destroy-Oh-Boy!! album: “Let’s Dress Up The Naked Truth.”

Listen to that bad boy and you’ll be swaggering your ass off.

Jeff Long is a freelance writer and columnist for The Other Paper.

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Gene Harris was put on the spot at a memorial service for former Columbus City Council president Jerry Hammond. At the public event in the Southern Theatre, Hammond’s former legislative aid, Ako Kambon, urged the Columbus City Schools superintendent to override tradition and name a school after Hammond, who died of Parkinson’s disease in late August. In reality, however, Kambon was calling out the wrong person. The school board, not the superintendent, approved the policy in 1982 that all schools must be given geographical or descriptive names. The policy even bans naming stadiums, hallways, libraries or other parts of schools after someone. What’s more, Kambon doesn’t need to look far to find someone to address his concerns. His wife, Hanifah Kambon, is a member of the Columbus Board of Education. Columbus schools spokeswoman Kim Norris said in early October that no board members have suggested changing the policy.

The recent death of Andy “Andyman” Davis has galvanized a few of the iconic bands of recent Columbus rock-and-roll history to reunite to honor the popular CD101 deejay. Both Howlin Maggie and The Toll—part of a wave of Ohio rock groups signed to major record labels in the late 1980s and early 1990s—will play at a benefit for Davis’s family and CD101 for the Kids, the charity Davis raised money for during his annual Andyman-a-thon. Also on the bill are Watershed (which has been on hiatus as well in recent years), Earwig, Willie Phoenix and the X-Rated Cowboys. The Nov. 24 gig at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion will be the first one for The Toll in about 17 years. “The ironic thing is the guy who would have reveled in this bill the most won’t be sitting in the room with us,” says Greg Bartram, the band’s bass player and a freelance photographer who contributes to Columbus Monthly.

Buckeye fans have a chance to win a motorcycle this month with a fascinating back story. At the Nov. 27 Ohio State-Michigan game, Ohio Motorcyclists for Children will raffle off the so-called Legacy Bike, a motorcycle that began with Jim Underwood, the beloved principal trumpet player for the Columbus Symphony who died of cancer in 2006. Underwood started to build the bike in 1998 in his living room, of all places, but the project stalled four years later when Underwood was diagnosed with cancer of the salivary gland. After his death, the unfinished bike remained in the Underwood family’s living room until Jim’s wife, Marti, met Mark Beckner, a custom motorcycle builder in Newark, earlier this year. Beckner agreed to finish the bike, and Ohio Motorcyclists for Children hopped onboard to raffle the vehicle once it was completed to raise money for cancer research at Ohio State. People can buy tickets for the bike, which is autographed by Archie Griffin, at the remaining OSU home games or at

Longtime car dealer Bob McDorman plans to auction off his renowned collection of 90 Corvettes in November. The assemblage, expected to net several million dollars, includes models from the early 1950s to today. Highlights include a 1953 Corvette (only 300 were made) and cars formerly owned by celebrities, including John Mellencamp, George Strait, Burt Reynolds and Dinah Shore. Tom Christmann, the marketing manager for Mecum Auction Company of Marengo, Illinois, says McDorman has sold off most of his car collection twice previously. “With Bob, he tends to go in cycles,” Christmann says. “Bob is knocking on the door of 80. He’s been nose to the grindstone for 45 years, and I think he would like to take a little time away from the cars.” The auction, slated for Nov. 5 and 6 at McDorman’s dealership in Canal Winchester, also includes 60 other vehicles and memorabilia such as neon signs and die-cast models.



doc4d2f39d72fc7a584474061-4e5ff2216b9d23_09887889-doc4d2f39d72fc7a584474061.jpg " " 1 1354 " Gene Harris on the spot " " " 7 4766 " t " 19167 " File " " " " " Gene Harris: On the spot. pagetools=email,print|type=standard '5':633 '6':635 'x':264 '17':285 '24':269 '27':347 '45':611 '60':645 '80':602 '90':516 'go':590 'us':310 '300':542 'aid':37 'ako':38 'ban':98 'bob':506,586,595 'buy':483 'car':504,546,581,627 'die':56,383,656 'fan':329 'far':119 'gig':270 'guy':292 'hop':462 'jim':371,435 'kid':228 'kim':143 'met':439 'net':524 'nov':268,346,632 'one':279 'osu':497 'own':548 'put':9 'say':311,573,594 'sit':305 'tom':561 'urg':40 'win':334 'won':302 '1953':539 '1982':84 '1998':395 '2006':387 'agre':452 'also':242,643 'andi':162 'away':624 'back':342 'band':172,315 'bass':317 'bike':365,393,425,456,487 'bill':245,299 'burt':556 'call':69,363 'cast':657 'citi':20,43 'cycl':592 'davi':164,221,231 'door':600 'educ':139 'even':97 'find':121 'four':407 'game':352,499 'gene':1A,6 'greg':312 'home':498 'icon':171 'iron':288 'john':552 'late':62,210 'like':618 'live':398,432 'look':118 'made':544 'mark':440 'must':88 'name':50,94,99 'need':116 'neon':652 'nose':606 'ohio':200,348,353,458,479 'part':105,195 'plan':508 'play':216 'rais':232,473 'rate':265 'rock':177,201 'roll':179 'room':308,399,433 'said':145 'sign':203,653 'sold':576 'spot':5A,12 'take':620 'tend':588 'thon':241 'time':623 'toll':194,282 'wave':198 'well':254 'wife':128,437 'year':257,286,408,450,612 '1950s':533 '1980s':211 '1990s':214 'archi':492 'began':369 'belov':374 'board':76,137,151 'build':391 'canal':641 'cd101':187,225 'chanc':332 'chang':155 'death':160,422 'dinah':559 'doesn':114 'earli':147,213,532 'event':28 'first':278 'georg':554 'given':90 'gland':419 'group':202 'harri':2A,7 'honor':184 'howev':66 'jerri':23 'knock':597 'label':207 'later':409 'littl':622 'maggi':191 'major':205 'manag':565 'marti':438 'mecum':567 'model':529,658 'money':233,474 'month':327,338 'norri':144 'octob':148 'peopl':481 'place':402 'raffl':358,465 'revel':296 'sever':525 'shore':560 'slate':630 'stall':406 'start':389 'state':350,480 'stori':343 'thing':289 'think':615 'today':535 'twice':583 'willi':259 'would':294,617 'wrong':72 'annual':237 'approv':80 'august':63 'buckey':328 'cancer':385,415,476 'celebr':550 'cowboy':266 'custom':443 'dealer':505 'deejay':188 'diseas':60 'dollar':527 'earwig':258 'expect':522 'famili':223,430 'fascin':341 'finish':454 'former':18,35,547 'galvan':166 'hiatus':252 'howlin':190 'includ':528,537,551,644 'kambon':39,67,113,130 'legaci':364 'legisl':36 'market':564 'member':133,152 'memori':15 'newark':447 'novemb':519 'person':73 'player':318,377 'polici':82,96,157 'presid':22 'public':27 'recent':159,174,256 'record':206 'remain':426,496 'renown':513 'reunit':182 'school':44,52,75,87,107,141 'servic':16 'so-cal':361 'someon':109,122 'strait':555 'theatr':32 'ticket':484 'tradit':48 'vehicl':467,647 'x-rate':263 'address':124 'andyman':163,239 'auction':510,568,629 'bartram':313 'beckner':441,451 'benefit':219 'builder':445 'chariti':230 'collect':514,582 'compani':569 'complet':471 'concern':126 'corvett':517,540 'council':21 'diagnos':413 'earlier':448 'griffin':493 'hallway':101 'hammond':24,33,54 'hanifah':129 'histori':180 'illinoi':572 'librari':102 'longtim':503 'marengo':571 'million':526 'onboard':463 'overrid':47 'phoenix':260 'popular':186 'princip':375 'project':405 'realiti':65 'reynold':557 'stadium':100 'suggest':154 'trumpet':376 'watersh':247 'children':356,461 'columbus':19,42,136,140,175,326,380 'descript':93 'die-cast':655 'freelanc':321 'geograph':91 'lifestyl':272 'mcdorman':507,574,637 'michigan':351 'pavilion':274 'previous':584 'research':477 'salivari':418 'southern':31 'symphoni':381 'unfinish':424 'winchest':642 'assemblag':521 'autograph':490 'communiti':273 'contribut':324 'grindston':609 'highlight':536 'motorcycl':336,367,444 'parkinson':58 'underwood':372,388,411,429 'christmann':562,593 'dealership':639 'mellencamp':553 'photograph':322 'memorabilia':649 'spokeswoman':142 'superintend':45,79 'motorcyclist':354,459 'rock-and-rol':176 'andyman-a-thon':238 'state-michigan':349 '':502 598 4 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2011/doc4d2f39d72fc7a584474061-4e5ff2216b9d23.09887889.xml 1 f " 13992 2012-06-12 08:57:00 2012-06-12 08:57:00 2012-06-15 13:09:05 The fourth annual Make-A-Wish BIG Wish Gala presented by SafeAuto was held March 13 at COSI.

The fourth annual Make-A-Wish BIG Wish Gala presented by SafeAuto was held March 13 at COSI. Tickets were $300 each, with 300 guests in attendance who enjoyed “science a la carts” provided by COSI and a performance by Mark Abbati, the Living Statue. Through ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, Raise the Paddle cash donations and silent and live auctions, the event raised $237,000 to grant the wishes of Central Ohio children battling life-threatening medical conditions. The BIG Wish Gala highlighted Central Ohio families and their wish experiences. (Photography by AddVision and Judy Colegrove; IDs courtesy Make-A-Wish.)

BW5.jpg The fourth annual Make-A-Wish BIG Wish Gala presented by SafeAuto was held March 13 at COSI. Make-A-Wish, BIG Wish Gala, SafeAuto, COSI. 1354 1352 " BIG Wish Gala " " " 7 4802 " t " 20269 " AddVision Photos: Make-A-Wish BIG Wish Gala | Columbus Monthly " " " " Ron and Bonnie Lucas, LaDonna Solove and Christine Kenney. pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard '13':20A,39B,77 'id':159 'la':93 '000':126 '237':125 '300':82,85 'big':1A,11A,30B,46,56,68,142 'cart':94 'cash':115 'cosi':22A,41B,50,79,97 'gala':3A,13A,32B,48,58,70,144 'held':18A,37B,75 'judi':157 'life':137 'live':105,120 'make':8A,27B,43,53,65,162 'mark':102 'ohio':133,147 'rais':112,124 'sale':109 'wish':2A,10A,12A,29B,31B,45,47,55,57,67,69,130,143,151,164 'battl':135 'donat':116 'enjoy':90 'event':123 'grant':128 'guest':86 'march':19A,38B,76 'medic':139 'month':60 'paddl':114 'photo':51 'statu':106 'abbati':103 'addvis':155 'annual':6A,25B,63 'attend':88 'condit':140 'corpor':110 'experi':152 'famili':148 'fourth':5A,24B,62 'provid':95 'scienc':91 'silent':118 'ticket':80,108 'auction':121 'central':132,146 'perform':100 'present':14A,33B,71 'children':134 'colegrov':158 'columbus':59 'courtesi':160 'safeauto':16A,35B,49,73 'threaten':138 'highlight':145 'make-a-wish':7A,26B,42,52,64,161 'photographi':153 'sponsorship':111 'life-threaten':136 1282 11 0 0 " " 1 f " 10725 2009-07-07 00:00:00 2009-07-07 00:00:00 2009-07-07 00:00:00 "


Best of Columbus 2009

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Designer Dennis McAvena creates a screen to match a room’s architecture.


A furniture store in Creekside, specialty papers, cool accessories from Anthropologie, the BIA Parade of Homes, Top 25 real estate transactions and more.

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Two-thousand nine. What a year it was. And what a decade it’s been.

There’s much to celebrate when we hit the town Dec. 31 to ring in 2010. Personally, I’m looking forward to the fact that I’ll be able to call it “20-10,” as if it were the opening monologue to some cheesy sci-fi movie. Whatever your reason for celebrating, here are a few options.

The CGS Group (the guys behind Park Street Patio, Sugar Bar and the Social) is throwing a New Year’s soiree at the Renaissance Hotel downtown. Guests can purchase general admission tickets or opt for an overnight package. Click here for info.

Martini Park at Easton will be welcoming New Year’s partiers. For a general admission of $75-$150, guests can take advantage of appetizers and an open bar. Click here for info.

The Hyatt Regency downtown will host a swanky fiesta to welcome 2010. In addition to general admission options, partiers can stay overnight in standard and VIP rooms, enjoying a nice, late checkout of 2 pm on New Year’s Day. Click here for info.

For hockey fans who want the best of both worlds, you can purchase combo tickets to see the Blue Jackets take on the Nashville Predators, then head across the street and party at the Hyatt. Click here for info.

For a more low-key atmosphere, Vonn Jazz Lounge at Crosswoods is offering a New Year’s package that includes a four-course meal and live jazz music. Click here for info.

Bristol Bar is offering an open bar at its New Year’s party, as well as music by local deejay Ruckus Roboticus and food catered by Clintonville’s Lavash Café. Click here for info.

Though he's not yet sure what his plans are, Ben Zenitsky is a big deal, and it's a safe bet that wherever he winds up on New Year's Eve will be the place to be. He can be e-mailed at

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AA China, 5420 Westpointe Plaza, 850-9898. Chinese cuisine; specialties include dinner buffet, peel-and-eat shrimp, salad bar and General Tso’s chicken. Dinner buffet: $5.29. Children’s prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. DS, MC, V.

Abner’s Casual Dining, 4051 Main St, Hilliard, 876-2649. American family-style restaurant; specialties include smoked brisket sandwich, handcut USDA choice rib-eye and build-your-own omelet. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $10-$18. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Ann & Tony’s Restaurant, 211 E Main St, West Jefferson, 879-8897. Specialties include Italian food, seafood, prime rib and homemade desserts. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $11-$19. Children’s portions. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sat, dinner menu served Sun 11 am-3 pm; closed Mon. Reservations accepted. Checks, AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Apple Buffet, 1726 Hilliard-Rome Rd, Hilliard, 771-1868. Chinese buffet. Buffet: $5.95. Children’s prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted for parties of 11 or more. MC, V.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 5561 Westchester Woods Blvd, Hilliard, 527-9670; 1590 Georgesville Square Rd, 851-4100. Serving a variety of foods; specialties include Perfect Portions menu, steaks and unlimited soup and salad lunch. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Unlimited soup and salad combo: $6.99. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Asian Express, 3762 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard, 771-5568. Thai and Chinese cuisine. Dinners: $5-$9. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. MC, V.

Beef O’Brady’s, 6340 Scioto-Darby Creek Rd, Hilliard, 529-9464. Upscale pub fare; specialties include chicken wings, sandwiches, burgers, salads and wraps. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Entrees: $7-$10. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Bob Evans Restaurant, 4331 W Broad St, 276-4611; 1660 Georgesville Square Dr, 851-3300; 1111 Hilliard-Rome Rd, 870-3611; 3910 Lyman Dr, Hilliard, 771-6799; 5160 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, 761-0001. Home-style cooking. Dinners: $6-$12. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast all day, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 1690 Georgesville Square Dr, 870-8220; 1710 Hilliard-Rome Rd, Hilliard, 921-2999. Restaurant and sports bar with full menu featuring salads, appetizers, burgers and specializing in NY-style wings in 14 signature sauces. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: average $4-$8. Children’s menu. Free wi-fi. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, CB, DC, DS, MC, V.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill, 3949 Trueman Blvd, Hilliard, 771-1653. Bold, fresh flavors from Italy handmade daily; specialties include tender filet, fresh seafood, chicken marsala and unique pastas. Liquor; extensive wine list. Dinners: $9-$21. Children’s menu. Open for lunch Sun, dinner 7 days. Call-ahead seating accepted. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Cheeseburger in Paradise, 4081 Trueman Blvd, Hilliard, 876-3607. Island fare inspired by the Caribbean and New Orleans; specialties include Island Chef salad, mini cheeseburgers, jerk chicken wrap and chocolate nachos. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $7-$14. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Chef’s House, 5454 Roberts Rd, 876-5070. Full menu of homemade cooking featuring famous Grecian chicken, Authentic Greek gyros, traditional liver and onions, homemade baklava and breakfast all day. Dinners: $7-$13. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days, dinner Mon-Sat, brunch Sun. Reservations accepted. DS, MC, V.

