Lost Art: Fountain Pen Repair

From the February 2014 edition

I had a little antique shop at Fourth and High, and I started carrying pens sort of by accident. I went to auctions often, where I would buy boxes of things in whole—three, four at a time for a couple dollars here and there. Often, I found nothing. But one time I found two fountain pens in the bottom of a box. I put them in the store, and they sold lightning-quick. After a year the shop was all pens. Several years later I was at a flea market in Indianapolis and ran into a guy who said he had been the main repair man for Eversharp back in the 1930s. We got to talking, and he offered to give me a lesson. I extrapolated everything I know from an hour of watching him work. Today, people bring in their grandfather’s pen, that sort of thing. There are very few who remember fountain pens, but I can tackle most anything that comes in.