Pub Polaris has the best approach to build-your-own Bloody Marys I've found yet. After a disastrous attempt at mixing my own at Matt the Miller's (I'm already making plans to go back and try again), I was relieved to find the Pub offers a sushi-type checkbox menu and then lets a pro do the actual measuring and mixing. Here's how it works:

Make your choices from an extensive list of options, specifying vodka type, tomato juice or Bloody Mary mix, hot sauces, and garnishes (all the usual suspects plus a nice selection of proteins like shrimp, pepperoni and several cheeses).

Garnishes come out first on skewers.

Then your perfectly mixed Bloody Mary arrives and you can garnish to your liking! Fun.

I'd not eaten brunch at Pub Polaris, either, but I highly recommend their build-your-own breakfast sandwiches (good match for the BYO Bloody Marys). They all start with a fantastic, buttery pretzel roll and a fried egg, and your choice of meat and cheese. I picked sausages (aka bangers) and cheddar.

A potato-onion-and-cheese casserole on the side is more greasy goodness.

Pub Polaris

1554 Polaris Pkwy., Polaris