Chipotle, 1835 Hilliard-Rome Rd, Hilliard, 921-8206; 3670 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard, 527-7049; 1528 Georgesville Rd, 853-4245. Quick-service restaurant serving fresh, made-to-order gourmet burritos and tacos; specialties include vegetarian burritos, barbacoa, fajita burritos and steak burritos. Domestic and Mexican beer; margaritas. Items: under $7. Children’s portions. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Checks, AE, MC, V.

Cici’s Pizza, 5432 Westpoint Plaza Dr, 777-8930. Buffet featuring pizza, salad, pasta and desserts including cinnamon rolls. Buffet: $7.79, children $4.26. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. MC, V.

Cook Shack Bar-B-Q, 4093 Trueman Blvd, Hilliard, 777-1133. Authentic regional barbecue in Southern barn atmosphere; specialties include Cook Shack club, traditional baby back barbecue competition ribs and rotating sides, including German potato salad and fruit cobbler. Small wine list; beer. Items: $2-$18. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, 1313 Old Hilliard-Rome Rd, 878-2027. Country cooking; specialties include chicken and dumplings, roast beef dinner, country ham, specialty breakfasts and grilled chicken tenders. Dinners: $6-$13. Children’s portions. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

Culver’s Frozen Custard and Butterburgers, 1444 Rentra Dr, 870-8022. Quick-casual American cuisine; specialties include butterburgers, frozen custard, sandwiches, fish and salads. Entrees: average $7. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Damon’s Grill, 3799 Park Mill Run Dr, Hilliard, 777-4445. Specializing in grilled entrees including barbecue ribs, steak, chicken, seafood, sandwiches and endless soup and salad lunch combos. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$22. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Big-screen sports, news and Buzztime Trivia with tabletop speakers. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Dave & Buster’s, 3665 Park Mill Run Dr, Hilliard, 771-1515. Restaurant and entertainment center with a Million Dollar Midway; featuring eclectic American cuisine including steak, chicken and seafood. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $6-$17. Children’s menu. Games and simulators. Visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Ding Ho, 120 Phillipi Rd, 272-9234. Chinese and American cuisine; specialties include wor sui gai and General Tso’s chicken. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $5-$13. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Emelio’s Restaurant, 574 Georgesville Rd, 279-7900. Serving pizza, subs, salads and sandwiches. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Pizza: $8-$18. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun.

Feast of the Dragon, 3663 Soldano Blvd, 272-0210. Chinese buffet with complete open kitchen. Liquor; small wine list. Dinners: $7-$8. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. Reservations accepted for parties of 10 or more. DS, MC, V.

First Watch, 3800 Fishinger Blvd, 876-4957. Freshly made specialties include omelets, pancakes, French toast, Belgian waffles, salads, crepeggs and sandwiches. Meals: $5-$8. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast, brunch and lunch 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Florentine Restaurant, 907 W Broad St, 228-2262. Italian and American food; specialties include lasagna and homemade pasta. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $9-$17. Children’s menu. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Frisch’s Restaurants Inc., 1775 Hilliard-Rome Rd, Hilliard, 529-1666. Family-style food; specialties include Big Boy hamburgers, breakfast served anytime, hot fudge cake, soup/salad bar and breakfast bar with fresh fruit. Dinners: $5-$11. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days; breakfast buffet Mon-Fri 7-11 am, Sat till 1 pm, Sun till 2 pm. AE, DS, MC, V.

George’s All-American Grille, 155 Georgesville Rd, 279-9511. American food featuring homemade onion rings, famous Coney Islands and chili and bean soup. Items: $2-$8. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations accepted. DS, MC, V.

Golden China Express, 3636 Main St, Hilliard, 850-8188. Chinese cuisine; specialties include seafood delight, General Tso’s chicken, chicken and shrimp with garlic sauce and Hawaii Five-O. Dinners: $4-$12. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, MC, V.

Grand China Restaurant, 4728 Cemetery Rd, Hilliard, 529-8890. Chinese cuisine; specialties include wor sui gai, chicken broccoli, General Tso’s chicken, shrimp with vegetables and pad Thai. Lunches: $4-$5. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. MC, V.

HomeTown Buffet, W Broad St & Wilson Rd (in Consumer Square Shopping Center), 279-6228; 3727 Park Mill Run Dr, Hilliard, 527-9229. Family-style restaurant and buffet; specialties include homemade desserts, steak, shrimp, breads and soups. Dinner buffet: $11. Children’s prices. Open for breakfast Sat-Sun, lunch Mon-Sat, dinner 7 days. DS, MC, V.

HoneyBaked Ham Café, 1925 Hilliard-Rome Rd, Hilliard, 819-0330. Cafe serving gourmet sandwiches including Honey Baked Ham, artisan breads, soups and salads. Lunches: $6-$8. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

Hooters, 5225 Nike Station Way, Hilliard, 850-7078. Sports bar; specialties include wings, shrimp, oysters, clams and burgers. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Meals: $7-$10. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Iacono’s, 5068 Cemetery Rd, Hilliard, 876-2022. Homemade Italian food; specialties include pasta, pizza and subs. Small wine list. Dinners: $8-$11. Children’s menu. Open for lunch Mon-Sat, dinner 7 days. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

JP’s Barbecue Ribs and Party Facility, 2000 Norton Rd (at Bolton Field), 878-7422. Specialties include barbecue ribs and chicken, made-to-order sandwiches and a variety of side dishes. Liquor; small wine list. Items: $6-$16. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining; extensive outdoor party area. Open for lunch 7 days, dinner Tue-Sun. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Jade Kirin, 4601 W Broad St (in Hometown Inn West), 878-0288. Chinese, Thai and American cuisine; specialties include General Tso’s chicken, pad Thai, NY strip and seafood platter. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $6-$15. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining. Karaoke daily. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations suggested. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Joey Chang’s, 3799 Ridge Mill Dr (at Mill Run), 777-0550. Chinese and Thai cuisine; specialties include Szechwan sea bass, mango sea bass, pineapple fried rice and pad Thai. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$18. Children’s portions. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, 1620 Georgesville Sq, 853-1000. Steakhouse featuring ribs, steak, sandwiches, grilled shrimp and grilled chicken. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$22. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, DC, MC, V.

Lotus Leaf, 1595 Georgesville Rd, 853-3841. Eclectic Asian cuisine; specialties include Vietnamese, Thai and Korean dishes; vegetarian entrees, and chef’s homemade culinary specialties. Menu: $5-$7. Children’s portions. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted for large parties. Checks, AE, DS, JCB, MC, V.

Lucky’s Grille, 5387 Roberts Rd, Hilliard, 771-7766. Casual American fare; specialties include wings, ribs, pulled pork, Buffalo chicken and Reuben sandwiches. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Meals: $5-$9. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Ladies’ night Thu eve, live music Sat. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Mark Pi’s Feast of the Dragon Chinese Buffet, 3663 Soldano Blvd (Consumer Square West), 272-0210. Gourmet buffet featuring General Tso’s chicken, sweet-and-sour chicken, rotisserie chicken and beef, curry shrimp and vegetarian dishes. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinner buffet: $7.99. Children’s portions. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. Reservations accepted. DS, MC, V.

Max & Erma’s, 4279 Cemetery Rd, Hilliard, 771-0455. Serving fresh, made-from-scratch favorites, including gourmet burgers, pasta, salads, steak and a build-your-own-sundae bar. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Entrees: $7-$17. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Milo’s Deli & Café, 980 W Broad St, 224-0104. NY-style deli; specialties include Reuben, baked goods, pita sandwiches, wraps and box lunches. Liquor. Items: $5-$8. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri; closed Sat-Sun. AE, DS, MC, V.

Minelli’s Restaurant & Pizza Carry-Out, 3858 Sullivant Ave, 276-2661; 1189 N Wilson Rd, 279-3344. American and Italian dishes, including homemade spaghetti, lasagna and pizza. Moderate wine list; beer. Dinners: $7-$10. Children’s portions. Open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner 7 days (closed Sun at Sullivant). Checks (at Wilson), AE, DS, MC, V.

Ming’s Chinese Restaurant, 3482 Sullivant Ave, 272-6882. Mandarin, Cantonese, Szechwan and Hunan cuisine; specialties include sesame beef, homemade egg rolls, won-ton soup, ribs and Empress chicken. Dinners: $7-$10. Children’s portions. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. MC, V.

Movie Tavern, 3773 Ridge Mill Dr, Hilliard, 777-1012. Casual American cuisine; specialties include sandwiches, burgers, pizza and appetizers. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Entrees: $9-$14. Children’s menu. Movies. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, Sat morning pancake buffet. AE, DS, MC, V.

My Cousin Vito’s Italian Pub, 4561 Scioto-Darby Rd, Hilliard, 876-5555. Italian cuisine made from scratch; specialties include Italian stromboli rolls, meatball assiginni, chicken parmigiana, veal marsala and NY-style pizzas. Liquor; small wine list; 85 different beers; bar. Entrees: $9-$13. Children’s menu. Lounge with 12 big-screen TVs. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted for parties of 6 or more. AE, DS, MC, V.

No. 1 Gyro Shoppe, 3591 W Broad St, 272-6244. Greek cuisine; specialties include gyros, spinach pie and baklava. Items: average $3-$4. Children’s menu. Open 10:30 am-9:30 pm 7 days. Checks, AE, DS, MC, V.

Number One Chinese Restaurant, 5429 Roberts Rd, 771-0763. Chinese cuisine featuring daily lunch buffet and General Tso’s chicken. Lunches: $5-$6. Children’s prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. DS, MC, V.

O’Charley’s, 1650 Georgesville Square Dr, 853-2748. Casual dining; specialties include butcher’s cut premium steaks, fresh salads, variety of seafood, Chicken O’Tenders and caramel pie. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $7-$16. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Old Bag of Nails, 4065 Main St, Hilliard, 777-0713. British pub-style fare; specialties include fish and chips and fried pickles. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$14. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Old Trail Inn, 72 S Grener Ave, 878-9315. Home cooking featuring daily specials. Liquor; bar. Dinners: $6-$11. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. MC, V.

Otie’s Restaurant & Pub, Center and Main sts, Olde Hilliard, 876-1548. Home-style cooking; specialties include soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza and daily specials. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $7-$15. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; closed Sun. Reservations accepted. Checks, DS, MC, V.

Outback Steakhouse, 1735 Hilliard-Rome Rd, 777-5433. Steakhouse; specialties include steak, rack of lamb, fresh seafood, baby back ribs and desserts. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$22. Children’s menu. Open for dinner 7 days. Call-ahead seating accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Panera Bread, 3625 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard, 876-9900. Bakery-cafe featuring specialty breads, pastries, made-to-order sandwiches and fresh salads. Sandwiches and salads: $5-$7. Children’s portions. Outdoor dining. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Peacock West, 4182 W Broad St, 274-7979. Cantonese, Szechwan, Mandarin, Hunan and American food; specialties include General Tso’s chicken, Mongolian Triple Delight, sizzling chicken, wor sui gai and Imperial seafood platter. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: average $8. Children’s portions. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, 1451 Hilliard-Rome Rd, 870-7744. Family-style restaurant; specialties include home-style soup, melt sandwiches, omelets and pies. Dinners: $7-$13. Children’s and senior’s menus. Open 7 days: 24 hours. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Red Brick Tavern, 1700 Cumberland Rd, London, (740) 852-1474. Casual dining featuring American food in a stagecoach stop constructed in 1837; specialties include prime rib, steak, fresh seafood, sandwiches and pasta. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$23. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner Tue-Sat, brunch Sun; closed Mon excluding bar. Reservations suggested. AE, DS, MC, V.

Red Lobster Restaurant, 1520 Georgesville Rd, 870-1409. Seafood specialties, including many varieties of fresh fish, live Maine lobster, shrimp, steak and crab. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $9-$27. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, 1865 Hilliard-Rome Rd, Hilliard, 876-8230. American cuisine; specialties include Banzai burger, chicken parmigiano pasta, carnitas fajitas and quesadillas. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$12. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Regione’s Mexican Restaurant, 75 S Murray Hill St, 878-8871. Quick-service Mexican food; specialties include burritos, tacos with rice and beans, soups and fish. Dinners: $5-$10. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days.

Romas Pizzeria, 4697 Reed Rd, 451-7662. NY-style pizza; specialties include pizza, subs, salads, stromboli and Sicilian pizza. Meals: $3-$15. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Rooster’s, 4650 W Broad St, 853-0118. American food; specialties include chicken wings, salads, sandwiches, subs and pizza. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Sandwiches: $2-$7. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted for party room. AE, DS, MC, V.

Ruby Tuesday, 1840 Hilliard-Rome Rd, Hilliard, 527-8930; 5043 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, 761-9533. Upscale casual dining; specialties include chicken portobello, garden bar, jumbo lump crab cake, triple prime burger and prime aged sirloin. Liquor; complete wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$14. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Salvi’s Bistro, 1323 St James Lutheran Ln, 870-8788. Italian cuisine featuring chicken marsala, seafood, steak, lasagna and homemade sauces and dressings. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $9-$20. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, brunch Sun. Reservations suggested. AE, DS, MC, V.

Scrambler Marie’s, 5291 Nike Station Way, Hilliard, 850-7243. Breakfast featuring pancakes, omelets, skillets and blends. Meals: average $6-$7. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast and lunch till 3 pm 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Spageddies Italian Kitchen, 3873 Park Mill Run Dr, Hilliard, 529-9455. Italian cuisine; specialties include Sizzle-lini, chicken scaloppine, wild mushroom fettuccine and oak-fired pizza. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$20. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, CB, DC, DS, MC, V.

Spike’s Patio, 5499 Constitution Blvd, Hilliard, 876-2475. American upscale bar food; featuring daily specials and happy hour. Liquor, small wine list; bar. Dinners: $7-$10. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Live entertainment. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DS, MC, V.

Starliner Diner, 5240 Cemetery Rd, Hilliard, 529-1198. Multiethnic cuisine; specialties include Cuban roast chicken, plantains, Cajun jambalaya, homemade flan and desserts. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $6-$12. Children’s menu. Open for breakfast and lunch Tue-Sun, dinner Tue-Sat, brunch Sat-Sun; closed Mon. Reservations accepted Tue-Thu. Checks, AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Steak ’n Shake, 3635 Data Point Ct, 850-9864; 1100 Evansway Ct, 851-8750; Tuttle Crossing & I-270 (at Tuttle mall), 798-1714; 1700 Georgesville Square Dr, 853-1667. 1950s-style diner specializing in steakburgers, milkshakes, Frisco melts and chili. Dinners: $3-$8. Children’s menu. Open 7 days: 24 hours. AE, DS, MC, V.

Super Buffet, 1724 Hilliard-Rome Rd, Hilliard, 771-1868. Chinese, Japanese and American buffet featuring about 100 items including sushi. Lunch and dinner buffet: $5.95. Children’s prices. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Checks, MC, V.

Super King Buffet, 84 Phillipi Rd, 272-9999. Chinese buffet featuring dessert bar, salad bar, Japanese and American cuisine. Dinner buffet: $9.49. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. MC, V.

T.G.I. Friday’s, 3861 Park Mill Run Dr, Hilliard, 777-7997. American regional cuisine featuring appetizers, sandwiches, pasta, steak and chicken. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $6-$19. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, CB, DC, DS, MC, V.

Taj Palace, 3794 Fishinger Blvd (in Mill Run Shopping Center), Hilliard, 771-3870. Northern Indian cuisine featuring chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, saag paneer and bread basket. Liquor; moderate wine list; bar. Dinners: $8-$13. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days, dinner buffet Mon-Tue & Thu, brunch Sat-Sun. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

Tee Jaye’s Country Place, 4048 W Broad St, 274-1374. Featuring the Barnyard Buster, breakfast served 24 hours and homemade country-style dinners including cabbage rolls, pot roast and meatloaf. Meals: under $7. Children’s menu. Open 24 hours Mon-Sat, till 11 pm Sun. DS, MC, V.

