Color Infusion

From the August 2014 edition

Valerie Esiso, owner of reStyled by Valerie, brings her colorful-yet-streamlined style to Central Ohio. 

Why interior design?

I’ve been interested in design forever, but my parents didn’t think it was a real job. I grew up in Nigeria but moved to Pennsylvania for college. I studied marketing and was working toward a Ph.D. before my husband and I had twins. I realized, “I have nothing to prove! I’m smart; I know that now, so I can do what I want!” I got my first project when I was living in New York, doing design as a side gig.

Your most notable project to date?

We moved here to Columbus and bought our first home, an old house with nice bones. I completely redid everything, from the floors up. And then it flooded. The roofers were supposed to be fixing the roof, but I guess they didn’t check the weather … and this newly decorated house flooded. Getting to redesign one house twice in six months was my learning experience. I submitted our home to Houzz, and they liked it; they sent someone to interview me and take pictures. I got some local projects from that exposure.

What services do you offer?

Total interior design—designing space layouts, making a home flow and function—to soft decorating, making a home look like one in a magazine.

Describe your style.

I love clean lines, but I love stuff. I don’t want to walk into a space that feels sparce or like a showroom. I incorporate a lot of color. I love color … I am African! But I shy away from those stereotypical ideas of what “African” is. I like an eclectic fusion, a space that’s well curated.

What colors do you love most?

I don’t want to scare people into thinking I’m going to come in and do crazy color. I love white. I love Scandinavian design. However, even with Scandinavian design you have bright neon colors and more.