Wedding album

I gasped when I turned the page to July's "Wedding album" of Scott Heimlich and Scott Brown. Thank you for recognizing such a beautiful union. The more stories like this are made public the closer our entire society comes to not just tolerating or accepting, but celebrating everyone's right to happiness regardless of orientation. This is marriage. This is love. This is life. Congratulations to the Scotts.

Lisa Cave


Inconvenient pet

John Petric's column, "An inconvenient pet" in the March issue, about abandoning acatis a subject that needed to be addressed. Over the years, my husband and I have tried to find homes for the pets that have been dumped at our gate. When dogs became hungry, they came to the house for food, but many of the cats dumped disappear into the feral community.

We need tostop the population explosion of feral cats. An organization called Alley Cat Allies( in Bethesda, Maryland,is raising awareness of feral cats and their needs.If you have seen a feral cat in your neighborhood, you can help by getting involved with this program.

Phyllis Andreasen


Defending our reviewer

I find it surprising that in your May issue the only letter to the editor published was regarding a review of Third & Hollywood. I also find it unfair to publish one person's allegedly negative experience. Everybody is a critic, but why not stand behind the review your critic gave? I trust it more than one from a random person who expects an immediate table on the busiest night of the week at one of the hottest places in town.

Brad Boose


Somebody likes us

Just a note to say how much we enjoy your magazine. I read it cover to cover. I find it very informative and packed full of info. It is my Bible for ethnic food, great dining and all forms of entertainment.

Roger Hartman

South Bloomingville