Texas Roadhouse, 1770 Hilliard-Rome Rd, 921-1850. Steakhouse featuring ribs, handcut steak, salads and homemade bread and made-from-scratch side dishes. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: 15 meals under $11. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch Sat-Sun, dinner 7 days. Call-ahead seating accepted. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

Tommy’s Diner, 914 W Broad St, 224-2422. Home-style cooking featuring daily lunch specials, Greek specials Fri, homemade soups, Greek salads and gyros. Lunches: $5-$7. Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days. MC, V.

Tres Potrillos, 964 Galloway Rd, Galloway, 851-9540. Authentic Mexican; specialties include fajitas, burritos, chimichangas, tacos and margaritas. Liquor; small wine list; bar. Dinners: $7-$32. Children’s menu. Outdoor dining. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. AE, DC, DS, MC, V.

The Waffle House, 4595 W Broad St, 878-6778; 2360 Westbelt Dr, 876-9834; 900 N Wilson Rd, 272-9575. Family restaurant featuring complete breakfast, lunch and dinner menus; specialties include omelets, waffles, sandwiches and steak. Breakfasts: $2-$10. Open 7 days: 24 hours.

York Steak House, 4220 W Broad St, 272-6485. Cafeteria-style restaurant featuring sautéed sirloin tips, honey-glazed roast chicken, baked fillet of fish almondine and salad bar. Dinners: $7-$14. Children’s menu. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. Reservations accepted. AE, DS, MC, V.

" " " 1 1 " Restaurants in West Columbus " " " 7 4750 " f " 17649 " " " " " " " " " '1':1275,2323 '2':770,1279,1311,3037,3838 '3':2343,2997,3198,3410 '4':440,1362,1408,2344 '5':271,1036,1152,1252,1409,1858,1910,2078,2383,2658,2967,3746 '6':373,818,980,1505,1646,1708,2315,2384,2516,3187,3334,3526 '7':41,99,186,252,316,328,386,454,505,554,566,604,614,678,687,721,780,829,865,874,938,1002,1048,1108,1115,1163,1263,1270,1372,1415,1475,1549,1561,1602,1660,1722,1777,1824,1859,1868,1929,1989,2034,2044,2129,2141,2185,2195,2237,2308,2355,2393,2433,2443,2493,2526,2561,2621,2659,2671,2727,2761,2770,2883,2933,2974,3004,3038,3047,3111,3158,3188,3200,3250,3286,3300,3416,3458,3493,3538,3591,3643,3707,3747,3753,3782,3794,3841,3876,3886 '8':441,915,1074,1109,1153,1312,1506,1590,1767,1812,2079,2481,2613,2718,2817,2921,3101,3240,3411,3581 '9':272,495,1193,1911,2226,2291,2871,3146 'b':729 'e':110 'n':2109,3369,3816 'o':286,1360,2398,2422,3263 'q':730 'v':47,104,163,197,257,284,333,391,461,516,572,626,692,724,785,837,879,944,1008,1053,1129,1168,1215,1284,1330,1378,1420,1479,1524,1568,1608,1671,1730,1786,1831,1880,1934,1997,2050,2095,2153,2200,2246,2321,2361,2397,2451,2498,2529,2583,2631,2677,2734,2778,2841,2889,2938,3011,3057,3116,3167,3205,3259,3305,3367,3423,3462,3498,3547,3608,3659,3718,3756,3800,3893 'w':338,1172,1423,1675,2056,2327,2681,3015,3615,3723,3805,3849 'y':3060 '-3':152 '-9':2352 '10':86,317,1124,1550,2130,2186,2349,2968,3287,3839 '11':133,150,193,1253,1460,1591,2517,3654,3694 '12':374,1363,2298,2922,3335 '13':605,819,1037,2292,2762,3582 '14':430,555,2227,2482,3102,3877 '15':1709,2562,2998,3691 '16':1647,2434 '17':981,1194,2035 '18':87,771,990,1075,1768 '19':134,3527 '20':3147,3241 '21':496 '22':916,1813,2614 '23':2818 '24':2772,3418,3626,3648,3843 '27':2872 '30':2350,2353 '32':3783 '72':2502 '75':2943 '84':3466 '85':2286 'aa':5 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'761':366,3073 '771':172,264,360,470,954,1888,2005,2369,3432,3559 '777':700,735,889,1741,2208,2460,2591,3508 '798':3389 '819':1489 '850':10,1338,1531,3176,3375 '851':214,347,3380,3764 '852':2787 '853':645,1794,1837,2405,3018,3395 '870':354,401,847,2743,2848,3125 '876':56,524,579,1135,1575,2259,2540,2638,2900,3268,3813 '878':797,1622,1682,2506,2948,3808 '879':115 '900':3815 '907':1171 '914':3722 '921':409,634,3667 '964':3760 '980':2055 'age':3093 'ann':105 'ave':2105,2160,2505 'bag':2453 'bar':24,84,131,202,237,314,396,414,437,552,728,913,978,1034,1072,1191,1244,1247,1534,1547,1706,1765,1810,1908,1977,2027,2032,2224,2289,2431,2479,2514,2559,2611,2715,2815,2835,2869,2919,3035,3083,3099,3144,3238,3272,3284,3332,3475,3477,3524,3579,3689,3780,3874 'big':923,1234,2300 'bob':334 'box':2074 'boy':1235 'cut':2413 'day':42,100,187,253,329,382,387,455,506,567,602,615,688,722,781,830,875,939,1003,1049,1116,1164,1264,1373,1416,1476,1562,1603,1661,1723,1778,1825,1869,1930,1990,2045,2142,2196,2238,2309,2356,2394,2444,2494,2527,2622,2672,2728,2771,2884,2934,2975,3005,3048,3112,3159,3201,3251,3301,3417,3459,3494,3539,3592,3708,3754,3795,3842,3887 'eat':21 'egg':2174 'eve':1920 'eye':73 'fri':1203,1269,1756,2087,2139,2473,3738 'gai':1024,1394,2706 'ham':810,1481,1498 'hot':1240 'inc':1219 'inn':1680,2501 'jay':3610 'jcb':1878 'max':1998 'mon':155,279,618,1084,1202,1206,1268,1322,1472,1516,1599,2086,2138,2574,2833,3356,3596,3651 'new':533 'oak':3231 'old':788,792,2452,2499,2538 'one':2363 'oti':2530 'pad':1405,1695,1759 'pie':2338,2426,2759 'pot':3637 'pub':299,2252,2464,2533 'red':2779,2842,2890 'rib':72,123,754,897,1612,1627,1798,1896,2180,2604,2804,3671 'run':886,951,1438,1740,3212,3505,3555 'sat':145,280,619,1085,1207,1273,1323,1468,1473,1517,1600,1923,2090,2239,2575,2829,3350,3353,3601,3652,3704 'sea':1750,1753 'sts':2537 'sub':1064,1585,2990,3028 'sui':1023,1393,2705 'sun':149,282,503,621,832,1087,1118,1209,1277,1325,1469,1519,1665,1780,1992,2091,2144,2446,2577,2831,3161,3346,3354,3602,3656,3705 'taj':3548 'tee':3609 'thu':1919,3361,3598 'tip':3861 'ton':2178 'tso':27,1027,1347,1398,1692,1956,2379,2696 'tue':144,1664,2828,3345,3349,3360,3597 'tvs':2302 'way':1529,3174 'won':2177 'wor':1022,1392,2704 '-270':3385 '1100':3377 '1111':349 '1189':2108 '1313':791 '1323':3120 '1444':844 '1451':2738 '1520':2845 '1528':642 '1590':210 '1595':1834 '1620':1791 '1650':2401 '1660':343 '1690':397 '1700':2782,3391 '1710':403 '1724':3426 '1726':166 '1735':2586 '1770':3662 '1775':1220 '1835':628 '1837':2800 '1840':3061 '1865':2894 '1925':1483 '2000':1616 '2360':3810 '3482':2158 '3591':2326 '3625':2634 '3635':3371 '3636':1334 '3663':1092,1944 '3665':948 '3670':636 '3727':1435 '3762':260 '3773':2203 '3794':3550 '3799':883,1734 '3800':1132 '3858':2103 '3861':3502 '3873':3209 '3910':356 '3949':466 '4.26':715 '4048':3614 '4051':52 '4065':2456 '4081':520 '4093':731 '4182':2680 '4220':3848 '4279':2001 '4331':337 '4561':2253 '4595':3804 '4601':1674 '4650':3014 '4697':2978 '4728':1382 '5.29':32 '5.95':177,3449 '5043':3069 '5068':1571 '5160':362 '5225':1526 '5240':3308 '5291':3171 '5387':1884 '5420':7 '5429':2366 '5432':696 '5454':576 '5499':3264 '5561':203 '6.99':243 '6340':289 '7.79':713 '7.99':1980 '9.49':3484 'appl':164 'area':1656 'babi':750,2602 'back':751,2603 'bake':1497,2068,3867 'barn':742 'bass':1751,1754 'bean':1308,2962 'beef':285,807,1967,2172 'beer':674,768,2127,2288 'blvd':206,262,365,468,522,638,733,1094,1134,1946,2636,3072,3266,3552 'bold':472 'cafe':1491,2642 'cake':1242,3087 'call':508,2624,3710 'chef':538,573,1852 'chip':2471 'cici':693 'clam':1540 'club':748 'cook':371,585,725,746,800,2509,2545,3731 'crab':2864,3086 'data':3372 'dave':945 'deli':2053,2064 'dine':51,92,322,560,921,1042,1077,1555,1652,1714,1818,1916,2408,2487,2519,2567,2664,2790,2877,2927,3077,3152,3292,3532,3699,3788 'ding':1009 'dish':1640,1848,1972,2117,3684 'erma':1999 'evan':335 'fare':300,527,1892,2466 'fire':3232 'fish':860,2469,2857,2965,3870 'five':1359 'flan':3325 'food':120,220,1180,1231,1297,1579,2692,2793,2954,3021,3273 'free':445 'fudg':1241 'full':416,581 'game':985 'good':2069 'gyro':592,2324,2336,3744 'hill':2946 'home':369,2508,2543,2752,3729 'hour':2773,3279,3419,3627,3649,3844 'hous':575,3803,3847 'item':676,769,1310,1645,2077,2341,3442 'jade':1672 'jame':3122 'jerk':542 'joey':1731 'king':3464 'ladi':1917 'lamb':2599,3568 'larg':1873 'leaf':1833 'lini':3223 'list':83,130,236,313,436,493,551,767,912,977,1033,1071,1106,1190,1546,1588,1644,1705,1764,1809,1907,1976,2031,2126,2223,2285,2430,2478,2558,2610,2714,2814,2868,2918,3034,3098,3143,3237,3283,3331,3523,3578,3688,3779 'live':1921,2858,3293 'lone':1787 'lump':3085 'made':654,1138,1631,2010,2263,2648,3680 'main':53,111,1335,2457,2536,2859 'mall':3388 'mani':2853 'mari':3169 'mark':1935 'meal':1151,1548,1909,2996,3185,3641,3692 'melt':2755,3406 'menu':90,147,225,246,320,377,417,444,499,558,582,608,774,868,919,984,1156,1197,1256,1315,1366,1509,1553,1594,1816,1857,1914,2038,2230,2295,2347,2437,2485,2565,2617,2821,2875,2925,3041,3105,3150,3191,3244,3290,3338,3414,3487,3530,3585,3646,3697,3786,3880 'mill':885,950,1437,1736,1739,2205,3211,3504,3554 'milo':2051 'ming':2154 'mini':540 'morn':2240 'movi':2201,2231 'must':991 'nail':2455 'news':926 'nike':1527,3172 'open':36,93,138,181,247,273,323,378,449,500,561,609,682,716,775,823,869,933,997,1043,1078,1101,1110,1157,1198,1257,1316,1367,1410,1464,1510,1556,1595,1657,1717,1772,1819,1863,1924,1984,2039,2080,2134,2190,2232,2303,2348,2388,2438,2488,2520,2568,2618,2665,2722,2769,2822,2878,2928,2969,2999,3042,3106,3153,3192,3245,3295,3339,3415,3453,3488,3533,3586,3647,3700,3748,3789,3840,3881 'park':884,949,1436,3210,3503 'pati':3262 'peel':19 'pita':2070 'pork':1898 'pull':1897 'rack':2597 'reed':2979 'rice':1757,2960 'ridg':1735,2204 'ring':1301 'roll':711,2175,2270,3636 'roma':2976 'rome':169,352,406,631,795,1223,1486,2589,2741,2897,3064,3429,3665 'room':3053 'rubi':3058 'saag':3570 'sauc':432,1355,3137 'seat':510,2626,3712 'serv':148,216,651,1062,1238,1492,2007,3625 'shop':1431,3556 'side':757,1639,3683 'soup':229,239,904,1309,1457,1501,2179,2548,2754,2963,3740 'sour':1962 'star':1788 'stop':2797 'taco':660,2958,3773 'texa':3660 'thai':266,1406,1685,1696,1745,1760,1845 'till':1274,1278,3197,3653 'toni':106 'tres':3757 'usda':69 'veal':2275 'vito':2249 'west':3A,113,1681,1949,2679 'wild':393,3226 'wine':82,129,235,312,435,492,550,766,911,976,1032,1070,1105,1189,1545,1587,1643,1704,1763,1808,1906,1975,2030,2125,2222,2284,2429,2477,2557,2609,2713,2813,2867,2917,3033,3097,3142,3236,3282,3330,3522,3577,3687,3778 'wing':304,394,428,1537,1895,3025 'wood':205 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A New York City art show will mark a milestone in Malcolm Baroway’s surprising second act. The group exhibition with several other emerging artists (scheduled for later this year at Manhattan’s Agora Gallery) will introduce the retired Ohio State University communications director’s vivid paintings to the most important art market in the world. In fact, the process already has begun, with the gallery offering several of Baroway’s pieces for sale via its website at up to $6,000 a pop.

Moreover, the show is a homecoming for Baroway, a New York native. Growing up in Queens, he was selected based on his artistic talents to attend New York’s prestigious High School of Music and Art. But his parents decided the two-hour commute on bus and subway was too much for a 13-year-old boy to handle and sent him to his neighborhood school instead.

After high school and college, Baroway focused on writing and public relations, working in both the private and public sectors. His artistic gifts lay dormant until the 1970s, when he started to take art classes again at Ohio Wesleyan, his then employer. He continued with more classes at CCAD later on, but didn’t begin painting seriously until about a dozen years ago, right before he retired from Ohio State, where he served under three presidents during his two-decade career and wrote a university-sanctioned book about Gordon Gee’s first tenure.

His initial shows were at the Ohio State Faculty Club and the Roy G Biv Gallery (a gig he got when a gallery board member saw one of his paintings on display at a friend’s house). His greatest champion has been Short North gallery owner Sharon Weiss, who saw his Roy G Biv show and has been promoting his work since. Baroway estimates he’s sold at least 160 paintings, with galleries in Boulder, Colorado, and Asheville, North Carolina, displaying his work.

The great European post-impressionists (Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso) influence his paintings, Baroway says. “A lot of my stuff comes out of my memories and my mind, as opposed to painting a landscape by standing out there and looking at it,” he says.

