So I had Diaspora's Dolsot Bibimbap for lunch on Wednesday, and I cannot stop thinking about it.

If you've never had the pleasure, bibimbap is a Korean rice dish with seasoned sauteed veggies as well as, usually, ground beef and an egg. The Dolsot means it's served in a heated stone pot. Diaspora, a chic and cheerful place on High Street on the north end of Campus, does a great job with it.

For me, the appeal of bibimbap is twofold. First, it's simply stunning when served. Second, its looks are deceiving. What appears to be a big pile of vegetables is transformed into something more delicious than you can imagine after you finish with the final prep step of stirring everything together.

So pretty! Diaspora's version comes with slightly sweet bulgogi-style ground beef, an egg, thinly sliced marinated cucumber, meaty slices of mushroom, ribbons of carrot, sprouts, leafy greens and a bit of seaweed.

After you're done admiring the gorgeous composition, it's time to mix everything together. Squirt on a bunch of the provided red chili sauce and start stirring, until the sauce and the raw egg have melded together in a rich and creamy sauce.

Here's what it looks like post-stir. Now, the neatest thing about the hot stone serving dish is it transforms the bottom layer of rice into crispy, fried chunks of deliciousness.

Like most Korean restaurants, Diaspora serves an assortment of Banchan, or small dishes of food, alongside entrees. These are meant to be shared and snacked on throughout the meal. My faves are the spicy kimchi and the vinegary seaweed.

Watch for my full review in the Dispatch's Weekend section next week, but just know that eating at this place makes me super happy.


2118 N. High St., Campus