Nicole Revish says she knew early in her relationship with husband Marcus Austin that he was "the one." Revish, owner of Nicole Revish Salon & Spa, and the daughter of 10TV's Jerry Revish and Danielle Revish, fashion show coordinator for the Columbus Bride show, married Austin at her brother's home Sept. 3 in Powell in the company of 90 guests. Her father officiated the ceremony and pronounced them husband and wife.

The couple met a few years ago through Austin's sister, with whom Revish is close friends. Although the two had never met because Austin lived out of town, Revish says their families have been close for nearly a decade. Not long after Austin returned to town, he met Revish and they hit it off. "He asked me out to the movies, and he asked my son to go, too," she explains, referring to her 4-year-old, Sam, from a previous marriage. "We've been inseparable since." (Fun sidenote: Austin has two small children, so Revish jokes that people who don't know them assume they have triplets.)

After six months together, Austin proposed to Revish. "I said, 'I have to think about it, since I've been married before,' " she says. Persistent, Austin tried again six months later and she accepted. As for choosing the date, the third of the month is special because their first date was May 3. And although Revish says she and Austin wanted a destination wedding, they couldn't imagine their day without family and friends, so, they improvised. "We created an outdoor destination wedding at my brother's home. It looked like a wedding in the Hamptons. It was beautiful." Revish calls her wedding "a la carte," since she hired several vendors, but also completed a few tasks on her own, including designing the centerpieces for each table. Her dress was purchased at Joan's Bridal Couture, and when it came into the store, it was a little too big for her petite frame. "Joan ripped it apart and re-made it for me. We added a sash for a vintage look, too. It was amazing."

When asked what makes her click with Austin, Revish answers quickly. "God is first. He's the center of our relationship." She also answers quickly when asked about her favorite moment from the day. Her son, Sam, asked for an important job after the couple's engagement. "He told me, 'I want to walk you down the aisle, Mommy.' He loves Marcus to death. He really wanted us to get married," she says, adding that it was special to have the most important men in her life involved in her happy day. The couple opted to have a "stay-cation" instead of taking a honeymoon, so Revish says they "had a blast" in town with each other and their "triplets."

-Taylor Swope