I'm passionate about anything creative and anything social.

Age: 34 Job: Marketing manager, Easton ?Town Center

What do you love about your work? It's creative. I love the people I get to interact with and the city and the people coming to Columbus.

What's your passion? I'm passionate about anything creative and anything social. Even when I travel, I love meeting people. I love design in general, I love photography, and I make my own custom cookies.

The guy you're looking for? He's adventurous, spontaneous and loves to travel. I went on a date where I knew what city we were going to and what to pack, but other than that I only knew to be ready at 10 a.m. It was great.

No. 1 dating rule? Be genuine, be who you are, speak very honestly about what it is you want.

I own too many… T-shirts. I need to just get rid of them. My last boyfriend would say I'm… genuine. I'm a lot of fun, and I'm always willing to try something new. My guilty pleasure is… sweets.

Dream superpower? I think it would be interesting to really know what people are thinking.

What are you afraid of? I'm not a big fan of fish. I think if I was to be dropped in an aquarium at Sea World, that would not be fun.

What's the last… Place you went for dinner? A restaurant called Red Star in downtown Portland, Oregon. Book you read? I'm reading a book right now about the paleo diet. Movie you saw? I need to catch up on movies. It was probably something over Christmas with my family. I'm much more of a work out and meet up with friends [person] than TV or movies person.