At 74, he finds amusement at being considered a “newly discovered artist,” but he’s excited about the possibilities the New York show might mean toward his second career. “It’s important, if you’re trying to get a name beyond Columbus,” he says.

cmbaroway12-14jk13.jpg " " 1354 1354 " Baroway: Big Apple bound " Dave Ghose " 7 4792 7 t " 19980 " Jeffry Konczal " " " " " Malcolm Baroway at his home in Eastmoor. pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard '6':87 'c':346 'g':268,307 '13':145 '74':385 're':418 '000':88 '160':324 'act':23 'ago':222 'art':11,58,126,193 'big':2A 'biv':269,308 'boy':149 'bus':137 'gee':251 'get':421 'gig':272 'got':274 'lay':183 'lot':356 'new':8,100,117,404 'old':148 'one':281 'pop':90 'roy':267,306 'saw':280,304 'say':354,383,427 'tri':419 'two':133,239 'van':344 'via':81 'amus':388 'appl':3A 'base':110 'book':248 'ccad':208 'citi':10 'club':264 'come':360 'dave':5 'didn':212 'fact':64 'find':387 'gift':182 'gogh':345 'grow':103 'high':121,161 'hour':134 'hous':291 'look':379 'mark':14 'mean':408 'mind':367 'much':142 'name':423 'ohio':46,197,228,261 'piec':78 'post':342 'sale':80 'sent':153 'serv':232 'show':12,93,257,309,406 'sinc':316 'sold':321 'take':192 'work':172,315,337 'year':36,147,221 'york':9,101,118,405 'zann':347 '1970s':187 'agora':40 'begin':214 'begun':69 'board':278 'bound':4A 'class':194,206 'decad':240 'decid':130 'dozen':220 'emerg':30 'estim':318 'excit':399 'first':253 'focus':166 'ghose':6 'great':339 'group':25 'handl':151 'initi':256 'later':34,209 'least':323 'might':407 'music':124 'nativ':102 'newli':393 'north':298,333 'offer':73 'oppos':369 'owner':300 'paint':53,215,284,325,352,371 'queen':106 'relat':171 'retir':45,226 'right':223 'sever':28,74 'short':297 'stand':375 'start':190 'state':47,229,262 'stuff':359 'tenur':254 'three':234 'vivid':52 'weiss':302 'world':62 'write':168 'wrote':243 'artist':31,113,181,395 'attend':116 'beyond':424 'career':241,412 'colleg':164 'commut':135 'consid':391 'discov':394 'employ':201 'friend':289 'gordon':250 'import':57,415 'market':59 'matiss':348 'member':279 'memori':364 'moreov':91 'parent':129 'presid':235 'privat':176 'promot':313 'public':170,178 'school':122,158,162 'second':22,411 'sector':179 'select':109 'sharon':301 'subway':139 'talent':114 'toward':409 'websit':83 'alreadi':67 'baroway':1A,19,76,98,165,317,353 'boulder':329 'continu':203 'display':286,335 'dormant':184 'exhibit':26 'faculti':263 'galleri':41,72,270,277,299,327 'homecom':96 'instead':159 'malcolm':18 'picasso':349 'possibl':402 'process':66 'schedul':32 'serious':216 'surpris':21 'univers':48,246 'ashevill':332 'carolina':334 'champion':294 'colorado':330 'columbus':425 'communic':49 'director':50 'european':340 'greatest':293 'influenc':350 'introduc':43 'landscap':373 'mileston':16 'prestigi':120 'sanction':247 'two-hour':132 'wesleyan':198 'year-old':146 'manhattan':38 'two-decad':238 'neighborhood':157 'impressionist':343 'university-sanct':245 'post-impressionist':341 759 11 0 0 " " 0 f " 14065 2012-08-03 13:55:00 2012-08-02 14:42:00 2012-08-03 13:57:36 The best meat, produce and more inside the city’s top grocery stores

Rife for the Picking

Rife’s Market, 1417 W. Fifth Ave., Grandview

Rife’s itself seems like an anachronism. You pull up to the small storefront and there’s fruit outside, lovingly arranged in boxes with handwritten signs. It’s not a retro affectation—it’s just how they’ve sold their produce for the past 76 years. It’s essentially a farmer’s market that keeps regular, year-round hours. Inside, a map of Ohio studded with push-pins points to every farm or small-time producer whose products they stock. But the real magic of Rife’s is how much they care about their customers: if you give them your phone number, Mary Kay Rife, the great-granddaughter of the store’s founder, will give you a call to let you know when the newest batch of local produce has arrived all through the harvest season—she recently made a couple dozen calls for the season’s first black raspberries.

Don’t miss: Rife’s also has an in-store butcher, with a meat selection that rivals the city’s bigger markets.


World Tour

CAM International Market, 889 Bethel Rd., Northwest Side

CAM is an ideal starter market for ethnic grocery newbies, in part because of its bountiful produce selection. Look for stellar deals on herbs at one end of the aisle, and more mushroom varieties than you can imagine at the other (we’re fascinated by the two-inch-thick eryngii mushrooms wrapped in plastic on Styrofoam trays). CAM is user-friendly, and the entire produce department is marked with signs describing what each vegetable or fruit is, how to prepare it and its health benefits in both Chinese and English. Don’t miss: Any time you’ve got a need for full-size fish, check out the recently swimming selection in CAM’s freezer case.

While you’re out... gluten-free pie crust

Peak pie season is upon us, and that’s joyful news—unless you struggle with gluten intolerance. Luckily, Columbus has the Raisin Rack, a label-reader’s paradise with aisle upon aisle of gluten-free goodies, like this almost-instant pie crust mix from Breads from Anna that’s safe for those concerned about a laundry list of food issues.
($7 at Raisin Rack, 2545 Schrock Rd., Westerville)


Homegrown Heroes

How Ohio Proud helps small-time farmers sell to big-name stores

While wandering the aisles of your closest Meijer or neighborhood co-op, you’ve probably noticed a sharp uptick in locally made, well, everything. Ohio Proud, an offshoot of the state’s agriculture department, is partially to thank. Since 1993, they’ve helped small-scale producers get their products into increasingly bigger stores. Ohio Proud now has close to 500 members.

Program manager Lori Panda says there are plenty of paths local businesses can take to make it onto a market’s shelves. These are some of the most common:

Store Seeking Salsa: The group’s website includes a database of every member and the products they sell. Producers pay a $25 membership fee to be included; stores can use the database to find the perfect product.

Training Day: Ohio Proud created a one-day class for small producers, guiding them from making a few jars of jam to taking over a Whole Foods shelf. “It’s a great educational opportunity for these guys, who don’t necessarily have experience figuring out how much inventory to have or how to price their product,” Panda says.

Love at First Sight: For the ultimate match-making experience, Ohio Proud organizes what Panda calls “speed-dating” events. Producers and farmers set up stands in a conference room, and store buyers tour the stands, tasting items they find interesting. Then, the buyers set up 15-minute interviews that day with all their favorites. “A lot of stores and wineries want to purchase local products,” Panda says. “People want to support their local economy, and the demand is driving retailers.”

Illustrations by Paige Vickers

1-produce.jpg The best meat, produce and more inside the city’s top grocery stores Columbus, Ohio, meat, produce, food, grocery, markets 1352 1352 " Gourmet Grocery Guide: Produce The best meat, produce and more inside the city’s top grocery stores Carrie Schedler " 20 4811 " t " 20353 " PHOTOS BY JODI MILLER Gourmet Grocery Guide: The best PRODUCE inside the city's top grocery stores | Columbus " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard '7':456 'w':75 '15':715 '25':593 '76':123 'co':491 'op':492 'rd':263,462 're':308,386 'us':398 've':116,364,494,522 '500':541 '889':261 'ave':77 'big':477 'box':101 'cam':258,266,324,380 'day':610,617,719 'end':292 'fee':595 'get':528 'got':365 'guy':646 'jam':630 'jar':628 'joy':402 'kay':185 'let':202 'lot':725 'map':141 'mix':438 'one':291,616 'pay':591 'pie':391,394,436 'pin':148 'say':547,667,736 'set':692,713 'top':15A,28B,41,63 'two':313 'use':601 '1417':74 '1993':520 '2545':460 'aisl':295,423,425,483 'also':238 'anna':442 'best':6A,19B,32,57 'busi':554 'call':200,225,684 'care':173 'case':383 'citi':13A,26B,39,61,252 'date':687 'deal':287 'educ':642 'farm':152 'find':605,708 'fish':372 'food':48,454,636 'free':390,429 'full':370 'give':179,197 'guid':3A,55,622 'help':469,523 'herb':289 'hero':465 'hour':138 'inch':314 'issu':455 'item':706 'keep':133 'know':204 'like':83,431 'list':452 'look':284 'lori':545 'love':98,668 'made':221,502 'make':558,625,677 'mari':184 'mark':335 'meat':7A,20B,33,46,247 'miss':235,360 'much':171,656 'name':478 'need':367 'news':403 'ohio':45,143,467,505,535,611,679 'onto':560 'paig':752 'part':277 'past':122 'path':552 'peak':393 'pick':70 'pull':87 'push':147 'rack':415,459 'real':164 'rife':67,71,79,167,186,236 'room':698 'safe':445 'seek':573 'seem':82 'sell':474,589 'side':265 'sign':104,337 'sinc':519 'size':371 'sold':117 'stud':144 'swim':377 'take':556,632 'tast':705 'time':156,362,472 'tour':257,702 'tray':323 'upon':397,424 'user':327 'want':730,738 'well':503 'wrap':318 'year':124,136 'arriv':213 'batch':208 'black':231 'bread':440 'buyer':701,712 'carri':51 'check':373 'class':618 'close':539 'co-op':490 'coupl':223 'creat':613 'crust':392,437 'dozen':224 'drive':748 'entir':331 'event':688 'everi':151,583 'fifth':76 'figur':653 'first':230,670 'fruit':96,343 'goodi':430 'great':189,641 'group':576 'ideal':269 'insid':11A,24B,37,59,139 'label':418 'local':210,501,553,733,742 'magic':165 'manag':544 'match':676 'minut':716 'newbi':275 'notic':496 'organ':681 'panda':546,666,683,735 'peopl':737 'phone':182 'point':149 'price':663 'proud':468,506,536,612,680 'retro':109 'rival':250 'round':137 'salsa':574 'scale':526 'sharp':498 'shelf':637 'shelv':564 'sight':671 'small':91,155,471,525,620 'speed':686 'stand':694,704 'state':511 'stock':161 'store':17A,30B,43,65,193,243,479,534,572,599,700,727 'thank':518 'thick':315 'train':609 'ultim':674 'veget':341 'whole':635 'whose':158 'world':256 'affect':110 'almost':434 'arrang':99 'bethel':262 'bigger':254,533 'bounti':281 'chines':355 'common':571 'confer':697 'custom':176 'demand':746 'depart':333,514 'ethnic':273 'experi':652,678 'farmer':129,473,691 'fascin':309 'friend':328 'gluten':389,408,428 'health':351 'imagin':303 'includ':579,598 'intern':259 'market':50,73,131,255,260,271,562 'meijer':487 'member':542,584 'newest':207 'number':183 'outsid':97 'plenti':550 'prepar':347 'produc':4A,8A,21B,34,47,58,119,157,211,282,332,527,590,621,689 'raisin':414,458 'reader':419 'recent':220,376 'retail':749 'season':218,228,395 'select':248,283,378 'unless':404 'uptick':499 'vicker':753 'wander':481 'websit':578 'wineri':729 'benefit':352 'big-nam':476 'butcher':244 'closest':486 'concern':448 'databas':581,603 'describ':338 'economi':743 'english':357 'eryngii':316 'essenti':127 'everyth':504 'favorit':723 'founder':195 'freezer':382 'gourmet':1A,53 'groceri':2A,16A,29B,42,49,54,64,274 'harvest':217 'illustr':750 'in-stor':241 'increas':532 'instant':435 'intoler':409 'laundri':451 'luckili':410 'one-day':615 'paradis':421 'partial':516 'perfect':607 'plastic':320 'probabl':495 'product':159,530,587,608,665,734 'program':543 'purchas':732 'regular':134 'schrock':461 'starter':270 'stellar':286 'struggl':406 'support':740 'varieti':299 'anachron':85 'columbus':44,66,411 'full-siz':369 'interest':709 'mushroom':298,317 'offshoot':508 'opportun':643 'push-pin':146 'schedler':52 'grandview':78 'homegrown':464 'interview':717 'inventori':657 'match-mak':675 'northwest':264 'raspberri':232 'small-tim':154,470 'speed-dat':685 'styrofoam':322 'agricultur':513 'gluten-fre':388,427 'label-read':417 'membership':594 'small-scal':524 'storefront':92 'westervill':463 'year-round':135 'almost-inst':433 'granddaught':190 'handwritten':103 'necessarili':650 'user-friend':326 'neighborhood':489 'two-inch-thick':312 'great-granddaught':188 4055 10 2 0 " " 1 f " 12383 2011-01-06 00:00:00 2011-01-06 00:00:00 2012-01-17 09:20:32 "

It started simply enough. Vincent Withers stuck a couple of leafy green plants on the roof of his Clintonville restaurant, Cafe Bella, trying to use his sunlit space to get better tasting food on the plates of his patrons. “My application of problem-solving skills becomes: How do I get fresher food at a lower cost with less waste to customers?” says the former engineer as he absently strokes his scruffy black beard, remembering those days more than three years ago.

Slowly—day by day, week by week—the leafy green lettuce began to sprout, as did cucumbers and melons and squashes and herbs. And they eventually made their way into various dishes on the menu.

There still are plants tucked up on the patio rooftop, but his growing operations have become much more elaborate. Behind his restaurant, Withers shows off what he calls his “big rig”—a vertical garden scaffolding made of discarded shipping containers and PVC pipe. The contraption can hold seven or eight tiny terraces full of greens, basil, peppers and eggplants. He pipes the water right off his roof to feed this beast, as well as several smaller flats of vegetables growing on pallets.

Then there’s his newest invention, gurgling on the patio: a trio of aquacultures. Basically, they are jury-rigged fish tanks constructed of materials salvaged from the scrap heap—bits of Styrofoam cups converted into little rafts, for example, which support plants with roots dangling delicately into the nutrient-rich water. And small fish dart around while fattening up on the Cafe Bella table scraps dropped into the tank.

Yet, this unconventional garden isn’t producing much food anymore for his customers. Withers’s vision is much larger. When his tiny plants have grown up a bit, he and some helpers pick out the two dozen or so hardiest ones. And then he does a curious thing: He drives a little more than five miles south to one of the worst neighborhoods in Columbus and gives them away at a food bank.

Withers wants to do nothing less than change the way people who go to the food bank on Oak and 18th streets think about their lives—and their relationship to food.

He calls his urban growing space the Giving Garden.

It seems Withers has been driving south his whole life with food on his mind. A Grandview kid, he often spent his summer days on a several hundred acre farm owned by his grandparents outside of Jackson in southern Ohio. There were plenty of chores to do—planting corn, bailing hay, rounding up cattle—for a city kid with energy to burn. You didn’t have to ask him twice to do them, either.

“I found it very rewarding to understand what was happening with seeds and dirt over time,” he says. “I would be away from the farm and wondering what was happening, you know, kind of projecting how I thought things had grown. And always being surprised by what had actually happened.”

With an agile mind that liked sorting out how and why things worked, Withers gradually pulled away from his family’s pastoral past and became ensconced in Ohio State’s engineering program. “Although the interest was still there with food, the focus had shifted away from crops to electromagnetic stuff and robotics,” he says. “The creative problem solving was focused on nuts and bolts and lines instead of dirt and weather.”

After graduation, Withers took a position at a small company with a steady pipeline of Department of Defense contracts. He spent eight years there working on robotics projects, electromagnetic chambers and systems that simulated high-altitudes (to better calibrate global positioning systems mounted into the nose cones of modern weaponry).

“I was making bombs for the Man,” he says, breaking into a broad, toothy grin.

Looking for a way out of a life he couldn’t face in the mirror anymore, Withers went back to his roots and bought Cafe Bella in 2006. The city was about to find out what happens when you cross the mind of a mechanical engineer with the soul of a farmer.

Sabra Howell was coming back from yoga class when she stopped at Cafe Bella for a bite. She got to talking to the tall, curly-haired owner in the bucket hat about her job running a food pantry as a VISTA volunteer.

Howell began coming in regularly, and the two chatted about the canned and boxed food that makes up the bulk of any food pantry. And they discussed how Withers might supplement the processed food with something green, leafy and alive.

The two meshed quickly, seeing in one another a kindred spirit wanting to do something beyond just feeding the down and out who show up at Howell’s pantry each week.

“It’s not just about food,” she says. “It’s about teaching and empowering people to be self-sufficient and get beyond needing handouts. I think we are opening up people to the idea that they are not helpless in their situation.”

At the pantry, people get more than plants; they also receive lessons in how to grow food at home using stuff other people have thrown away and seeds from the plants they are given. It’s a notion Withers calls “upcycling.”

“People are seeing that it doesn’t take special tools to do this,” Howell says. “If they have a water bottle or a salad oil container in their trash, they can grow a plant in it.”

