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From the August 2010 edition

Designer benches

High-style designers are branching out into the furniture market.

MacKenzie-Childs, made famous by its quirky tableware, crafts equally high-quality and whimsical furniture, such as the Ridiculous Bench ($3,850).

Viewing this bench is like peeking into a fairy tale, with its odd combinations of patterns and accents. The kooky designs hand-painted onto the wood seem to be mismatched, yet join together in harmony alongside a fringe of handmade glass beads, brass buttons and silk roses. The reversible seat cushion toggles between a dark floral print and tomato and ochre stripe.

Other MacKenzie-Childs furnishings and accent pieces include beds, cabinets, chests, mirrors, tables and more seating. The new Courtly Campaign collection features signature MacKenzie-Childs embellishments such as the checkered pattern, combined with natural woven fiber. Furnishings and other products are available at Occasionally Yours at Easton and at

Tommy Bahama, the clothing line iconic of lazy summer sophistication, also is expanding its classy island charm to a furniture line, part of Lexington Home Brands.

The exotic Serengeti Bench is certainly a conversation piece, and adds funky flair to any room. The bench is included in Tommy Bahama’s Kingstown collection, inspired by British Colonial design and punctuated by a hint of safari.

The comfy cushion features an adventurous zebra-patterned, hair-and-hide cover and decorative nail trim. The bench, along with other furnishings are available online at

Megan Messer

Dream on

Not too hot, not too cold, the ChiliBed mattress, which debuted earlier this year, hopes to get it just right.

More than just a pad that goes under a spring mattress, the ChiliBed is a foam mattress with a network of pipes embedded throughout its center. A remote control sets the temperature and then water heats or cools in a pump and flows through the bed’s interior coils.

The mattresses have been marketed as helpful for consumers facing insomnia, menopause, chemotherapy and other conditions that affect sleep. Caution should be applied to the uncomfortable extremes the bed can cool and heat to—the lowest it can go is 48 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest is 118.

Heating and cooling can be done in two zones for double mattresses. Prices start at $1,499 for a twin and go to $3,049 for a dual zone California King.

The mattress can be found online at and the websites of Target, Amazon, Mattress Giant, DriNights, Beyond Beds and QVC.

And here’s some company pillow talk: The Chili Technology co-founder Todd Youngblood is the nephew of inventor Charles Hall, who created the waterbed in the 1960s.

—Jackie Mantey

Mirror mirrorThe modern furniture designer Porada, based in Italy, has created a variety of mirrored pieces that have a distinctively mid-century look. Available through, the Empire credenza ($9,600) and the Queen chest of drawers ($6,000) add a dash of reflection to any room.

—Sherry Beck Paprocki

Don’t miss this

An appearance by HGTV interior designer Frank Fontana, star of “Design on a Dime,” and other special events will mark this year’s Building Industry Association’s Parade of Homes, July 24 through Aug. 8 at Ackerly Park in New Albany. Fontana’s appearance is scheduled for 11 am July 25.

Homes featured on the tour are loaded with design tips, ranging from cutting-edge appliances to landscaping trends that feature outdoor rooms that incorporate water as well as fire.

Despite an industry hit hard by the recession, eight builders will have completed elaborate homes by the Parade’s preview party on July 23. “With the size of these homes I don’t think anyone will be disappointed,” explains Patty Sobiech, BIA assistant executive director. At least one home is larger than 5,000 square feet, and two of the homes were sold by early June. Prices range from $400,000 to more than $800,000.

Tickets to the preview party, which offers a tour of homes from 6-10 pm July 23, are $75. The tour is open noon to 9 pm Monday through Thursday, 10 am to

9 pm Friday and Saturday and 10 am to

6 pm Sunday. (There is no admittance one hour prior to closing.)

