If you are a coffee or tea aficionado, you know that the taste of a hot beverage can be greatly influenced by the quality of your brewing pot. Knowing what to purchase depends on your preferences, of course, and whether you need a powerful daily dose of caffeine during these dreary winter days. We've gathered a few of our sleekest favorites to share, including some that add a distinct visual aesthetic to your kitchen as they brew.

1. Mirabelle Glass Teapot ($59.95), found at Easton's Teavana, it has a double-wall construction that keeps tea warm for up to two hours after brewing.

2. If you prefer brewing coffee in a European way, consider Bodum's Chambord French Press ($29.95). Official coffee tasters use French presses to determine the authentic quality and taste of coffee beans because the glass and stainless steel do not interfere with the taste.

3. The Keurig Mini Plus ($90) system can be a helpful addition to your home or office. It's capable of brewing 6, 8 and 10 ounces of coffee or tea in less than two minutes. It includes a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs. Keurig also produces the Platinum Brewing System ($169.95) which can brew up to eight cups at a time.

4. The Fuku Japanese Cast Iron teapot ($149.95), also at Teavana, is strong and durable. This pot holds 18 ounces but needs to be hand washed to retain its quality.

5. If you are looking for a basic coffee maker to start your morning, you might try the standby Mr. Coffee 12-cup unit ($49.99). It includes a programmable system and a dual window that shows the amount of water to ensure accurate filling.

6. For Life ($38), found at Mootz Run, Ltd., near Granville, makes four cups and has an infuser that fits inside to steep loose-leaf tea without creating a mess.