Wild game is all the rage right now, with local restaurants cooking everyting from bison to rabbit to boar. I've tried and enjoyed many of them, but until yesterday had never had the pleasure of eating Australia's game-y specialty, kangaroo. So when I spotted it on De-Novo's small plates menu yesterday, I ordered it immediately.

Specifically, this is a hazelnut-crusted kangaroo filet served in a port-cherry demi glaze with a pile of micro greens. Our waiter explained that kangaroo gets tough if overcooked, so I ordered it at the recommended medium-rare.

The meat was tender and juicy, but honestly didn't have much flavor on its own. Luckily the hazelnuts and cherries added plenty of rich, sweet flavor. Definitely worth ordering for the novelty factor.

De Novo

201 S. High St., Downtown