Tickets are $12 and parking is $2. Information regarding Fontana’s appearance and other special events can be obtained at

Sherry Beck Paprocki


Top 25



Following are the Top 25 real estate transactions for the last three months, as provided by CompuName of Westerville. Statistics are gathered for the greater Columbus area, including all of Franklin County and parts of Delaware and Fairfield counties.





Price                Address                                     Buyer/Seller



$1,950,000       2580 Sherwin Rd., 43221              Matthew A. Labuhn, trustee from James and Lori                                                                                                   L. Hendrix




$1,225,000       3898 Baughman Grant, 43054      Andrew Fox Bohutinsky and Elizabeth M. Siemer                                                                         from Donna M. Turlinski                      

$1,150,000       29 Wiveliscombe, 43054              Thomas H. Mallory Jr. from Kimberly A. Danosi




$1,070,000       7852 Fenway Rd., 43054             Mark E. and Jane L. Thompson  from Carol A.                                                                                 Thompson, trustee



$1,049,000       12 Hawksmoor Rd., 43054           Richard and Michelle Kolaska from Brian N. and                                                                                   Hara  B. Priddy



$1,000,000       2082 Fontenay Pl., 43220            George M. and Cynthia L. Tzagournis from Vivek                                                                                   Jain and Wendy Van Gastel



$1,000,000       2481 Stonehaven Pl., 43220          Fifth Third Mortgage Co. from Ernie S. and                                                                                           Stephanie L. Malas



$950,000         13931 Whispering Ct., 43147        Daniel M. Ritchey from Jerry L. Clum Jr., trustee



$910,000         5270 Brighton Pl., 43065              Thomas James Jr. and Denise M. Busic from                                                                         Gegory J. Rowe



$875,000         7900 Ginger Pl., 43017                Stephen Michael Henck from The Arlington Bank



$875,000         7762 Chetwood Close, 43054        Paul R. and Stephanie A. Ryan from Stephen D. 


                                                                        and Lisette M. McVey




$871,045         5316 Lake Shore Ave., 43082       Gene S. and Audri J. Humphrey from Jeffery W.


                                                                        and Patricia L. Shaw




$850,000         7104 Glacier Ridge Blvd., 43017    Gregory W. and Rita Balturshot from Kevin Knight                                                                                                  and Co.



$850,000         230 Stonegate Circle, 43230         Stephen P. and Barbara S. Hunckler from                                                                                                 Archer Development Co. LLC



$839,000         9434 Tartan Ridge Blvd., 43017     Mark and Tammy M. Berven from Romanelli and                                                                                                  Hughes Building Co.



$815,000        7290 Waterston, 43054                Adam M. and Jennifer K. Zochowski from                                                                       Rocky Fork  Investments LLC



$800,000        4567 Northgate, 43054                 Fifth Third Mortgage Co. from Gerald A. and Judy                                                                       A. Lacko



$795,000        9347 Naples Lane, 43016           Malissa Donovan and Edward Sommer from Edith                                                                                            Elizabeth and Richard H. Jenk



$787,040        8780 Lindsey Ct., 43082            Carol M. Burgett from Romanelli and                                                                     Hughes Building Co.



$764,108        6029 Chimney Ct., 43021          Rafik Howlander and Laila Rabbani from Romanelli                                                                     and Hughes Building Co.



$750,000        6059 Saint Boswell Ct., 43017    Marilyn K. and Jerry D. Wiggam from Cynthia M.                                                                      and Richard G. Orlando





$730,500        5453 Rosalind Blvd., 43065        Kay Lynn Pontius from Romanelli Custom Homes                                                                      Ltd.



$725,000        5165 Preston Ct., 43065             Laura J. Calhoun from Jerry M. and Linda C. Wolf



$725,000        2400 Arlington Ave., 43221         John R. Trydahl from Norman J. Neubig



$714,100        361 S. Columbia Ave., 43209      Bruce A. and Julie W. Weinberg from Prudential                                                                        Relocation Inc.




These stories appeared in the July 2010 issue of Columbus Monthly Homes.