It’s all part of a vision that Withers and Howell share: To make the restaurateur’s growing operation an example for hungry people across the city to replicate. “I don’t want to see any more can drives or food pantries,” he says. “I want to see agricultural outlets where people pick up packages to be useful food suppliers.”

The Germans have a word—zeitgeist—that needs to appear somewhere in this story (so it might as well be here). It loosely translates to “spirit of the times,” and it seems fair to note that the easy partnership with Howell and all the assistance the project is getting reflects, in part, the growing awareness and interest in the origins of food. (The project benefits from Otterbein University student volunteers, paid interns from the Urban League and people who show up at Cafe Bella regularly to help.)

“There is a problem with the supply of food to hungry people—and I think it’s predominantly because of the disconnect we modern people have with food and where it comes from,” Withers says. “To oversimplify it, a lot of people think tomatoes come from Aisle 4 always wrapped in plastic.”

It’s a bright Wednesday morning and the Choice Pantry of the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church on Oak and 18th isn’t set to throw open its doors for another 45 minutes.

But that hasn’t stopped a crowd from gathering—they’re the lucky ones because they called and called and called beginning at 9 am the previous Tuesday until they could ring through on the pantry’s only phone line. There are spots for just 80 families a week, and you can only walk into the pantry once a month.

It looks as if most of the folks here are very old, very young or very sick. A few come with walkers, a few more shuffle along with canes. Everyone waits patiently as several dollies full of plants are wheeled by and then through the pantry doors. The crowd murmurs approvingly.

One of those in line is Alice Willis, who’s resting on a cane. A stroke a few years back has slowed her, causing her to seek help at the pantry. She lights up when she talks about the pepper plant she got last month from the Giving Garden program.

“I love it because when I pull back my patio drape, I can see all my little peppers growing—it’s like a little piece of life,” Willis says. “It makes you think of life.”

Howell, wearing a VISTA T-shirt, emerges through the pantry door. She barks out orders to her charges like a hard-nosed Marine instructor addressing fresh recruits. “Let me know that you are here when I call your name,” she says emphatically. “Please line up in the order I call you.”

Willis begins to pick her way through the waiting crowd, walking slowly toward the door. “I hope I can get another plant this week,” she says, nodding her head slowly as her hoop earrings bob ever so slightly in the morning light. “I don’t know if I’ll get one because I’m pretty far back on the list, but I hope so.”

Aaron Marshall is a freelance writer.



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Aaron Marshall " 7 4766 " t " 19135 " Dan Trittschuh " " " " " Vincent Withers with Sabra Howell at the food pantry in the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. pagetools=email,print|type=standard '4':1146 '9':1208 'm':1487 '45':1183 '80':1230 'go':377 'll':1482 're':1195 'acr':433 'ago':103 'ask':472 'big':168 'bit':251,319 'bob':1468 'box':774 'can':772 'cup':254 'cur':743 'day':98,105,107,428,1166 'far':1489 'get':51,72,853,879,1060,1453,1483 'got':736,1338 'hat':749 'hay':455 'isn':296,1173 'job':752 'kid':422,462 'let':1410 'lot':1138 'man':657 'nod':1460 'nut':590 'oak':383,1170 'oil':940 'old':1256 'one':332,350,807,1198,1296,1484 'own':435 'pvc':180 'rig':169,240 'run':753 'say':84,496,582,659,839,930,995,1133,1374,1423,1459 'see':805,918,986,999,1359 'set':1175 'tri':44 'two':327,768,802 'use':46,894,1009 'way':132,374,669,1439 'yet':292 '18th':385,1172 '2006':693 'agil':531 'aisl':1145 'alic':1302 'aliv':800 'also':884 'awar':1066 'away':360,500,545,573,900 'back':684,722,1315,1353,1490 'bail':454 'bank':364,381 'bark':1394 'bite':734 'bolt':592 'bomb':654 'bulk':780 'burn':466 'cafe':42,284,690,730,1094 'call':166,397,914,1201,1203,1205,1419,1432 'cane':1273,1309 'caus':1319 'chat':769 'citi':461,695,978 'come':721,763,1130,1143,1264 'cone':647 'corn':453 'cost':78 'crop':575 'dart':277 'didn':468 'dirt':492,597 'dish':135 'door':1180,1291,1392,1448 'drop':288 'easi':1049 'ever':1469 'face':677 'fair':1044 'farm':434,503 'feed':207,818 'find':699 'fish':241,276 'five':346 'flat':215 'folk':1252 'food':7,54,74,300,363,380,395,416,568,755,775,783,794,837,891,992,1010,1073,1107,1126 'full':191,1280 'give':358,403,1343 'grin':665 'grow':1A,151,218,400,890,947,969,1065,1364 'hair':744 'hard':1403 'hasn':1187 'head':1462 'heap':250 'help':1098,1323 'herb':126 'high':635 'hold':185 'home':893 'hoop':1466 'hope':2A,1450,1496 'idea':866 'juri':239 'kind':511 'know':510,1412,1479 'last':1339 'less':80,370 'life':414,673,1372,1380 'like':534,1367,1400 'line':594,1224,1300,1426 'list':1493 'live':390 'look':666,1246 'loos':1034 'love':1347 'made':130,174 'make':653,777,965,1376 'menu':138 'mesh':803 'mile':347 'mind':419,532,707 'morn':1156,1474 'much':155,299,309 'name':1421 'need':855,1019 'nose':646,1404 'note':1046 'noth':369 'ohio':444,556 'open':861,1178 'oper':152,970 'paid':1082 'part':955,1063 'past':551 'pick':324,1004,1437 'piec':1370 'pipe':181,199 'pull':544,1352 'raft':258 'rest':1306 'rich':272 'ring':1216 'roof':37,205 'root':265,687 'seed':490,902 'seek':1322 'seem':406,1043 'self':850 'ship':177 'show':162,824,1091 'sick':1261 'slow':1317 'solv':66,586 'sort':535 'soul':714 'spot':1227 'stop':728,1189 'tabl':286 'take':923 'talk':738,1332 'tall':741 'tank':242,291 'tast':53 'time':494,1040 'tini':189,313 'took':603 'tool':925 'trio':232 'tuck':143 'wait':1275,1442 'walk':1238,1444 'want':366,812,984,997 'wast':81 'wear':1382 'week':108,110,831,1233,1457 'well':211,1030 'went':683 'word':1016 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2013-08-06 11:55:00 2013-08-06 11:55:00 2013-08-06 11:59:36 After surviving a bout with thyroid cancer, oncologist Doreen Agnese pedals to support the James

Soon after doctors found a lump in her neck, papillary thyroid cancer put surgical oncologist Doreen Agnese on the other side of the operating table and transformed her office into her treatment center. “As weird as it was, I knew, ‘I’m in good hands,’ ” says Agnese, associate professor of clinical surgery at Ohio State University’s Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital. Like many other survivors, she’ll thank the James by riding 50 miles during Pelotonia, which returns Aug. 8 to 11.

I was diagnosed in 2009. My thyroid was removed in January 2010. I’m lucky. Thyroid cancer is associated with a very good prognosis. There was a lot of guilt associated with feeling upset, because what I was dealing with didn’t seem as bad as what some of my patients were dealing with.

It was very weird going into surgery where I operate. You’re not in control—and, as a surgeon, you’re used to being in control. You’re rolling in on a stretcher in a gown, not walking in. Everybody you know is there. Dr. William Farrar did my surgery. He’s my boss. Within a couple weeks of my surgery, I was operating in the room where I had my surgery. It’s like, “I’m having flashbacks.”

My diagnosis certainly pushed me to do Pelotonia. August 2010 was the first year. I signed up for 25 miles. I was very good at training then, because I hadn’t been on a bike since probably high school. I hope people can see me and see I’m not an athlete—but with training, I can do it. I think anybody can.

The first time was very emotional. For the last mile, I can’t say that I was crying, because I think I was dehydrated, so I don’t think I could form tears. I was, like, sobbing across the finish line. There’s all kinds of survivors and people supporting you along the way and ringing their cowbells.

CM_cjProfile_pelotonia_03.jpg After surviving a bout with thyroid cancer, oncologist Doreen Agnese pedals to support the James " 1352 1352 " Ride On After surviving a bout with thyroid cancer, oncologist Doreen Agnese pedals to support the James By John Ross " 4 4832 " t " 20815 " Photo by Tessa Berg Ride On " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|showpagetitle=yes|showarticleimage=yes|showbreadcrumb=yes|template=article.tpl|type=standard '8':131 'g':109 'm':92,148,265,316 '11':133 '25':286 '50':124 'dr':233 'go':193 'll':118 're':200,209,216 'aug':130 'bad':179 'cri':348 'lot':162 'put':63 'say':96,344 'see':311,314 'sob':367 'use':210 'way':384 '2009':139 '2010':146,277 'bike':302 'boss':242 'bout':5A,20B,35 'deal':173,187 'didn':175 'emot':336 'feel':167 'form':362 'good':94,157,291 'gown':224 'hadn':297 'hand':95 'high':305 'hope':308 'jame':16A,31B,46,110,121 'john':48 'kind':375 'knew':90 'know':230 'last':339 'like':113,263,366 'line':371 'lump':56 'mani':114 'mile':125,287,340 'neck':59 'ohio':104 'oper':74,198,252 'push':271 'ride':1A,50,123 'ring':386 'roll':217 'room':255 'ross':49 'seem':177 'side':71 'sign':283 'sinc':303 'soon':51 'tabl':75 'tear':363 'time':333 'walk':226 'week':246 'year':281 'agnes':11A,26B,41,67,97 'along':382 'could':361 'coupl':245 'first':280,332 'found':54 'guilt':164 'lucki':149 'offic':79 'pedal':12A,27B,42 'peopl':309,379 'remov':143 'state':105 'thank':119 'think':328,351,359 'train':293,322 'upset':168 'weird':85,192 'across':368 'arthur':108 'associ':98,153,165 'athlet':319 'august':276 'cancer':8A,23B,38,62,111,151 'center':83 'clinic':101 'cowbel':388 'dehydr':354 'doctor':53 'doreen':10A,25B,40,66 'farrar':235 'finish':370 'hospit':112 'return':129 'school':306 'surgic':64 'surviv':3A,18B,33 'within':243 'anybodi':329 'certain':270 'control':203,214 'diagnos':137 'januari':145 'patient':185 'probabl':304 'support':14A,29B,44,380 'surgeon':207 'surgeri':102,195,238,249,260 'thyroid':7A,22B,37,61,141,150 'univers':106 'william':234 'diagnosi':269 'prognosi':158 'survivor':116,377 'everybodi':228 'flashback':267 'papillari':60 'pelotonia':127,275 'professor':99 'stretcher':221 'transform':77 'treatment':82 'oncologist':9A,24B,39,65 '':134 1077 5 1 0 " " 0 f " 11031 2009-10-14 00:00:00 2009-10-14 00:00:00 2009-10-14 00:00:00 "

Persons of the year

by April Johnston

Cindy Stankoski and Vanessa Stout—two assistants in an office full of lawyers—blew the whistle in the attorney general’s office, triggering the biggest story of 2008: the fall of Marc Dann.

HOMES/A special section

A chef gives his Grandview kitchen a Mediterranean transformation, a historic house overlooking Goodale Park is completely modernized and local bartenders offer the inside scoop on glassware.

Annual Awards for 2008

Abercrombie & Fitch gave OSU $5 million to study inflammatory bowel disease. A Blacklick pastor heard Katy Perry’s hit single on the radio one too many times. Three couples got married on Valentine’s Day. . . at White Castle. And more.

Talking points for 2009

Get in the know about the coming year, from Huntington Park to the best and worst scenarios for the city budget (tax hikes?) and the housing market. Plus: Will Mayor Mike Coleman shave his mustache?


Short Story Brasserie and Eddie Merlot’s


A gangly gawk

by Hope Madden

doc4ad60e9f3d0ea151956598-4e5ff2155fc948.42216374-doc4ad60e9f3d0ea151956598.jpg " " 1 1 " January " " " 7 4753 " t " 18051 " " " " " " " " " '5':80 'day':110 'get':120 'got':105 'hit':94 'one':99 'osu':79 'tax':141 'two':14 '2008':36,75 '2009':119 'best':133 'blew':22 'chef':46 'citi':139 'come':126 'dann':41 'eddi':160 'fall':38 'full':19 'gang':165 'gave':78 'gawk':166 'give':47 'hike':142 'hope':168 'hous':56,145 'kati':91 'know':123 'mani':101 'marc':40 'mike':150 'park':59,130 'plus':147 'talk':116 'time':102 'year':5,127 'april':7 'award':73 'bowel':85 'castl':113 'cindi':9 'coupl':104 'final':163 'fitch':77 'heard':90 'insid':68 'local':64 'marri':106 'mayor':149 'offer':66 'offic':18,30 'perri':92 'point':117 'radio':98 'scoop':69 'shave':152 'short':156 'singl':95 'stori':34,157 'stout':13 'studi':83 'three':103 'white':112 'worst':135 'annual':72 'assist':15 'budget':140 'diseas':86 'goodal':58 'histor':55 'lawyer':21 'madden':169 'market':146 'merlot':161 'modern':62 'pastor':89 'person':2 'review':155 'whistl':24 'bartend':65 'biggest':33 'coleman':151 'complet':61 'general':28 'homes/a':42 'januari':1A 'kitchen':50 'million':81 'mustach':154 'section':44 'special':43 'trigger':31 'vanessa':12 'attorney':27 'brasseri':158 'glasswar':71 'johnston':8 'overlook':57 'scenario':136 'valentin':108 'blacklick':88 'grandview':49 'stankoski':10 'transform':53 'abercrombi':76 'huntington':129 'inflammatori':84 'mediterranean':52 120 0 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2009/doc4ad60e9f3d0ea151956598-4e5ff2155fc948.42216374.xml 1 f " 12777 2011-04-04 00:00:00 2011-04-04 00:00:00 2011-10-19 14:49:22 "

CYCLING SEASON Get ready to roll into spring by checking out the bikes at Paradise Garage. This Short North store is owned by Emily Burnett and Dan Monnig. At this time, the shop’s 2010 bikes are on sale until they’re gone. Burnett says their bikes are priced competitively.

The top brands here have a lifetime free-service guarantee for tuneups and adjustments. When you purchase a bike, you also get 15 percent off parts and accessories such as baskets, grips and mounts for iPhones. Clothing lines include Nau, Ibex and Showers Pass.

Paradise Garage, 921 N. High St. (south of Second Avenue), 299-0899; Open Mon-Sat 11 am-8 pm, Sun till 6 pm. Free parking is available in the Salon Lofts lot next door.

LIGHT READING If you like to use an e-reader rather than carrying heavy tomes around, you might want to take advantage of the Digital Download program through Columbus Metropolitan Library. One free membership at the library allows you to download books from your home computer.

Required software is available at It will allow you to download e-books for various PC and Mac devices. Books you borrow automatically expire at the end of the lending period, so there are no late fees. The staff in the library’s e-reader department is well informed and patient, so you needn’t be a computer whiz to get the program working for you. If you want someone to talk you through the process, call 645-2275.

TREES, SEEDS AND FISH The Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District is holding its annual tree, seed and fish sale through March 18. Here’s your chance to buy tenderly grown plants, flowers, trees, seeds, kits, supplies and more at good prices.

Perennials are new this year and available in 14 varieties, including Virginia bluebells, purple coneflowers, royal catchflies and showy sunflowers. Two-inch pots are $3 and one-gallon containers are $10. You can pre-order now to guarantee purchase; a limited quantity will be available when orders are picked up. Also new this year are red raspberry, thornless blackberry and blueberry plants. For descriptions and care information, visit

You can order 11 types of trees, including 8- to 12-inch white pine (25 in a packet for $15), 12- to 18-inch paper birch (five in a packet for $8) and container trees such as Ohio buckeye ($10 for a one-gallon container). There are pond and riparian habitat packs, as well as carbon, songbird, apple and fruit-and-nut tree packs. Supplies such as stakes, bat houses, Soilsaver compost bins and rain barrels are here, too.

