Arch City

What’s the Deal with This Town?

From the February 2014 edition

In honor of Jerry Seinfeld’s performance at the Ohio Theatre on Feb. 27, we present five Seinfeldian observations about Columbus (with apologies to Mr. Seinfeld).

1. On The Ohio State University
Not just any Ohio State University. The Ohio State University. Does anybody ever say they went to TOSU?

2. On the Buckeye logo
Did you ever notice that this looks a lot like marijuana leaves? Apparently it’s not called High Street for nothing.

3. On the name Columbus
People in Columbus must really believe that Christopher Columbus sailed here. Have you seen the Santa Maria?4. On the airportI love how it’s Columbus International Airport. Apparently calling it “Columbus National Airport, plus flights to Canada” was too long.

5. On getting around the city
They say you can get anywhere in this town in 20 minutes. How you get there—well, that’s another story. I’ve never seen so many Subways in a city with no actual subway.