Best of Columbus: Collaborations

From the July 2014 edition

Columbus businesses love to get together and make things. Here are some of our recent favorites:

Seventh Son Brewing Co. + Rockmill Brewing = Urban Cowboy Belgian Stout

Seventh Son owner Collin Castore called Rockmill owner Matthew Barbee wanting to collaborate on a beer. After much tasting, they decided to brew a “Belgian dubbel masquerading as a stout,” Barbee says. The beer, brilliantly dubbed the Urban Cowboy, is the stylish product of an urban brewery (Columbus’ Seventh Son) and a rural brewery (Lancaster’s Rockmill). “What a wonderful experience. … We had a blast,” Barbee says. Urban Cowboy is at beer stores, but supply is dwindling, so shop now.

Middle West Spirits + Stinkybomb Soap = Spirits-scented, grain-speckled soaps

Impressed by another soap collaboration, Middle West Spirits owner Brady Konya got in touch with Stinkybomb’s Megan Green late last year. The Middle West Spirits soaps Green created are, like craft spirits themselves: sensory-rich and focused on fragrance. Hops and barley are embedded into the soaps adding a tactile layer, as well as exfoliating muscle, Green says. The soaps—whiskey, honey vanilla bean, bourbon and stone fruit (back in the fall)—are sold exclusively via Middle West Spirits.

Watershed Distillery + Mixology Marmalades = One-of-a-kind boozy jams

Watershed reached out to James and Sheree Jarc, the couple behind Mixology Marmalades, after liking the looks of their pale ale jelly at Celebrate Local. “It was really just a perfect fit,” says Watershed general manager Evelyn Simpson. Mixology Marmalades created their Sea Salt & Grapefruit Greyhound, Honey Lime & Ginger Beer “Foghorn” and Blackberry & Mint “Scarlet” using Watershed’s vodka, gin and bourbon, respectively. The spreads are sold online and at Watershed Distillery.