Largemouth bass, channel catfish and bluegills, recommended for stocking Ohio lakes and ponds, can be ordered through March 25. The fish are guaranteed to be in good condition and can be picked up from noon to 1 pm on March 31. Pickup for trees and plants is April 15 from 7 am to 6 pm and April 16 from 8 am to noon. Orders can be placed at the office or online at For more information, call Mary Ann Brouillette at 486-9613. The office is at 1328 Dublin Rd., Suite 101.

DOUGH FOR LESS DOUGH Dough balls, gourmet food and, of course, cookies will be for sale at greatly discounted prices during the annual Cheryl’s Bake Sale March 5 from 7 am to 4 pm. Here’s your chance to stock up on treats and freeze them until you’re ready to feast.

The sale will be at the old Big Bear store in the Windsor Bay Shopping Center, 1220 County Line Rd. (at Sunbury Road). For more information, call the hot line at 776-1500, ext. 61400.



doc4d99d75407746070812797-4e5ff2245b8ce2.50361209-doc4d99d75407746070812797.jpg " " 1 1320 " Download library books to your computer " by Maggie Kozelek " 7 4769 " t " 19355 " The Roadster Sport from Linus Bikes at Paradise Garage. Photo by Tim Johnson. " " " " " " pagetools=email,print|type=standard '1':503 '3':337 '4':593 '5':588 '6':128,520 '7':517,590 '8':394,417,526 'e':150,201,234 'n':108 '-8':124 '10':344,425 '11':122,389 '12':396,406 '14':320 '15':83,405,515 '16':524 '18':292,408 '25':400,485 '31':507 'pc':205 'pm':125,129,504,521,594 'rd':557,632 're':51,609 'st':110 '101':559 '299':115 '486':549 '645':268 '776':644 '921':107 'ann':546 'bat':456 'bay':626 'big':620 'bin':460 'buy':298 'dan':36 'end':216 'ext':646 'fee':226 'get':12,82,251 'hot':641 'kit':305 'lot':138 'mac':207 'mon':120 'nau':100 'new':314,366 'nut':449 'old':619 'one':173,340,429 'own':31 'pot':335 'pre':348 'red':370 'sat':121 'say':54 'sun':126 'top':61 'two':333 'use':147 '1220':629 '1328':555 '2010':44 'also':81,365 'appl':444 'bake':585 'ball':565 'bass':468 'bear':621 'bike':22,45,56,79 'book':3A,183,202,209 'call':267,544,639 'care':380 'cycl':10 'door':140 'fish':273,288,487 'five':412 'food':567 'free':68,130,174 'gone':52 'good':310,493 'grip':92 'high':109 'hold':282 'home':186 'hous':457 'ibex':101 'inch':334,397,409 'lake':477 'late':225 'lend':219 'less':562 'like':145 'line':98,631,642 'loft':137 'mari':545 'next':139 'noon':501,529 'ohio':423,476 'open':118 'pack':438,451 'park':131 'part':86 'pass':104 'pick':363,498 'pine':399 'pond':434,479 'rain':462 'read':142 'road':635 'roll':15 'sale':48,289,575,586,614 'seed':271,286,304 'shop':42,627 'soil':276 'suit':558 'take':162 'talk':262 'till':127 'time':40 'tome':156 'tree':270,285,303,392,420,450,510 'type':390 'want':160,259 'well':238,440 'whiz':249 'work':254 'year':316,368 '-0899':116 '-1500':645 '-2275':269 '-9613':550 '61400':647 'allow':179,196 'april':514,523 'avail':133,191,318,359 'avenu':114 'birch':411 'brand':62 'carri':154 'chanc':296,598 'check':19 'cloth':97 'cooki':571 'cours':570 'devic':208 'digit':166 'dough':560,563,564 'emili':33 'expir':213 'feast':612 'freez':605 'fruit':447 'garag':25,106 'great':577 'grown':300 'heavi':155 'iphon':96 'light':141 'limit':355 'maggi':8 'march':291,484,506,587 'might':159 'mount':94 'needn':244 'north':28 'offic':536,552 'onlin':538 'order':349,361,388,482,530 'paper':410 'place':533 'plant':301,376,512 'price':58,311,579 'purpl':325 'readi':13,610 'royal':327 'salon':136 'short':27 'showi':330 'south':111 'staff':228 'stake':455 'stock':475,600 'store':29,622 'treat':603 'visit':382 'water':278 'white':398 'adjust':74 'annual':284,582 'around':157 'barrel':463 'basket':91 'borrow':211 'buckey':424 'carbon':442 'center':628 'cheryl':583 'comput':6A,187,248 'condit':494 'counti':630 'depart':236 'dublin':556 'e-book':200 'e-read':149,233 'flower':302 'gallon':341,430 'includ':99,322,393 'inform':239,381,543,638 'monnig':37 'packet':403,415 'period':220 'pickup':508 'rather':152 'reader':151,235 'requir':188 'season':11 'second':113 'servic':69 'shower':103 'someon':260 'spring':17 'suppli':306,452 'tender':299 'tuneup':72 'automat':212 'bluebel':324 'bluegil':472 'burnett':34,53 'catfish':470 'channel':469 'compost':459 'conserv':279 'contain':342,419,431 'gourmet':566 'habitat':437 'kozelek':9 'librari':2A,172,178,231 'lifetim':66 'mon-sat':119 'paradis':24,105 'patient':241 'percent':84 'perenni':312 'pre-ord':347 'process':266 'program':168,253 'purchas':77,353 'softwar':189 'soilsav':458 'sunburi':634 'sunflow':331 'varieti':321 'various':204 'windsor':625 'advantag':163 'catchfli':328 'columbus':170 'competit':59 'coneflow':326 'descript':378 'discount':578 'district':280 'download':1A,167,182,199 'franklin':275 'guarante':70,352,489 'quantiti':356 'riparian':436 'songbird':443 'two-inch':332 'virginia':323 'accessori':88 'blueberri':375 'raspberri':371 'recommend':473 'thornless':372 'blackberri':373 'brouillett':547 'largemouth':467 'membership':175 'one-gallon':339,428 'free-servic':67 'metropolitan':171 'fruit-and-nut':446 '':540 '':384 '':117 '':193 '/hyg-fact/1000/index.html.

':385 '':383 890 2 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2011/doc4d99d75407746070812797-4e5ff2245b8ce2.50361209.xml 0 f " 13965 2012-05-22 16:35:00 2012-05-22 16:35:00 2012-06-11 11:17:21 The Nature Conservancy of Ohio often conserves and protects out of the public eye. This summer, though, the local branch of the global nonprofit is organizing a summer-long outdoor program to introduce Ohioans to many of the state’s great spaces.


Tune in to “All Sides Weekend” on WOSU 89.7 FM at 11 a.m. Friday, May 25, to hear Columbus Monthly assistant editor John Ross and Josh Knights of The Nature Conservancy discuss the Natural Treasures of Ohio program.

The Nature Conservancy of Ohio often conserves and protects out of the public eye. This summer, though, the local branch of the global nonprofit is organizing a summer-long outdoor program to introduce Ohioans to many of the state’s great spaces.

Running until Aug. 8, the Natural Treasures of Ohio program will include family-friendly activities and other interactive fare at a handful of pre-selected parks and preserves. Visitors will learn about plants, animals and ongoing measures to protect them.

The list of locations includes Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve and Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve and Scioto Audubon Metro Park.

“Whether you’re an amateur explorer or an outdoors enthusiast, we’ll provide several activities that guide you through some of Ohio’s most treasured areas,” Josh Knights, the group’s executive director, said in a recent release. “We promise you’ll find something interesting and educational for the entire family.”

And one casual hike could win you a car.

Those who register for the program and visit at least one location will be entered for a chance to win a 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid. Honda of America Mfg., Inc. in Marysville is a longtime supporter of the conservancy’s work in Ohio.

For more info, click here.

natural-treasures-700.jpg The Nature Conservancy of Ohio often conserves and protects out of the public eye. This summer, though, the local branch of the global nonprofit is organizing a summer-long outdoor program to introduce Ohioans to many of the state’s great spaces. Nature Conservancy of Ohio, Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve,Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve, Scioto Audubon Metro Park, Natural Treasures of Ohio 1352 1352 " Nonprofit to highlight Ohio’s outdoor gems " John Ross " 4 4804 " t " 20239 " " The Nature Conservancy of Ohio to highlight Ohio’s outdoor gems | Columbus Monthly " " " " " pagetools=addthis,email,print,comments|type=standard '8':218 '11':145 '25':149 'fm':143 'll':289,319 're':280 'a.m':146 'aug':217 'big':98,262 'car':337 'eye':21A,64B,185 'gem':7A,128 'inc':367 'may':148 'mfg':366 'one':330,348 'pre':240 'run':215 'win':334,357 '2012':359 '89.7':142 'anim':250 'area':303 'educ':324 'fare':234 'find':320 'guid':294 'hand':237 'hear':131,151 'hike':332 'info':383 'john':116,156 'josh':159,304 'list':258 'long':37A,80B,201 'mani':44A,87B,208 'ohio':4A,12A,55B,97,115,122,125,170,176,223,299,380 'ongo':252 'park':111,242,277 'ross':117,157 'said':311 'side':138 'tune':134 'wood':104,269 'work':378 'wosu':141 'activ':230,292 'chanc':355 'click':384 'could':333 'darbi':99,263 'enter':352 'entir':327 'great':49A,92B,213 'group':307 'honda':360,363 'learn':247 'least':347 'local':26A,69B,190 'locat':260,349 'metro':110,276 'month':130,153 'natur':9A,52B,94,101,106,112,119,163,167,173,220,265,271 'often':13A,56B,177 'organ':33A,76B,197 'plant':249 'sever':291 'space':50A,93B,214 'state':47A,90B,105,211,270 'visit':345 'assist':154 'branch':27A,70B,191 'casual':331 'editor':155 'execut':309 'explor':283 'famili':228,328 'friday':147 'friend':229 'global':30A,73B,194 'hybrid':362 'includ':226,261 'knight':160,305 'measur':253 'ohioan':42A,85B,206 'promis':317 'provid':290 'public':20A,63B,184 'recent':314 'regist':340 'releas':315 'scioto':108,274 'select':241 'someth':321 'summer':23A,36A,66B,79B,187,200 'though':24A,67B,188 'amateur':282 'america':365 'audubon':109,275 'conserv':10A,14A,53B,57B,95,120,164,174,178,376 'discuss':165 'gahanna':103,268 'headwat':100,264 'insight':361 'longtim':372 'outdoor':6A,38A,81B,127,202,286 'preserv':102,107,244,266,272 'program':39A,82B,171,203,224,343 'protect':16A,59B,180,255 'support':373 'treasur':113,168,221,302 'visitor':245 'weekend':139 'whether':278 'columbus':129,152 'director':310 'interact':233 'interest':322 'introduc':41A,84B,205 'highlight':3A,124 'marysvill':369 'nonprofit':1A,31A,74B,195 'enthusiast':287 'pre-select':239 'summer-long':35A,78B,199 'family-friend':227 1358 8 0 1 " " 1 f " 11852 " 2010-08-09 00:00:00 2010-08-09 00:00:00 "

From classic throwbacks (Stomp, Riverdance, Cats) to new hits (Jersey Boys, Imagination Movers, The Second City’s Fair and Unbalanced).

CAPA announced its 2010-’11 season today. Below is a quick synopsis. Find details on performances, locations and ticket info here (most shows will start selling tickets on Sept. 13).

Legally Blond the Musical

The movie-starring-Reese-Witherspoon-turned-hit-Broadway-play. Bend… and snap!

Sept. 28-30, Oct. 1-3

Tickets start at $22.50

Ailey II

Modern ballet’s exemplary company.

Oct. 30, 8 pm

Tickets $20-$35

Disney Live! Presents Mickey’s Magic Show

The Mouse is in town.

Nov. 5, 3; 3 and 6:30 pm

Tickets $20.50-$57.50

The Temptations

“Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” for an audience. They won’t have to.

Nov. 14; 7 pm

Tickets $20-$50

Benise—The Spanish Guitar

Dance, music and caliente storytelling.

Nov. 17; 8 pm

Tickets $22.50-$52.50


A musical of cultural differences and a love that makes you forget them.

Nov. 19-21

Tickets $20-$30


One of Broadway’s longest running, most respected shows—plus fantastic feline costumes.

Nov. 19-21

Tickets start at $22.50

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Bah humbug!

Nov. 26-28

Tickets $22-$32

Dave Koz & Friends—A Smooth Jazz Christmas 2010

A Columbus Christmas staple.

Dec. 5; 7 pm

Tickets $27.50-$62.50

Rock of Ages

Perhaps the only place you’ll hear Whitesnake and REO Speedwagon within the same two-hour timeframe?

Dec. 7-12

Tickets start at $22.50

Over the Rhine

Cincinnati’s best-kept musical secret.

Dec. 7; 8 pm

Tickets $26


From beating hubcaps on stage to smacking garbage cans—these dancers get to unleash their inner 5-year-old.

Jan. 14-16

Tickets start at $22.50

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding

Dinner theater on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding.

Jan. 20-23, 27-30

Tickets $65 and $85

Punch Brothers

Some seriously righteous string playing—bluegrass, jazz and classical music combo.

Jan. 24, 8 pm

Tickets $26

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

All-male dance troupe performing traditional ballet.

Jan. 28, 8 pm

Tickets $20-$35

Drumline Live

Inspired by the Nick Cannon movie. No Mariah Carey (that was years later).

Feb. 1; 7:30 pm

Tickets $27.50-$42.50

Tiempo Libre


Feb. 18; 8 pm

Tickets $30


Self-explanatory if you were alive in the 1990s.

Feb. 18-20

Tickets start at $22.50

The Second City’s Fair and Unbalanced

This comedy troupe spawned Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, John Belushi… come pay your respects/ see the possible next comedic superstar.

March 5; 8 pm

Tickets $25 and $30

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Shakespeare classic, plus a man dressed as a mule.

March 6; 1 and 3 pm

Tickets $12

Les Misérables

Self-explanatory if you made it through 10th grade.

March 15-20

Tickets start at $22.50

Imagination Movers

The tagline is: “What would happen if the Beastie Boys collaborated with Mr. Rogers?”

April 1; 3 and 6:30 pm

Tickets $16-$36

My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, and I’m in Therapy!

One-man show that could qualify as therapy if you, too, fit one of these descriptions.

April 1-2

Tickets $43.50

Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Using dance to transcend culture.

April 7-8; 8 pm

Tickets $21-$31

Mary Poppins

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” will be stuck in your head the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

April 20-May 8

Tickets start at $22.50

Jersey Boys

If you missed the Temptations, come see this musical about the Four Seasons.

Aug. 17-Sept. 4

Tickets start at $27.50

Contact assistant editor Jackie Mantey at and follow her on Twitter here.

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In 1803, a group of settlers departed from Granby, Connecticut, and headed for the wilderness of Central Ohio to build new lives in a place they had named Worthington. Before leaving, these pioneers carefully planned out their future home, modeling it on the New England towns they were leaving behind. Worthington—located on a rise of land near a picturesque river—would feature a village green and two plots reserved for a church and a school, all tidily surrounded by residential and farm lots.

Now, more than 200 years later, the heart of Worthington remains much the same. Residents enjoy family-oriented concerts, festivals and other events on that same Village Green. Shops and restaurants line the bustling main street of the original downtown. The elegant Worthington Inn occupies a Victorian-style building that has served diners since 1852. The city currently has 31 sites on the National Register of Historic Places.

"If someone from 100 years ago dropped by Worthington, they probably wouldn't be too terribly startled," says Jutta Catherine Pegues, president of the Worthington Historical Society.

At the same time, Worthington has continued to evolve. The handsome new Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington opened last year. The three-branch Worthington Libraries system regularly wins awards. Fourteen parks, a senior center and a large community center with swimming pools and a fitness floor keep residents busy and healthy. Groups such as the Healthy Worthington Coalition, Sustainable Worthington and the city's Community Relations Commission work to promote positive lifestyles and strong neighborhoods. The settler's original church on the Village Green has been joined by many other congregations and houses of worship around the city.

A vibrant mix of old and new, Worthington has much to offer its residents.

