Fish on Pizza in Columbus

From the September 2013 edition

Seeing tiny fish scattered across a pizza is a turn-off for some. But others swear by the salty, smoky flavor anchovies bring to pies. In a time when pizza toppings are going more gourmet, this old-school garnish is still hanging on at pizza shops across town, although they aren’t as popular as they used to be.  The “dreaded anchovies,” as Bert Reynolds calls them, have been on the menu of his Kingy’s shop since he opened 33 years ago. The only orders he gets nowadays are from older customers, he says. “I don’t think younger people eat them at all,” Reynolds says. Bono owner Jake Wilch admits he doesn’t personally like them but says anchovies are still worth a try—as long as you stay away from the dehydrated ones. Bono offers two pizzas—the Napoli and the Hippo—with fresh anchovies. “The saltiness and flavor that they bring to the pizza is unmatched,” Wilch says.