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We Call Beechwold Home

From the April 2014 edition

Once Sarah and Joey Hebdo decided to live in Columbus, it didn’t take long for them to discover Beechwold was the perfect fit. The Athens residents were ready to make the move to a bigger city, and they wanted to be closer to family.

“We wanted to be close to Downtown and close to a lot of areas that have a lot of things going on,” says Joey, a local musician. “We didn’t want to be removed.”

A Gahanna native, Joey had an idea of some neighborhoods that would fulfill their checklist. After looking at housing in Grandview and the Short North, they decided on Beechwold when they found their dream home in May 2010: a recently renovated two-bedroom that retained its 1950s architectural style. The U shape of the home creates an outdoor courtyard in the center of the house, a popular design from that decade.

Although they wanted to be close to the energy of Downtown, living in a neighborhood with a strong community presence was important to the Hebdos. “People walk around and go to the community market. There are a lot of community-conscious people,” says Sarah, an art teacher at Whitehall City Schools. “There are a lot of people our age in the area and a lot of artists.”

The recently married couple says they like that Beechwold isn’t a “cookie-cutter neighborhood” and appreciate its maturity and charm. “Every house where we live looks different,” Joey says. “It’s nice walking down the street and being able to tell what someone is like by their house. They are so individual.” Being able to stroll to the grocery store, the gym or out to dinner is another big perk of the area. Says Sarah: “Anything that we would need is in walking distance.”