Cat: Hausfrau Haven's Mr. Sox

Cat: Hausfrau Haven’s Mr. Sox

Mr. Sox is as much a marketing effort as he is a furry companion. The cat—which lives full-time at German Village wine-and-beer store Hausfrau Haven—is a draw for the shop’s regulars. “He brings in people who want to see him all the time,” manager David Jadwin says. “They’re already happy enough, coming in to get liquored up, and seeing him puts them in a good mood.” Mr. Sox, who’s an indoor-outdoor shop cat, is super friendly, too. Stop in, and you’re likely to be greeted with a purr.

Dog: A Gal Named Cinda Lou’s Henry

“I just like having him here. But shoppers enjoy it, too—we have regulars who come in just to visit Henry,” says Short North shop owner Julie Bennati of her Boston terrier, Henry. The pup mostly “does what he pleases” during the day, lounging on mid-century modern furnishings or sleeping on a rug. And he’s been an inspiration to his owner, who created a line of items—T-shirts, tote bags and more—with his mug. “He’s great with people, even when it’s busy like during Gallery Hop,” Bennati adds. “Sometimes he’ll get overly excited if another dog comes in, but he just wants to play.”