Dine Originals Week is over, but I wanted to share one last dish that I tried last week. Rigsby's Pappardelle with Rabbit Sugo was the best thing I ate last week, and it's available on the Short North restaurant's regular lunch and dinner menus.

This dish is a perfect example of Rigsby's simple but luxurious approach to cooking. Amazing wide pasta noodles are topped with a thick tomatoe-heavy sauce -- more like a fragrant stew, actually, with tender pulled rabbit, porcini, rosemary and tarragon, with just a bit of salty parmesan on top. So good.

It got me thinking about another Rigsby's lunch I enjoyed recently, the Cacciucco, again on both the lunch and dinner menus. Its menu description, "Italian fish stew in a spicy tomato broth," does little to prepare you for this beautiful bowl of seafood. There's a remarkable variety of creatures swimming in the great, garlicky broth -- shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, octopus, squid and white fish. And be sure to sop up all that briny broth with the buttery garlic toast.

Rigsby's Kitchen

698 N. High St., Short North