Best of Columbus 2014: Instagrammers

From the July 2014 edition

We talked with six of the city’s best Instagrammers—who have between 700 and 44,000 followers—about why they love the app and where they find inspiration.

@bigmanjapan, Adam Elkins, 27

My focus is mainly on light and composition, though a lot of what I post is urban exploration. I like shocking people with what I can shoot with an iPhone.

@brianmkaiser, Brian Kaiser, 34

I try to capture the overlooked places and moments—and to find beauty in places you wouldn’t expect.

@karasmarsh, Kara Smarsh, 25

My niche interest in tech and art played a role in my interest in the social-media aspect of Instagram. Artists are able to support one another in an easy way.

@iluvcolumbus, Lisa Ragland, 35

Someone told me, “You make Columbus look like an interesting place.” I think of myself as a true observer of this community.

@_mattsteele_, Matt Steele, 31

One of the common threads in my feed is posting things that would otherwise be ordinary, capturing things in a creative way.

@jaredsgibbons, Jared Gibbons, 24

My style has really evolved since I’ve been living and working Downtown. I call it urban minimalism: stripped down, clean lines, symmetrical.