Best of Columbus 2014: Bubbly Beverages

From the July 2014 edition

Fizz isn’t just for a fountain drink anymore. Bartenders and even a craft soda maker are keeping noses tickling in Columbus.


Bar manager Logan Demmy and his team are offering the only draft cocktails you’ll find in the city. Look for the Round Trip ($12); one pull of the handle, and you’re enjoying a peppery mix of mezcal, Madeira, reposado tequila and housemade strawberry black pepper shrub.

Rambling House Soda Pop

Hold the liquor—and the high-fructose corn syrup. John Lynch’s craft sodas are batched only with whole, all-natural ingredients. (When was the last time you drank soda made with real sarsaparilla root?) Grab a growler of the Spicy Ginger Ale ($8) at the Ohio Taproom.

Hudson 29

When you order a Bourbon Cola ($10), don’t expect a Jack and Coke. Expect more. Like a fizzy marriage of bourbon, port, raspberry puree and brown sugar. The secret behind the drink’s speedy delivery? Bar manager Bill Denhard and crew use an oversize gas cylinder to carbonate cocktails by the gallon.

M at Miranova

Every bottled cocktail at M is individually shaken and carbonated using the all-in-one Perlini Carbonated Cocktail System. The process, while meticulous, means head bartender Cris Dehlavi’s bubbly Aviation ($14) pours as pretty as any cocktail you’ll find in Columbus.