Wondering what happened to the Man With the Golden Voice?

"Entertainment Tonight" recently visited Ted Williams (above, right) and his girlfriend in their Columbus home. Check out the video here. (The story also was picked up by the Daily Mail in the UK, which you can read here.)

Williams shot to fame in January 2011 after Dispatch photographer Doral Chenoweth III videotaped the homeless Army vet, who stunned listeners with his beautiful baritone. ("Discovering the golden voice"-February 2011.)

The video quickly went viral (it's gotten more than 18 million hits on YouTube), and the former roadside beggar became an overnight media sensation thanks to his story and his radio-perfect voice. A recovering addict, Williams has faced various struggles since then, but in the "Entertainment Tonight" story, he appears to be doing well.

"A year ago today, I was living in a tent, under bridges, smoking crack, doing the wild thing," he told ET. "What a difference a year makes. It's a hallelujah moment every day I wake up. . . . I couldn't have dreamed of anything like this."

-Jill Hawes