Well, it's September, which means most of you probably will be reading Buckeye football blogs instead of my musings on food news, but I will not back down!

So, in an effort to steer your attention toward all-things-culinary, here's some news.

• Benihana has a chef's special for September. It's a Hibachi ribeye for two for $38. Drink options include a Fuji appletini, green tea colada and sake sangria.

• There's (almost) a new Italian restaurant and wine bar near Upper Arlington. Cibo is expected to open in early October at Reed and Henderson roads, says co-owner Carla Piolata, a former owner of Da Vinci Ristorante, which closed in 2006. Menu items include fried calamari and beef carpaccio, as well as assorted salads and pasta dishes. There's also housemade gnocchi. Piolata says being gone from the restaurant business for four years was enough. "We've been looking for the last two years. It was like coming home. We know everyone and everyone knows us. I love to entertain. When people come in, they're coming into our home," she says. For more information, see cibocolumbus.com.

• My coworker, Columbus Monthly's fearless nightlife reporter, Ben Zenitsky, alerted me to a website called Snacksquare. Before I go any further, I need to say that I don't have a smart phone, because I am not smart enough to figure out how to use the 50 million applications there seem to be for each phone. So, for all of you smarter than me, you must have Foursquare to use Snacksquare. Moving on. So, Snacksquare basically is like frequent flier miles at certain restaurants and cafes in town. For example, Impero Coffee is listed on the site right now. So, you would click "check in here" and enter your cellphone number. For every eight check-ins, Impero gives you a free drink. If you use this, I'd be interested to know. Free coffee may be enough motivation for me to buy a smart phone.

• The folks at Gordon Biersch sent out a press release announcing the limited-time only German-themed menu, featuring Festbier, a seasonal brew. Menu items paired with the beer include a German sausage platter, German Kobe burger and Drunken New York Strip. Click here for more info. The special beer and menu will hit the Columbus location tomorrow (Sept. 14).

That's all (for now). I'll be back soon with info on a new catering company coming from one of the city's four-star restaurants.

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