Sweet Endings: Eatin’ Hot Hot Hot!

From the May 2014 edition
  • Wasabi Peach Doughnut from Destination Donuts
  • Hot Chocolate Cupcake from Kittie’s Cakes
  • Hot & Spicy Peanut Butter Milkshake from Krema Nut Co.
Habanero Cheesecake from Wolf’s Ridge Brewing (TWO FLAMES)

Warm weather can’t come soon enough. That’s when chef Seth Lassak promises one of our favorite desserts from the Downtown brewpub will return (possibly late May or early June). So keep a fork out for this creamy house-made cheesecake dotted with specs of habanero that’ll gently awaken your sweat glands. Here’s hoping it’s still paired with the sweet and slightly bitter house-hopped caramel sauce. wolfsridgebrewing.com

Hot Brunette from Sugardaddy’s (ONE FLAME)

“It isn’t that spicy,” you’ll tell yourself after the first bite of this dense round brownie. It’s all sweet at the start—chocolate and cinnamon. Keep eating and the heat—thanks to the addition of chipotle chili—will slowly sneak up, tingling the back of your tongue, lingering for a few minutes before dissipating. Grab this treat from any Sugardaddy’s shop when you want a break from the classic fudgy brownie. sugardaddys.com

Hot Chocolate Cupcake from Kittie’s Cakes (ONE FLAME)

Take a Red Hot cinnamon candy and smother it in chocolate frosting—that’s what this mini cupcake tastes like. It has less to do with the little red candies crushed on top (it’s a garnish more for fun than flavor, owner Molly Fankhauser says), than the brilliant heaping helping of cayenne pepper added to the milk chocolate ganache in the center of this frosted chocolate cake two-bite treat. kittiescakes.com

Mexican Fig Brownie from Katalina’s (TWO FLAMES)

You can smell the nose-tickling spice before you taste these fudge-like brownies kept in the cooler near the counter at the tiny Latin-leaning Katalina’s. Is that cinnamon? Chili? Who cares! It’s the perfect saving grace in a fig preserves-stuffed brownie that’d be too sweet without the kick. The spice (Katalina’s wasn’t giving up the secret.) balances out the dish the way citrus adds a perfect acidic touch to a cocktail. katalinascolumbus.com

Slow Burner Peanut Butter cookies from Bake Me Happy (TWO FLAMES)

Soft, chewy and just a little crumbly. Tiny crisscrossed squares charmingly scored on top. The online-based bakery’s treat bears all the hallmarks of a great peanut butter cookie. Except that they sub in Krema’s Hot & Spicy peanut butter for, as promised, a slow burn that’ll sneak up on you. The heat will linger, so having a glass of milk nearby is highly encouraged. bakemehappygf.com

Wasabi Peach Doughnut from Destination Donuts (ONE FLAME)

Sure it sounds weird, but odd flavor combos that work are what we’ve come to love about Heather Morris’ ultra-dense artisan doughnuts. New for the season are these ginger cake nibblers hugged by a sweet peach glaze and topped with a drizzle of wasabi just strong enough to send a chill up your nose. It’s sweet, fruity and umami all in one bite. destinationdonuts.com

Hot & Spicy Peanut Butter Milkshake from Krema Nut Co. (THREE FLAMES)

There’s no sugar-coating the heat in this classic shake. It’s downright tongue stinging from the first straw-puckering sip of vanilla ice cream, milk and Krema’s Hot & Spicy peanut butter added in gobs at the nut company’s cafe counter (where the heat-averse can also opt for an unspicy version of the same shake). If you’re the person who reaches for the fiery wings and ghost-pepper-packed salsa, this is your kinda treat. krema.com