Taste Test: Grandma's v. Granddad's Pizza

From the September 2013 edition

Everyone has their favorite grandparent, just like everyone has their favorite local pizza joint, right? So we put longstanding shops Grandma’s Pizza & Pasta on West Broad Street and Grandad’s Pizza in Grandview in a head-to-head, cheese pizza, blind tasting faceoff. Here’s how things went down:

Grandma's Challengers Granddad's
Doughy and bland Round 1: Crust Cracker-y with a good crunch
Not bad, but needed a lot more Round 2: Sauce Sweet tomato flavor, but needs more tang
Good coverage, but needed more flavor Round 3: Toppers Solid amount, but a little too burnt

**Winner**  Granddad's

The advantage: Head-to-head when it came to so-so toppings, Grandad’s crispy crust carried this pie to victory.