The heart of it all

Worthington's Village Green occupies the four blocks at each corner of the intersection of High Street and Rt. 161. Back in the mid 1800s, the green served as a grazing spot for local cows and horses. The farm animals eventually were ousted, and the green now provides a cool expanse of lawn, mature shade trees and winding brick walkways where the community regularly gathers for events such as ice cream socials and family-oriented concerts. Much-anticipated events held on the green include the Worthington Arts Festival in June, the summer Concerts on the Green and the Old Worthington Market Day festival each fall, featuring more than 250 high-quality artisanal craft vendors, a flea market, entertainment and food. During the winter holidays, colored lights blaze in the tall evergreens, and in May, residents line the sidewalks for the Memorial Day parade, a genuine piece of Americana.

Other popular annual events in the city include A Taste of Worthington, a summer food-fest featuring the fare of local establishments, along with music and family activities, and the Worthington Independence Day Celebration, which features the Worthington Family Picnic and, of course, a fireworks display.

Delightful downtown

Just south of the Village Green along High Street, well-preserved vintage storefronts line the quaint brick sidewalks of downtown Worthington. Residents like to browse through the shops devoted to antiques and home furnishings, including Wren House and the Old Rectory Gift and Exchange Shops. They look at jewelry in Worthington Jewelers and Denig Jewelers, and search for the perfect outfit in Damsels in This Dress. Fritzy Jacobs puts a hip spin on home decor, and for a romantic gift, wine and candles can be found at, respectively, House Wine and the Candle Lab.

There are plenty of dining options as well. La Chatelaine sells fresh-baked bread and French-inspired soups, sandwiches and salad. The Old Bag of Nails Pub has fried pickles and a great beer selection, and P.K. O'Ryan's Irish Pub fortifies patrons with homemade Irish stew, in addition to burgers and sandwiches. For a fine cup of coffee, caffeine junkies stop by Scottie's Coffee & Tea House, while those looking for an elegant meal in historic surroundings make reservations at the Worthington Inn.

The historic nature of Worthington's downtown "is what makes shopping there a lot of fun—even though you're in a suburb, it still has that village character," says Pegues.

On Saturdays from May through October, Worthington holds a popular farmers market on the streets of downtown Worthington. According to Anne Brown, the city's community relations officer, this is one of the oldest and most respected farmers markets in the area, attended by thousands of people each week.

As the city has grown, more shopping and restaurant options have cropped up north of downtown, in the areas adjacent to High Street and I-270. Worthington Square has new owners who plan to refresh the mall's interior. Its clothing stores include Ann Taylor, Chico's, Talbot's, White House/Black Market, Pendleton Woolen Mills and JoS. A. Bank Clothiers. For gifts and other accoutrements, shoppers can patronize vendors such as Crabtree & Evelyn, Sugarbush Gourmet Gift Baskets, MonkWorks and Urban Baggerie. First Watch serves up breakfast and lunch, and more dining options can be found at Amano's and China Way. For big plates of Italian food, diners can venture across the street to lively Buca di Beppo, or travel just a bit south to J. Liu Restaurant & Bar for a hip mix of Asian, American and Italian cuisines.

Plenty of parks and programs

"Worthington's parks and recreation system is one of our premier offerings for the community," says Brown. The city's 14 parks, the Worthington Community Center and the Griswold senior center all fall under the umbrella of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Worthington's parks range from little neighborhood playgrounds such as Heischman Park to the 100-acre Olentangy River Parklands, where a two-mile bike path runs along the scenic river and links riders to the Columbus Bike Trails. The parklands also includes the 6,000-square-foot Winding Adventures Skate Park. Many Worthington parks contain playgrounds, shelter houses, athletic courts and ball fields. The All ChildrenÕs Playground at the Worthington Community Center is entirely wheelchair accessible.

The 72,000-square-foot Worthington Community Center encompasses a fitness floor, swimming pools, two gymnasiums and an indoor track. Aside from exercise opportunities, the center provides swimming lessons and programs in pottery, dance, photography, jewelry, theater, sports and other avocations for all ages.

For people 55 years and older, Worthington's Griswold Center has its own roster of programs, from cross-stitch to line dancing to Wii bowling. The center also has a fitness room, exercise classes, sports leagues and organized trips. Many programs are open to all adult residents, with priority placement given to members.

"There's usually always something going on," says Holly Keller, superintendent of Worthington parks and recreation. "Worthington is a very active community. The residents utilize the facilities a lot, whether itÕs the parks or the playgrounds or the ball diamonds or the community center."

Library of the year

When Worthington's settlers made the long journey from New England to Ohio, they lugged along the books destined for the first library in Franklin County. "They valued lifelong learning and education . . . and more than 200 years later, that is still a community value," says Lisa Fuller, director of community relations and development at Worthington Libraries.

With three branches and 3.5 million loans a year, Worthington has a very busy library system. "We're the ninth highest circulating library in the state, right behind the eight metropolitan areas," says Fuller. In addition to providing a huge selection of materials, Worthington Libraries presents a panorama of activities. "We have programs for all ages, from story time for children as young as six months, right up through the adult population," says Fuller. "We have book groups and discussions on topical issues. Right now, we're starting a series of programs on the environment."

In 2007, Worthington Libraries won the prestigious National Library of the Year Award, which annually recognizes an American library for exemplary and innovative service to its community. "We had been runner-up for several years," says Fuller, and the win in 2007 afforded "recognition of everything we've been doing and of the community for supporting the library." In 2008, 2009 and 2010, the system earned the No. 2 spot in the Top Ten American Library rankings among libraries serving populations between 50,000 and 100,000.

A new home for the arts

With admirable prescience, Worthington often has chosen to preserve or remodel older buildings, rather than demolish them. The rundown Packard Annex, which originally served as Worthington's first high school, underwent extensive renovation and construction and emerged as the new 20,000-square-foot Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington. Opened in November 2009, the "MAC" is equipped with an exhibition gallery, classrooms, a dance studio, a digital imaging studio and a 213-seat theater. "It's a multidisciplinary facility that showcases the visual arts, the performing arts and offers classes for the greater Columbus region," says executive director Jon Cook. Funds for the new arts center came from a major community fundraising campaign, as well as the generosity of the late Columbus businessman and philanthropist John H. McConnell.

Named in honor of McConnell's late wife, Peggy, the MAC showcases artists with a regional connection, such as Dorothy Gill Barnes, and seeks to "connect those artists and what they're doing with the experiencer and the learner," says Cook. As part of that philosophy, the MAC brings together a wide range of classes in the visual and performing arts, including dance classes in partnership with BalletMet. The Bronwynn Theatre serves as a venue for film, music and dance.

Cook says he hopes to see the community integrate the MAC into their everyday lives. "For instance, we have a music series on Thursday, and I've been telling people to come on in, have a glass of wine, listen to some music and be home by 9 o'clock or so."

Worthington also has its own vibrant musical and theatrical community. Founded in 1970, the Worthington Community Theatre traditionally presents a major musical at the Bronwynn Theatre every summer and will be adding a winter performance in 2011. The venerable Worthington Chorus has plumbed regional singing talent for nearly 35 years and currently puts on two shows, one at the Bronwynn in the fall and a larger performance at a high school auditorium in the spring.

For younger musicians, the Chamber Music Connection holds weekly sessions. Kids who play string instruments, flute and piano are "broken into quartets and trios and coached by professionals, like symphony members, music teachers and music directors," explains Kathy Cordray, who chairs the Olde Worthington Holiday Musical Tour of Homes, taking place Dec. 5 this year. Chamber music and Worthington history come together each December at the tour, which highlights "some of the coolest houses in Worthington and features our young musicians playing holiday music inside the homes. It's so festive," Cordray says.

Living history

Three years ago, residents Fred and Kirti Baldaro moved from London, England, to Ohio. Fred had researched Columbus suburbs on an earlier visit and settled on Worthington. "The sense of history really appealed to Fred. He had looked in New Albany and other places, but they felt so new and similar. We wanted something with a bit of history and a bit of character," says Kirti.

Pegues has seen this reaction before. "I've had people come from other parts and they really are quite enchanted by this town." She gives a hefty chunk of credit for the city's historic appeal to the founders of the Worthington Historical Society. In the 1950s, says Pegues, "people saw that old buildings were just being knocked down, and they wanted to protect some of the old properties and houses in order to retain the historical character of Worthington." Preservationism wasn't quite as fashionable back then; "my predecessors were very much in the forefront . . . and they helped to create that character that you have in Worthington today," she says.

As part of their work, the historical society operates two museums, maintains a Native American Indian mound and offers educational programs and community events. The Federal-style Orange Johnson House, one of the oldest homes in Central Ohio, brings history alive with costumed guides and period furnishings. The societyÕs other downtown property, the classic Greek Revival Old Rectory, dates back to 1845 and contains a doll museum and gift shop. The society also oversees Jeffers Mound, part of a prehistoric Hopewell earthworks on the bluffs overlooking the Olentangy River.

The society sponsors numerous events throughout the year, including downtown Ghost Tours in October and ChildrenÕs Christmas in December, when the Orange Johnson House invites kids in for a 19th-century-style evening of crafts, games, stories and fireplace cooking. In addition, ÒWe have an antique show in January with dealers from all over, and in September we sponsor antique and collectible consignments on the Village Green during Market Days,Ó says Pegues.

A most neighborly place

"We have a really strong sense of community," says Brown. "People are really committed to their neighborhoods and supporting each other." The city's Community Relations Commission has a number of programs designed to complement the neighborly nature of Worthington's citizens.

Residents can apply to the city's Neighborhood Grant program for up to $500 to finance a local project that "supports or strengthens their neighborhood," says Lori Trego, staff liaison to the Community Relations Commission. Possible projects might involve purchasing a bench or planting trees in a public right-of-way or putting up a neighborhood bulletin board. "Even just a small project can really add to neighborhood cohesiveness and contact," she says.

The commission also regularly reviews nominations for the Good Neighbor Award, which "is a way to recognize folks who do all sorts of nice things in the neighborhood, but often go unsung," says Trego. In Worthington, June is "Hi Neighbor!" Month, a designation designed to encourage residents to get to know each other better, whether that's through sharing a glass of lemonade or holding a block party.

"I've seen the sense of community in everything from my motor conking out on my van on a holiday and having 10 people stop and see if I'm OK, to the community outpouring over the loss of my son. You don't get that everywhere," says Tim Tilton, a longtime resident.

Happy, healthy and green

Resident-run, community-oriented groups have sprung up naturally in the city.

Leadership Worthington has educated adults and youth through leadership programs emphasizing community service, teamwork and the development of group and individual leadership potential. Sustainable Worthington "is a grass-roots group of citizens who are trying to make life better in our own community," says Lisa Staggenborg, a founding member. Sustainable Worthington is responsible for establishing a successful winter version of the farmers market, a fully subscribed community garden and PreCycle Day, when residents place gently used items at the curb for their neighbors to browse through. Sustainable Worthington also works to encourage walking and bicycling.

The Healthy Worthington Coalition strives to improve physical, mental and spiritual health through education, initiatives and scholarships. The coalition runs a roundtable and a series of educational lectures, presents scholarships to high school students and encourages physical fitness by collaborating on events such as the Gary Smith Classic 5-Mile Run. The coalition also is closely associated with the Worthington Food Pantry and Resource Center. According to Sandy Byers, chair of the pantry board and director of development for the coalition, the pantry has "grown by leaps and bounds. . . . It has been very rewarding in terms of who we can help and serve."

Worthington's sense of community even reaches beyond the borders of the city, all the way to Sayama, Japan. Worthington has a close sister-city relationship with Sayama, sending both citizens and artworks across the Pacific and welcoming Sayama's residents to Worthington. Delegations of community members, city officials, youth sports teams and a high school choir have traveled to Japan to "immerse themselves in the culture," says Brown. "Over the years, hundreds and hundreds of people have participated."

Worthington seems to be the kind of place where people settle down and stay. When the city conducted a recent survey, 98 percent of respondents were satisfied with the quality of life in this Central Ohio suburb.

Carol Roth, who has lived in the city for 41 years, says, "One reason we chose to live here was the sense of community, and that the children could walk to school." Her kids are now grown and grandchildren visit, but, "We don't have any thoughts of leaving," Roth says. "We'll live here as long as we can."

Katherine Matthews is a freelance writer in Columbus.



doc4d2e1d338627b981166439-4e5ff221729364_03335186-doc4d2e1d338627b981166439-2.jpg " " 1 1354 " Worthington: Our town A new arts center, award-winning libraries, a plethora of recreational opportunities and an abundance of charm make Worthington a fine place to call home. 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'much-anticip':410 'neighborhood':290,987,2248,2281,2298,2330,2342,2375 'preservation':2032 'relationship':2712 'resident-run':2473 'right-of-way':2322 'three-branch':236 'well-preserv':542 'community-ori':2476 'french-inspir':644 'grandchildren':2841 'philanthropist':1580 'victorian-styl':163 'multidisciplinari':1533 '19th-century-style':2184 680 6 0 0 " /mnt/hgfs/ZendStudioProjects/DataImport/tmp/2011/doc4d2e1d338627b981166439-4e5ff221729364.03335186.xml 1 f " 11862 2012-02-15 13:48:00 2010-08-18 00:00:00 2012-02-15 14:02:32 Nearly 20 years ago, former OSU star Butch Reynolds was accused of doping. The winner of an Olympic gold medal and the holder of a world record spent more than $1 million to clear his name. Today, he's on another mission.

Chad Pinnell didn’t realize the stature of his friend Butch Reynolds until they attended the Ohio State-USC football game together in September. As the pair made their way through the concourse at Ohio Stadium, people called out Reynolds’s name from all directions. “It was like walking around with Elvis,” says Pinnell, a partner with Skilken Pinnell HealthCare Real Estate.

It was even more of a mob scene once Reynolds, a former Ohio State track star and world record-holder in the 400 meters, moved upstairs to get to his spot in C Deck. “There were people pushing to get out of their seats out into the aisles—this is about two minutes before kickoff—just to give him a hug,” Pinnell recalls.

Reynolds laughs when asked to recount the moment. “Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.”

True, but Pinnell noticed it was more than that as fans strained to shake Reynolds’s hand and ask for autographs. “The funny thing was it wasn’t, ‘Wow, you’re the superstar,’ ” Pinnell says. “ So many people came up and said, ‘Butch, thanks for the inspiration you gave me,’ or ‘Thank you for holding true to your values.’ He put everything on the line to prove he was not guilty. People really respect that he stood up for what he believed in.”

It is impossible to know whether the name Butch Reynolds would still resonate as it does more than two decades after he ran a flawless race in Switzerland if he hadn’t fought so hard to clear his name of subsequent drug allegations.

It will be 20 years ago in August that a random drug test after a race in Monte Carlo deemed that his urine sample contained traces of the banned substance nandrolone, an anabolic steroid. Three months later, he was suspended for two years from the time of the incident, making him ineligible for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

What followed was an exhaustive four-year battle that eventually would reach the U.S. Supreme Court. Along the way, Reynolds would receive an injunction to run in the 1992 Olympic trials, be banned from the Summer Games and receive millions in a defamation suit only to have the judgment vacated in 1994. In all, he endured 11 separate court cases at a cost of $1.2 million in fees. He estimates a loss of at least $5 million in endorsements.

The battle was public, elongated and expensive, but ultimately Reynolds regained his eligibility and good name. He continued racing until 2000. “I lost everything in the process,” he says, “but I’ve come out ahead. I have my health and a great family.”

Reynolds speaks softly while sitting in the living room of the modest two-story home in Hilliard that he shares with his wife of three years, Stephanie, and her children, William, 20, and J’Niah, 10. His two medals from the 1998 Olympic Games in Seoul are kept in a box and brought out only when asked to be seen by a visitor. His days of competitive running are long gone, but he still has goals not unlike those that drive an athlete.

Reynolds’s focus now is on the after-school program his foundation runs in his hometown of Akron, as well as a still-evolving plan with the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department and Columbus public schools on ways to encourage children to eat healthier. “We’ve touched a lot of kids’ lives in Akron, and we’re going to touch lives here,” he says.

