Lost Art: Typewriter Repair

From the February 2014 edition

Dan Saunders on the lost art of typewriter repair

Most of the typewriter business, they’re done gone. Any business that opened up years ago had to have a typewriter. You don’t see many typewriters sitting on people’s desks today-—you see a computer.

I always had a thing for fixing things. My dad was in the office machine business. He taught me, and I’d take a typewriter home and take it apart and put it back together. You learn one, it’s basically like all of them.

I learned time clocks, and then it all went to biometrics. It’s all different now. Back in the ’70s, you’d get 100 calls a day. Now you’d be lucky to get 100 calls a year. It’s a dying breed, but I still get enough calls to make a decent living out of it. Dan Saunders, National Time Systems, 4146 Maize Rd. North Side, 614-262-4222