Owners/chefs, Freshstreet

Story by Shelley Mann // Photos by Jodi Miller

From the back of a street food hut attached to a Short North art gallery, Misako Ohba makes bulgogi cheesesteak crepes that will change your life.
If we're talking raw talent, the Freshstreet duo of Ohba and her boisterous husband, Kenny Kim, are among the most exciting new players on Columbus' constantly evolving food scene.
Consider this: They've gotten national attention for their crepes and takoyaki, prepared from recipes made up on the fly, first from a tiny cart and then from a cramped hut. They use ingredients sourced from the same places Kihachi uses, yet they're committed to keeping prices at street-food levels. And that means they're not making a cent.
Just imagine what they could do with a real kitchen, with a staff, with some money.
Kim and Ohba are hampered only by their own impetuousness--a sense of spontaneity that makes for mindblowing food but also frustrations like erratic hours and some ill-advised business decisions. But in the last few months, they've shown signs of growing up.
As of May 1, they'll move all operations from the Late Night Slice hut to the kitchen at Double Happiness, a Brewery District bar with an Asia-via-NYC vibe that suits them perfectly.
They'll do lunch there Monday through Friday, dishing out crepes plus quick-serve bento boxes and rice bowls, and continuing with their late-night yakitori menu Thursday through Saturday (now simply called Freshstreet after Ohba and Kim split ways with their Section 8 Yakitorium business partner).
Double Happiness owner Yalan Papillons says she loves the energy the couple brings to the bar. "Whatever they do, they perfect it," she said. "Misako is an artist."
BIO Ages: 30 Neighborhood: Dublin Previous gigs: Head kitchen chef at Moshi Sushi, sushi chef at Haiku, line cook at Shoku (Kim); Pastry chef at Sushi Bistro Masa (Ohba) DOUBLE HAPPINESS
482 S. Front St., Brewery District 614-220-5558