1. What word did Ohio Rep. Bill Batchelder use in September to describe Democratic campaign ads that were painting Republican General Assembly hopefuls in a negative light?

A.Excrement B.Bunk C.Crap D.Bulls**t

2. What team did the Columbus Clippers defeat to become triple-A national champions in late September?

A.Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees B.Durham Bulls C.Indianapolis Indians D.Tacoma Rainiers

3. "Honest to God, that was the whole reason I tried out to be the mascot," was a quote by 19-year-old Brandon Hanning, who donned Ohio University's mascot outfit and did what during a mid-September game against Ohio State?

A.Flashed the student section of Ohio Stadium B.Tackled Ohio State wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher before the game started C.Tackled Brutus Buckeye, OSU's mascot, before the game D.Chased OSU cheerleaders around the field during halftime

4. "We have no reason to be concerned for the executions for calendar year 2010," was a quote by a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. What reason would she have to be concerned?

A.A report shows that judges are giving fewer death penalty rulings, resulting in fewer executions. B.The state is running low on the thiopental sodium drug used in lethal injections. C.A severe storm in late September damaged the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility's death house. D.The Ohio Supreme Court ruled in late September to reinstate use of the electric chair.

5. Two men were arrested after what was found in their north-side hotel room in late September?

A.A white Bengal tiger B.A methamphetamine laboratory C.A human foot D.Forty marijuana plants

Answers: 1: A; 2: D; 3: C; 4: B; 5: B