His plans for the Butch Reynolds Gold Medal Health Program have yet to receive funding, but he hopes they can be implemented this year. “Everybody likes to win something,” he says. “It doesn’t count calories. It rewards you for how many vegetables you eat. It rewards you for how many fruits you eat a day and taking better care of yourself every day, stretching and doing the things that I know that will help bring better habits, like drinking more water.”

Reynolds also is talking with fellow Akron native and former Ohio State running back Chris “Beanie” Wells of the Arizona Cardinals about using the resources of their foundations to start an after-school program in Columbus. “He’s been a mentor, like a role model for me, someone who’s given back to the community,” Wells says. “He’s really done a lot for Akron.”

Reynolds’s Care for Kids Foundation, formed in 2001, offers after-school programs, summer activity camps and mentoring opportunities to students in the Akron school system. Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic in his February 2008 state of the city address cited Reynolds’s curriculum for helping reduce suspensions by 65 percent at one elementary school. “It’s challenging, but rewarding to touch people’s lives,” Reynolds says, “and get them on the right track and give hope to kids who didn’t have hope and help kids who had that hope achieve their goals.”

There is still a love affair between Akron and Reynolds. He was a torchbearer through the city for the Olympic flame on its way to the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Conversely, Reynolds often lends his support in Akron to events, such as being the speaker at the National & Global Youth Service Day banquet or taking part in a Thanksgiving Day run/walk for the homeless.

He also is involved in Central Ohio. In November, he addressed an assembly at Norwich Elementary in Hilliard and encouraged students and parents to continue supporting its Walk to School program. Reynolds and Pinnell have participated in fundraising walks for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. “He gives more than I’ve ever seen anybody give,” Pinnell says. “Most people give and expect to reap rewards for themselves. He truly gives blindly. There’s never any strings attached. It’s a unique quality that few people possess. He has this really deep burning to help children.”

Having lost a grandmother and an uncle to diabetes, Reynolds is driven to combat the disease at an early age. “I said when I retired from the sport of track and field in 2000, one of my initiatives then was to fight childhood obesity,” he says. “In doing so, you really have to tackle what they eat, educate them and make sure they’re knowledgeable about what can happen when they eat.”

The cynic might say he’s out to polish his reputation, which was tainted by the drug charges in August 2000—two years after winning silver in the 400 and running on the gold medal 4 x 400 relay team at the Seoul Olympics. Reynolds says those battles already have been fought and won years ago.

“When your grandfather looks at you and tells you to clear his name, then it becomes like I was going to die trying,” Reynolds says. “When I got that mindset I didn’t care, I was in a whole different zone going through those four years.”

Samuel Reynolds grew up in Alabama and suffered the indignities and prejudices of a black man in the South while trying to provide for his family. His grandfather was “very inspirational,” Butch Reynolds says. “I was also lucky I had lots of uncles, aunts, too, who supported me. I didn’t understand how important the name was until later. Clearing the family name, they were even prouder than me setting a world record or winning a gold medal.”

Harry Lee “Butch” Reynolds was unknown in 1984. Although he reached the semifinals of the Olympic trials that year, nearly 20 countrymen had run faster than his time of 45.47 seconds in the 400 meters that won the national championship while at Butler Community College in Kansas.

Reynolds entered Ohio State the next year under the tutelage of track coach Frank Zubovich and steadily improved until he got the attention of the running world in May 1987 by blazing to a 44.10 at the Jesse Owens Classic in Ohio Stadium. No one had come closer to breaking the 44-second barrier since Lee Evans set the world mark of 43.86 in high altitude during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Some experts figure running in thin air offers less resistance—the equivalent of cutting three-tenths of a second off the 400, meaning the conversion of Reynolds’s race in low-lying Columbus would have put him at a record 43.80.

All of this was heady stuff for Reynolds, a neophyte at big-time competition. He remembers the first time he competed internationally and made the platform as one of the top three finishers. He stood on the second step as the national anthem of the gold medalist was played, then remained at attention when it was over. “I waited for ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’ I thought they played the national anthem for all of us,” Reynolds says.

His turn was coming. Running before an enthusiastic crowd in Zurich, Switzerland, in August 1988, Reynolds smashed Evans’s record with a 43.29 showing. The 0.57 second gap between old and new was astonishing—akin to kicking a 75-yard field goal in the NFL. “Did I think I would break the world record? No,” says Reynolds, whose own record was broken by Michael Johnson 11 years later (43.18). “I remember the day before I ran they had a press conference. The meet promoter asked if there were any questions for Butch Reynolds. No one had any for me. I was new on the scene. He said, ‘I’ll tell you what. When he’s through with the race, all of you will have questions then.’ We went to the press conference after the race and there were a lot of questions.”

Reynolds says he was humbled by the experience, just as he would be by unpleasant experiences in the future. “The race itself was one of the best feelings. I was very blessed to have the ability to go through that and I said the same thing about the accusations,” he says. “I’m better as a man, period, because of those different avenues.”

A month after setting the world record, Reynolds was the favorite in the Olympic 400, but he let American teenager Steve Lewis get away from him; he could not make up ground and finished second at 43.93 to Lewis’s 43.87.

As perhaps a bit of foreshadowing, during the Olympics, 10 athletes, including Canadian 100-meter champion Ben Johnson, were disqualified for their use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. Reynolds was not among them.

Nearly two years later, following a race in Monte Carlo in which he finished third (44.91), he was one of 10 athletes in the meet chosen randomly for testing. The sports’ governing body—the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF)—announced that Reynolds’s results were positive and banned him without a hearing. Reynolds vehemently denied the allegations and gained support when his lawyers presented documents that they claimed showed the process was tainted.

To ensure anonymity, each of the 10 samples was labeled H1 to H10 and put into containers marked A and B with the latter being used only if A was positive. Reynolds’s containers were assigned H5A and H5B and sent to Paris along with the rest for testing. Reynolds’s backers produced documents showing that only H6 A and B had been circled as positive.

Yet, the lab director said in an arbitration hearing in May 1992 that he remembered nearly two years earlier a technician telling him that the positive samples were in the H5 containers. According to a Sports Illustrated article (June 8, 1992), when asked of the discrepancy, the lab director replied, “I am unlucky with circles that day.” Despite the evidence, the IAAF ruled against Reynolds, who had won in arbitration 11 months earlier with the United States Olympic Committee.

Several injunctions from a Columbus federal district court later, and after the IAAF refused to rescind its suspension, Reynolds’s case went to the Supreme Court on June 20, 1992. He asked for the chance to compete in the Olympic trials. The 400-meter heats were postponed four days until a verdict was rendered.

Justice John Paul Stevens ruled that Reynolds had been denied due process and could run, and the full court affirmed the decision. Reynolds finished fifth in the trials and did not make the 400 team, but his placing did qualify him as an alternate on the 4 x 400 relay. However, the IAAF upheld its two-year suspension from 1990, and Reynolds was not allowed to compete in the Olympics.

In December 1993, U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Kinneary in Columbus ordered the IAAF to pay Reynolds $27.3 million in damages because it “purposefully avoided the truth” in responding to Reynolds’s charges.

The London-based IAAF argued the case had no merit outside Ohio, and in 1994 won an appeal to nullify the judgment and Reynolds received nothing from the organization. However, Reynolds did get satisfaction at the 1993 world championships when he helped the U.S. to victory in the 4 x 400 relay. He received a gold medal from IAAF president Primo Nebiolo, who personally fought Reynolds’s reinstatement. He also got something else—a kiss on both cheeks.

Reynolds was touched by the gesture. “I didn’t have to run after 1992,” he says. “I chose to run to make them apologize, make them award me my medal. I have a picture to prove that. To me, that was very important. It closed that chapter.” (He made the 1996 Olympic team by finishing second in the 400 trials, but hurt his hamstring in a semifinal race at the Atlanta Games and did not finish.)

Reynolds says he feels vindicated because of the botched handling of the samples and plans to retell his side soon in a book, which he hopes will help make up for a small fraction of the income lost over the years. “I will get really detailed in the whole case, and people can make their own conclusion how I was railroaded,” he says.

While his charitable activities are Reynolds’s passion these days, those pursuits don’t pay the bills. To earn an income, he runs the World Class Speed Program at the SuperKick training facility in Delaware County, putting his international track experience to use. “My foundation is nonprofit,” he says. “This is my profit.”

He also teams with ex-OSU and 11-year NFL safety William White to teach speed and agility through the Traq 3D fitness and development center of Powell. “Our programs are a perfect match,” Reynolds says. “It’s for everyone from elementary school all the way to the NFL, NBA. We’re developing a foundation for the athletes.” He adds, “I think speed can be taught if you know exactly the technique, form and breathing and taking care of your body.”

It is the latest stop for Reynolds, who was the full-time assistant strength and condition coach for Ohio State from 2005 until resigning in early 2008 because of time commitments. Prior to that, Reynolds taught speed training and fitness to high school athletes, such as Wells, in the Akron area.

Reynolds says he is optimistic he will return soon to Ohio State, where he earned an education degree in 1991, to assist athletes in all sports. “Butch did a wonderful job working with our guys on increasing their speed in the time he was here,” Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel says. “I’m sure he enjoyed doing it, but he had some other things going on as well.”

Reynolds moved from Akron to Columbus when he joined OSU, but still devoted many hours to his foundation back home. “It was hard leaving coach Tressel’s staff,” he says. “I knew there were other things that I could embark on. It takes time to get things going, but I’m moving in that direction.”

After Ohio State, he joined the D1 Sports Training Center on St. Rt. 23 north of I-270 as the strength and speed coach. Reynolds left shortly after the opening last year to become a personal trainer at SuperKick, where he says the more relaxed atmosphere was a better fit for him.

Today, Reynolds says he is in a good place. He had to sell his cars and mortgage his mother’s house to fund his legal fight years ago, but he says now, “I’m ahead. I’m on solid ground.” At 46, a decade since he hung up his cleats, Reynolds is still trim and fit (and contemplating trying a half marathon this fall). And, most importantly, he’s not bitter. “Sometimes my wife doesn’t understand where that contentment comes from,” he says. “It’s being secure in knowing who you are.”

Craig Merz is a freelance writer.



doc4c6c13ca39ceb688024112-4e5ff21d4dc0d2_97572121-doc4c6c13ca39ceb688024112.jpg Nearly 20 years ago, former OSU star Butch Reynolds was accused of doping. The winner of an Olympic gold medal and the holder of a world record spent more than $1 million to clear his name. Today, he's on another mission. " 1 1354 " Back on track Nearly 20 years ago, former OSU star Butch Reynolds was accused of doping. The winner of an Olympic gold medal and the holder of a world record spent more than $1 million to clear his name. Today, he's on another mission. Craig Merz " 7 4762 " t " 18717 " Reynolds, moments away from breaking the 400 meter world record in Zurich, Switzerland, in August 1988. Photo courtesy Butch Reynolds. 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'center':2580,2821 'charit':2503 'chosen':1932 'closer':1479 'colleg':1429 'combat':1146 'commit':2667 'compet':1569,2161,2246 'condit':2652 'confer':1706,1757 'counti':2536 'decemb':2251 'depart':696 'despit':2103 'detail':2483 'diabet':1080,1141 'differ':1300,1829 'direct':177,2811 'diseas':1148 'driven':1144 'embark':2796 'endors':535 'enhanc':1900 'eventu':466 'ex-osu':2558 'expect':1099 'expens':542 'experi':1775,1783,2541 'expert':1506 'famili':578,1332,1368 'faster':1409 'fellow':816 'finish':1581,1864,1920,2202,2416,2437 'follow':457,1911 'former':8A,50B,92,206,820 'fought':388,1256,2348 'friend':141 'gestur':2367 'global':1022 'govern':1938 'ground':1862,2903 'guilti':343 'hamstr':2425 'happen':1201 'health':574,737 'holder':26A,68B,110,215 'import':1360,2404,2930 'imposs':358 'improv':1449 'includ':1883 'indign':1316 'inelig':450 'inspir':319,1337 'intern':1570,1941,2539 'involv':1041 'joseph':2257 'justic':2179 'latest':2639 'latter':2003 'lawyer':1969 'london':2285 'low-li':1536 'mentor':852,895 'mexico':1503 'modest':590 'moment':266 'mother':2882 'nation':1021,1423,1590,1618 'novemb':1046 'outsid':2294 'parent':1060 'perhap':1873 'period':1825 'person':2347,2847 'pictur':2395 'pinnel':133,186,191,257,275,306,1071,1093 'polish':1213 'presid':2343 'produc':2032 'profit':2553 'promot':1709 'provid':1329 'public':539,699 'purpos':2273 'random':409,1933 'realiz':136 'realli':345,871,1127,1183,2482 'receiv':478,495,742,2308,2337 'record':30A,72B,114,214,1379,1546,1645,1679,1685,1837 'regain':546 'remain':1599 'rememb':1564,1696,2060 'render':2178 'resign':2660 'resist':1514 'result':1950 'return':2695 'reward':766,775,936,1102 'safeti':2565 'samuel':1307 'school':672,700,844,889,902,931,1067,2597,2679 'second':1415,1484,1524,1586,1652,1865,2417 'servic':1024 'silver':1230 'someon':859 'someth':757,2355 'spangl':1611 'statur':138 'steven':2182 'strain':284 'string':1113 'suffer':1314 'summer':454,492,891 'suprem':471,2149 'system':903 'taught':2620,2672 'teenag':1850 'togeth':154 'upheld':2232 'vindic':2442 'winner':18A,60B,102 'winter':998 'wonder':2717 'writer':2962 'zurich':1636 'address':916,1048 'alabama':1312 'alreadi':1253 'altitud':1497 'amateur':1942 'announc':1946 'anybodi':1091 'arizona':830 'assembl':1050 'atlanta':2432 'banquet':1026 'barrier':1485 'big-tim':1559 'brought':632 'central':1043 'chapter':2408 'classic':1471 'conclus':2494 'contain':423,1996,2013,2077 'content':2943 'continu':553,1062 'convers':1004,1530 'delawar':2535 'develop':2579,2607 'discrep':2091 'earlier':2064,2118 'equival':1516 'everyon':2594 'everyth':334,559 'exhaust':460 'favorit':1841 'footbal':152,2735 'foundat':675,838,882,1082,2545,2609,2774 'illustr':2082 'increas':2724 'injunct':480,2126 'johnson':1690,1889 'juvenil':1079 'kickoff':250 'michael':1689 'million':35A,77B,119,496,522,533,2268 'mindset':1290 'mission':45A,87B,129 'mortgag':2880 'nebiolo':2345 'neophyt':1557 'norwich':1052 'nullifi':2303 'partner':188 'passion':2508 'percent':927 'perfect':2587 'perform':1899 'possess':1123 'postpon':2171 'present':1970 'process':562,1977,2190 'program':673,738,845,890,1068,2528,2584 'prouder':1373 'pursuit':2512 'qualifi':2218 'qualiti':1119 'recount':264 'recreat':693 'rescind':2140 'resourc':835 'respect':346 'respond':2278 'reynold':12A,54B,96,143,172,204,259,287,365,476,545,579,663,734,811,877,918,942,980,1005,1069,1142,1249,1284,1308,1339,1388,1432,1532,1555,1624,1641,1682,1718,1768,1838,1902,1948,1959,2011,2029,2110,2143,2185,2201,2241,2266,2280,2307,2314,2349,2362,2438,2506,2589,2642,2671,2688,2757,2836,2865,2914 'semifin':1397,2428 'septemb':156 'skilken':190 'sometim':2935 'speaker':1018 'stadium':168,1474 'steroid':432,1896 'stretch':793 'student':898,1058 'subsequ':396 'support':1009,1063,1353,1966 'suspend':438 'suspens':924,2142,2237 'thought':1614 'trainer':2848 'tressel':2738,2782 'tutelag':1441 'unknown':1390 'unlucki':2098 'unpleas':1782 'upstair':221 'verdict':2176 'victori':2329 'visitor':642 'whether':361 'william':610,2566 'without':1956 'although':1393 'american':1849 'astonish':1659 'canadian':1884 'challeng':934 'champion':1887 'children':609,705,1132 'columbus':692,698,847,1539,2129,2260,2762 'committe':2124 'competit':646,1562 'concours':165 'contempl':2921 'director':2049,2094 'district':2131,2254 'document':1971,2033 'encourag':704,1057 'februari':910 'fl