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Best Columbus Neighborhoods for Your Age

From the April 2014 edition

The dividing line between which neighborhoods are best for different stages of life isn’t as black and white as a ZIP code, says Ken Wightman, real estate agent for Prudential American Realty. Instead, different age groups gravitate toward various styles of housing and characteristics typical to a neighborhood.


“The younger crowd likes to be near bars and clubs, more integrated [into the neighborhood],” Wightman says, citing areas like the Short North and Italian Village. They want the option to buy newer properties with modern amenities. “The younger groups aren’t as interested in older properties. They look at a lot of condos with open living areas.”

Where to look: Short North, Italian Village, Downtown


Wightman’s 40- and 50-year-old clients are less concerned with modern touches. They want to see the character of the home. "That’s the biggest difference," he says. They are looking for space, character and walkability in a neighborhood.

Where to look: Clintonville


Wightman sees a trend in droves of empty-nesters who’ve lived in the suburbs for years, "and they want to be back where the action is." While it’s not necessarily nightlife they are searching for, neighborhoods that cater to an active lifestyle with walkability to sporting events, top restaurants and shopping are ideal.

Where to look: German Village, Arena District, Victorian Village