When Yellow Brick Pizza opened in Olde Towne East, Candy and John Hopkins were the first in line to order

When Yellow Brick Pizza brought its beloved, cheeky brand of pies and pints to Olde Towne East in 2011, Candy and John Hopkins were the first in line to order.

"We were the very first customers in Yellow Brick Pizza," Candy says. "When we moved to the neighborhood, there wasn't a whole lot down here. … It has been very exciting to watch all these restaurants grow."

The Hopkins haven't been in the neighborhood very long, either. They moved into their 3-story brick home on Franklin Avenue in 2008.

"We chose Olde Towne East because we were looking for an older home. We had always lived in an older house and always loved them," says Candy, a graphic designer. John is a management consultant. "Plus, we knew that for our money, we could get a lot more house in Olde Towne East."

Indeed, the Hopkins' home was built in 1895 and, while its bones are the same, it received a very modern interior update before they purchased it. All the space-and the backyard pond feature-has become especially attractive since November 2012. That was when the couple welcomed their newest addition to the family, baby Six (he's the sixth John Hopkins of the family).

"I think people who don't come to Olde Towne East think people with babies don't live here," Candy says of the neighborhood's slowly changing wild, wild east reputation. "Everybody who lives here has a common goal to make it better. Everybody is very friendly and looks out for each other. We really, really love it here. We think it's a great place to raise our son."

Their proximity to parks, museums, the library and a community garden doesn't hurt, either. "We're still Downtown without being right Downtown," Candy says. "We feel like we have the best of all worlds."