It's always kinda nice to return to an old favorite you haven't visited in quite a while and remembering all the reasons you liked it in the first place. I stopped into Cap City Fine Diner in Grandview after an especially grueling weekend and walked out feeling refreshed, both physically and emotionally. Ah, the power of comfort food.

Anyway, one thing I'd completely forgotten during my Cap City hiatus is that they serve baskets of warm cinnamon rolls before every brunch meal. Little yeasty rolls dusted in cinnamon sugar and drizzled in a thick glaze. Dessert before breakfast is such a nice treat, don't you think? I'd hereby like to append these to my list of the city's best bread baskets.

For my meal, I got Eggs on Hash. It's two fried eggs plopped on top of a short rib hash made with green bell peppers, caramelized onions and white cheddar. I've been disappointed by a number of short rib dishes in the past few months, and I've gotta say, Cap City nails it. Short ribs are a great tender, fall-apart meat but they don't have a ton of flavor when served on their own. Pair them with a bunch of other rich stuff and all the sudden they shine.

Cap City Fine Diner
1200 Olentangy River Rd., Grandview