Sweet Endings: Chef Amy Lozier’s Kitchen Sink Cookies

From the May 2014 edition

In Amy Lozier’s childhood home, oatmeal cookies counted as health food. And they definitely qualified for breakfast. “It was the only way I would eat oatmeal, I can tell you that,” she says. Lozier’s mother was an avid baker—she’d even take a day off work before the holidays just to bake. She’d make Kitchen Sink Cookies a few times a month, loading them with whatever she could find in the kitchen: raisins, chocolate chips, nuts, coconut. At Omega, the cookie has a crisp exterior and a pleasantly chewy interior. Lozier hates raisins, so her Kitchen Sink Cookies employ dried cherries instead. “It’s still my favorite cookie,” she says. And it is for her customers, too—one even orders a dozen or two at a time. omegaartisanbaking.com